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The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

Fourth Quarter • 2014

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Dax Gillium Awarded 2014 Honorary “Go Your Best Award” By Walt Partridge & Butch Hagelstrom


ctober 31st was a surprising day for Colorado Auctioneers Association past president and current Chairman of the Board, Dax Gillium. Dax, who has been battling cancer for the past several months, was surprised at his home by a delegation of CAA members including reigning Bid Calling Champion Scott Shuman. In a wonderful gesture by Scott and with the approval of current President John Schaffner and other Board members, it was agreed to place Dax’s name on the Chuck Cumberlin “Go Your Best Trophy” as an Honorary 2014 Champion. Noting his whispered tones, Scott remarked, “Dax would have won in 2014 had he been able to compete.” In years past Dax has placed among the top 5 finalists and has been runner-up, but now the cancer has affected his once deep baritone voice rendering him unable to compete in the Bid Calling Championship. Needless to say, Dax became a little suspicious concerning the “surprise” when he saw Lu setting out snacks and refreshments Friday afternoon. It is unfortunate that all who know Dax and have worked with him could not be there, but the number of attendees was restricted due to time and space limitations. When presenting the trophy, Scott pointed out Dax was a champion in the auction industry not only for his good bid calling skills but for his long service to the Colorado Auctioneers Association.

Congratulations Dax Gillium!! 2014 CAA Honorary State Champion!

What’s Inside

2015 CAA Fun Auction........................................2 President’s Message...........................................3 2015 Convention Drawing Near..........................4 Welcome New Members.....................................5 Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis..................6 From the Editor....................................................8 Past/Present/Future Schedule of Events......10-11 2015 Speakers.............................................12-13 Champion Auctioneer Contest Form.................14 Convention Registration Form...........................15 Marketing Contest Entry Form...........................16 Membership Renewal Form..............................17 CAA Code of Ethics Form..................................18 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014


2015 CAA Fun Auction By Casey Giddings, CAI


ttention CAA Auctioneers and auction enthusiasts alike, it is time to save the date for the annual Colorado Auctioneer’s Association Fun Auction. This family friendly auction is scheduled to take place Friday evening January 2, 2015. This annual event is sure to be a great way to become re-acquainted with old friends and conclude the first day of our 2015 convention. Proceeds from this event directly benefit the Colorado Auctioneers Association. The CAA Board is doing everything it can to come up with a large assortment of items for your bidding pleasure, but quality donations are needed and welcomed to make this year’s auction a huge success. Donors are encouraged to take the microphone and sell their own donations if they choose, while showcasing their auctioneering talents. If you plan to compete in the 2015 bid calling championship on Saturday evening, this will also be a great opportunity to spend some time selling on the competition stage. Advertising certificates, sporting goods, toys, gift certificates and many more items are already in the line

up to be auctioned. Bring your donations to registration and we will get them in the catalog early. If you have questions or need donation suggestions, please contact Casey Giddings, CAI at Whether you are buying or selling, you don’t want to miss this year’s Fun Auction! There will be fantastic buying opportunities, great bid calling, and wonderful friends. Remember, the CAA Fun Auction happens only once a year - be sure to mark your calendar and get your donations ready now!


The Colorado Auctioneer is published by the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 303-729-1195 The Colorado Auctioneer Newsletter is published quarterly, to serve as a communication tool between association meetings. Members are encouraged to submit news tips, stories, and ideas for future publications. Please contact: Neil Enslow, CAI, AARE (719) 671-5737 •

2 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

From the President

President’s Message Late one night two frogs were sitting by the side of a pond. The flies were plentiful and the frogs were getting their fill. About midnight one frog said to the other, “Time sure is fun when you’re having flies.” I don’t know how this year has gone by so fast, but I do know that I have enjoyed serving as president of CAA. In just a matter of weeks from the time of this writing I will be handing the reins over to OJ Pratt who is busy at this time finalizing plans for our 2015 CAA convention. I encourage each CAA member, as you read this newsletter, to pick up the phone and make hotel reservations for the first weekend of January. Then print off your convention registration form and get it in the mail to Diana Raven. The general theme of the convention has to do with past, present, and future. For each one of you I hope that theme congers up some thoughts of where you have been, where you are now, and where you will be ten years from now. My thoughts go back to the past to Lum Brothers Stockyards in Vidalia, Louisiana where I worked as a teenager. Every Monday afternoon I listened for hours to the rhythmic chant of those livestock auctioneers. The dream of being an auctioneer was firmly planted in my head. That dream stayed alive and five years after high school I graduated from Missouri Auction School in August of 1974. Most established auctioneers will say that an auction business can be tough to get off the ground. It took me several years, lots of determination, and perseverance before I could truly say that I had a viable auction business. At the present time I own and operate an auction and real estate company as well as contracting to assist other auctioneers. I plan to keep on enjoying the auction lifestyle as long as I am physically able. I hope that part of my enjoyment of the auction lifestyle will be watching new auctioneers that I have helped mentor along the way. In the last two months I have had the pleasure of having several brand new auctioneers assist me with some of my auctions and I have been extremely pleased with their auction ability. In my estimation the future of the auction industry is in good hands. Whether you have attended many CAA conventions or if you have never been to one in the past, the present time is your opportunity to attend this convention and learn ways to boost your auction business for the future. Now, here is my Teddy Roosevelt quote: “Let the watchwords of all our people be the old familiar watchwords of honesty, decency, fairdealing, and common sense.” * Editor’s Note: This message is unedited Respectfully, John Schaffner 2014 CAA President FOURTH QUARTER • 2014

