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the First Quarter • 2012

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Shannon Schur Inducted Into the Hall of Fame By Lance Nichols


The 54th annual Colorado Auctioneers Association annual convention was held January 6-8 in Denver, Colorado. The finale of the 2012 convention was the Awards Banquet, which includes the introduction of the new member of the Hall of Fame. The CAA is proud to induct Shannon M. Schur, President and CEO of Schur Success Auction & Appraisal, from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Shannon is only the second woman in the 54-year history of the Association to receive this honor. To be inducted into the CAA Hall of Fame is the highest honor an auctioneer can receive. To be considered, an auctioneer must be nominated by a fellow auctioneer, and must meet specific criteria. She (or he!) must demonstrate not only a passion for the business, but a commitment to fellow members and to the community at large. The inductee must be approved by the current Hall of Fame members, who look at the nominees very carefully. Typically, only one auctioneer is awarded this honor each year. The person selected must fit the criteria as a role model and an ambassador for the industry. Shannon started her career working for her father Ray Fenter, who started the auction company in Arvada, Colorado, in the early 80’s. Over the years, Shannon worked all aspects of the company from the office to the auction block. She graduated from Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, Montana, in 1996. She continued her auction education by completing National Auctioneers Association certifications as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS), Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA), and the pinnacle of auctioneer education, the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI). In 2000, Ray Fenter moved to Arizona and began the transition of the company to Shannon. In 2004, he retired and she took over the business. Since then, the company

has experienced steady growth year after year. Schur is the exclusive auctioneer for the City and County of Denver, and operates storage auctions at more than 125 facilities throughout Colorado. Shannon has served on the CAA Board of Directors for more than 10 years, including a term as president. She is a life member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), and a Bronze Sponsor of the National Auctioneers Foundation (NAF). She has served on various committees for the NAA and is currently the NAA ambassador to the Colorado association. Schur also teaches for the Worldwide College of Auctioneering (Mason City, Iowa), each September when the class comes to Denver. In addition, Shannon handles special coaching sessions just for female auctioneers. “This is truly humbling” said Shannon at the induction ceremony on January 8th. “These are people I have looked up to for years and they chose me for this incredible honor”. Schur was visibly surprised with her selection when it was announced at the annual meeting by her husband and newlyelected President of the CAA, Rich Schur. Respectfully submitted, Lance Nichols • CAA Hall of Fame Liaison

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From the President Wow, what a start to the New Year! We had a great convention, which will be highlighted throughout this newsletter. I want to say “thanks” to everyone who made it a success – our Directors who pulled together to make everything look seamless; our Executive Director Kathy Humphries and her assistant Cindy Ballard, who put in many, many hours; our vendors who took care of us financially and helped us all improve our businesses; the USMC for their presentation of the colors; and of course you, our members, who came out and supported us and each other. I’m taking advantage of this space to also say how proud I am of my wife Shannon, our newest Hall of Fame inductee. I wouldn’t be where I am without her mentoring and support. I’d also like to congratulate Emily Wears, Dax Gillium, and Michael Nichols. We have two new Board members--Linda Tegtmeier, and Tad Bickley. Both have tremendous experience and will be a great asset to the Association. We have a busy year ahead of us. Quite frankly, we didn’t do as well with the revenues at our auctions as we did last year. We’re still in good shape, and there is nothing to worry about. We simply need to look at ways to improve the bottom line next year, and to continue to be frugal with our resources. It’s time to re-energize. I have asked our new Board of Directors to accept my challenge for the coming year: Make the CAA more family-focused and more membercentered, and involve our members more in the running of the association. At our first Board meeting immediately following the Conference, the Board accepted my challenge and has started thinking of ways to make this happen. I have a challenge for you, too. Get involved. Participate. Make suggestions. Communicate your successes. Tell us your stories. In this newsletter, you’ll see articles about Hall of Fame members, and members new to the CAA. This organization is about and for you. The Board is here for you. Our email addresses and phone numbers are printed on this page. Call us. Email us. Or comment on our Facebook page. We have also discussed ways to improve our service to you. In 2011, we had problems with delivery and accuracy of our newsletters. There was some confusion about rules and deadlines, and missing information about the conference. We are committed to turning out our publications on time. We are committed to accuracy, and we intend to deliver what we promise. We will again be hosting the annual Summer Picnic, and we’re looking to add at least one free workshop or educational session during the year. We’ll keep you posted. This is going to be a great year for CAA! Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of our outgoing Chairman of the Board, Doug Carpenter. He has been an asset to our Association, and has been a mentor to me and many others. He assures me he isn’t going away, and I plan to take him up on that. I’d also like to acknowledge and thank Lance Nichols for all of his work as last year’s President. He’ll be staying on the Board at least one more year as the Chairman. I wish you all a successful year. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. Rich Schur, CAI, GPPA, BAS, CMEA • 2012 CAA President

BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT: Rich Schur, CAI, GPPA, BAS, CMEA Schur Success Auction & Appraisal, Inc. 1042 West Baptist Rd., #175 • Colorado Springs, CO 80921 866-290-2243 Ext. 2 • Cell: 719-210-6230 1st VICE PRESIDENT: Dax Gillium, BAS, CAGA, CES, GPPA Gillium & Hays Auction and Appraisal 4981 W. Tufts Ave. • Denver, CO 80236 303-795-9300 • Cell: 303-957-7495 • 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: John Schaffner Schaffner Auctions • 36470 County Road Z • Wray, CO 80758 970-630-3402 • CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Lance Nichols Odle-Cumberlin Auctions • 38241 WCR 23 Eaton, CO 80615 • 970-686-2361 • Cell: 970-302-6185 TREASURER/ DIRECTOR: Walt Partridge, BAS Partridge Auctions • 6577 N. Windfield Ave. • Parker, CO 80134 303-840-7573 • Cell: 303-881-2632 • Tad Bickley (2012-2014) Best of the West Auctions, LLC 433 E. Cucharras Street • Colorado Springs, CO 80903 719-633-5270 • Casey Giddings, CAI (2011-2013) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-224-2050 • Butch Hagelstrom (2012-2014) Buckhorn Auction Services • P. O. Box 306 Fort Lupton, CO 80621 303-827-5157 • Janelle Karas (2011-2013) AJ Karas Auctioneers 820 S. Monaco Parkway #213 • Denver, CO 80224 877-612-8494 • Cell: 970-799-3311 • O. J. Pratt, CAI (2012-2014) Pacific Auction Companies 1330 Main Street • Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-7676 • Cell: 303-598-8585 Scott Shuman, CAI (2011-2013) Hall and Hall 100 South Cherry Ave., Ste. 6D • Eaton, CO 80615 970-716-2120 • Linda Tegtmeier (2012-2014) Gold Star Auctions, Inc. 950 S. Milwaukee Way • Denver, CO 80209 303-744-3219 • EXECUTIVE SERVICES: Kathy Humphries 14 North Main Street, Suite B • Elgin, TX 78621 512-285-2727 • Fax: 512-285-2828 • FIRST QUARTER • 2012



Selling Vehicles at AUCTION To collect sales tax or not, THAT is the question! By OJ Pratt


uring our annual CAA meeting we discussed sales tax collection for motor vehicles. After months of discussions, phone conversations and faxes, we still don’t have a resolution with the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR). This article will detail our progress and future course(s) of action. Note: This article only applies to auctioneers who do not hold a Colorado Auto Dealers license.


HISTORY- As long as any auctioneer can remember (including Chuck Bohn who was an auctioneer when Colorado became a state), the process for selling vehicles at an estate, business liquidation or farm auction was this: The auctioneer negotiates the sales price in the auction and collects payment for the vehicle. Title passes from the seller to the buyer. The buyer takes the title and a paid receipt to his county clerk and pays the sales tax. If the auctioneer collected sales tax on a vehicle, the county clerk requires the buyer to pay the taxes to the clerk’s office. The clerk then sends the buyer back to the auctioneer for a refund of the taxes the auctioneer collected.


