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Board of Directors President • Lance Nichols 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 Phone: 970-686-2361 • Home: 970-686-2361 Vice President • Richard Schur 1042 West Baptist Road, #175 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 Phone: 866-290-2243 • Cell: 719-210-6230 2nd Vice President • Dax Gillium 4981 W. Tufts Avenue • Denver, CO 80236 Phone: 303-730-2623 Chairman of the Board • Doug Carpenter 1610 Hwy 50 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 Phone: 970-245-1185 • Cell: 970-623-6999 Treasurer/Director • Walt Partridge 6577 N. Windfield Ave. • Parker, CO Phone: 512-671-36375 • Cell: 512-750-7392

Directors John Schaffner 36470 County Road Z • Wray, CO 80758 Phone: 970-332-5196 Mike Heitmann 27275 Mid Jones Road • Calhan, CO 80808 Phone: 406-450-2051 • Fax: 719-683-7235 Butch Haglestrom P. O. Box 306 • Fort Lupton, Co 80621 (C) 303-827-5157 OJ Pratt 1270 Boston Avenue • Longmont, CO 80501 (O) 303-772-7676 (C) 303-598-8585 Casey Giddings 24 Oak Ave. •Eaton, Co 80615 Phone: 970-224-2050 Janelle Karas 820 S. Monaco Pkwy #213 Denver, CO 80224 Phone 877-612-8494 Scott Shuman 100 S. Cherry Ave • Suite 6D Eaton, CO 80615 Phone: 970-716-2120

Executive Director Kathy Humphries 15300 FM 1825, Bldg. B, Suite 116 Pflugerville, TX 78660 Phone: 512-671-3637 • Fax: 512-671-3638


The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

From the President Lance Nichols • CAA President

As I sit here, with the thermometer outside registering 90+ degrees, it is hard to believe that summer will soon be coming to an end. I hope all of you have been able to enjoy the sunshine, and time with family and friends. Fall is just around the corner, and soon, we will be gathering in Denver for our annual convention. The board of directors works hard to provide an educational format that is designed to make the experience both academically rewarding, and helpful in keeping you up to date in the ever changing dynamics of our profession. Your 1st vice president, Rich Schur, has been working hard to put together an exciting program for the 2012 CAA Convention. I encourage every member to mark your calendars and plan on attending this annual event. Please take a few moments to review the convention info on page 5 of this newsletter. The Colorado Auctioneers were very honored to have two members run for officer positions in the NAA at the annual convention in Orlando, FL. The Board chose to endorse each local candidate with support from the CAA. Paul C. Behr ran for Vice President, and Rich Schur ran for a spot on the NAA Board of Directors. I am pleased to announce that Rich will join the Board of Directors for the National Auctioneers Association. Paul ran a great campaign, but in the end, he came up just a few votes short. CAA is very proud of both of our members, and their commitment to the auction industry. The summer picnic and annual horseshoe tournament was held on July 31, in Evergreen, CO . It was a chance for members, who were able, to take a short vacation, and get a break from the daily grind. Board member, Butch Hagelstrom, did a fantastic job putting on a great event. Thank you Butch, and all who participated! The CAA will again attempt to award a scholarship this year, and we need your help. If you have a child or grandchild, who has expressed interest in the auction business, please encourage them to fill out the application and send it to the committee on or before January 1st, 2012. This is an excellent opportunity to help with the rising cost of secondary education, and one way the CAA can give back to our members. I hope you all have a profitable fall and look forward to seeing you at the 2012 convention. Mark your calendars and I will see you there. ❖ In your service,

