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Board of Directors President • Lance Nichols 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 Phone: 970-686-2361 • Home: 970-686-2361 Vice President • Richard Schur 1042 West Baptist Road, #175 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 Phone: 866-290-2243 • Cell: 719-210-6230 2nd Vice President • Dax Gillium 4981 W. Tufts Avenue • Denver, CO 80236 Phone: 303-730-2623 Chairman of the Board • Doug Carpenter 1610 Hwy 50 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 Phone: 970-245-1185 • Cell: 970-623-6999 Treasurer/Director • Walt Partridge 6577 N. Windfield Ave. • Parker, CO Phone: 512-671-36375 • Cell: 512-750-7392

Directors John Schaffner 36470 County Road Z • Wray, CO 80758 Phone: 970-332-5196 Mike Heitmann 27275 Mid Jones Road • Calhan, CO 80808 Phone: 406-450-2051 • Fax: 719-683-7235 Butch Haglestrom P. O. Box 306 • Fort Lupton, Co 80621 (C) 303-827-5157 OJ Pratt 1270 Boston Avenue • Longmont, CO 80501 (O) 303-772-7676 (C) 303-598-8585 Casey Giddings 24 Oak Ave. •Eaton, Co 80615 Phone: 970-224-2050 Janelle Karas 820 S. Monaco Pkwy #213 Denver, CO 80224 Phone 877-612-8494 Scott Shuman 100 S. Cherry Ave • Suite 6D Eaton, CO 80615 Phone: 970-716-2120


The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

From the President Lance Nichols • CAA President Greetings CAA Members: As I write my first official greeting to the membership, I look back over the past 25 plus years. As the son of past CAA President and Hall of Fame member, John Nichols, I began attending conventions starting at a young age. I have read quite a few newsletters and President’s messages over the years, and it is almost surreal that I am now in this position. I first want to thank every voting member for the confidence you have bestowed by electing me to this position. I am grateful and honored to be serving you. Thank you CAA. The 2011 CAA convention was held January 7-9th in Denver, a great time was had by all who attended. This year we had a stellar line up of speakers, who offered insight to helping us all make our businesses better. Convention highlights included speakers Tommy “ Spanky “ Assiter, Kris Kennedy, Eli Detweiler, Woody Clouse, and our new friend from Texas, Forres Meadows. Please mark your calendars now, for the 2012 CAA convention. It will be held at the Crowne Plaza DIA on January 6-8th. Rich Schur, your 1st Vice President, is already working hard to put together a great program. The 2011 convention was packed full of lots of entertaining activities for the membership. We had great participation in the advertising contest, bid calling competitions, and the fun auction. I extend a personal thank you to everyone who helped with the auctions, as participants, buyers, and donors. It allows us the funding to continue to give you, as members, outstanding educational opportunities. Thank you again for your help and support. Highlights of the convention also included the Hall of Fame induction and bid calling championships. The 2011 CAA Bid Calling Champion is Adam Kevil, whom I commend, as he is not the kind to give up on a dream. Good luck at the national contest, Adam. We all know you will do Colorado proud. Lloyd Michael, Jr. is the newest member in the CAA Hall of Fame, congratulations Mike! During the Annual Business Meeting, the membership elected four new board members; Janelle Karas, Walt Partridge, Scott Shuman, and Casey Giddings. Janelle, Walt, and Scott, have served previously as CAA board members and bring a lot of experience to the table. We’re excited to welcome Casey Giddings to the board. As luck would have it, she has been helping David Whitley with the web site for several years, and will take over that responsibility. I feel this is one of the strongest boards we have had, because it is packed with so much experience. Additionally, Rich Schur was elected as your new the 1st Vice President, and Dax Gillium as your 2nd Vice President. Doug Carpenter, 2010 CAA President, is the new Chairman of the Board. He did an outstanding job last year serving the membership, and is a true asset to the CAA. Doug, thank you. Some exciting upcoming events include CAA Day at the Legislature, among others. O.J. Pratt is again working to put together a great day with our state leadership. National Auctioneers day is April 17th, and we will ask Governor Hickenlooper to sign a proclamation that April 16th be Colorado Auctioneer’s Day here in our state. O.J. is also working to secure a flag which will be flown over the capital on April 17th and then sold at the fun auction next year. All CAA members are welcome to join the board at the state capital and we encourage members to participate. In addition, the summer picnic date and location will be forthcoming. Also, considerations are being given to host a bilingual auction seminar this fall. Keep your eye on the newsletter and the CAA website for more details and specific dates for all the above activities. CAA members, again I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you as your 2011 CAA President. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly and if at any time you have questions or concerns please contact me.