THE DREADED AUDIT- One of our member’s sales tax reports were randomly audited by the Colorado Department of Revenue. The auditor’s position was that if the auctioneer could not show proof that the sales taxes had been paid on each vehicle sold, it would be the responsibility of the auctioneer to pay them. The CAA auctioneer who was being audited contacted the association. As the CAA legislative liaison, I contacted the DOR audit division. Through several phone conversations, e-mails and letters, the Audit Division expressed a viewpoint that was exactly the opposite of the tax collection approach the auction industry has historically employed. The Audit Division’s position is that the auctioneer should always collect the tax at the time of the sale. If a buyer later shows proof of a sales tax payment to the County Clerk, the auctioneer can refund the taxes that were paid to him. I tried to explain, by providing letters from three county clerks, that these were not the instructions auctioneers were receiving at the local level. The audit department responded that they, not the County Clerks, were correct. Our CAA auctioneer’s audit reached a favorable conclusion due to his saintly wife’s detailed record keeping. During my inquiries, I heard a report of a non CAA member who was 4

required to pay the State of Colorado more than $50,000 as a result of a similar audit.


MEETING- President Schur and I have made several attempts to meet with a state representative of the county clerks, but apparently there isn’t one representative. We are told that every county has an individual who interacts with the DOR to resolve any issues. The DOR has also provided a letter detailing that they don’t give answers to associations, only to individuals. As an association, we will continue to try to find the correct combination of state officials to get a blanket resolution. In the meantime, you might consider reviewing your processes to protect your company.

u SO NOW WHAT? There is no right answer at this time. Here are a few suggestions. First course of action-- make sure you have detailed information about vehicle buyers. I would suggest at least their driver’s license number, a copy of the license would be even better. In a discussion with a CAA member, we came up with a possible short term solution--collect a “sales tax deposit” from all vehicle buyers, a flat amount for each vehicle (say $100?). When the buyer returns to you with a paid sales tax receipt, you simply refund the deposit. This eliminates your buyer paying the actual tax twice and simplifies your reporting. u I WANT SOME ANSWERS! I have just received confirmation that I am on the agenda to meet with the Motor Vehicle Statute Review Committee in March. This committee has County Clerks from all over Colorado and representatives from the DOR. I hope to have a definitive position from the State after the meeting. If you want to attempt to obtain your own answer prior to the association meeting with the State, you can contact your county clerk with a written request for clarification. You might explain that our association is receiving conflicting reports from the DOR. Ask them to contact the Audit Department, Colorado Department of Revenue, 1375 Sherman Street, Room 409, Denver, CO 80261. Please feel free to call me anytime at 303-598-8585 and I’ll be happy to try to help with any issues. OJ Pratt • CAA Board • Legislative Liaison FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2012




By Casey Giddings


here else in the past have CAA Members been able to listen to Colorado Champion Auctioneers, enjoy an evening with friends, and directly support the CAA and the CAA Scholarship Fund (all while listening to Gary Corbett talk about his Wii)? The CAA Annual Fun Auction, of course! History repeated itself this year and the event proved to be just as entertaining as it always has been. OJ Pratt did a fantastic job of filling the rather large shoes of former MC Gary Corbett, and members and guests heard the vocal talents of IAC champion auctioneers John Nicholls and our own Paul C. Behr. Plus, we had the opportunity to witness legendary ringman Sam “The Hitman” Grasso in action. Fine art, jewelry, gift certificates, tools, toys and more were donated by the members and several auction-oriented organizations for everyone’s bidding pleasure. Thanks go out to Walt Partridge, David Whitley & Jaime Foote for their organizing expertise. Thanks also to Auction Flex for allowing us to use their software, and providing the services of Auction Flex guru Melissa Peterson. Cindy Ballard completed the very proficient clerking and cashiering team. Special thanks, of course, to all members & organizations who donated items and stayed to bid until the end. A great highlight of the evening was watching the selling talents of young auctioneers Stephen Heitmann and John Wayne Young. And the bid assistance help of youngsters Matthew Heitmann and Diego Gunter was a special treat for the crowd! These young people really made the evening familyoriented and truly fun. Save the date now and make plans to support the CAA at next year’s event! It is sure to be yet another evening of auction fun!