Lance Nichols President, Colorado Auctioneers Association

The Colorado Auctioneer

MEMBER UPDATES By Rich Schur Scholarship Winner, Larkin Gatlin: Hello CAA! I have just recently started back at Pueblo Community College and entering into my sophomore year while taking fourteen credit hours. I am currently going for my Associates of General Studies Degree. Entering into college I was unsure of a career that I knew I really wanted to pursue, however I have taken a few classes that I thought I might enjoy during my three semesters thus far, such as photography and interior design. I have really enjoyed my photography classes as well as instructor and know that I do have a passion for the art. Also, I am working on campus as a work-study for the Community Education and Training Division. This department helps students earn their alternative high school diploma as well as GED. I love my job and have been lucky enough to make some wonderful work relationships. I work around 20 hours a week and just go to work when I do not have class which has been very convenient. I would again like to thank the Colorado Auctioneers Association for the 2010 Scholarship. It was very helpful when it came to purchasing books, which we all know aren’t cheap! Thank you and God Bless. Larkin Gatlin

Member Update: Schur Success Auction & Appraisal has announced that it will begin supporting the Wounded Warriors Project by donating $2 for every storage unit sold between September & Christmas. On the first launch day, between unit sales and bidder donations, $135 was raised for the project which supports soldiers returning with injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan. Rich Schur said he expects to be able to write a check “with lots of zeros on it” when they present to the project in December. ❖

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The Colorado Auctioneer

Let’s Play “What If...” By Rich Schur As an auctioneer, you play “what if” on a regular basis. What If I run in ad in this other paper, will it bring me more business? What If I change the order of the sale, will it flow better? What If I let my ringman call bids, will he or she do a good job? What If is a great way to continuously improve your skills and your business. But there’s another side to What If - the “What If there’s a problem” side. My guess is that most of you play this game too. What If the batteries in my PA die? What If someone fails to show up when I have them scheduled? What If my clerking computer dies in the middle of a sale? What If allows you the luxury of having a back up plan - Spare batteries for the PA, employees who are cross-trained to cover when someone doesn’t show up, paper clerking tickets sitting next to your computer. However, these are all minor. NOW is the time to play What If with the big things. Here are some What Ifs that every business leader must ask, and ask right now… • What If my main computer crashes? Is my data backed up? • What If my office floods? Do I have a back-up plan to run the business? • What If I get sick, and can’t take care of clients or commitments? Is there someone who can step in for me? • What If something goes terribly wrong and I get sued? Am I adequately protected? • What If there’s a fire during an auction? Do we know how to evacuate and get the bidders and staff out safely? Does my team know how to use fire extinguishers? (You’d be surprised how many folks don’t). If you think I’m trying to scare you a little, I am. These little What Ifs form the basis of both a Business Continuation Plan and an Emergency & Disaster plan. You have worked hard to build your business, and like most, it has taken years. Are you willing to give it all up because of one single nasty twist of fate? I didn’t think so. NOW is the time to start planning. Play mental What If about your business continuation plan. What things do you need to do to ensure the future of your business? Here are some things to start thinking about for your business continuation plan: • Off-site data back-up and recovery • Policy and procedure manuals (how-to guides) • Back-up telecommunications plan (call forwarding plans) • Employee cross-training programs • Periodic financial audit plans (anyone can be tempted to steal) • Redundant systems (PA’s, computers, paper process, vehicles, staff…) Here are some things to think about for an Emergency & Disaster plan: • Fire response and evacuation • Review of your insurance coverages (liability, theft, E&O, etc) • Robbery & Theft response • Cash control procedures

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• Short-term business relocation plan • Medical emergency (CPR, etc) These are just a handful of things to think about. However, each of these things requires you to really play hard at the What If game. Do you really know what to do if someone walks into your office with a gun and demands cash? Are your employees trained to respond safely? Do you know what level of protection you have from your insurance company? If your physical location designed to prevent or limit the possibility of a robbery? Sorry to mislead folks, but What If is not a game. It’s a critical process in ensuring the long term success of your business, and if I were you, I’d start right now. ❖ Rich Schur, CAI, BAS, GPPA, is the Vice President of the Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) and the 2010 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer. He was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the National Auctioneers Association. Schur is the Chief Operating Officer of Schur Success Auction & Appraisal, Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He operates the company with his wife Shannon Schur, CAI, BAS, GPPA-D. Schur owns Magnum HR, a Human Resources Consulting Company that focuses on increasing employee and organizational effectiveness. He is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). He has been a guest speaker and trainer for organizations across the country, including the NAA. Rich can be reached at (866) 290-2243, or rich@successauctions. com




