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The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

Also Inside • World Automobile Auctioneer Championship • CAA Day At The Capitol • Sales Tax Update • Convention Speaker Update • Summer Picnic And More... SECOND QUARTER • 2019


From The President Good Day CAA Auctioneers!


ard to believe we are in the 5th month of the year already. And from the looks of everyone’s calendars, it appears that the “Spring Auction Run” is officially on its way!

It appears the “Word is out!” on all the great things we are doing. It is apparent by the number of NEW CAA MEMBERS that have joined in the last couple of months that we are certainly doing something right! Keep spreading the word and encouraging other Auction Professionals to join! Remember, we have strength in numbers, and with all the issues that affect the auction industry, it is a great selling point for our organization! We are very fortunate to live in Colorado. The People…The Scenery…The Economy…and the many other reasons we chose to live here! One of the great things that happens in this state every year is when the CAA Delegation descends on the state capitol for National Auctioneers Day / Week! On April 29th about 25 of us were once again welcomed warmly on the floor of the Colorado Legislature. CAA Chairman / CAA Champion, Mike Nichols sold a Colorado Flag to the Assembly and it raised over $500! We were warmly welcomed by both sides of the aisle and afterwards we had our CAA Board Meeting in one of the House Conference Rooms. To top off the day we all went over to the City Grill across the street and enjoyed a great lunch and fellowship! If you have never been to Auctioneer’s Day on the Capitol, I would strongly encourage you all to attend. It is certainly one of our highlights of the year! Some of the other things that we, as an organization, have been up to, include planning for our Summer Picnic and Annual Convention. We are already moving forward with these events and it looks like they will be bigger and better than ever. We have some surprises up our sleeve and will have some announcements regarding those in the near future! We also had a great representation at the NAA State Leadership Conference back in March. Bryce Elemond, Mike Whitfield, Cissy Tabor and myself made the sojourn out to Kansas City for two days of education and discussion with members of the other states’ associations. This year’s theme was “How to run a better State Association Board.” Lots of great ideas and suggestions were shared by the NAA Reps and the other state association board members attending. This is one of the best things that your Board does for you! I would suggest, that if you ever wanted to serve on the CAA Board, you need to set time aside on your calendar to attend. We had a great report from OJ Pratt and the CAA Foundation. They are already moving along, planning another On-Line Fundraiser Auction, Fall Education Summit and their 2nd annual Mile High Auctioneer Open Bid Calling Contest, which will be held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show in January. The role of the CAA Foundation is starting to “gel” and it is obvious that it will be a great asset to the CAA. Remember…As CAA Members, we are ALL Members of the CAA Foundation. Their efforts are designed to help each and every one of us! Support them however you can. Whether it is volunteering to help at one of their events, donating to their 501c3 fund or participating in their Auction or Education Seminar, it only makes us stronger and more professional as an organization. On a final note, I’d personally like to welcome and thank Shannon Schur, who has assumed the position of CAA Treasurer from Rob Hart. The transition has been seamless and the Treasurer’s Report shows our organization is on solid financial footing! Also, I’d like to thank Rob Hart for his past 4 years of service on the board and as treasurer. He did a wonderful job! The next time you see him, shake his hand tell him how much we appreciate it. So in closing…Stay Busy…Stay Safe…and Get Ready for our next event, the Summer Picnic! Hope to see you all there! Mike Heitmann 2019 CAA President 2

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CAA Goes To The Capitol

he Colorado Auctioneers Association had its Day At The Capitol on April 29th. This event has grown over the past few years and we have made great strides in being able to add more members to come to our event at the state capitol.

Republican, Representative, Kimmie Lewis, to bid back and forth until Rep Lewis looked at me and said, "I think I made him pay enough for it!" With that said, the hammer dropped and the flag was sold to Rep Donald Valdez for $500 and that money was donated to their staffers state dinner.

This year we had over 20 auction professionals that made the trip to our event and had a few new faces that came to be a part of it. We asked all members to reach out to fellow CAA Members and try to find a person to come with them. We also posted on social media inviting former members and auctioneers that haven't been members to come and attend this event to see exactly what our association does to give its professionals value in their membership.

Representative Valdez gifted the flag to Brayden Nichols. This, by the way, was the most money that the flag has sold to a Representative since we started this tradition!

The association was led by our President, Mike Heitmann, and a majority of the Board of Directors, that came to show its support. We have continued to receive a warm welcome from our State Representatives and were introduced on the House Floor by both, Representative Perry Buck and Representative Kimmie Lewis. CAA Chairman of the Board and 2019 Colorado State Champion, Mike Nichols, was present to sell a Colorado State flag to the House Floor. Brayden Nichols, our Junior Champion, and son of Director and Past President, Lance Nichols, was also present to represent our youth and help with the sale of the flag.