Summer Picnic Planning Now


Partridge Auction Services Walt Partridge Partridge Walt 2005 Colorado Champion Auctioneer Over 15 years experience as a Contract Auctioneer Phone: 303-881-2632 • Fax: 303-840-2058


ince summer weekends are often very busy for auctioneers, the Board is presently considering having the 2012 Summer Picnic on Tuesday, July 31. We’re thinking of an early-to-mid afternoon start and everybody heads for home by dark. What do you think? Also, we’d like to hear your suggestion(s) for a great picnic location. Is there a neat park in your area? Or do you have a 6

wonderful ranch or farm location that could accommodate the group? There must be picnic facilities (and the OK to cook there, though we can bring the grills), a place for the alwayscompetitive Annual CAA Horseshoes Championship, and restroom facilities. If there are activities for the kids—all the better! Of course, CAA provides all the food and the Board does all the cooking and cleanup. Please contact Butch Hagelstrom at 303-827-5157 or to let him know what you think of having the picnic on a week day! And if you have an idea for the CAA picnic location, contact him ASAP.


CAA Fun Auction Proves To Be a Night Of Entertainment

Dax Gillium • CES, CAGA, BAS Auctioneer/Appraiser

office 303.795.9300 • cell 303.957.7495 • FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer

Technology CAA Website Promotes the Auction Industry & Your Business

Tell Us Your Stories!

By Casey Giddings


he CAA website, hosted by AuctionZip, is a great way for auctioneers to promote their auctions. Auction enthusiasts are able to search for auctions by date, category, location or Auction Company/Auctioneer. The website also features basic information for the novice auction attendee. Information like industry basics and the benefits of selling via the auction method are also on the CAA website. The website offers numerous benefits for CAA members as well. Members can post auctions on the calendar, access past CAA newsletters and read about upcoming CAA events. There is also a website “Auction Highlights” page which allows auctioneers to feature select items and the prices realized from a completed auction. This is a great marketing tool for those who take advantage of it. Visit and learn what the website can offer your organization. For help or website story suggestions, contact Casey Giddings, CAI, at 970-224-2050 or



If you want to create or upgrade your brand, call us. We can help you with everything from design and production of printed materials, to an advertising campaign that yields results!

Tell us your news! Tell us your auction success story! Tell us your auction funny story! Share an experience or your expertise in an article that could help your fellow auctioneers. You’ve likely noticed that whenever there’s an auctioneer around, there’s always some great story being told! Please share some of your stories or knowledge with us! Each issue this year, we’ll print as many of them as we can. For the Spring Newsletter, we’d especially like to hear “What incited you to become an auctioneer?” Please email your answer to: by April 20


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thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer


BIG thanks to Adele Nichols who took ne

To see all the photos, go to: http://colora

8 FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer

early 400 photos at the CAA Convention!!! FIRST QUARTER • 2012

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer



Meet New Member George Holter By Rich Schur


eet George Holter. George is one of several auctioneers that joined the CAA this past year. Some new members come to us from auction school. Some have been in the business a little while before joining us. Then there’s George. George has been an auctioneer for a few years now. In fact, he attended the Western College of Auctioneering in 1961. That’s not a typo. 1961. George has been calling bids and working auctions for more than 50 years. He has sold in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, and has been involved in many aspects of our business. During a recent interview, I asked George why he became an auctioneer. He said that when he was young, he liked to sing (and he still does). He attended farm auctions with his dad, and thought that a good auction chant was like hearing a good song. George has spent most of his life in the construction business, and even owned a plumbing company. This, of course, was in addition to being an auctioneer selling livestock and farm sales, and conducting benefit auctions. I asked George why he waited until now to join the CAA. He said “now that I’m thinking of being semi-retired, I have a little more time to do some of the things I always wanted.” George is 73, and just now thinking about being “semi-retired”. George added that he really enjoyed being at the conference, and meeting so many different and talented people. He said he’ll be back next year and plans to compete in the Championship contest again. Look for George and his lovely wife Gloria at the Summer Picnic, and again at the 2013 Conference. Meanwhile, look for George at some of the various auctions throughout Northern Colorado. He’ll be there in action!