JANUARY 6, 7 and 8 • 2012 Crowne Point Plaza Hotel • Denver, Colorado

FOWARD! The 2012 Colorado Auctioneers Association Winter Conference will be here before you know it, and we have a tremendous group of speakers signed up and ready to go. Mark your calendars for January 6,7, and 8th. Whether you want business information, bid calling, real estate, or technology, we have you covered and then some! We’ll have incredible break-out sessions, great food, awesome vendors, and don’t forget the Rookie Bid calling contest. Of course, we’ll be hosting the State Champion Auctioneer Contest, and you don’t want to miss the fun auction. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘FORWARD!” Our speakers and programs will be focused on moving you, your skills, your teams, and your business forward for the future. This promises to be one of the best conferences we’ve ever hosted. Please don’t miss it! Your guest speakers scheduled to present include: Mr. John Nicholls John S. Nicholls is President of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., and oversees all day to day operations of the company. As a second generation auctioneer, licensed in 10 states and the District of Columbia, he is a graduate of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, with a BA in Psychology and a MS in Personnel Services. In 1990, John graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. John currently conducts over 250 auctions per year for Fortune 500 companies and is a licensed realtor. John is an active member of the National Auctioneers Association, currently serving a 3 year term on the Board of Directors, and the Virginia Auctioneers Association where he has served as President, on the Board of Directors and numerous committees. He also serves as a featured instructor at the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, IA, and has instructed at Reppert’s School of Auctioneering in Auburn, IN, as well as a featured speaker at many state associations throughout the country. John has had the honor to represent the auction profession on the TODAY Show, the National Association of Realtors Convention, St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, several state associations, multiple news publications, and on a real estate auction consulting trip to South Africa. Mr. Sam, “the Hit Man” Grasso Sam the “Hit Man” Grasso has become an icon in the auction industry. A talented auctioneer and renown ringman, Sam brings an incredible energy to auctions. He is an award winning Professional Ringman., and works for several major auction companies specializing in heavy equipment and vehicle sales throughout the U.S. Sam is a Member of The National Auctioneers Association and The Auctioneers Association of Maryland. He is a graduate of the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering High Point, NC (1999). Sam will be a real “Hit” at this year’s conference. Mr. Scott Shuman, CAI • Ranch Partner Auctioneer Scott joined the Hall and Hall team as the partner in charge of the auction business for Hall and Hall. Prior to joining Hall and Hall Scott led one of the largest real estate auction companies in the United States and conducted land auctions from Coast to Coast. He brought 25 years of auction experience - specializing in land - to the firm when he joined in 2010. Scott grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado near Strasburg.