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Dax Gillium, BAS, CAGA, CES, GPPA Gillium & Hays Auction and Appraisal 4981 W. Tufts Ave. • Denver, CO 80236 303-795-9300 • Cell: 303-957-7495 • PRESIDENT: John Schaffner Schaffner Auctions • 36470 County Road Z • Wray, CO 80758 970-630-3402 • 1st VICE PRESIDENT: O. J. Pratt, CAI Pacific Auction Companies 1330 Main Street • Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-7676 • Cell: 303-598-8585 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Butch Hagelstrom Buckhorn Auction Services P. O. Box 306 • Fort Lupton, CO 80621 303-827-5157 • TREASURER/ DIRECTOR: Walt Partridge, BAS Partridge Auctions • 6577 N. Windfield Ave. Parker, CO 80134 • 303-840-7573 Cell 303-881-2632 • Sean Allen (2014-2016) 9920 City View Dr. • Morrison, CO 80465 303-888-2722 • Eric Arrington (2013-2015) Ion, Inc. • 240 S. Amelia St. • Ridgway, CO 81432 970-497-6585 • Neil G. Enslow, CAI, AARE (2013-2015) Ameribid, LLC 140 W. 29th St., #121 • Pueblo, CO 81008 719-671-5737 • Casey Giddings, CAI (2013-2015) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-224-2050 • Dean Gunter (2014-2016) Dean Gunter Inc. 1480 Ainsworth St. • Colorado Springs, CO 80937 • 719-570-7800 Sammy Hamblen (2014-2016) Sammy Hamblen Auctioneers 15926 W County Rd 86 • Pierce, CO 80650 970-834-9528 • 970-215-0157 Michael Nichols (2014-2016) Odle-Cumberlin Auctioneers 22300 County Rd 9 • Flagler, CO 80815 719-350-0126 • Diana Raven • Association Administrator 303-729-1195 •



2015 Convention Drawing Near! By OJ Pratt


he 2015 CAA annual convention will be held at the beautiful Westin Hotel in Westminster. This picturesque hotel features an indoor pool, workout facilities, impressive mountain views, and lots of activities nearby for the whole family. There’s the Butterfly Pavilion, Promenade 24 movie theatre, Promenade Ice Rink and Dave & Busters - all within walking distance! As an added bonus, The Flatirons Mall is but a short drive away. We were able to negotiate a smokin’ hot room rate of just $75 per night in this 4-star hotel. I know it’s early in the year, but you weren’t going to have an auction on the 3rd anyway; you might as well join us for this great get-together. Here are a few of the highlights we have planned for you: ENTERTAINMENT: Each evening’s festivities will open with special entertainment. Friday evening will open with the barbershop quartet, “No Vacancy” and Saturday evening will be “17th Avenue All Stars” a fantastic a cappella group from Denver. NEW EVENT #1: A special “KIDS Auction” on Friday evening! Children under age 12 will be invited to pick out a toy and sell it from the podium. This is a perennial crowd pleaser at the NAA Conference & Show so we thought we’d let our youngsters give it a try. The toys have been donated and the proceeds will benefit our new CAA foundation. Space is limited to the first 10 requests, so send an e-mail to ojpratt@pacificauction. com to register your kids or grandkids. FREE! NEW EVENT #2: Junior CAA Champion! Open to any child or grandchild of a current CAA member aged 13 to 18. Each contestant will sell 2 items provided by the CAA and our own Hall of Fame members will judge the contest. A winner’s jacket will be awarded to the best contestant. This is a great opportunity to get your children involved! To enter for FREE e-mail In addition to these two new contests, we wish to honor our past winners by inviting CAA Champion auctioneers from the first 10 years to Saturday’s dinner/ auction. We will also have a short presentation on the history of the CAA. Headlining the convention is newly elected NAA Vice President, Spanky Assiter. On Friday afternoon Spanky will be presenting his seminar, “Psychology of Working Your Buyer.” There is more to working an auction buyer than simply taking a bid. Take an in-depth 4

