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Walt Partridge Inducted Into the Hall of Fame By Casey Giddings The 55th annual CAA Convention closed this year with the very deserving induction of auctioneer Walt Partridge into the CAA Hall of Fame. The CAA is proud to present Walt with this prestigious honor. To even be considered for this honor, Walt had to be nominated by a fellow auctioneer, have had an active interest in CAA for ten years or more and had to not only demonstrate a passion for the industry, but also show a commitment to the CAA & fellow members. Walt’s nomination then had to be approved by the current Hall of Fame members. Walt Partridge is an explosives expert who embarked on auctioneering as a second career. He set out to learn this new career with enthusiasm and dedication. He worked hard, joined the CAA, asked for advice from his peers and eventually went on to become the Colorado State Champion Auctioneer in 2005. Walt works as a contract auctioneer, allowing many of us CAA members the privilege of working with him. I can say from personal experience that Walt is not only fun to work with, but a consummate professional with a fantastic work ethic. I imagine he would do any job you asked of him, auctioneering, ringing, clerking or otherwise. He takes his job very seriously and definitely “rides for the brand”. Walt has also dedicated countless hours to the Colorado Auctioneers Association. He served the CAA as president in 2007 and 2008, and has been a Board member & Treasurer for many years. He always goes the extra mile for the good of the CAA. Walt’s knowledge and understanding of the CAA bylaws and his natural sense of fair play is sought out on a regular basis during board meetings. Walt genuinely believes in the organization and it shows. As a member of the board, he is always one of the first to volunteer for anything that needs to be done. He supports the CAA with more than his presence at meetings & events. If he isn’t helping someone, you will find him throwing horse shoes at the picnic or bidding at one of the auctions, just to keep the momentum going. If you don’t know Walt, take a minute or two at the next CAA event and talk with him. Chances are, he will be there.

What’s Inside Walt Partridge Inducted Into Hall of Fame…….... President’s Message ……………………………….. First Timers Members of CAA …………………… CAA Membership Benefits You - and CAA …….. 2013 Champion Auctioneer: Sean Allen ………. CAA Award Scholarship to Kristen Russon …….. Live Media Coverage at CAA Convention ……… CAA Fun Auction Live Online …………………….

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Convention Photo Collage ……………….……….. 8 CAA Members Invited to State Capitol …………. 9 Sponsor Spotlight: The Denver Post ….…………. 9 CAA Convention in the News …….….….……….. 9 2013 Marketing Contest Winners ……………….. 10 Amendment 64: Marijuana & Employers ………. 12 From the NAA ……………………………………….. 12 Calendar ……………………………………………… 14

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The Colorado Auctioneer Newsletter is published quarterly, to serve as a communication tool between association meetings. Members are encouraged to submit news tips, stories, and ideas for future publications.

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From the President


Greeting to one and all! As I begin to write this, we are plunged into the deep freeze, with temperatures going well into the sub-zero-range overnights and just plain old uncomfortably cold conditions through the days. Stock Show weather, as they say around here. We’ve also just finished another annual CAA convention which continues to receive praise and accolades from those who attended. For those of you who missed it….I hope to see you next year! You missed one excellent opportunity to meet and visit with others in your field and learn from some of he best speakers out there! The convention is a team effort. I’ve been blessed with an outstanding board (team players) over the past year who got the job done! A special “thanks” to our new association administrator Diana Raven and her friend Vickie Dunning who stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with preparations, registrations, sign-making, cataloging, ribbon selling and all the other nuts and bolts (everything else that we threw at you) that made the convention a seamless success! Thanks for your excellent work! Congratulations to our newest champions: 2013 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer Sean Allen; 1st runner-up Scott Shuman; and our newest Troil Welton First-Timers award winner Graig Medvesk. Here’s wishing you continued success! And, a special note of congratulations to our newest Hall of Fame inductee: Walt Partridge. Well deserved, and a great choice by his now-fellow Hall of Fame members. A note of welcome to our new board members: Eric Arrington, Neil Enslow and Joe Knight. I’m certain that your knowledge and experience will be of benefit to the board and to the organization which it serves. I look forward to working with you through the coming year. Let me take a moment to say “thanks” to our outgoing Chairman of the Board, Lance Nichols. It’s been a pleasure to serve with you over a good many years, Lance. Thank you for all of your time, dedication and hard work. Also, thanks to outgoing president Rich Schur for a job well done. Rich, of course, will serve one more year as Chairman of the Board while simultaneously serving on the Board of Directors of the National Auctioneers Association. Immediately following the close of the 2012 convention, the new board of directors met for the first time. At that meeting, I outlined two goals for the board to concentrate on: 1) Make the CAA the authority for everything “auction” in the state of Colorado. It’s an ambitious goal that will be difficult to measure. However, the efforts are measurable. I have suggested that the board e prolific with press releases to the media about CAA activities and auction news, and that members be diligent about displaying the CAA logo on all business forms and in all business forums. 2) Increase membership in the CAA. I believe that if we do a good job with the first goal, the second will fall into place because more auctioneers will simply want to belong to an organization accepted as the auction authority. Your views, comments and suggestions on these goals are welcomed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your organization. The Board of Directors is here for you. Our contact information is right here—in this publication— available—all you need to do is reach out by phone or by email or you may comment on our Facebook page. Let us know of your concerns, your comments, your stories or how the CAA may be of greater assistance to the membership it serves. Get involved, If you want to serve on a committee, let one of us know. As the year begins, we have several plans on the platter. We have our usual “Date at the Legislature” in April (which is open to al member, by the way), and our annual Summer Picnic and Horseshoe Tournament in late July/Early August (again, an open event). And - this just in – we may also have another run at legislative sponsorship of a bill that would require the services of a professional auctioneer to facilitate Colorado public trustee real estate sales. We will keep you posted on the progress of this and other issues.