Executive Director

Respectfully Yours,

Kathy Humphries 15300 FM 1825, Bldg. B, Suite 116 Pflugerville, TX 78660 Phone: 512-671-3637 • Fax: 512-671-3638

Lance Nichols President, Colorado Auctioneers Association

The Colorado Auctioneer

Storage Auctions Explode By Rich Schur This past fall, several TV shows hit the air that featured auctions and auctioneers. “Storage Wars” on the A&E network, and “Auction Hunters” on Spike TV both focus on storage auctions. These shows have seen tremendous popularity and have created dreams of “abundant treasures” in the minds of viewers. The result for auctioneers has been a huge surge of people coming to storage auctions looking to make a fortune with a small investment. According to CAA member Shannon Schur, CAI, BAS, record-breaking crowds have been showing up. For example, storage auctions in the Colorado Springs area have typically generated crowds of 30 or 40 registered bidders. In the past 2 months, those crowds have surged to 100+ registered with another 50 or so in tow. CAA auctioneer Dax Gillium, CAGA, CES, BAS, who conducts storage auctions on behalf of Schur, has seen the number of registered bidders in the Denver area jump to nearly 200, with as many as another 100 there to watch. These massive crowds have most definitely inflated prices, but it comes with a cost. With 40-50 average attendees, a typical location that has a handful of units for sale usually takes an hour or less to conduct the sale, collect the payments, and move on to the next location. With more than 150 people, it takes three times longer to view the units and keep the crowds moving. While experienced bidders can view a unit in a matter of seconds, newcomers linger making the process even

longer. The same location that used to take less than an hour can now take more than three. Schur added that the volume of calls and inquiries has dramatically increased as well. “We used to average less than a phone call a week about storage auctions” she said, “now we’re averaging four or five a day”. The TV shows have created a new group of auction aficionados that knew nothing about auctions before these shows. Some of them are now regular attendees at other auctions as well. “These shows are great for our industry” Schur said, “but the storage auction craze will taper off quickly”. Inexperienced buyers are paying double, sometimes triple what the “regular” buyers are willing to pay, According to one of Schur’s regulars, who makes his living through storage auctions, his average return on a unit is less than 100%, and that’s only after a great deal of work in moving, sorting, storing, selling, and dumping the contents. His view, and the view of many of the regulars, is that the newcomers are ultimately paying more for units now than they will get back in sales. One or two units without a “hidden treasure” will drive the curious away. Schur predicts the novelty will wear off before the summer, but thinks there will be positive lasting effect for the industry. “As long as we show these newcomers what professional auctions and auctioneers can do, they will be back for more”. ❖

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The Colorado Auctioneer

CAA Crowns Adam Kevil the 2011 Champion Bid Caller By Dax Gillium Colorado auctioneer Adam Kevil of has been named the 2011 State Champion Bid Caller. Kevil, of Morrison, CO, competed on Friday, January 7th among a field of 17 contestants to capture the honor. The competition was held during the 53rd annual convention of the Colorado Auctioneers Association convention, held in Denver. Kevil was awarded a custom-designed belt buckle, inclusion on the Chuck Cumberlin travelling trophy, and a cash prize of $1,000. The money is awarded to help offset expenses when he travels to Orlando, Florida this July to compete in the International Auctioneer Championship. That competition is held during the annual convention of the National Auctioneers Association.