I am proud to see more people making time to come to the events we provide in which we strive to continue to provide quality education and instruction in order for us to provide a valuable service to our clients in return. Thank you all for those that made it to the capitol this year and look forward to seeing you at our next event, which will be the Summer Picnic. Bryce Elemond, Legislative Chairman

We were given the floor to sell the flag and all auctioneers present provided Ringmen services for Mike Nichols to sell the flag. Mike was able to have a great roll and it came down to a Democrat, Representative, Donald Valdez, and a SECOND QUARTER • 2019


BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Mike Heitmann MH Bar Auction Co. 27275 Mid Jones Rd. • Calhan, CO 80808 406-450-2051 • 1st Vice President Bryce Elemond, CAI, BAS Affordable Auctioneering, LLC 25800 E Byers Pl. • Aurora, CO 80018 720-229-5832 • 2nd Vice President: Shawn Hagler 33505 E 156th Ct • Hudson, CO 80642 303-709-3725 • Chairman Of The Board Michael Nichols Nichols Auctioneers 22300 County Rd 9 • Flagler, CO 80815 719-765-4756 • Treasurer Shannon Schur, CAI, BAS Schur Success Group 366 Second Street, Suite B • Monument, CO 80132 303-424-0520 • Casey Giddings, CAI (2018-2020) Rocky Mtn Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 •

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Kevin Holt (2019 - 2021) Holt Auction, LLC PO Box 162 • Cascade, CO 80809 719-641-3898 • Graig Medvesk (2019 - 2021) The Auction Team 1610 Hwy 50 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 970-629-9520 • Lance Nichols (2019 - 2020) Nichols Auctioneers / Horse Creek Sale Co 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 970-302-6185 • Harold Unrein (2019-2021) 15333 CR 16.5 • Atwood, CO 80722 719-570-7800 • Mike Whitfield (2018-2020) Schur Success Group 366 Second Street, Suite B • Monument, CO 80132 719-238-8300 • David Whitley (2019 - 2021) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-539-1269 •

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Cissy Tabor • Executive Secretary 303-729-1195 •

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Colorado Auctioneer Foundation / King Soopers Rewards Program King Soopers has changed their rewards program. You will no longer be able to add money to or reload existing King Soopers gift cards. These cards will be valid until the balance is zero. The NEW King Soopers Program utilizes the King Soopers Loyalty Card. If you already have a King Soopers Loyalty Card, you can register it to benefit the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. The Foundation will then receive credit for your purchases, and it will not affect your fuel points. The process is as follows:

1) Go to this link: 2) Clink on the link in blue that says, “Enroll Now” 3) If you already have an account log in. If you don’t have one, click on “Create an Account.” If you forgot your password click on “Forgot my Password” 4) After signing in or creating your account, you should be directed to a page called “Account Summary”

Get re ady for the 2019



5) On the “Account Summary” page click on the link to “Community Rewards” (located on the left-hand side of the page) 6)You will be directed to a page listing all the non-profits in the program. Then use your account number to link your card to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. This program applies to all Kroger affiliated stores including Ralphs, City Market, Smith Food & Drug, Payless and Loaf & Jug. After you register your card and use it for Kroger or affiliated store purchases, 5% of the purchase value will be credited to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation.


If you whave any difficulties registering your card, please call King Soopers Community rewards at 303-698-3403

2017 Marketplace Statistics

Thank you for your support of your Foundation. Walt Partridge Treasurer











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6/13/18 10:28 AM

NAA Spotlight

Marketing... It Matters I

’m sitting in my office on a beautiful sunny spring day thinking about how gorgeous it is and I hear music next door in the Boardroom. I almost get up to find out what it is and then I remember – we have people from all over Kansas City in the Boardroom judging the 950 entries we received for the USA Today Marketing Competition! All of the judges have marketing in their jobs – either working for a marketing agency or an association or company in a marketing role. I had lunch with them today and asked what they had learned about the auction industry and about marketing during their work. To a “t,” they all talked about the detail that was included and about how important the entries were. We talked about what their perceptions had been (that all auctioneers did was “talk fast”) to what the reality is – that auction professionals are experts not just in calling bids, but also in marketing their assets to the general public.

enter your best work.