“FIRST TIMERS” By John Schaffner


o matter how strong and important an organization is, it cannot continue to thrive without an influx of new members. The Colorado Auctioneers Association encourages new members whether they have been auctioneers for many years or whether they are fresh out of auction school. This year we were fortunate to have both at our convention. We had six new members who had attended auction school within the last year. They all competed in the first timers bid calling contest on Saturday night. This was a spirited and fun competition. When the scores were all tallied, Michael Nichols was declared to be the winner. At the awards banquet on Sunday afternoon Michael was presented the coveted Troil Welton Memorial Award. In addition to the six new, young auctioneers, one auctioneer, George Holter, who has been an auctioneer for fifty years, could see the benefits of the Colorado Auctioneers Association and joined for the first time. He along with the other six first timers were given ten scavenger hunt questions to help them get acquainted with other CAA members. From those completed questionnaires one name was drawn for the award of free CAA dues for 2013. Again, Michael Nichols was fortunate enough to win that drawing. Other participants in the first timers competition were Tod Drommond, Paula Elliot, Sean Robbins, Doug Hadeen, and Thomas Langeland. Be sure to watch future articles of the CAA Newsletter for stories about some of these other first time members. Each one has a unique story about how they decided to become professional auctioneers. FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer



By John Schaffner The Colorado Auctioneers Association has always prided itself in the strength of its dedicated members. For various reasons the number of members fluctuates from year to year, but we have always maintained sufficient numbers from across the state to make us a viable and respected organization. We are recognized in communities throughout the state as an organization that is dedicated to insuring good service to the clients and customers of our individual members. We are also recognized by our state legislature as an organization that is capable of self-regulation in seeing that consumers are protected in their business dealings with CAA auctioneers. As of January 9, 2012, we have 94 members who are current on their yearly association dues. Of that number, 16 are new members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Our records show that there are 22 members who have not renewed their membership for this year. We strongly encourage each one of you who have not renewed to send in your dues as soon as possible.

New Members!

Diane Atwood Doug Hadeen James Berz Samantha Kelley Todd Drommond Thomas Langeland Paula Elliott Michael Nichols Roger Evans Skip Ritter Michael Frick Sean Robbins Deborah Gorman Emily Wears Skeeter Griffin Kevin Weber


CAA 2012 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM Name_____________________________Company___________________________Address________________________________________ City____________________________________State__________Zip____________Main Phone #____________________________________ Email_________________________________________________Website______________________________________________________

Payment Information Membership year is based on a calendar year: January 1 – December 31

Regular Membership Dues are: $75.00

Associate Member Dues are: $35

Enclosed is a check for $_________payable to CAA. Pay by Credit Card, indicate type:

Auction Posting Service Fee: $75 (Annual Fee)





Card #_____________________________________________________________________Exp Date_________________________________ Cardholder Name____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________________State______Zip_____________ Cardholder Signature_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please complete this form and return with payment to CAA: BY MAIL: 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160, Denver, CO 80222 • BY FAX: 512-285-2828 BY EMAIL: • Questions call Kathy Humphries @ CAA Headquarters: 512-285-2727

Thank you for renewing your CAA Membership, we appreciate your continued support! Contributions or gifts to Colorado Auctioneers Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. FIRST QUARTER • 2012

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer



CAA Convention Marketing Contest Recap By Butch Hagelstrom


he 2012 CAA Convention Marketing Contest provided convention attendees with a variety of ideas and suggestions. This year’s judging was handled by independent judges, rather than utilizing the membership for the voting process. The invited judges were several vendors who had booths at our convention, with the qualification that their business disciplines allowed them to provide a non-partial evaluation for the contest.

We had a light turnout of entries, with a total of approximately 20. Winners were chosen from the categories with at least two items entered. The board felt that it did not meet the spirit of competition to provide an award for a category with only one entry. All winners were recognized and awarded plaques at the Hall of Fame banquet. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all who participated this year! Let’s all work to make this a bigger and better contest next year by entering your items! Remember that all printed brochures, company brochures & stationery and web pages must include the CAA logo to qualify for the contest. The CAA logo may be downloaded from the CAA web page. More information will be available soon on the members section of the CAA web page at

Congratulations to the Winners! BUSINESS PROMOTION


Company Brochure & Stationery AJ Karas Auctioneers

Real Estate

Company Promotional Item

Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers

Company Apparel

Schur Success Auction & Appraisal

Farm and/or Ranch/Machinery & Equipment Civis & Co. Auction & Real Estate

Internet Web Page

Schur Success Benefit Auctions

Benefit Auctions Lockhart Auction

Hall & Hall Auction Service





Mike Heitmann

Mike Heitmann Mike Heitmann

Office • (719) 683-7235 Office • (719) 683-7235 • (719) 683-7235 Cell • Office (406) 450-2051 • (406) 450-2051 Cell Cell • (406) 450-2051