He fell in love with the auction business at an early age. He attended Missouri Auction School in 1986 and opened an auction firm shortly thereafter. He was able to use this business as a platform to work his way through college earning Bachelor of Science and Masters Degrees in Agriculture respectively from Colorado State University in 1991 and Purdue University in 1993. Scott was awarded the 1997 and 2002 Auction of the Year awards from the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and is currently the only two time winner. He has also earned a host of other auction advertising and marketing awards including the prestigious Rose Award presented by the Certified Auctioneers Institute. Scott has served as an instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute, Trustee for the NAA Education Institute, as well as on the Executive Committee for the NAA Board of Directors. He has held auction and real estate licenses in 17 states. Scott and his wife Krista reside in Eaton, Colorado with their 3 children Amanda, Walker and Shelby. They enjoy hiking and snow skiing in their free time. Mr. Dwayne Leslie • Global Auction Guide Dwayne Leslie is the president and founder of the Global Auction Guide Media Group which launched in 2001. With over 50 websites in the Global network including portals from newspapers and radio networks, www. is able to bring millions of visitors to your sale bills every year for as little as a dollar a day. Ms. Paula Berg • Digital Media Leader, Linhart PR Paula Berg is the Digital Media Leader at Linhart PR, a national public relations and corporate communications counseling firm based in Denver, CO, where she specializes in social media strategy, integration, infrastructure, and crisis management. Paula earned her social media stripes at Southwest Airlines, where she served as the company’s first Manager of Emerging Media, responsible for the development of the airlines’ now acclaimed online communication and social media strategy. She also led the airline’s six-person emerging media team, with the goal of integrating social media into every internal and external communication effort to support company objectives and meet customer expectations. Under her leadership, the airlines’ blog, “Nuts About Southwest,” was named Best Blog by PR News in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and has been cited in countless publications ranging from Wired magazine to the Wall Street Journal for providing a community for loyal Customers, serving as a virtual focus group, and influencing several business decisions. Prior to her work in social media, Paula was a company spokesperson with emphasis on media relations and reputation management. Paula also supervised on-location production of Airline!, Southwest’s reality series for the A&E Television Network. Mr. Joel Serafini Joel Capenos Serafini is a nationally recognized and respected instructor and training motivator for several different industries, specializing in the auctioneering industry. Joel has been involved with web programming, software engineering and database design, starting in 1995, and attending ITT Technical Institute and Onondaga Community College, and then eventually taking a position at the largest RV dealer in the Northeast as Webmaster and Marketing Director. Joel then went on to start About CNY Technologies, and started his own local information guide for the Syracuse New York area that received over 250000 hits per month and went on to build over 150 professional websites in Upstate New York region. Kate McDaniel • Senior PR Advisor, Cohn Marketing Kate joined Cohn Marketing in February 2008 as a senior PR adviser. She is responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies to support her clients’ brands and overall business objectives. She currently handles media relations, thought leadership, and social media initiatives for clients within the real estate and sustainability industries. During her tenure, Kate has built expertise in key message development, media relations, social media, industry analyst relations, speaking opportunity and award programs, event planning and sponsorship, and internal and community relations. She has received recognition for her work from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the Business Marketing Association (BMA). Kate is a member of PRSA and serves as the co-chair of the Colorado Chapter’s Programs Committee. In addition, she serves on the board and executive committee, and co-chairs the marketing committee of Project WISE, a Denver-based nonprofit committed to the empowerment of low-income women.

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The Colorado Auctioneer

COLORADO AUCTIONEERS ASSOCIATION CAPITOL VISIT By OJ Pratt Members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association were invited to attend a ceremony at the Capitol in observance of National Auctioneers Day. Hosted by State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg the group included directors, members of the association and family members. The delegation was seated in the house chambers and introduced to the Assembly by Representative Sonnenberg. Many representatives also personally introduced themselves to our group. The Colorado Auctioneers Associations was presented with two proclamations. The first, signed by Governor Hickenlooper, was in recognition of April 16, 2011 having been declared “National Auctioneers Day”. The second was a certificate of recognition of the Colorado Auctioneers Association signed by the Speaker of the House, Frank McNulty. Representative Sonnenberg was a very gracious host. He discussed topics of interest to the auction profession and the economy in general. Representative Sonnenberg also presented the CAA with the US Flag which flew over the capitol on April 16. This flag will be sold during the convention and the funds contributed to the CAA. This is the third year the legislative committee has arranged for the Governor’s Proclamation and the day at the Capitol gathering. ❖

WHEREAS, the auction industry contributes approximately a quarter trillion in sales each year to the United States and World economies including over 500 million in the State of Colorado; and WHEREAS, the Colorado Auctioneers Association's members strive to advance the auction method of marketing; and WHEREAS, Auctioneers support their communities and charities through benefit charity auctions; and WHEREAS, auctions are the last bastion of the competitive free enterprise system in America; and WHEREAS, The Colorado Auctioneers Association seeks to establish and uphold the highest standards of professionalism for its members in serving the American public; Therefore, I, John Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado do hereby proclaim Saturday, April 16, 2011,


in the State of Colorado.