look at how to navigate the psychology of a customer or client - from your appearance to your body language and behavior, it’s all about image. On Saturday afternoon his seminar is entitled “Be a Champion.” This seminar is not about creating a champion bid-call, but rather about becoming a champion auctioneer with a champion company. Individuals will learn how to identify a champion’s approach and how to incorporate the daily habits and specific techniques of becoming a champion in life, business, and on the block. I am thrilled to report that Hannes Combest, CEO of the NAA, will be joining us for the convention. Hannes is uniquely qualified to discuss the future of the Auction Industry and will share her perspective in a 90-minute seminar. Colorado’s own World Champion, John Korrey, will be presenting on Saturday afternoon. John is known around the world as a champion auctioneer and his DVD, “Chant of a Champion,” has been used by thousands to improve their sound. Join John live and in person to be the best that you can be. We are privileged to have Robert Mayo, former NAA Director, Kansas State Champion, and CEO of Auctions by Mayo teaching a class for us this year. Robert is one of the originators of the Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) curriculum and he will be teaching a combination seminar helping those of us at every level improve our electronic media presence and marketing using websites, social media, and more. Always knowledgeable and inspiring, Jenelle Taylor, a/k/a “Gala Gal,” will be presenting two brand new seminars. Friday afternoon we’ll enjoy “Sign More Auctions by Offering Public Seminars.” Get customers in your area to know you, like you, trust you (and pay you!) Discover how easily you can put together a 90-minute seminar from what you already know. On Saturday, you can enjoy Jenelle’s second seminar, “Branding and Marketing for 2015.” “Businesses die in obscurity,” according to Entrepreneur magazine so to keep your auction business thriving, you must attract attention. She’ll cover multiple methods of branding and marketing to stay top of mind in your area. You can see the entire schedule later in the magazine and I know YOU’LL BE SORRY IF YOU MISS THIS GREAT GATHERING! Send in your registration today! FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer


Welcome New Members


e’ve had quite a few new members come on board this year and we, as an organization, wish to welcome you and invite you to the 2015 Annual Convention being held at the Westin Hotel in Westminster on January 2-4.


As part of your welcome, we give you special recognition as being a “First Timer” and encourage each of you to meet and talk with the many auctioneering talents in Colorado. Learn from some of the best while learning to build your business. You also get to participate in our annual “First Timer’s” Fun Auction event competing for the prestigious “Troil Welton Award” while showing off your bid calling acumen. It’s a fun time and on the serious side of things, it shows other auctioneers who may be looking for the next big talent what you’ve got. On top of all that, there’s the program we’ve put together so we all can learn more. So get out your notebooks and sharpen your pencils, or stone tablet and chisel as the case may be, and come on down to where all the action will be – The Westin Hotel, January 2-4, Westminster, CO – site of the CAA Annual Convention in 2015! You may register at the door, too!






Dax Gillium • CES, CAGA, BAS Auctioneer/Appraiser

office 303.795.9300 • cell 303.957.7495 •

Partridge Auction Services


Walt Partridge Partridge Walt



2005 Colorado Champion Auctioneer Over 15 years experience as a Contract Auctioneer

Mike Heitmann

Mike Heitmann Mike Heitmann

Office • (719) 683-7235 Office • (719) 683-7235 • (719) 683-7235 Cell • Office (406) 450-2051 • (406) 450-2051 Cell Cell • (406) 450-2051

Phone: 303-881-2632 • Fax: 303-840-2058 ORADO COL OLORADO











Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis By Neil Enslow, CAI, AARE


n the last issue of this newsletter, I promised to expose the names of Board members serving on the various committees and what their responsibilities are. Even though I beg for content each issue, I’ve determined this information will be best revealed in the next issue when the new Board members and their committee assignments will be set. I’m sorry to disappoint you this time but it is for the best. In other news, your CAA BOD met on November 3rd, 2014 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster – site of the upcoming annual convention. All Board members were present and the meeting was called to order. Treasurer Walt Partridge gave his report detailing how our organization is very healthy financially this year in comparison to recent years allowing us to go into the annual meeting with a positive outlook for the future. Reports by the nine standing committees were heard and approved. The discussion after the committee reports focused on planning for the upcoming annual convention in January. First Vice President OJ Pratt, CAI, reported we had secured the Westin Hotel as the venue for the meeting and had engaged NAA Vice President Spanky Assiter as the keynote speaker. Other speakers include benefit guru Janelle Taylor, NAA CEO Hannes Combest and an agent from the ATF. Other speakers are being contacted in a variety of auction related fields to round out the offerings. Notable new discussions were related to the fun auction activities. New this year will be a Kid’s bid calling event for children age 12 and under, a Junior bid calling event for those aged 13-18 and a showcase event for past CAA champions (1980-90). More details can be found in the annual meeting section of this newsletter. Board members whose terms expire this year were identified. Eric Arrington agreed to be placed into nomination for 2nd Vice President and Neil Enslow agreed to run for a second term. Walt Partridge resigned the remainder of his term allowing for another to run for a two-year commitment. He agreed to stay on as Treasurer another year. Casey Giddings has served two consecutive terms and was not eligible to run this year. The CAA BOD thanks her for her service. Nominations are being sought for the open seats.


Upcoming Issues: • Coin Auctions - an article looking at the benefits and hazards of conducting online coin auctions • Around the Sale Barn - a close look at the livestock auction industry • Membership - what it means to you • Is an NAA Designation right for you? The benefits you can reap with an advanced auction education • Getting Started? - Where to begin... • Be an expert - Submit articles to be published! FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

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From the Editor... By Neil Enslow, CAI, AARE


y playlist has 28 songs. Yes, only 28. My selection is slow and easy. My selection is inspirational. My selection is melodious and my selection is all mine. My list ranges from “Amazing Grace” to “(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and stuck in the middle are artists like Percy Faith, Kenny G, Johnny Cash, the Eagles and others. It’s a bit eclectic but it satisfies me.