Adam Kevil Your 2011

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Kevil is well known in professional circles as a “contract auctioneer,” which means he works for several auction companies throughout the state both on a regular and an “as-needed” basis. He is also known as an outstanding bilingual (Spanish) auctioneer and for his solid capabilities as a fundraising auction specialist. The first runner-up in the competition was Joe Knight of Longmont, CO. If for some reason Kevil is unable to attend and compete in the IAC competition, Knight will represent Colorado. On Saturday, January 8th, the organization held its annual 1st Timers Bid Calling Competition. The winner of the “rookie” award is Dean Gunter of Colorado Springs. Dean was presented with the Troil Welton Award, named after a Colorado auctioneer who was known for his encouragement toward young, aspiring auctioneers. ❖

Read more about Adam’s journey to the championship on page 10

Adam Kevil proudly displays the “Chuck Cumberlin” Champion Auctioneer Trophy


The Colorado Auctioneer

2011 CAA Convention Wrap Up By Lance Nichols The 2011 Colorado Auctioneers Association Convention was held at the Crowne Plaza DIA in Denver, CO January 7-9. Leading off an impressive line up of speakers this year, was Kris Kennedy of Auction Flex, who gave an informative presentation on the Pros and Cons of Electronic Clerking. Tommy “Spanky” Assiter, CAI, offered his behind the scenes look at the BarrettJackson Auction Experience. Spanky followed that up with an instructive workshop on how to Bid Call Like a Champion “both in business and in chant”. After a dinner provided by the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Friday’s excitement culminated with the annual contest to name the 2011 Colorado Auctioneer Bid Calling Champion. In 2010, the CAA board of directors elected to award the champion auctioneer with the Chuck Cumberlin “Go your best” traveling trophy in memory of the former CAA and NAA president. Adam Kevil, of Morrison, CO was chosen as the 2011 CAA Champion Auctioneer and will take home the trophy. Joe Knight, of Longmont, CO was chosen the Runner-Up 2011 CAA Champion. Saturday’s events got underway with a presentation from speakers Eli Detweiler, CAI, (NAA) and Chuck Bohn, CAI (NAF) who brought the Colorado Auctioneers up to date with the National Auctioneers Association. CAA member, Chuck Bohn is also the National Auctioneers Foundation President and he gave a heartfelt presentation regarding the status of the NAF.

Following a short break, attendees were given the pleasure of listening to motivational speaker, Woody Clouse and his special guest Dave Preston. Woody Clouse, the 2009-2010 US Open and National Champion in racquetball, relayed his winner’s mindset and philosophies, from sports to the business world. Former running back for the Denver Broncos, Dave Preston, contributed to this inspiring session as well. Saturday afternoon’s agenda closed out with two extraordinary programs; Forres Meadows, CAI, BAS, ATS, and winner of the 2009 Best Auction Website from the Texas Auctioneers Association, gave a revealing look at Online Auctions and how they can work for you. Eli Detweiler, CAI and the 2010 NAA International Bid Calling Champion discussed how to become a better independent contract auctioneer and improving your auction skills. It was truly a pleasure to have all of these fantastic speakers at the CAA Convention.