And then if you win….make sure you market that to your clients – all of them – your sellers AND your bidders. They need to know that professional auctioneers are distinguished from the “Do It Yourselfers” who put their stuff online and just let people find it. A professional auctioneer knows how to look at an asset, determine who the audience is that wants that particular asset and develop a marketing plan that will bring bidders! THAT is why you hire a professional! And the people who are judging the contest in the Boardroom, well….they now get it… converts to the auction method of marketing! Hope to see you in July at the International Auctioneers Conference and Show (July 9-13, 2019) where you can learn more about marketing and other important activities to help you grow your business or make it more efficient! See you there!


If an auction professional is really successful, it’s generally because their marketing is sophisticated, using an integrated blend of marketing styles that best represents the asset they are selling to a targeted audience. In my mind, these competitions – the marketing contests held by your state and national associations, are by far the most important competitions that exist. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bid calling contest – it’s fun and exciting and something that most people in this industry love – and frankly, the public loves it as well! But what is really important is getting the seller to the table and the bidders to the auction! The only way to accomplish that is through effective marketing. I think most people in our industry know that. Why would we have 950 (yes 950) marketing entries otherwise??? We won’t know who wins for a while (it will take some time to total the scores AFTER the judges leave). But what I do know is that next time your state association announces that they are accepting marketing entries or next spring when NAA announces that our competition is open, you should

Chris Miller competing at the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship in Charleston, South Carolina SECOND QUARTER • 2019




Sales Tax Update

Stay Informed: Sales Tax Reporting Update

by Mike Whitfield

As of last December, the Colorado Department of Revenue started to require all retailers who ship goods to a buyer in Colorado to assess, collect and remit sales taxes based on the buyer’s address, not where the business is located or the taxing jurisdictions the Buyer and Seller share in common. The primary intent of these regulations was to recapture sales taxes from out of state (i.e. internet) retailers that were not collecting sales tax, unlike local “brick and mortar” stores. The regulations went into effect on December 1, 2018, and the Department Of Revenue will begin enforcement as of April 1, 2019. The path to Colorado’s sales tax overhaul was paved by a Supreme Court ruling last June that did away with a standard, dictating a business had to have a physical presence in a place to be required to pay sales tax there. That case, South Dakota vs. Wayfair, was aimed at getting out-of-state retailers to collect and remit local sales tax, but Colorado is coupling new rules for out-of-state sellers with a mandate for in-state retailers to do the same. “We viewed this as an opportunity to bring in-state retailers more in line with statutory requirements,” said Mike Hartman, Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Revenue, adding the state’s 1935 sales tax law calls for “a destination-based application of local sales taxes” in an interview with the Denver Post. There is a threshold that triggers compliance for out-of-state sellers. Only companies that have processed more than 200 transactions or done $100,000 in sales in Colorado during the current or prior tax year have to collect. No such threshold exists for in-state sellers. They have to comply whether they make 10,000 sales a year or one sale. For our members who only conduct live auctions, there will be no change in process. Auctioneers who only sell out of a single permanent facility will still collect and remit to their local jurisdictions as they always have. Auctioneers who conduct sales at a client's home or business will calculate sales tax based upon the address of the auction site. The major changes that are now in effect are for our members who offer shipping services as a value added service with their auctions.

of Colorado’s 344 cities, counties and special taxing entities like RTD are layered over one another, there are 683 possible sales tax combinations in the state. That is a complex web to untangle. Department Of Revenue (DOR) is posting all updates on its sales tax regulations for in-state businesses at: At the current time, there are few resources from the state to assist small businesses with this process. There are (4) DOR approved vendors that can provide tax jurisdiction information based on a customer’s address. One vendor, Sovos, has a free anonymous lookup tool. A list of all of the certified providers can be found at: There has been no major changes to the sales tax regulations regarding what is taxable. All of the existing exemptions are still in place, and the Department Of Revenue is offering a 3.33 percent rebate (3.33%) for retailers who collect sales tax. If you are thinking about offering online auctions with shipping service as a sales tool for your clients, you may need to consult a tax advisor for the potential consequences and compliance costs.