GIVEN under my hand and the Executive Seal of the State of Colorado, this eighteenth day of March, 2011

John Hickenlooper Governor

Pictured from left to right- Larry Deaton, AARE and his wife, Claire, Director O.J. Pratt, CAI, Director Walt Partridge, BAS, Director Casey Giddings, CAI and her daughter, Alex, Director Scott Shuman, CAI and his family, 1st Vice President, Rich Schur, CAI, BAS, Shannon Schur CAI, BAS State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg, Director Janelle Karas, President Lance Nichols, Paul Behr, and Director Butch Hagglestrom

NAA HONORS CHUCK CUMBERLIN By Rich Schur The International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) committee has chosen to honor Chuck Cumberlin, who “left an indelible impression on everyone he encountered” according to John Nichols. The “Chuck Cumberlin Sportsmanship Award” is a new award as of 2011. The IAC committee may select one winner each year who epitomizes the sportsmanship that Chuck was known for. This year, the IAC chose as its first award winner, a contestant who supported his fellow competitors from the start to the end,

and even after he had been eliminated from the competition, remained with the remaining sequestered contestants to provide support. He even went as far as purchasing food out of his own pocket to take care of his colleagues. Kurt Johnson (CAI, BAS) was the first recipient of this prestigious award, which was presented during the IAC Contest at the NAA Conference & Show in Orlando in July. In the world’s shortest acceptance speech, Kurt simply accepted his award, said “thank you”, and left the stage to a standing ovation. ❖


The Colorado Auctioneer

2011 ANNUAL PICNIC CROWNS NEW HORSESHOE CHAMPIONS! By Butch Hagelstrom Our annual CAA picnic, held July 31 at Dedisse Park in Evergreen, was a great success! We had a nice group attending and beautiful weather was provided (of course we had put a request in for that). There were auctioneers and their families from as far away as Sterling and Calhan! We had plenty of good food, fellowship, and fun that lasted thru the day. There were many stories told and laughs shared. I think some of the stories might have been true…. who knows! All, except Paul Behr and Butch Hagelstrom, hotly contested this year’s battle for the coveted CAA Horseshoe Championship trophy. They were the first team put out of contention (and their misery) due to the fine competition and some questionable scoring! Harold & Dorothy Unrein brought their champion form back again this year, but fell just short. The team of Scott Shuman and Doug Carpenter gave a valiant effort in the final match, falling to this year’s new champion duo of Christa Shuman and Mike Heitmann. Scott will never be able to live this down! So congrats to the new champions, Christa & Mike, and we encourage everyone to attend next year’s event! ❖

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IN LOVING MEMORY OF PAT YOUNG By Rich Schur Pat Young, auctioneer & owner of JCPB Estate Liquidators in Loveland, CO, lost his battle with cancer on Friday, September 2, 2011. Pat is a third generation auctioneer and is the 2009 Troil Welton 1st timer bid calling champion. Pat had nearly 30 years of auction experience, but only joined the CAA in 2009. He gave credit to our association for helping him grow his business and expand his personal friendships. Pat’s young son, John Wayne Young is a budding auctioneer. Pat’s wife Crystal helps run the company. Last year, Pat was diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been fighting like a champion. He made an appearance at our Conference in January, and was able to call bids at our fun auction, even though it tired him tremendously. In the short time I have known Pat and his family; I’ve come to admire his fighting spirit. Throughout this battle, Pat never gave up hope and continued to put his family first. Pat is survived by his wife of 13 years Crystal, his son John Wayne Young (9), and his daughter Rebecca Morgan (5). Please keep their family in your prayers. ❖

NAA BOARD ELECTIONS By Rich Schur With your help and support, and the support of auctioneers across the globe, I was elected to the Board of Directors for the National Auctioneers Association to serve a three-year term. Although this is a great responsibility and commitment, I feel that the Colorado Auctioneers Association will benefit greatly. By working with the NAA Board and staff, as well as associations across the country, we’ll be able to implement best practices here in Colorado. We’ll have a stronger, more effective Board, and better relationships with the NAA. My duties as Vice President of the CAA will not suffer, but rather should be enhanced with my experience in the NAA. On a different note, plans are well underway for the 2012 CAA Conference. Speakers are lined up, vendors are committing, and the scheduled is being built. We’ll have a great conference for you on January 6-8, 2012. Again, thank you. Without your continued support, I would not have been able to win the election. I am honored to serve you. ❖ Sincerely, Rich Schur, CAI, GPPA, BAS, CMEA