The entertainment from Saturday continued into the night with the CAA fun auction and 1st Timer Auctioneer Contest. The fun auction serves as the only fundraiser from which the CAA organization benefits every year, not to mention, is quite entertaining for all involved. The 1st Timers competition gives new auctioneers a chance to show off their skills. Any auctioneer who has completed auction training over the past year is invited to compete. The winner of the contest is awarded the coveted Troil Welton Memorial trophy, and for 2011, the winner was Dean Gunter of Colorado Springs, CO. Sunday’s church service was lead by CAA board member and cowboy poet, John Schaffner, fellow CAA board member, Dax Gillium accompanied the service on the piano. Immediately following the church service was the CAA annual meeting where various committees give their year end reports. In addition, elections were held and the 2011 CAA Officers and Board of Directors are as follows: Chairman of the Board- Doug Carpenter, President- Lance Nichols, 1st Vice President -Rich Schur, 2nd Vice President- Dax Gillium, Treasurer/Director- Walt Partridge, Board Members- John Schaffner, Mike Heitmann, O.J. Pratt, Butch Hagelstrom, Casey Giddings, Scott Shuman, and Janelle Karas. The 2011 CAA convention was concluded with an awards ceremony and the Hall of Fame luncheon. The Colorado Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame inductee for 2011 was Lloyd Michaels of Julesburg, CO. Planning is already in the works to make the 2012 Colorado Auctioneers Association Annual Convention just as informative and inspiring. ❖


The Colorado Auctioneer

CAA Bid Calling Championship Contest By Mike Heitmann

A large field of Colorado’s best Professional Auctioneers turned out in Denver on the evening of the 7th of January for what turned out to be a fantastic event at this year’s CAA Convention. Seventeen Auctioneers competed for the CAA Champion Auctioneers Title. All contestants provided an initial three items that they sold themselves during the preliminary competition. Then the five finalists were brought back for an interview portion and the final go-around of selling three high end items provided by the CAA. It was evident by the quality of the items that the contestants brought that they were serious about selling top shelf items. From high-end cigars and whisky to brand named power tools and artwork there was something for everyone. The bidding from the large crowd at hand was fast and furious, and the contestants had a great venue in which to show off their talents. The CAA wants to thank all the bidders that supported the contest as it helps fund your Association for the next year.


Speaking of thanks, our Judges Panel needs some recognition. Each year it becomes more difficult to find qualified people who are willing to judge. This year we were fortunate to have perhaps one of the best panels of judges we’ve seen in some time. Spanky Assiter, of Barrett Jackson fame, Eli Detwieler, NAA 2010 Men’s International Champion, Forres L. Meadows, of, Everett Schneider, CAA Hall of Fame, Past President and Past Champion and Gary Corbett, premier fundraising auctioneer extraordinaire filled our field of judges… Hat’s off to you all !! When the dust all settled and the scorecards were tallied, Adam Kevil of Morrison, Colorado was crowned our Champion and Joe Knight of Longmont, Colorado was named our runner –up. All in all the competition was fierce and special thanks goes out to all of the contestants who stepped up to enter. You are all “Champions” in our eyes. ❖

The Colorado Auctioneer

Lloyd “Mike” Michaels Inducted into the CAA Hall of Fame

The 53rd annual Colorado Auctioneers Association annual convention was held in Denver, Colorado on January 7th, 8th, and 9th. This year, the convention had numerous informative workshops presented by leading auctioneers, who are considered to be on the forefront of the auction industry. The finale of the 2011 convention was the awards banquet introduction of the newest member to the Hall of Fame. This year’s candidate was nominated by Harold Unrein, and voted on by all current CAA Hall of Fame members. The CAA is proud to induct Lloyd “Mike” Michael, Jr. of Julesburg, CO into the Colorado Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame. Lloyd “Mike” Michael is the owner and President, of Michael Auction Service in Julesburg, Colorado. Michael Auction Service is one of the leading auction companies in Northeastern Colorado, and the Nebraska panhandle. Michael Auction Service conducts 50 plus auctions a year for customers, in addition to many charitable auctions. The business began in 1943 when Mike’s father, Lloyd Michael Sr., would sell chickens and eggs outside the local auction barn. At the tender age of five, Mike would go with his dad to the sale barn, and dressed in his fancy cowboy gear and whip, he would chant along with the auctioneers as livestock were sold. Young Mike was only twelve years old when he called his first auction. It was an estate sale, held at the “Hobby Shop,” in Julesburg Colorado. It was then that the auction bug bit him and he knew he was going to be an auctioneer. Mike began to study books on antiques, collectibles, farm equipment, and scale model farm equipment. Today, he is one of the foremost experts on farm toys and collectibles in the United States. With his vast knowledge, he is hard to stump. Michael Auction Services has been built on a solid, honest reputation. Requests for his services come from all over the United States. Prior to an auction held last year in Burlington, Colorado, Mike received a surprise phone call. The upcoming auction featured a 1907 White steam car. The caller ID read “Hollywood Studios, California.” The phone call has from the late night talk show host, Jay Leno. Leno was inquiring about