Anyone shipping merchandise into Colorado is now required to collect sales tax based on the buyer’s address. When all 8

thecoloradoauctioneer SECOND QUARTER • 2019

Chaplains Corner


n April 27th I drove to Fort Morgan, Colorado, to attend the memorial service for a man who I considered a friend even though I had met him only once. This man, CB Shuman, was the father of our fellow auctioneer, Scott Shuman. About a year ago Scott had asked me to take my Chuckwagon to his dad’s place and cook a Father’s Day dinner for him and the family. When I got to his place it didn’t take very long to see that CB Shuman was a friendly and jovial man. That is why I say I could call him a friend even though I had only met him once. Then, at the memorial service as I listened to Scott so aptly present the eulogy I realized why I had felt the way I had about his dad. It was pointed out that as a young man growing up, when other boys aspired to be firemen, policemen or a variety of other things, CB would say, “When I grow up I just want to be everybody’s friend.” I don’t have any idea what those other young men achieved as they grew up, but I do know that CB Shuman was a success at being everybody’s friend. By being everybody’s friend CB grew up to become an award winning Morton Building salesman. There were other characteristics about CB that helped him be successful in his work and in other aspects of his life. He had a passion for what he was doing and a sense of humor to go along with it. The story was told about how he was once pulled over by a highway patrolman for speeding. When the patrolman came to the window CB handed him a Morton building brochure and said, “People are always stopping me to ask how they can buy a Morton building.” They say that the patrolman only gave him a warning ticket. Knowing what I know about CB Shuman I am guessing that was not the first time, nor the last time he was pulled over for speeding. In this article I do not have nearly enough room to write about

all the good things I learned about CB Shuman at his memorial service, but there is one more characteristic I think you should know about him. He was a very generous man helping others who were in need. As his family was growing up there was always room for other young people who needed a safe and loving place to stay. It was also pointed out that CB was generous with people in other ways as well.


o wrap up this Chaplain’s Corner message, I want to remind you readers that we can all learn lessons from CB Shuman’s life that will make us more successful in our professional lives as well as our spiritual lives. I believe that Christ had the same four characteristics in His life that CB demonstrated in his life. Christ came to Earth to be everybody’s friend, and I have no doubt that H had a sense of humor and liked to laugh with His friends. We all know that Christ had a passion for His mission in life and His generosity was shown in His many deeds including feeding 4,000 in one story and 5,000 in another story. Those same characteristics can help each one of us in our auction profession. Just imagine having all your auction clients, both Buyers and Sellers, as your friends. A good clean sense of humor helps your friends enjoy life and have fun at your auctions. A strong passion for your auction business will make it possible for you to be generous to those in need. Thank you CB Shuman for life lessons learned from your example!!!! ~ John Schaffner SECOND QUARTER • 2019



Security Here’s the One Gmail Setting You Should Activate Now by Marshall Honorof Updated Feb 8, 2019 Gmail has more than one billion users, and there's a very good chance that you're among them. With Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs and a myriad of other productivity services, Google's popularity and reach are nearly unparalleled, particularly if you also use the company's Android operating system on your mobile device. With all that information tied to your Google account, are you really going to rely on just a single password to protect it? Thankfully, you don't have to. Google offers two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as two-step verification, which is available in a lot of configurations and is trivially easy to set up. As of 2018, only about 10 percent of Google users used 2FA, which is too bad, as it's a nearly foolproof system to keep your data safe from all but the most dedicated attackers. Two-factor authentication is much less inconvenient than you might think. You need to use it only once on each device and web browser you use. After that, the device or browser will be "trusted" as yours, and you will need only your Google password to sign in. Detractors often claim that even the few extra seconds to input an extra code is too much of a hassle, and since their passwords are strong, why should it matter? But two words should give you pause: data breach. Big companies don't always play nicely with your username, password or phone number, and if you don't set up 2FA 10

on your Google account, some cybercriminal could come into possession of your Google password if you've used it for another account. (You should really use unique passwords for each account, and a password manager to keep them straight.) If you think wresting control of a Gmail account from a cybercriminal sounds like a pain, imagine doing so when he or she can lock you out of your own e-mail. Here's how to activate Google 2FA and foil would-be cybercriminals in their tracks. How to set up Google 2FA First things first: Visit the Google 2-Step Ve r i f i c a t i o n website and have your smartphone/ tablet handy. Click "Get Started" in the upperright corner and follow the prompts. You'll have to verify your password at least once along the way. After inputting your password, you'll be presented with three choices for 2FA: Google Prompts, a physical key or a text message/phone call. To select Google Prompts, click "Try It Now." To select one of the two other options, click (hang onto your hats here) "Use a Different Option." No matter which method you choose, Google will encourage you to add a backup option after that, so you'll probably have to go through a few different procedures. Google Prompts Google Prompts is the newest option. It gives you an

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Text messages and phone calls Google will transmit a one-time sixdigit code to you, either via a text message sent to your mobile phone, or via a phone call that reads out the code. This is the least secure of the three options. It's not that difficult for an attacker to gain access to an old phone number, to intercept a text message in transit, to add call forwarding to your existing number, or even to steal your existing number by duping your wireless carrier.