PRESIDENT: Dax Gillium, BAS, CAGA, CES, GPPA Gillium & Hays Auction & Appraisal 4981 W Tufts Ave  Denver, CO 80236 303-795-9300  Cell: 303-957-7495

1ST VICE PRESIDENT: John Schaffner Schaffner Auctions  36470 County Road Z Wray, CO 80758 970-630-3402 

2ND VICE PRESIDENT: O.J. Pratt, CAI Pacific Auction Companies 1330 Main Street  Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-7676  Cell: 303-598-8585

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Rich Schur, CAI, MPPA, BAS, CMEA United Country-Schur Success Realty & Auction 366 Second Street, Suite B  Monument, CO 80132 Office: 866-290-2243 ext 2  Cell: 719-210-6230

TREASURER/DIRECTOR: Walt Partridge, BAS Partridge Auctions  6577 N. Windfield Ave. Parker, CO 80134 303-840-7573  Cell: 303-881-2632

Eric Arrington (2013-2015) Ion, Inc. 240 S, Amelia St.  Ridgeway, CO 81432 970-497-6585 

Tad Bickley (2012-2014) Best of the West Auctions, LLC 433 E Cucharras Street  Colorado Springs. CO 80903 719-633-5270 

Neil Enslow(2013-2015) Ameribid, LLC 502 W 22nd St.  Pueblo, CO 81003 719-671-5737 

Casey Giddings (2013-2015) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave.  Eaton, CO 80615 970-224-2050 

Butch Hagelstrom (2012-2014) Buckhorn Auction Services P.O. Box 306  Fort Lupton, CO 80621 303-827-5157 

Joe Knight (2013-2015) Niwot Auction, Inc. 690 Hwy 66  Longmont. CO 80502 303-589-4119 

Linda Tegtmeier (2012-2014) Gold Star Auctions, Inc. 950 S. Milwaukee Way  Denver. CO 80209 303-744-3219 

Diana Raven  Association Administrator 303-729-1195 

Opportunities are out there. Here’s witching you a happy and prosperous 2013! Dax F. Gillium, BAS,CAGA,CES,GPPA 2013 CAA President





First Time Members of CAA

By John Schaffner No matter how strong and important an organization is, it cannot continue to thrive without an influx of new members. The Colorado Auctioneers Association welcomes new members whether they have been auctioneers for many years or whether they are fresh out of auction school. This year we were fortunate to have both at our convention. We had four new members who had attended auction school within the last year. They all competed in the first timers bid calling contest on Saturday night. This was a spirited and fun competition. When the scores were all tallied, Graig Medvesk from Hayden, Colorado, was declared to be the winner. At the awards banquet on Sunday afternoon, Graig was presented the coveted Troil Welton Memorial Award. Other participants in the first timers competition were Jacob Altman from Montrose, Josh Larson from Haxtun, and Robert Rosales from Clovis, New Mexico. Be sure to watch future articles of the CAA Newsletter for stories about some of these other first time members. Each one has a unique story about how they decided to become professional auctioneers. In addition to the four new auctioneers there were two other auctioneers who have been in the auction business, but could see the benefits of the Colorado Auctioneers Association and joined for the first time. These two new members of the CAA are Royce Ford from Briggsdale, and Rich Scott from Byers. They, along with the other four first timers, were given ten scavenger hunt questions to help them get acquainted with other CAA members. From those completed questionnaires one name was drawn for the award of free CAA dues for 2014. Rich Scott was the winner of that drawing.