the steam car to add to his collection. In the end, the car sold for $181,000, though Leno was not the buyer. Mike was the Colorado Auctioneers Association President in 2000, and that same year he was honored as the Colorado Auctioneers Association State Bid Calling Champion. As Mike quips “That was a good year”. Mike has also had the blessing of true partner, both in business and in life, Mary Michael, his wife of 23 years. As everyone knows, “She is the glue of the outfit .“ Mike and Mary have two children, Chris, who attends C.U in Boulder, and MaKayla, who is a junior at Julesberg High School. Mike is an elder at the Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Julesburg, Colorado. He is a member, and past President of the Sedgwick County Rotary Club, a substitute teacher, and coach of the Julesburg Junior High basketball team. In the fall, Mike can be found in Boulder, Colorado cheering on the C.U. Buffaloes at their home football games... Go Buffs! Michael Auction Service employs three full time auctioneers, as well as a complete clerking and cashiering staff. They conduct all types of auctions, but specialize in household and large estates, antiques and collectibles, farm equipment, coins, and Western and Indian collectibles. Michael Auction Service’s motto is “if you do good work, you’ll always have good work to do.” ❖


The Colorado Auctioneer

Perseverance Pays Off for Long-Time Bid Calling Pro By Mike Heitmann Adam Kevil has been in the Auction Business a long time. The Morrison Colorado resident & full time “Contract Auctioneer” is a long time member of the CAA and has been competing in the Auctioneer Championship since 2006. He has been in the top 5 finalists’ go-around in 5 of the last 6 years, and he’s been our Reserve Champion and Runner-up twice. So it was no surprise to the membership when he bested the field of 17 of the state’s best auctioneers to be crowned this year’s CAA Champion Auctioneer and recipient of the Chuck Cumberlin Traveling Trophy. Along with those awards he won a Champion Auctioneer Buckle and $1000 to help defray his cost to attend the IAC at the 62nd Annual NAA Conference and Show this year in Orlando, FL. As previously stated, Adam has been in the Auction Profession a long time. The word “Profession” is the best way to describe Adam’s experience. Since graduating from Western College of Auctioneering in 1986, he has experienced the full spectrum of the Auction Industry. In 1986 he opened his own auction house in Fountain, CO selling estates and consignments. In Adam’s own words, “I learned quickly that I needed additional experience, so I sold my business started working for Pettigrew Auction House in Colorado Springs, known then as the Victoriana of the Rockies.” That being said, for the past twenty five years he has shown the State what it takes to be a Professional Contract Auctioneer. He has done contract auctioneering for many of the preeminent auction companies in the State. Emphasizing on art, antiques, and collectibles, he brings a wealth of product knowledge to any sale he sells. Additionally he sells frequently at the impound car lots up and down the Front Range. State surplus and farm sales are also on his resume. However, Adam considers one of his greatest

accomplishments as to what he has done in the past eight years, is that his primary interest has shifted towards benefit fundraising. Once again quoting Adam, “I enjoy the spirited atmosphere of benefit auctions and the challenges associated with assisting nonprofit organizations reach their maximum potential. Of the literally thousands of auctions I’ve sold, benefit fundraising events are without doubt the most enjoyable and rewarding. Raising money for a worthy cause challenges my expertise in the fundraising arena to sell each item to its fullest potential and I have a really good time in the process.” From start to finish Adam is involved with an event. From the initial planning to the final layout of the event, he assists nonprofits reach their maximum potential. That is the reason he is in such high demand as a Benefit Auctioneer. And ask any company he’s worked for…they tell you there’s no one better behind the mic. The CAA could not have picked a better ambassador for our organization. Congratulations Adam!!! ❖