approval screen on your phone whenever you try to sign But using one-time codes communicated over phone lines into your Google account on a new device. is still a far sight better than no 2FA at all, and you could Click "Try It Now," and then tap "yes" or "no" on the screen use a flip phone or a land line if smartphones aren't your that pops up. Obviously, you should tap "yes" if it's you, scene. and "no" if you believe it's someone else. To set up texted or called code, select that option, and Android phones should be able to use Google Prompts Google will get that code to you. Type it into the web automatically if they already have the latest version of browser, and you're good to go. Google Play installed. (This may not work on "GoogleBackup verification methods free" Android devices such as Amazon Fire tablets.) Apple iPhones and iPads will need either the Google app After you've set up one form of two-factor authentication, or the Gmail app. You may need to go into Settings to Google will want you to set up a backup. allow either app to receive push notifications. You can choose any of the three above options that you haven't already selected. But Google offers a couple of Security key other methods that you can use when your smartphone A physical security key is a device that you need to either can't receive calls or texts or can't connect to the internet plug into your computer's USB port, or which has a (such as when traveling abroad). button that you tap in the proximity of your smartphone. (Some security keys can do both.) The security key Google Authenticator app then communicates an encrypted handshake to Google's The Google Authenticator app, available for both Android servers that the servers need before allowing you to log and iOS, generates a temporary six-digit code that you in. can type into the 2FA screen in place of a texted code. Physical keys may be a little arcane for everyday users, Many other online services, including Facebook, Amazon but for government officials, journalists and big business and Dropbox, allow you to set up Google Authenticator mavens, it's a much smarter idea than relying on a losable, (or similar apps from other services) as your primary 2FA hackable smartphone or tablet. (Google makes its own method. It's more secure than a phoned or texted code. keys, but you can get devices from other manufacturers Backup codes or even make one yourself.) Google also lets you generate a set of about a dozen To set up your security key, simply click "Add Security backup codes that you can download to your computer or Key" on the Google 2FA page and follow the instructions. print out for later use. SECOND QUARTER • 2019




Shawn Hagler Brings Home A Win Competing At The WAAC The best Auctioneers and Ringman in the World competed at the Charleston Auto Auction on May 10, 2019, for a Title, a Championship Ring, a Buckle and Money. I would like to personally say this was a great event and possibly one of the most challenging competitions for the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (WAAC) yet. 4 lanes, 53 Auctioneers, 19 Teams, 22 Ringmen and NO Air Conditioning in the hot South Carolina heat in which each had two chances in each perspective lane to make it to the Finals Round Competition and become a World Champion. As shared by Myers Jackson, who comes to this momentous event each year to photograph the competitors, the action and the moments, “You gents and ladies have become very good friends. You are kind, thoughtful and professional. However each of you are ferocious when it comes to the competition. I enjoy every minute behind the lens. I get the first look and the last and my heart beats with action. Thanks to everyone who allows me to be a part on the World Class Championship event.” After 220 runs at the Charleston Auto Auction, the winners were announce and CAA Member, Shawn Hagler, brought home a Reserve Championship title for 2nd place in the 2019 WAAC Championship Team Competition with his team partner, Texas Auctioneer, Angie Meier! It was an honor to watch them work the ring and bring their best in this competition that is considered the Best Of The Best. So how do you come home with the trophy hardware? I asked Shawn to share… “I compete because iron sharpens iron. I feel that if I ever get comfortable with the level I’m at I’ll begin to decline. I’m always trying to improve. “If you’re cruising along, you’re probably going down hill.” I chose to compete in the Auctioneer and the Team Competitions because not only do I want to be considered a World Class Auctioneer, but I also believe it’s vital to our industry to show the importance of an Auctioneer and Ringman working together. Most people don’t realize how much communication occurs between a Professional Auctioneer and Professional Ringman, both verbally or nonverbal, and to watch some of the best in the world do it, is amazing to witness.