Welcome to Our New Members! Brian Allmer Lyn Bogle

Graig Medvesk Barrett Palombo

.................................................. CAA Membership Benefits You - and CAA! By John Schaffner

If you have not already done so, the time is here to renew your membership in the Colorado Auctioneers Association for the year 2013. If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking that last year has slipped away much too fast. It seems like the 2012 CAA convention was just over and here we are with the 2013 convention behind us already. For many Americans who are owners of small businesses, the past few years have been a time of having to tighten belts and watch expenses. The auction business is not immune to being affected by the recession. It is at time like this that a businessman can be tempted to let his membership in trade associations go by the wayside. However, it is at those times that it is more important than ever to stay on top of new industry developments and to take advantages of networking opportunities. The CAA is committed to helping auctioneers stay abreast of new ideas and to boosting the motivational skills of its members. On top of that, the networking possibilities are greatly enhanced by membership in the association. Membership dues in the CAA should not be looked at as just an expense, but most of all as an investment in your auction business.








Sean Allen is Colorado’s 2013 Champion Auctioneer

By Walt Partridge

Thirteen auctioneers vied to become the 2013 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer. The contest was held during the annual Colorado Auctioneers Association Convention in Denver, CO. The five finalists chosen from the preliminary round were Dax Gillium, Brent Wears, Joe Knight, Scott Shuman, and Sean Allen. The new 2013 Colorado Champion is Sean Allen from Morrison, CO. Sean works with Linnebur Auctions in Byers, CO. Along with the silver-and-gold champion’s belt buckle, Sean also took home the Chuck Cumberlin Traveling Trophy for the year. If Sean goes to Indianapolis to compete in the International Auctioneer Championship this summer, he’ll also receive $1,000 to help offset those expenses. Scott Shuman, of Hall and Hall, in Eaton, CO, was 1st runner-up. All contestants demonstrated excellent bid calling skills and scoring on all the finalists was very, very close. Thanks to, live online bidding was available for the auctioneer contest. The auction was also carried live on Thanks also to Melissa Peterson from Auction Flex, who graciously provided clerking services for the evening. Hosting the contest was 2012 Champion Emily Wears. Congratulations and thanks to the auction contest committee – Tad Bickley, Mike Heitmann, and Lance Nichols – for a well organized and fun filled evening.

.................................................. CAA Awards Scholarship to Kristen Russon By Butch Hagelstrom

The Colorado Auctioneers Association was pleased to award a $500 CAA Scholarship to Kristen Russon. She is the daughter of Gary Gaddy & Claudia Russon-Gaddy. Claudia, who is the office manager for Schur Success Auctions, is an associate member of the CAA. Kristen is attending Brigham Young University in Idaho. She maintained a 3.94 GPA throughout her senior year in high school and was highly recommended by the school, church, and business leaders in her life. Her area of study is communications, with an emphasis in visual media design. Kristen was acknowledged and awarded the scholarship at this year’s Hall of Fame banquet. We congratulate Kristen on her scholarship and wish her well in her endeavors!




Convention News

Live Media Coverage Provided for CAA Convention The BARN Media & the Colorado News Network provided coverage of the Colorado State Champion Auctioneer Contest through live video streaming. During the contest there were 75 people logged in to watch the event. DVD’s of the contest were also made available to the general public. BARN Media founder and chief Brian Allmer also took the time to interview Paul Behr, the current Vice President of the National Auctioneers Association, along with Hall of Fame members Cookie Lockhart and Lloyd Michael. These interviews will play throughout the year on the BARN and other affiliate stations to further promote the CAA and its members. Check it out on www.BARNMEDIA.NET! While at the convention, Brian also joined our membership. Welcome aboard, Brian, and thank you for all you have already done for CAA!


Successful CAA Fun Auction Was Live Online this Year!