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CAA Scholarship Committee By Butch Hagelstrom Greetings from the 2011 CAA Scholarship Committee! The word is out….”APPLY TODAY!” The CAA Scholarship Award ($500) is designed to benefit members, associate members, or persons who have an immediate family member who is a current member or associate member in good standing of the CAA members. The program identifies and encourages talented and thoughtful students who have demonstrated a commitment to career development. The object of the scholarship is to assist the recipient in attaining a post secondary, technical school, or auction school education. A scholarship may go to a graduating high school senior that is entering a vocational or technical school; a student presently enrolled in secondary education, or anyone looking to attend an auction school. As a committee we have reviewed the application process made corrections concerning updating of the dates and deadline for the application process, as well as the contact info. This was done in order to make a timely decision as to the scholarship winner before our annual convention. The following changes were made to the process: 1. A firm deadline date of November 1, 2011, has been set for the receipt of the required paperwork. This will allow sufficient

April 16, 2011 is National Auctioneers Day! By O.J. Pratt We have requested a proclamation be signed by Governor Hickenlooper. In honor of National Auctioneers Day we are planning a day at the State Capitol on Friday April 15 at 8:30 am. All members of the CAA are invited to attend the event. Our organization will be honored and announced on the floor of the legislature. If you would like to attend, mark your calendar now and more details will follow. ❖

time for the committee to review the material and make its recommendation to the board before the convention. 2. The CAA will not allow any application to continue thru the process that is not complete and turned in by the deadline. 3. The CAA board is not required to award a scholarship for a year in which there is no qualifying applications. We feel that if there is a “carry-over” of the scholarship funds this could allow for the possibility of multiple scholarship awards the following year, providing that there are qualifying applicants. 4. To add wording into the application that includes students presently enrolled in secondary education as well. Remember that the deadline is November 1, but we encourage you to apply ANYTIME during the year! The CAA Scholarship Committee is and will always be interested in your input and comments. Please direct questions and comments to the CAA, in care of Kathy Humphries, Executive Director, (512) 671-3637. Questions can also be addressed to Butch Hagelstrom, Buckhorn Auction Services, (303) 827-5157, buckhornauctions@; or Walt Paltridge, BAS, (303) 840-7573, waltsells@ ❖

Two CAA Members Announce NAA Board Candidacy Current CAA Vice President Rich Schur, CAI, BAS, has announced that he will run for a Board of Director’s position for the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Schur stated that being elected to the NAA Board will be a benefit to both Schur and the CAA. “Being part of the National organization will expose me to greater and different leadership ideas and practices that I can bring back to the CAA” said Schur. Rich has been and will again be a presenter at the annual NAA conference, and will be a presenter at the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) in March. Schur is on his 4th term on the CAA Board, and is the 2010Colorado State Bid Calling Champion. Paul C. Behr, CAI, BAS, has announced that he is running for Vice President of the NAA. Paul is a 3-time world champion auctioneer, and has served on the NAA Board of Directors. Paul is the owner of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering, and has been a long-time supporter of the CAA. Paul said “I have the honor of bringing a wide variety of auction experience to the NAA Board”, based on his auto, benefit, and other auction experience. Add to that is his experience in educating auctioneers, and Paul said “I can contribute greatly to the future generations of auctioneers”. On February 7, 2011, the CAA Board of Directors unanimously endorsed both candidates as being in the best interest of the CAA. ❖