I would appreciate any articles or ideas you may have for the newsletter. Send me stories, links, photos, or anything you have for consideration. Stories promoting an upcoming auction or auction company most likely will be on the cutting room floor however, stories relating to an auction may be considered. Will any of you volunteer to write? Drop me an email at Why am I bringing this up? Because as I was listening The next deadline is January 15, 2015. Neil to my songs, one stood out which I’d like to share with you. It’s not all sappy, not humorous, nor is it about getting your dog back, your wife back, or the day your Grandma got out of prison. The name of it is: “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. The lyrics are simple and contain a message we all need to hear from time to time. It goes like this: “. . . I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance, Never settle for the path of least resistance Livin’ might mean takin’ chances but they’re worth takin’, Lovin’ might be a mistake but it’s worth makin’, Don’t let some hell bent heart leave you bitter, When you come close to sellin’ out reconsider, Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. Dance....I hope you dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance. I hope you dance....I hope you dance.” These words are not the complete song, but what I wanted to convey through them is that life comes at us from all angles. Oftentimes, we find ourselves riding the roller-coaster of life, strapped in with no choice in the direction we go nor when the ride will end. Sometimes though, we do get a choice: Sit it out, or dance. My choice is dance.

8 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

MILLIONS Of Visitors









D E .C






AS $1










Past/Present/Future FRIDAY JANUARY 2, 2015 10:30 - 12:30 Registration, Coffee & Fellowship 12:45 Opening Comments  OJ Pratt, First Vice President  John Schaffner, President

1:00 - 2:30

Class #1: “Selling Firearms at Auction” Presenter: Agent Matt Desaro, Denver Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Would you like to stay out of jail? How about avoid costly legal fees to defend yourself against felony charges? Be safe not sorry! If you ever touch firearms in your auctions you should attend this class and question and answer forum with Agent Matt Desaro of the Denver Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. This class will help you learn what is legal and what is not. How to identify a Class 3 weapon and other NFA/Prohibited weapons that might be illegal for you to even transport to find out if you can sell them! There are many seemingly innocent firearms and accessories that are not legal to sell. Auctioneers are more at risk than any other firearm dealers are because we are often uncovering items that have been stored for decades. Class #2: “Sign More Auctions by Offering Public Seminars” Presenter: Jenelle Taylor, CAI, BAS Get customers in your area to know you, like you, trust you (and pay you!) by offering quarterly seminars where folks can regularly gather to learn from you. Discover how easily you can put together a 90-minute seminar from what you already know, and get other great seminar ideas from the other session attendees. In addition to seminar content ideas, we’ll also cover the logistics of how and where to host the seminar, and how to promote yourself so people will attend.

2:30 - 3:00 Break with Vendors 3:00 - 4:30 “The Psychology of Working Your Buyer” Presenter: Spanky Assiter, CAI, NAA Vice-President There is more to working an auction buyer than simply taking a bid. Take an in-depth look at how to navigate the psychology of a customer or client - from your appearance to your body language and behavior, it’s all about image. You’ll gain the benefit of Spanky’s years of experience with every type of buyer and commodity imaginable. 5:00 - 6:00

Dinner (Included with full convention registration; guest tickets are available)

6:15 Entertainment to open the evening by “No Vacancy,” a barbershop quartet 6:23 KIDS Auction to benefit the CAA Foundation Toys are donated- Children 12 and under are invited to sell. CAA Foundation to MC 7:00 - 10:00 Fun “Fundraising” Auction Experience an evening of fun and entertainment as we showcase our talent and hone our skills. Come and participate as a buyer, seller, or both. All members, regardless of experience or ability are invited to bring and sell items to benefit the CAA.

SATURDAY JANUARY 3, 2015 7:45 - 8:30

Registration, Coffee & Fellowship

8:30 - 8:45

Opening Comments  OJ Pratt, First Vice President  John Schaffner, President

8:45 - 10:15 NAA/NAF Updates and the Future of the Auction Industry Presenter: Hannes Combest, CEO, National Auctioneers Association Hannes brings her unique perspective on the Auction Industry and the NAA. 10 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 10:15 - 10:30

Break with Vendors

10:30 - 12:00 ”Branding and Marketing for 2015” Presenter: Jenelle Taylor, CAI, BAS “Businesses Die in Obscurity,” according to Entrepreneur magazine. To keep your auction business thriving, you must attract attention. We’ll cover multiple methods of branding and marketing to stay top of mind in your area. 12:00 - 1:15

Lunch (Included with full convention registration; guest tickets are available)

1:15 - 2:45

Presenter: Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, ATS, GPPA Whether you began your auction career writing ad lists on a Big Chief tablet or you do everything on your smart phone this seminar will help you! Robert will enlighten us with knowledge about internet, e-mail, and social media marketing from an Auction perspective.

1:30 - 2:45 “Chant of a Champion” Presenter: John Korrey Colorado’s own World Champion, John Korrey, will be presenting. John is known around the world as a champion auctioneer. His instructional DVD, “Chant of a Champion,” has been used by thousands to improve their sound. Join John live and in person to be the best that you can be. 2:45 - 3:00

Break with Vendors

3:00 2015 Champion Auctioneer Contest entry form and fee deadline 3:00 - 4:30

“Be a Champion” Presenter: Spanky Assister This seminar is not about creating a champion bid-call, but rather about becoming a champion auctioneer with a champion company. Individuals will learn how to identify a champion’s approach and how to incorporate the daily habits and specific techniques of becoming a champion in life, business and on the block.