The Colorado Auctioneer

HALL OF FAME ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS Applications for the 2012 Colorado Auctioneers Hall of Fame are being accepted. If you have someone special that deserves recognition as an outstanding member of our association, please fill out the application, and return. The application will be reviewed by Hall of Fame members at the 2012 convention. The following criteria will be used to select a nominee. COLORADO AUCTIONEERS HALL OF FAME GUIDELINES I. Qualifications that weigh heavily in the selection include contributions made by the auctioneer to the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. and possibly the NAA. The honoree needs to have an active interest in CAA, Inc. for ten years or more. Have they been an officer or a member of the Board of Directors; have they been on various committees; have they attended seminars and conventions; have they been a convention speaker or a member of a panel discussion at the conventions or seminars? II. The second area that is looked at closely is their auction business. It doesn’t make any difference as to the size of their auctions, the area they encompass or the type of auctions or

variety they may conduct. What is important is that they have been an active auctioneer for more than ten years, and their professionalism, integrity and high standards have made them a leader in their area in the auction field. References in this area could include a banker, lawyer, or someone the individual has conducted auctions for, or who can attest to the auctioneer’s integrity. III. A third area that adds some weight is the individual’s contribution to their community. Have they been active in community projects, civic organizations, elective office, or any other community area? Return the completed Nomination Form to: Everrett Schneider, HOF Chair Colorado Auctioneers Hall of Fame 2113 Winterstone Court Fort Collins, CO 80525 970-215-3440.

2012 CAA HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM I. NOMINEE INFORMATION Name of nominee:___________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________Email:_________________________________________ II. AUCTION INDUSTRY INFOMATION Company Name:____________________________________________________________________________ Position in Company:________________________________________________________________________ Number of Associates or Partners: ______________________________________________________________ III. PERSONAL AND FAMILY INFORMATION Spouse’s name:_______________________________ Do they participate in the auction industry? □ Yes □ No If yes, in what capacity?______________________________________________________________________ List any children, their ages and if they participate in the auction industry:_______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Continued on next page


The Colorado Auctioneer IV. GENERAL INFORMATION How long has the nominee been a member of CAA?________________________________________________ How long has the nominee been active / associated with the auction industry?____________________________ What percentage of the nominee’s time is actively spent in the auction industry?__________________________ What field of auctioneering does the nominee specialize in, if any?____________________________________ List the nominee’s education background; include any current or past affiliation with the CAA or NAA as officer or director and the position held:________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ List regular auctions conducted, if any, and/or any special individual auctions conducted that brought attention and credit to the auction industry/profession:______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ List at least three individuals, who have worked with the nominee or who have knowledge of the nominee’s worthiness in being considered for this award that the Hall of Fame Award Committee may contact: Name___________________________________________________ Phone_____________________________ Name___________________________________________________ Phone_____________________________ Name___________________________________________________ Phone_____________________________ Previous recipients of the CAA Hall of Fame Award have established general qualifications, which they think each nominee should possess or have. Please reflect your personal assessment of the nominee with respect to honest, high ethical and moral standards, willingness’ to share with others, standing in their community, standing, involvement and contribution to CAA and NAA associations and contributions to the auction industry/profession: V. Submitted By: Name:______________________________________________________________ Date: _________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________________________ Email:_________________ Nominations Forms must be postmarked / received no later than November 31, 2011 Send completed form to: Everrett Schneider, HOF Chair Colorado Auctioneers Hall of Fame 2113 Winterstone Court Fort Collins, CO 80525 • (970) 215-3440