I’m happy when other people are successful as well. When I’m asked to work the ring or auctioneer for another contestant, I consider it a huge honor and compliment. I get the satisfaction of helping my friends with their success. I was more nervous watching the auctioneer results (Angie winning 5th and Matt Morvac wining Reserve) than I was when they were announcing the team results. Winning the World Champion Ringman title in 2009 got my name out on a national level, which increased my business. I’ve gotten more work from the people I’ve 12

thecoloradoauctioneer SECOND QUARTER • 2019

met from going to the WAAC. The WAAC is not just about winning championships. It’s about networking and building lifelong friendships. Winning with Angie was special to me. She and Craig are two of my best friends (that I met at the WAAC), so to do well with a friend is extra special. Angie and I have never worked together before!!! Now it’s opening some possibilities to begin working in another market. My wife and I even go on vacation with them (going to Belize this summer). With Craig and Angie and that friendship, it would have never developed without the WAAC. At this point of my career I’m in a position to give back to the industry that’s been so good to me. That’s why Vaughn and I started World Champion Ringman College. We wanted to ensure our profession continues to thrive as future generations come up. We were so fortunate to be trained by Paul C and other great auctioneers that we wanted to share some of the tips that we were taught. And with the friendship and networking with Angie and Craig Meier from the WAAC, we have the honor of them as instructors at our Ringman training school. They are a great asset to us and to our students. My next goals are just to continue to grow as a person and a professional. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today. This year, I’ve been able to branch out and working Mecum Auto Auctions and I’m looking forward to some new opportunities this year as well in addition to continue to grow our school and I’ll be in Dallas next year ready to compete again at the 2020 WAAC.” SECOND QUARTER • 2019




Apps for Auctioneers That Can Be Unique

There are more than five million apps to choose from. How do you figure out what works? The conversation has been brought up multiple times in forums, so I’ve done a little research and found some Auctioneer unique & favorite apps. I’ve tested some, but not all. I’ve collected many of the descriptions from their websites or the app store of each for your reference all in one place. Do you have a favorite app you use in your business? Email it to! Auctioneer: FREE app to list your auctions for worldwide exposure. Listings can be searched per state, per auction format, per item, real estate or ALL Auctions. This app is hosted by AuctionLook which sends out email blasts to registered bidders per state for auctions listed. Bouncer: Gives you the ability to grant permissions temporarily. Want to tag a location or take a photo, but don't want that app to be able to use the camera or get your location whenever it wants? Bouncer gives you exactly that. As soon as you exit the app, Bouncer will automatically remove the permission for you in an instant so you can get back to doing what you do best, without having to worry about apps invading your privacy and wasting your battery. CamScanner: Easily scan and send documents, photos and more as a jpg or pdf. Sign contracts and email a copy to your client from the hood of your truck. The best part of this app is that it finds the corners and easily edits the image on the spot. CamCard: A similar app, use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. And they have a suped up business version too!

Canva: Create beautiful designs for work, school and play in minutes with Canva – no design skills or complex software needed. Whether you need an Instagram story or post, Facebook header, logo maker, photo collage, wedding invitation maker, card maker, poster maker, banner maker or email header creator — Canva is an all-in-one graphic design app that allows you to produce eye-catching graphics on the go. Canva is available on your Android device and computer so you can make, edit and share your designs anywhere, anytime. Photo Grid: Collage Maker is a photo collage tool that will help you combine several images from your device into just one, even applying different styles and effects to create the perfect result. Gimp: The Free & Open Source Image Editor. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins. Grammarly: The free Chrome plug-in helps fix critical grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Grammarly’s premium version, which checks for plagiarism, wordiness and more, costs between 14

$11.66 and $29.95 a month, depending on how you pay.

LastPass Password Manager: You can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you.


MapRight: MapRight is a custom mapping platform that allows users to easily create cloud based industry specific interactive maps. The current focus for MapRight is providing real estate professionals and land owners/managers with the mapping tools they need to create beautiful, informative interactive maps that they can send to clients and colleagues. This mobile app is free to everyone and can be used by anyone to view any MapRight Share Map. MileIQ: MileIQ catches your drives automatically. The app runs in the background tracking your miles and creating a comprehensive record of your drives. RoomScan Pro: RoomScan is a cool new app that automatically generates floor plans by tapping the phone on every wall in order to draw a perfect sketch. Salt: Salt watermark app makes it easy for businesses to take photos while automatically adding their logo, watermark or text. Slack: Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Wordswag: Need a nifty little graphic to post online? Take any photo, slap a cool font on it, and you’ve got a professional looking image to post on all of your social media sites. This app allows you to instantly create word art and images with text using their cool font and style options. Zoom: Brings video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging into one easy-to-use application. Start or join a 100-person meeting with face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing and instant messaging – for free! Here are a couple more resources you might find useful: • Facebook Mobile Apps: A Guide for Marketers • The Big Book of Apps: Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide to (Almost) Every App in the Universe • Nerd Know-How

thecoloradoauctioneer SECOND QUARTER • 2019


RINGMEN MAKE A DIFFERENCE World Champion Ringman College wants to ensure that our profession continues to grow and thrive not only for our generation but for future generations as well. We offer World Class Instruction taught by World Champion Ringmen and Auctioneers.