By O.J. Pratt You did it! Thanks to the efforts of the members of the CAA, our Convention Fun Auction was a great success! Members, sponsors and friends of the CAA donated some fantastic items. Highlights of the auction included a Trip to Ireland, discount certificates to the World Wide, Texas, Continental and Reppert’s auction schools, great advertising certificates, jewelry, tools, tickets for a back stage tour at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction, and much more! Convention speaker Rob Weiman even brought an item--a 1960’s roll-your-own cigarette machine that Rob thought might be a business opportunity considering Colorado’s new marijuana laws! Many auctioneers sold the items they brought and the auction also featured a number of previous CAA champions. For the first time ever, the CAA Fun Auction was live online, thanks to Proxibid, which graciously donated the usual $500 listing fee and percentage fee. A total of 42 online bidders participated and 10% of the auction was sold to online bidders. By the time the auction began, more than $4,000 in online prebids were posted. Thanks also to Auction Flex for allowing us to use their software, and to Auction Flex guru Melissa Peterson for donating her time for the clerking. The fun auction totaled $12,500 including the buyer’s premium, which sure beat last year’s total of $6,500. All moneys raised will support the CAA in 2013. Thanks to all who participated. The CAA board committee that worked to produce the auction included Casey Giddings, Walt Partridge and OJ Pratt. Board member Linda Tegtmeier worked the entire auction and many others participated in the event. Special thanks go to Mike Heitmann’s son Matt, who worked tirelessly the entire auction. Hats off to everyone who worked to make the auction a great success!




Convention Collage BIG thanks to Cissy Tabor (and her sidekick Lu Hayes) for taking more than 500 photos at Convention!!!! To see them all, go to the Colorado Auctioneers Association page on Facebook.





CAA Members Invited to Colorado State Capitol on April 19th By O.J. Pratt

8:15 A.M. Meet at Security Entrance

9:00-10:00 A.M. We visit the House Chambers

In honor of National Auctioneers Day (which is actually the next day), we hope you’ll join your fellow CAA members for a visit to the State Capitol on April 19! An official proclamation has been signed by Governor John Hickenlooper. We have been invited once again by State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg, District 65, to the State Capitol on Friday, April 19, at 8:30 a.m. All members of the CAA are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the event. Our organization will be honored and announced on the floor of the legislature. In past years, we have been able to meet many of our elected officials. 8:15 a.m. to 8:30 - We will gather as a group in the basement Snack Bar area. Enter from Colfax side of the capitol and head downstairs. At 8:30 we’ll move to Representative Sonnenberg’s office. From 9:00 a.m. to approximately 10:00 a.m., we’ll be in the House chambers, take a few pictures and then you are free to explore our beautiful Capitol building or go back to work. Mark your calendar, enter it in Google, post it on Facebook, or write it on the refrigerator door…but please plan to attend! Please contact me at or call 303-598-8585. come first serve!

We are only allowed 20 spaces on the floor, First

We’ll send a couple of reminder emails as the day approaches. Let’s have a strong showing for National Auctioneers Day!

.................................................. Sponsor Spotlight on the Denver Post

By Rich Schur Thanks to all of our sponsors and vendors for their support of the CAA and this year’s convention. We’d like to especially recognize the Denver Post, who became our first “Silver Sponsor”. In addition to the booth fees and sponsorship fees, the Denver Post stepped up by donating not just one, but two, advertising certificates that we sold at our auctions to benefit CAA. Through a slight communications error, we inadvertently sold a third certificate. When I called and asked if we could purchase the third certificate, the response was “of course not, just consider it another donation”. Thank you, Denver Post! Our friends at the Denver Post are really working hard to partner with CAA. At Convention, they announced a new ad-rate package exclusively for current CAA members. This package is sharply discounted over open ad rates. This means some extraordinary savings over what your non-CAA competitors will be paying. They even have electronic marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) services. Please take a moment and call Shiree Johnson at the Denver Post, and thank her for her support. She’ll be glad to explain all of the wonderful things the Denver Post can do for CAA Auctioneers! Her phone number is (303) 954-1118. In fact, take a moment from your day and thank all of our wonderful sponsors!

CAA Convention in the News

What a treat to see media coverage of the 2013 CAA Convention! (Thanks to now-President Dax Gillium.) Denver’s Fox 31 News carried a live and delayed telecast promoting the CAA’s Convention. A few days before the Convention, Dan Daru, of Fox 31 Morning Edition, conducted live interviews with OJ Pratt, Dax Gillium, Adam Kevil, and Walt Partridge at Pacific Auction facilities in Commerce City which aired. In addition to front page coverage of new Champion Sean Allen, the January 14 issue of The Fence Post featured four pages of photos and the story inside. In all, a great representation of the auctioneer contests and the wide variety of excellent workshops led by auction industry experts from across the country.