Pacific Auction Companies O.J. Pratt, CAI Owner Main Office (303) 772-7676 Auto Auction (303) 287-0691 1270 Boston Avenue Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 598-8585

12 FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer

Convention News

Media Covers 2012 Convention By Dax Gillium Denver, CO – Television and print media helped to put the word out about this year’s CAA Convention. News releases were sent to 35 media outlets in hopes of attracting attention to the event. According to publicity committee co-chairs Dax Gillium and Janelle Karas, the releases were sent to news agencies at all market levels throughout the state of Colorado. Among the news outlets to respond to the news releases was Denver’s KUSA-TV, an NBC affiliate. Airing on Channel 9 in Denver, KUSA began coverage on Friday, January 6th, with an interview of Karas and Gillium by Kyle Dyer, anchor of the Noon News program. The four-minute interview pertained to the challenges of the auction business and what people could expect to see if they attended the 2012 CAA Bid Caller Championship competition which would be held that evening and, of course, was open to the public. CAA officials learned that evening that several spectators were in attendance as the result of the 9 Noon News interview.

Congratulations, Mike Gatlin! Congratulations to Mike Gatlin, who in January was inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Kansas Auctioneers Association!! Though Mike and his family moved from Kansas to Colorado several years ago, he has continued to be active in the Kansas auction business and a valuable member of the KAA. At the same time, Mike has also been active as a Colorado auctioneer and a valuable member of the CAA, including a term on our Board of Directors. Prior to the beginning of the Bid Calling Championship, Denver Post videographer and photo journalist Anna Herbst was on hand to film several interview segments with various competitors and board members. Among those chosen for the pre-contest interviews were Emily Wears (who was later to become this year’s Champion) and then-First Vice President Rich Schur. Interviews with Wears, Schur and many others were posted on the Denver Post website. KUSA-TV was also on hand for the evening’s competition – continued on page 14

What is ONE of the most IMPORTANT factors when considering your AUCTION advertiser? FIRST QUARTER • 2012

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer


– continued from page 13 and broadcast coverage of the event during its regular 10:00 p.m. newscast. It has been reported that cable programming provider RFD-TV covered the event by picking up the KUSA coverage. Clips of all of these news items are available for viewing on the CAA Facebook page. Print coverage was supplied by the Fence Post magazine as it has been for many years, although this time the coverage was a little different. In most past years, the story was the result of a CAA member composing copy about the event and submitting the story to the magazine. This year, the Fence Post magazine assigned a reporter to cover the event. Staff reporter Robyn Scherer put together a great article which not only included an interview with 2012 State Champion Emily

Wears, but also included mention of the contest runner-up (yours truly). The Fence Post article also covered the Troil Welton First Timer’s Contest winner Michael Nichols of Flagler, CO; First Timer’s first runner-up Doug Hadeen of Sterling, CO; and the newest CAA Hall of Fame inductee, Shannon Schur of Monument, CO. Added to that was an interview segment with longtime auctioneer George Holter, who competed in the 2012 Championship contest while celebrating his 50th year since graduating from auction school. According to chief editor Bryan Scribner, CAA convention coverage will be forthcoming in the next edition of “The Auctioneer,” the official publication of the National Auctioneers Association.


CAA Championship Auctioneers Contest Has a “First” By Mike Heitmann, Auctioneers Contest Chairman


t’s been a long time…a long time that the CAA has been having Champion Auctioneer Competitions. If you look at our website you will see that since 1980 there is a list of some of the best “fellas” in the auction business to ever wear the Championship Buckle. Well, boys, it’s time to scoot over and add a new addition. For the first time ever, a woman auctioneer wears the CAA Championship crown! Ms. Emily Wears of Solon, Iowa, has been named the 2012 State Champion Auctioneer. The contest was held on January 6 at the 54th CAA Annual Convention in Denver. Wears, 22, beat out our largest field of contestants in recent years to capture the honor. Eighteen auctioneers competed in a preliminary round, each selling three items to determine our five finalists. Then the five finalists, (Emily Wears, Dayton Roller, Joe Knight, Dax Gillium and Scott Shuman) were brought back for a series of interview questions and a final bid calling go around of three more items. After the dust had settled and score cards had been tallied, Emily was named our Champion. Along with the silver-and-gold Champion Belt Buckle, Emily also gets to take home the Chuck Cumberlin Traveling Trophy for the next year. To top it off, a cash prize of $1,000 14