2 Top Reasons for Ringmen 1 COMMUNICATION Ringmen are the critical link between Bidders and the Auctioneer, confirming bids, communicating announcements and relaying information.

2 FLOW Ringmen keep the inventory and merchandise moving and keep the Bidders focused on the items being sold. Training & Education with the World Champion Ringman College will not only teach the mechanics & techniques of being a Professional Ringman, but also, you will learn about Ethics, Image, Professionalism, Communication, Social Media and Healthcare. World Champion Ringman College (WCRC) encourages auctioneers, general managers and auction companies to include professional and trained Ringmen in every auction crew. A Professional Ringman has the proximity to encourage, engage and inform bidders and maintain safety, which produces a measurable profit.

NEW Location Added

• Nashville, TN • with Denver, CO coming This FALL


Reserve Your Spot Today thecoloradoauctioneer Shawn Hagler (303) 709-3725 • Vaughn Long (303) 489-149715 • SECOND QUARTER • 2019


thecoloradoauctioneer SECOND QUARTER • 2019 SECOND QUARTER • 2019



2020 Convention ohn Hamilton is a confirmed ohn Schultz is a twenty year auction Jcountry ‘negotiating junkie’ from a small Jindustry veteran. He started his town in Western Pennsylvania. auction career with his family business in His negotiating experiences include real estate, commercial construction, private consulting and public service.

He has presented at numerous State and National Auctioneer Conferences and has served on the faculty of the CAI program for over 25 years. John has conducted negotiating workshops in 49 of the 50 states and 6 Canadian provinces. His book, KEEP Negotiating, is a desk reference for good negotiators everywhere. The hallmark of John’s programs is that they are rich in practical content and presented with a touch of energy and humor.


eth Shipley started in the jewelry industry in 1986 in Alabama after serving in the US Air Force. He bought his first jewelry store in 1987, sold it in 1989 and moved back to Maryland, where he put his jeweler’s bench in his parent’s basement. Asked by friends and family that he grew up with to make and repair jewelry he found the need to incorporate.

rural central Minnesota and is currently the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer for Grafe Auction, a Minnesota based nationwide commercial and industrial auction company. In his role with Grafe, John manages the marketing on over 200 auction events per year. John serves the National Auctioneers Association as one of the lead instructors of the Auction Marketing Management designation which focuses on modern, data-driven, auction marketing. Previous service to the NAA includes vice-chair of the Council on Future Practices, member of the Vision 2015 Task Force, member of the Technology Committee, member of the Futures Panel, a charter webinar instructor, charter NAA Ambassador to Minnesota, and multi-state and national conference seminar presenter. John served as the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association 60th President in 2009. He was awarded the 2009 Golden Gavel Award for outstanding service to the auction industry. John has served on numerous committees throughout the years including Conference and Show Coordinator, member of the Education Committee, chair of the Governance Oversight Committee, and member of the NAA-Minnesota Conference and Show Committee. He was also the Charter President of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Foundation.

In the early 1990s, he opened a store on Main Street in Hampstead and incorporated as Jewelers Bench Inc. In 1998, he purchased a building just up the street on Main Street. In 1999 he opened up his doors in the recently renovated building and it is the same building that the store operates from today. In 2003, we changed our name to Shipley’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry but kept the same Corporation. In 2010, Shipley’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry became members of the Independent Jewelers Organization. In 2013, Seth entered the auction business and graduated from the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering. With a desire to help jewelers retire and not being taken advantage of, Seth had a desire to create an online auction company. With the help and mentorship of the Shumans and BidWrangler, we founded 18

thecoloradoauctioneer SECOND QUARTER • 2019

Summertime Picnic

Join us for food & fun in the sun! When

July 29th Where

Main Park 300 Locust St Windsor, CO 80550 Time

12:00 PM Directions from Denver:

I-25 North - Take Exit 259 / Crossroads Blvd - Follow Crossroads Blvd East and Merge onto E Cnty Rd 26 / E Crossroads Blvd - Turn Left at Co Hwy 13 Turn Right onto New Liberty Rd - Turn Left @ 7th St - Continue Straight at Traffic Circle - Turn Right on Locust St.

Horseshoe Pits, In-line Hockey Rinks, Basketball Courts, 2 Playgrounds & Sand Volleyball Court SECOND QUARTER • 2019



CAA Member, Chris Miller assisting a fellow auctioneer compete at the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship in Charleston, South Carolina. ~ It’s always a compliment, as a professional to be asked by another auctioneer to be part of their team when competing for a world championship title.