The Colorado Auctioneer

The Barrett Jackson Experience By Shannon M. Schur I would like to personally thank Spanky Assiter for attending our CAA Annual Conference. His class on the Barrett Jackson experience was very interesting and informative, especially after so many of us have seen them on Speed TV. I was very excited about winning the high bid on the VIP tickets sold by Spanky at our Friday night Auction. My husband Rich and I went just two weeks later to the auction in Scottsdale, AZ and I might say WOW! The place is huge! I can see why this auction has grown in status, attendance, and sales. They put on a first class event. I would also like to personally thank our own CAA Board Member Scott Shuman for taking his time to give us a behind-the-scenes tour. We did get the opportunity to see Amy and spoke with her as well. Spanky, as you can imagine, was very busy. I know any of us would love the opportunity to work with such a great auction someday. Let me tell you some of the brutal truth to it, Scott and the team of 50 work their butts off! They are working 12-15+ hours a day for seven days! Not only did the auction impress me, but so did the wonderful auction team. They managed their tasks like a precision military operation. The whole event was just one of the most well-run events I have ever been to. Think about the logistics of putting

Shannon Schur and Scott Shuman on something so huge and massive, the security and behind-thescenes crew. Watching the drivers run the cars up and then seeing the detail guys putting on the final touches before show time was just amazing. The vendor area was well organized, the outside tent area, along with food vendors, and huge screens to view what was going on in the auction tent, along with speakers for hearing what was selling. It was just awesome! We as auctioneers focused on the auction event, but I was thinking about logistics and what it takes to put on the experience of attending such an event. We had the opportunity to sit in the bidders only area, and even go up on stage. We were on stage while they were selling the Sylvester Stallone collection. We were there on Saturday while they were selling the JFK Ambulance, and during the selling of the Brett Michael’s Camero for charity. The tents and number of cars were huge! Rich was drooling constantly over the tremendous collection of over 1000 vehicles! We were there from Thursday after noon thru Sunday. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of the Barrett Jackson Auctions I would highly recommend it. It’s an amazing example of our profession at its finest. ❖

CAA Membership Renewal Reminder By John Schaffner


This is a quick reminder to all CAA members that 2011 dues are due and payable as of January first. For several years the dues were payable at various times of the year depending on what month a member had joined CAA. In 2009 the CAA board of directors made the decision to realign the membership process to where all memberships will renew on the first of each year. The first year of this new process the dues were prorated so that no member would be overcharged for their membership.

By this year everyone is in the new rotation. Many of you were in attendance at the CAA convention and renewed your membership at that time. If you have not yet paid your dues for 2011 you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible so that your information can be included in the 2011 directory. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me, John Schaffner, at 970-630-3402. ❖

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By John Schaffner The lifeblood of any organization, or any profession for that matter, depends on new members joining the ranks. The Colorado Auctioneers Association and the auction profession are no exception to the rule. This year at the CAA convention we were pleased to have twelve new members in attendance. Of those twelve, five were new members of the auction profession. There were two separate contests for the first timers to help them get acquainted with CAA and to help them meet other members. All new members whether they were new bid callers or not were given a list of ten questions about older members of CAA. The new members were to find the older member who matched each question and get their signatures. The completed lists were entered into a drawing for a free 2012 CAA membership. The winner of that drawing was Glenn Mahon. The other contest for first timers was the bid calling contest that was held just before the fun auction on Saturday night. This was a very spirited contest with five very capable new auctioneers entered. Each contestant was given three items to sell. When the bidding was all done and the judge’s points were all tabulated Dean Gunter was declared the winner. At the CAA banquet on Sunday afternoon Dean was presented the coveted Troil Welton Memorial Award. ❖


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Colorado Auctioneers Association 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 Mission: The Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) promotes the auction method of marketing to all buyers and sellers through continued professionalism, education, and experience. Vision: The Colorado Auctioneers Association will consist of a trusted and experienced organization of professional auctioneers that promote the auction method of marketing as a practical and enjoyable first choice of selling property.(real or personal property)

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Calendar of Events Day at the Capitol April 15, 2011 National Auctioneers Day April 16th, 2011 NAA Convention & Show July 12 - 16, 2011 CAA Summer Picnic July 31, 2011 CAA Annual Convention Janyary 6 - 8, 2012