will be awarded to help offset her expenses as she travels to Spokane, WA, this July to represent the CAA & Colorado in the International Auctioneer Championship. That competition is held during the National Auctioneers Association Annual Conference and Show. Wears attends the University of Wyoming at Laramie where she is studying Business Management and Spanish. Along with attending college, she also finds time to work as an auctioneer in Colorado for Schur Success Auction and Appraisal. Wears is already taking her role as “Official Ambassador for the CAA” seriously. On January 17, Emily represented our fine organization by attending the WLA Championship Quarterfinal Livestock Auctioneers Competition at Greeley Producers Livestock Auction. She also is looking forward to representing Colorado at the IAC. No stranger to the International competition, she has competed at that contest three previous times, and has placed as high as fourth. Wears comes from an “Auction Family”. She started helping her Dad when she was just 10 years old, working as a clerk. Later she became a ringman. She is a 2007 graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. The first runner-up in the competition was Dax Gillium, our FIRST QUARTER • 2012 thecoloradoauctioneer

newly elected First Vice President of the CAA. Gillium is half of the auction team of Gillium & Hays Auction and Appraisal of Denver, Colo. If for some reason Wears is unable to attend and compete in the IAC competition, Gillium will have the opportunity to represent Colorado. Let me just take a few lines more to commend ALL the Contest participants, including Joe

Boulware, Joaquin Crego, Myles Downare, Clayton Everhart, Casey Giddings, Dean Gunter, Butch Hagelstrom, George Holter, Lance Nichols, Shannon Schur, Larry Suckla, Cissy Tabor, and Harold Unrein. We’ll look forward to seeing you again next year! Our esteemed Chuck Cumberlin would have encouraged you to be back to “Go your best!”

CAA Awards Scholarship to MaKayla Michael The Colorado Auctioneers Association was proud to award a $500 scholarship to a very deserving individual at the 2012 CAA Convention. This year’s recipient is Makayla Michael, daughter of Lloyd (Jr.) & Mary Michael of Michael Auction Service in Julesburg. She is a senior at Julesburg High School and is planning to attend Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to earn an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Dental Hygiene. Makayla has carried a 3.87

By Butch Hagelstrom

grade point average and is involved in the marching, pep, and concert bands. Makayla has indicated that she plans to work at a dental office in the Boulder, Colorado, area upon graduation. Congratulations Makayla! The CAA wishes you every success. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Colorado Auctioneers Association for the scholarship you have awarded me. It will be used towards my college tuition as I will be continuing my education at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne this fall. It is so nice to receive a scholarship from an association that holds many fond memories from my childhood! Once again, thank you.” – Sincerely, MaKayla Michael

CAA Members Invited to Colorado State Capitol April 20th

8:15 A.M. Meet at Security Entrance. 8:30 – 10:00 A.M. We visit the House Chambers.

By OJ Pratt


n honor of National Auctioneers Day (which is actually the next day), we hope you’ll join your fellow CAA members for a visit to the State Capitol on April 20! An official proclamation signed by Governor Hickenlooper has been requested by the CAA. We have been invited once again by State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg, District 65, to the State Capitol on Friday April 20 at 8:30 am. All members of the CAA are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the event. Our organization will be honored and announced on the floor of the legislature. In past years, we have been able to meet many of our elected officials.


8:15 a.m. We will gather as a group just inside the security entrance before proceeding to Representative Sonnenberg’s office. From 8:30 a.m. to approximately 10:00 a.m., we’ll be in the House chambers, take a few pictures and then you are free to wander around our beautiful capitol building or go back to work. Mark your calendar, enter it in Google, post it on Facebook, or write it on the refrigerator door…but plan to attend! Please contact me at or call 303-598-8585 by April 15th so we can give them a count. We’ll send a couple of reminder e-mails as the day approaches. Let’s have a strong showing for National Auctioneers Day! FIRST QUARTER • 2012

thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer


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