The Colorado Auctioneer

GREETINGS FROM THE 2012 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE By Butch Hagelstrom The CAA Scholarship Award ($500) is designed to benefit members, associate members, or persons who have an immediate family member who is a current member or associate member in good standing of the CAA members. The program identifies and encourages talented and thoughtful students who have demonstrated a commitment to career development. The object of the scholarship is to assist the recipient in attaining a post secondary, technical school, or auction school education. A scholarship may go to a graduating high school senior that

is entering a vocational or technical school; a student presently enrolled in secondary education, or anyone looking to attend an auction school. The CAA Scholarship Committee is and will always be interested in your input and comments. Please direct questions and comments to the following individuals: Kathy Humphries, Executive Director, 512-671-3637; Butch Hagelstrom, 303827-5157,; or Walt Paltridge, BAS, 303- 840-7573, ❖

2012 CAA SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS The Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) will award scholarships in 2011. The object of these scholarships is to assist the recipients in getting a post secondary education. One of the scholarships may go to a graduation senior who is entering a vocational or technical school. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 1. Applicant must have a parent or grandparent who is a current member or associate member in good standing of the CAA. BASIS OF SELECTION The following criteria will be used to select the scholarship recipients: • Autobiography (see instructions below) • School grades and rank in class • Test scores (ACT or SA) • Recommendations (see instructions below) • Extracurricular activities (community service and involvement, work, etc.) • Presentation of application AWARD The scholarship committee will award a minimum of one scholarship per year. More than one scholarship may be awarded by the committee depending on the number of applicants and the finances available from the CAA Scholarship Program. All awards will be based on the strength of the applicant and his/her application. APPLICATION PROCEDURE A bound portfolio (not a fax copy) must be received at the CAA mailing address on or before January 1, 2011 and must include all the following items – in the order they are listed below: • Cover sheet (as attached) • Official school transcript or if a transcript is not available, include grade information of at least seven semesters and your rank in your class. (Must be signed by a school official).

• SAT and/or ACT scores (give an explanation if these are not available) • A complete list of school activities and extracurricular activities • A recommendation from a teacher • A recommendation from a person in your community (not a relative) • A recommendation from a CAA member (not a parent) • Autobiography, 500-word limit – Use this essay to describe yourself, your plans, goals and your dreams. NOTIFICATION The winners will be notified by mail, email or telephone and will be required to show proof of registration at their selected college or school. The recipient of the award is responsible for having the verification sent to CAA. When CAA receives this verification from the college or school registrar, the check will be sent directly to the school. RESTRICTIONS The award may be used for: • Room and Board (while in regular attendance and in good standing in school • Tuition • Textbooks and school supplies The award must be used during a full continuous academic year, beginning any time during the school year immediately following the award. If a student drops out of school or is unable to continue (except for health reasons), no further payment for any purpose shall be made. If you have any questions please contact: Scholarship Committee Chairman, Butch Haglestrom, 303-827-5157. Send your application and accompanying documents to: Butch Haglestrom, Buckhorn Auction Services, P. O. Box 306, Fort Lupton, CO 80621


The Colorado Auctioneer

COLORADO AUCTIONEERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP application cover sheet Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________________email:_____________________________________ Name of school you are presently attending:_____________________________________________ Birth date:___________________________________________________sex: ____________________ Name of parent(s) or family member in CAA:_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Post-secondary school(s) you have applied to: 1. __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________________________________

Award will be presented at the 2012 Annual January CAA convention 14

If you would like to advertise in the CAA newsletter, please contact Kathy Humphries 512-671-3637 or Exclusive Member-Only Credit Card Program

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The Colorado Auctioneer


Dax Gillium • CES, CAGA, BAS Auctioneer/Appraiser

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Partridge Auction Services Walt Partridge 2005 Colorado Champion Auctioneer Over 15 years experience as a Contract Auctioneer

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Colorado Auctioneers Association 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 Mission: The Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) promotes the auction method of marketing to all buyers and sellers through continued professionalism, education, and experience. Vision: The Colorado Auctioneers Association will consist of a trusted and experienced organization of professional auctioneers that promote the auction method of marketing as a practical and enjoyable first choice of selling property.(real or personal property)

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Payment Processing Technologies LLC. is registered ISO/MSP of Chase Paymentech Solutions LLC., Electronic Check Conversion & Guarantee Services by Global eTelecom


CAA ANNUAL CONVENTION January 6 - 8, 2012


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