Real Estate  Business Liquidation Personal Property

Eric Arrington Auctioneer Phone: (970) 245-1185 Cell: (970) 623-9161 1610 Hwy 50 Grand Junction, Colorado 81503 20

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CAA Board

e hope that you and your auction business are off to a great start for 2019. We are gearing up for the 2020 CAA Annual Convention. Back by popular demand, we are going to add some extra classes on Thursday before our convention kicks off….stay tuned for what will be offered! Also, we will have a new, Hall of Fame inductee! We highly encourage you to attend. 1st Vice President Elemond is working hard to ensure that we provide you with knowledgeable speakers that will help propel your auction career along with vendors / exhibitors that can provide tools to take your business to the next level, and of course, invaluable networking opportunities with loads of fun with the greatest auction professionals in Colorado! The board continues to keep the goal of engaged membership a priority for our association and is reflected in this year’s growth of new and returning members. As we plan for the upcoming convention, know that we can’t do this without you! How can you help? Being an engaged member for our events, quality auction donations to our Fun Auction and support at our auctions, which IS our priority fundraising event amongst just inviting someone to join / attend are valued to us to keep us strong for YOU! Remember, this is Your Association. We want to “Thank” each of you for your membership in our association. Your continued support helps to keep the auction industry strong in Colorado.

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS WANTED CAA Members, we have begun our annual campaign of seeking sponsors and exhibitors for the upcoming 2020 CAA Convention. Do you know a company or individual that has a service or product that would be beneficial for auctioneers? (such as title company, gift basket company, shipping, drone, photographer, real estate school, etc.) Send us your suggestions and contacts or have them contact myself directly. Sponsors and exhibitors help us to do our best to maintain and keep the convention costs down to our attending members aside from providing you opportunities for new tools, programs, services and other such valuable information. What are the benefits of being a sponsor or exhibitor? First and foremost, you are supporting the CAA and the auction industry in Colorado. Recognition in all marketing material, printed and social media, and with our attendees throughout the convention! Depending on the level of sponsorship, a sponsor may also receive additional benefits such as a display booth, advertising in our quarterly newsletter, recognition in our convention program, convention banner(s) displayed throughout the convention and visible on the competition live stream broadcast and other perks to be determined. Sponsor levels start as little as $250! SECOND QUARTER • 2019










7176 York Street


Denver, CO 80229

2303 21st Ave S. Nashville, TN 37212 270-791-2820


FREE FOR MEMBERS OF AUCTIONEER ASSOCIATIONS $50 PER AUCTION FOR NON-MEMBERS. LOAD AUCTIONS AND SEE THEM ON... Group email campaigns to over 75,000 auction buyers local & national.

Listed on 30+ auction sites.

Personal auction calendar. Embed codes for your personal website. Your current and past auctions Displays your auctions only.

Listed on these state associations. (membership required) If you are a state association please call us to inquire about FREE services for you!






Apps Starting at $49. Connect to any online bidding platform.

Automated personal email campaign of only your auctions. $250 setup $35 per month

(Posting on AuctionLook will automatically trigger your email campaign)

Your Company WEBSITE $899 setup $35 per month hosting. Sponsor AD on $49 per month



Private client services is handled through our partners Whitehardt, Inc.

“Get A Bigger Return On Your Advertising Investment With Our Comprehensive Marketing Services.” TV COMMERCIALS PPC MANAGEMENT MEDIA NEGOTIATIONS DIGITAL MARKETING (30,000 a month minimum spend)



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thecoloradoauctioneer 23

Colorado Auctioneers Association PO Box 1133 Rifle, CO 81650 (303) 729-1195

2019 New Membership Tracy Carr Renewal Joaquinn Crego The Colorado Auctioneer Newsletter is published quarterly, to serve as a communication tool between association meetings. Members are encouraged to submit news tips, stories, ideas for future publications and article requests. Please contact:: Cissy Tabor, Executive Secretary • • (303) 729-1195

2018 - 2019 Industry Calendar July 2019 August 2019 NAA Pre-Conference & Show Education - AMM, CES, ICAP & USPAP (7 hour) July 7 - 9, 2019 New Orleans, LA NAA 70th Conference & Show July 9 - 13, 2019 New Orleans, LA

NAA Benefit Auction Summit August 25 - 27, 2019 Palm Springs, CA

October 2019 CAA Summer Picnic Foundation Summit July 29, 2019 October14, 2019 Windsor Park Location: To Be Announced 300 Locust St, Windsor, CO


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