4:30 - 5:00

Hall of Fame Members Meeting

5:00 - 6:30

Dinner & Awards (Included with full convention registration; guest tickets are available)

6:15 2015 Champion Auctioneer Contestants Roll Call & Orientation 6:30 Entertainment by “17th Avenue All Stars” • National Anthem & Introductions • Introduction of Previous CAA Championship Auctioneers (1980-1990) 6:40 10 minute history of the founding of the CAA 6:50 Junior Championship ages 13 to 18 • One round format 7:15 1st round of 2015 Champion Auctioneer Contest TBD “Troil Welton Award” - 1st Timers Contest at the break between rounds TBD 2015 Champion Auctioneer Contest - Interview and finals


8:00 - 9:00

Worship Service

9:00 - 11:30

Annual Meeting and Elections

1:00 - 3:00

2015 Board of Directors Meeting FOURTH QUARTER • 2014



2015 SPEAKERS Living the Dream 2014 Speakers

2014 Speakers

Spanky Assister, CAI (Canyon, TX) Newly elected NAA Vice-President Spanky Assiter’s love and passion for auctions has resulted in his becoming one of the most dynamic and sought after auctioneers in the world. Collector Cars, Wholesale Cars, Arabian Horses, Pure-bred cattle, Farm & Ranch, Real Estate, Benefits and Antiques—It might be easier to find a category of high end items he hasn’t sold at auction. He has won plenty of awards along the way including International Championship in 1991 as well as the World Champion Auto Auctioneer title in 2005. In 2007 he was inducted into the NAA Hall of Fame. Spanky’s inspirational story, celebrity status, and motivational style of speaking have made him a much-desired speaker and lecturer. He has conducted seminars on the auction method of marketing at conventions around the globe. He has shared his knowledge as an instructor with students of World Wide College of Auctioneering, World Champion College of Auctioneering, Texas Auction Academy, and the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. John Korrey (Iliff, CO) John is a 1972 Graduate of the Reisch Auctioneering College. Over 40 years later he has won numerous Auctioneer championships in all categories including the World Livestock Championship in 2002, International Championship in 1998, Greater Midwest Championship in 2002, the 1992 Colorado State Championship and he was inducted into the Colorado Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2012 he won the Johnny Paiz Auctioneering Excellence award. Widely known as a top auctioneer for Ritchie Brothers, he has also conducted many other types of auctions including Benefit, Livestock, Real Estate, and more. John will present a seminar titled “Mastering your Chant and Communication Skills” and will give examples of how he varies his chant for different events. The seminar will include segments from his instructional DVD which has helped thousands improve their sound and skill level. Jenelle Taylor, CAI BAS (Tampa, FL) Jenelle has been building a Benefit Auction brand since 2002, leading GALA GAL, Inc. as Auction Designer, Profit Consultant and Performing Auctioneer on hundreds of silent and live auction events. Applying her previous years in teaching and curriculum development, Jenelle wrote 3 books specifically for fundraising auctioneers, “BUILD! Your Business,” “BECOME! an Expert,” and “COACH! Consulting.” She also published 41 other fundraising auctioneers in the book “Boost Your Benefit Auction.” Since 2008, she’s delivered the transformational advanced business-building workshop “BOOTCAMP for Benefit Auctioneers” to more than 45 classes of auctioneers around the country. The mission of her company, GALA GAL, Inc. is to share the industry’s most profitable methods so that all who conduct fundraising auctions maximize every opportunity for profit and professionalism. FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 12 thecoloradoauctioneer

2015 SPEAKERS Living the Dream 2014 Speakers

2014 Speakers

Hannes Combest, CAE (Lawrence, KS) Hannes Combest was named as Chief Executive Officer for the National Auctioneers Association beginning in June of 2008. In 2014, President Paul C. Behr, CAI, BAS awarded her the President’s Award of Distinction. Prior to her work at NAA, she served members of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America for more than 12 years in various capacities. She has a master’s degree from Baker University and is a Certified Association Executive. She is active in the American Society of Association Executives and is past-president of the Kansas City Society of Association Executives. She has four children and nine grandchildren. As our NAA Chief Executive Officer, Hannes is always at the center of auction activities around the country. She is uniquely qualified to discuss the future of the Auction Industry and will share her perspective in a 90-minute seminar. Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, ATS, GPPA (Belton, MO) Prior to founding Mayo Auction and Realty in 2001, Robert worked in health care management, software development, and technology marketing. He also served in the US Army as a Medical Specialist. As an auction educator Robert helped write the Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) designation program for The National Auctioneers Association, and has co-taught the course since its inception. He is a regular presenter at State and National Auctioneers Association conferences, is an Instructor at World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, and operates a real estate continuing education school teaching Realtors and real estate agents in Missouri and Kansas all about real estate auctions. In 2007 Robert was awarded the title of Kansas State Champion Auctioneer and in 2009 was elected by his peers for a 3-year term to the board of directors for The National Auctioneers Association. Robert has a passion for the auction industry and believes in serving others through his business. As a Rotarian, he works to apply the 4-way test in all that he does in life: First, is it the truth? Second, is it fair to all concerned? Third, will it build goodwill and better friendships? and fourth, will it be beneficial to all concerned? FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer


2015 CHAMPION AUCTIONEER CONTEST ENTRY FORM Contest is Saturday, January 3, 2015 NAME _______________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME ______________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY / STATE / ZIP ______________________________________________________________________________________ Would you like CAA to write a news release promoting your participation in this year’s Champion Auctioneer Contest? Yes ____ No _____ Please use the space below to provide a 50-75 word biography for use in the news release promotion. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules for participation in the Colorado Auctioneers Association Champion Auctioneer Contest:  Each contestant should dress appropriately for a professional presentation.  Contestants shall be current, active (paid) members of Colorado Auctioneers Association at the time of the entry deadline.  Contestants must pay the $100.00 entry fee by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday of the convention.  Contestants must provide three (3) items that should sell for $50 or more each by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the sale.  Each of the three items provided by the contestant must have the contestant’s business card or name firmly attached to the item, and if he/she wishes to specify the order of selling those items, each should be clearly indicated as #1, #2, or #3.

 Past CAA champions are not eligible to compete in future CAA competitions.  Competing order will be determined prior to the event by drawing conducted by the Contest Chairperson during the mandatory contestant Roll Call and Orientation Meeting.

 All contestants must attend the Contestant Roll Call and Orientation Meeting at 6:15 p.m. Saturday. Roll Call will be taken at the start of the meeting promptly

at 6:15 p.m. In the event a contestant is not present during the initial roll call, his/her name will be called two additional times at 10-minute intervals. In the event a contestant is not present when his/her name is called the third and final time, he/she will be disqualified from the contest, without return of entry fee.

 The CAA Bid Calling Championship contest will be held in the designated ballroom at the convention site. The sound systems will be preset and will not be adjusted during the contest. All contestants will have the opportunity to test the sound system prior to the start of the competition.

 There will be at least three judges. The judges may be either Auctioneers or members of the community.  Contestants shall be introduced in both the preliminaries and finals. If the contestant is not present when called to the podium, he or she will be disqualified.  Each contestant sells three items consecutively in both the preliminaries and in the finals. In the preliminaries, each contestant will sell items he/she provides for the contest. In the finals each contestant will sell items provided by the CAA with a value equal to other contestants’ items.

 On the scorecard used for the bid-calling segments, the total possible points in each category will be as follows: Presentation—20 points; Chant/Voice— 45 points; Effective Auctioneering—35 points

 On the scorecard used for the interview segment, the total possible points in each for the categories will be: Presentation—25 points; Response—50 points; Ambassador—25 points

 If there are 4 or fewer judges, all scores will be tallied. If there are 5 or more judges, the lowest score for each contestant shall be eliminated. If there are 6 or more judges the highest score will also be eliminated, after which all remaining scores shall be averaged to determine each contestant’s final score.

 Final scores are determined by combining the interview score with the bid-calling final score. The interview score will count for 40 percent and the bid-calling score will count for 60 percent of the total.

 If a tie score occurs in the preliminary portion of the competition, the contestant with the highest score in the Chant/Voice category will be selected.  The scores from the preliminaries determine who enters the finals. Contestants with the top five scores will enter the finals.  Finalists will be announced after the conclusion and the scoring of the preliminary competition. Each finalist will be asked to report to an isolated room for instruction on the interview portion of the competition.

 Finalists in the interview portion of the contest shall be isolated in a room until it is his/her turn to be interviewed. The interview portion is the only part of the contest with the isolation restriction.

   

The interview portion of the contest is conducted only for the finalists. Contestants will not be asked to chant during the interviews. The scores from the preliminaries will be used as the tie-breaker in the finals. The following prizes will be awarded: First Runner Up— First Runner Up Trophy/plaque Champion—Belt buckle and the Chuck Cumberlin Traveling Trophy. In addition, the Champion will be reimbursed up to $1000 if he/she represents Colorado at the N.A.A. International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) contest in July 2015.

 Contestants will not be given the exact order of finish. Scorecards will be available following the competition and can be picked up from the Contest Chairperson.

Rev 11/4/2014 1014 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

CONVENTION REGISTRATION FORM Please complete a separate form for each person attending. NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY ________________________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _________________________ STATE_______ ZIP___________EMAIL ____________________________________ PHONE (home/work) __________________________ (cell) ________________________________________________ SPOUSE’S NAME (if attending) ________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION FEES


ACTIVE, ASSOCIATE, & HOF MEMBERS (includes all provided meals*) after 12/20/2014 $200.00/ea ____________ ~ discounted price for registration received by 12/20/2014 $180.00/ea ____________ Non-Members (includes all provided meals*) $245.00/ea ____________ Guest or Spouse - 1 per paid member (includes all provided meals*) or (not including meals) Auction Staff—Friday Registration (does not include meals) Additional Meal Tickets: Fri:




$150.00/ea ____________ $ 65.00/ea ____________ Complimentary _____-0-_____


$ 30.00/ea ____________

Champion Auctioneer Contest—Sat. (include Champion Auctioneer Contest Registration Form)

$100.00/ea ____________

2015 Active Member dues which include posting auctions on CAA website

$100.00/ea ____________

2015 Associate Member dues (if not previously paid)

$ 35.00/ea ____________

(if not previously paid)