2013 Marketing Contest Winners The CAA would like to thank all of this year’s participants in the 2013 Marketing Contest. We had a number of entries, and our vendors at the conference provided the judging. Listed below, in no particular order, are the winners of this year’s contest. We encourage our membership to start thinking ahead to next year’s competition and provide your best marketing materials for all to see! This is a fun competition and provides our membership with new marketing ideas.

4-Color Brochure

Real Estate

Hall & Hall

Commercial, Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Roller & Associates

Benefit Auctions

Lockhart Auction & Realty LLC

Antiques, Collectibles, Estate & General Household

Lockhart Auction & Realty LLC

Farm & Ranch Machinery & Equipment

Parker & Company

Business Promotion Company Promotional Item

Hall & Hall

Company Apparel

Lockhart Auction & Realty LLC

Internet Web Page

Roller & Associates

Vehicle Graphics

Schur Success Auction & Appraisal

Company Brochure

Schur Success Auction & Appraisal




Amendment 64: Marijuana and Employers

By Rich Schur

This past fall, for the second time in Colorado history, the voters passed a constitutional amendment regarding the use of cannabis (marijuana). Those in favor celebrated the passage of the most recent amendment as free rein to use marijuana for recreational purposes with no fear of consequence. But that’s not quite true. Under federal law, use and possession or marijuana is still a crime. It is still classified as a “schedule 1 narcotic”. (21 USC – 811) This poses a problem. Is it legal or not? The answer is “sort of ”. The Colorado amendments provide an affirmative defense if someone is charged with use or possession under very limited circumstances. This is very different than being “legal”. Colorado law cannot supersede Federal law. Many employers fear that this means employees can come to work high, or smoke dope on the job, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Fortunately, this is not true. Amendment 20 authorizes the limited use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, as stated in Article XVIII, Section 14(10)(b), “Nothing in this section shall require any employer to accommodate the medical use of marijuana in any workplace”. In other words, as an employer, you have no obligation to accept or allow the use or possession of marijuana in any circumstance. Amendment 64, the most recent change to our State Constitution, also has a very specific limitation. Article XVIII, Section 16(6)(a) states “Nothing in this section is intended to require an employer to permit or accommodate the use, consumption, possession, transfer, sale or growing of marijuana in the workplace or to affect the ability of employers to have policies restricting the use of marijuana by employees.” Both of these exemptions in the law mean that employers CAN restrict or prohibit the possession or use of marijuana both on your property and while on the job. Colorado law also permits the restriction of alcohol, drugs, and marijuana while off-duty, if you can demonstrate a bona fide business reason to do so. For example, employees can be prohibited from using or possessing marijuana while off-duty, if they are wearing your company emblem somewhere that will be seen by the public. If you have anti-drug policies, or drug-testing policies, remember that alcohol will dissipate from the body very quickly, but marijuana will remain detectable in the body for as long as 30 days after ingestion. That means if you test for cause, you might find an employee ingested or used cannabis, even though the effects of that use might have very little to do with the reason you are testing them. Bottom line: As an employer, you have the absolute right, without fear of reprisal, to limit or prohibit the use of marijuana in and around your business. Please note: I am not an attorney, nor can I dispense or offer legal advice. Please speak to proper counsel before establishing your workplace policies. Rich Schur is the 2013 CAA Chairman of the Board and Past President. He holds a Senior Certification in Human Resources (SPHR).

Dax Gillium, President Colorado Auctioneers Assn.

February 2013


President Gillium, This is a special invitation to all Colorado auctioneers to attend the 2013 NAA Conference & Show to be held July 17-20, 2013, at the Indianapolis Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year’s NAA C&S is looking to be the largest in many years. I attended and spoke at the Colorado Auctioneers Assn. Convention in 1987 and am proud to have been a continuous CAA member every year starting in 1990 and thus the reason for this special invitation. I am very humbled to be sworn in as the 65th President of the National Auctioneers Assn. at this convention and want all my Colorado auctioneers & friends to know they are most welcome to join us there. See you in Indy! Thank you,

Paul Paul C. Behr Vice President  National Auctioneers Assn.







Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 303-729-1195

Mission: The Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) promotes the auction method of marketing to all buyers and sellers through continued professionalism, education and experience. Vision: The Colorado Auctioneers Association will consist of a trusted and experienced organization of professional auctioneers that promote the auction method of marketing as a practical and enjoyable first choice of selling property (real or personal property).

April 19, 2013 April 30, 2013 July 30, 2013

CAA Day at the Colorado State Capitol Second Quarter 2013 Newsletter articles and ads deadline CAA Annual Picnic date to be finalized

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