Qualified Discount: (please list) _____________________________________ * provided meals include Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner

(___________) TOTAL

$ _____________

PAYMENT METHOD Amount $_____________

Check # ________________

Credit Card: ____ MC _____ VISA _____ Discover _____ AMEX

Credit Card # ___________________________________________ Exp Date (mm/yyyy) _______________ CSV _______ Cardholder Name (please print) _________________________________________________________________________ Card Billing Address: (include zip code) ___________________________________________________________________ Billing address is same as registration address _____ YES _____ NO Please make your hotel reservations before 12/20/2014 to get the CAA standard room rate of $75, reference CAA2015 Convention ~ Contact the Westin Hotel at 303-410-5000 or toll free 888-627-8448 ~ Additional information The convention begins Friday, January 2, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. for registration, first seminar starts at 1:00 p.m. Early registration is encouraged for quick pickup of conference materials and your own convenience. Please type or carefully print the information requested exactly as it should appear on all conference materials. Send completed registration form and fees payable to: Colorado Auctioneers Association 1685 South Colorado Blvd., Unit S #160, Denver, CO 80222 ~ or email to Fees cover convention functions and do not include hotel accommodations. Hotel Reservations: Westin Hotel ~ 10600 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO 80020 ~ 303-410-5000 or toll free 888-627-8448 ~ or on the web at ~ reference: CAA2015 Convention For additional information contact CAA at or by phone 303-729-1195 Rev 11/11/2014 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer


MARKETING CONTEST ENTRY FORM (SUBMIT SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH ENTRY) NAME _______________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME______________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _______________________________________________ STATE ____________________ ZIP_____________________ PHONE _____________________________ EMAIL___________________________________________________________ CONTEST CATEGORIES

Please Indicate the appropriate category for your entry. Category 1 Four Color Brochure *

A. Real Estate B. Farm and/or Ranch (Machinery and/or Equipment) C. Commercial and/or Industrial Machinery & Equipment D. Antiques/Collectibles/Estate/General Household E. Benefit Auctions

Category 2

Business Promotion

A. Company Brochure, Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card, and/or Stationery* B. Company Promotional Item (Keychain, pens, magnet, hats, etc.)* C. Company Apparel (hats, coats, shirts) (no CAA logo required) D. Internet Web Page: www: _________________________________ E. Vehicle Graphics (no CAA logo required)**

* Please provide two (2) samples of each item entered. For Apparel, provide one (1) of each item. ** Submit one (1) color photo of your vehicle. The photo should be at least 5 x 8 and no more than 9 x 12. You may enter more that one vehicle. Submit separate entry form for each vehicle.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

All current members of the CAA are eligible to enter, regardless of past wins. Entries must display the CAA logo, or indicate membership in the CAA. Promotional items (key chains, pens, magnets, hats, etc.) do not have to display the CAA logo. Category 2-A must include the CAA logo or the words “Member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association”. More that one entry per category is allowed. There is no entry fee for any entry. Submit separate form for each entry. Entries for Categories 1 must promote an auction held Jan 1, 2014—Dec. 31, 2014. Entries hand delivered to the CAA convention must be submitted by 11:00 a.m. Friday, January 2, 2015. Mailed entries must be postmarked no later than Monday, December 22, 2014, and mailed to: Colorado Auctioneers Association, 1685 S Colo. Blvd., Unit S #160, Denver, CO 80222 Winners will be announced during the awards dinner on Saturday. Contest guidelines and rules are reviewed annually and approved by the CAA Board of Directors. Each Entry must be accompanied by an official entry form with the entry category clearly labeled. Each entry in category 2A must include, at a minimum, letterhead, envelope and a business card. Website designs will be judged live as shown on computer. However, you must submit an entry form, to enter your web site.

CONTEST INFORMATION The Marketing Contest will be judged by independent professional judges, who have expertise in the media and advertising field. As an Auctioneer, advertising and marketing expertise are the keys to the success of your business. The quality of your advertising, whether it be signage, business cards, letterhead, newspaper, magazine ads, or the Internet are often the general public’s first exposure to your business. Advertising creates awareness and promotes the auction method of marketing as well as the professionalism of your organization. This contest is designed to be your opportunity to show off your skills and see how others present themselves in various forms of media. To enter the contests use this entry form. One form must accompany each entry. You may photocopy the entry application for use with more than one entry. Rev 11/4/2014 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 16 thecoloradoauctioneer



January 1, 2015 2015— —December 31, 2015

NAME __________________________________________________________DATE______________________ COMPANY _________________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________ CITY / STATE / ZIP ___________________________________________________________________________ PHONE (home/work) _______________________________ (cell) ____________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________ WEB SITE ________________________________ PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS: ____________________________




LIST MEMBERSHIP IN OTHER STATE AUCTIONEER ASSN ____________________________________________



Active Member (annual). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DUES

“any person who is actively engaged in directly facilitating the auction method of marketing for profit” This includes bid-calling auctioneers and auction business owners.


Membership includes unlimited posting of Auctions on the CAA website.

Associate Member. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DUES “any person who is engaged in supporting the auction method of marketing” This includes auction staff members and auction-related businesses, including vendors.

$ 35.00

PAYMENT INFORMATION Check # _____________________

Total Amount Paid $________________

MC _____ VISA ____ Discover ____

Credit Card # ____________________________________________Total $ ___________ Card Exp: _____________CSV:______ Name on Card ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Address of Card Holder _____________________________________________________________________________________ Signature ________________________________________________________________________________________________

COMPLETE FORM AND RETURN WITH PAYMENT Mail: CAA , 1685 South Colorado Blvd., Unit S #160, Denver, CO 80222 ~ Email: ~ Credit Card Information Accepted by Phone: 303-729-1195 or Diana at 720-242-7971 ~ Web Site: By completing and submitting this form, I hereby renew membership in the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. I will abide by its Bylaws, support its objectives, comply with the CAA’s Code of Ethics and pay the established dues.

For Questions Contact: Diana Raven, CAA Administrator 303-729-1195 * Email: Contributions or gifts to Colorado Auctioneers Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. Rev 11/10/2014 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer


Dear CAA Member, A signed copy of the CAA Code of Ethics must be on file at CAA headquarters to retain membership. Please take the time to fully read the following CAA Code of Ethics. Then sign and return this form to CAA with your membership form and dues. SIGNATURE DATE

CAA CODE OF ETHICS PART 1 - PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Article 1 In the best interest of the public, of his fellow Auctioneers and of his own business, the Auctioneer should be loyal to the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Article 2 The Auctioneer should so conduct his business as to avoid disputes with his fellow Auctioneers, but in the event of a controversy between two Auctioneers who are members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, he should not resort to a law suit, but submit his difference to arbitration by the Colorado Auctioneers Association, and the decision of such arbitration should be accepted as final and binding. If the dispute should be with a non-member, he should offer the services of this Board to arbitrate. Article 3 Where a member is charged with unethical practice, he should promptly and voluntarily place all the pertinent facts before the proper committee for investigation and report. Article 4 A member should never publicly criticize a competitor, and where an opinion is especially requested, it should be rendered in conformity with strict professional courtesy and dignity. Article 5 A member should not solicit the services of an employee of a fellow Auctioneer without his knowledge and consent. Article 6 In the best interest of society, of his associates, and of his own business, the Auctioneer should at all times be loyal to the Colorado Auctioneers Association and active in its works, and he should willingly share with his fellow members the lessons of his experience.

PART II - RELATION TO CLIENTS Article 7 In justice of those who place their interests in his hands, the Auctioneer should endeavor to keep abreast of business conditions, to keep informed in matters of law and proposed legislation affecting such interests, so as to give intelligent business advice and effective service. Article 8 In accepting the sale of real or personal property, the member pledges himself to be fair to both seller and buyer, and to protect the owner's interest as he would his own. Article 9 When consulted for an appraisal of value or liquidation problem, a member should give a well considered opinion, reflecting expert knowledge and sound judgment, taking requisite time for study, inquiry, and deliberation. His counsel represents a professional service which he should render in writing and for which he should make a reasonable charge. A member should not undertake to give an appraisal or offer an opinion on any proposition on which he has a direct or even indirect interest, without a full disclosure of such interest. Article 10 Before accepting a sale it is the duty of the Auctioneer to advise the owner intelligently and honestly regarding the market value of the business or proposition and the reasonable chance of selling at value or above. PART III - RELATIONS TO THE PUBLIC Article 11 It is the duty of every member to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation or unethical practices in connection with the sale, disposal or liquidation of any real or personal property the Auctioneer is called upon to dispose of at public auction. Article 12 It is the duty of a member to ascertain all pertinent facts concerning every sale for which he is engaged, so that in offering he may avoid error, exaggeration and misrepresentation. Article 13 An Auctioneer is a confidential trustee of the information given by the seller or gained by him through relationship and the Auctioneer must never disclose the gross receipts of a sale or any other information that would tend to be a violation of the profession. Article 14 No special conditions, real or assumed, or inducements or directions from anyone relieve the member from his responsibility strictly to observe the Code of Ethics in this letter and spirit. Rev 11/13/2012 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 18 thecoloradoauctioneer

World Wide College Living the Dream of Auctioneering 2014 Speakers

2014 Speakers

Mason City, Iowa

#1 Auction School for Auction Technology & Bid Calling

JillMarie Wiles, CAI, BAS IAC Champion Auctioneer

Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, ATS, Matt Lowery GPPA World Champion Auctioneer Auction Technology Expert

Only at World Wide College of Auctioneering Mason City, Iowa 1-800-423-5242 FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer


Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 • 303-729-1195

M I S S IO N • VISION Mission: The Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) promotes the auction method of marketing to all buyers and sellers through continued professionalism, education and experience. Vision: The Colorado Auctioneers Association will consist of a trusted and experienced organization of professional auctioneers that promote the auction method of marketing as a practical and enjoyable first choice of selling property (real or personal property).


December 7-14, 2014 December 25, 2014 January 1, 2015 January 2, 2015 January 2-4, 2015 February 9, 2015

NAA Designation Academy, Las Vegas, NV Christmas Day New Year’s Day CAA Board of Director’s Meeting CAA Annual Convention, Denver CAA Newsletter Editor’s Birthday

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Contact Shiree Johnson to schedule your ads at (303) 954-1118 or FOURTH QUARTER • 2014 thecoloradoauctioneer

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