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From the President

The Colorado Winter Season is at our doorstep and 2019 will be here before we realize. I hope everyone has had a prosperous Fall Auction Season and most likely busy with family activities that come with the kids’ and grandkids’ school related functions. As you all know the culmination of our Association is our Annual Convention, where our membership enjoys fellowship, education, comradery and a bit of competition. If you are a new member or even a current member who hasn’t been able to attend in years, I want to extend a personal invitation to you and your family to come enjoy a couple days in January 2019 with your fellow members. The CAA 1st V.P. Mike Heitman, your Executive Secretary and help from your Board of Directors, has been working to organize the convention venue, educational sessions, speakers and other events. It has long been a goal of the Board of Directors to have our convention as family oriented as possible and to offer something for everyone. The Fun Auction is always a great time for all our members and the Kids Auction is one of the high points of the convention as we get to encourage and listen to our youngest future auctioneers show their stuff. We also have another first this year with our Inaugural Ringman Competition. I’ll bet our members will be eager to have this become a permanent event at convention. Another high point is our Troil Welton First-Timers Bid Calling Contest. I know that there are several new members fresh out of auction school, and I encourage them to choose to compete in this event, it will benefit you greatly. The Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Championship is designed for our young auction talent and is a great platform for them to continue their auction education. The Colorado State Auctioneer Championship contest is always a crowd favorite as our associations’ auctioneers compete to see if they can earn the title, 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion. The Colorado Auctioneers Association Annual Business Meeting is one of our most important events where the membership conducts its business, finances, elects new Directors to the Board and various other decisions. I strongly urge all our members to attend, if at all possible. You have a say in your associations’ business, and your membership voting privilege and voice ensures that. In closing, it has been an honor and privilege to serve with the Board of Directors and to stand as your 2018 Colorado Auctioneers Association President. I look forward to serving my remaining time on the Board and to continue to be an active, engaged member for many years to come. The Colorado Auctioneers Association is one of the strongest in the nation because of its extraordinary members and my family is proud to be a part of it. Thank you and God speed. Respectfully, Michael Nichols, 2018 CAA President


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT: Michael Nichols Nichols Auctioneers 22300 County Rd. 9 • Flagler, CO 80815 719-765-4756 • Cell 719-350-0126 • 1st VICE PRESIDENT: Mike Heitmann MH Bar Auctions, Inc. 27275 Mid Jones Rd. • Calhan, CO 80808 406-450-2051 • 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Bryce Elemond Affordable Auctioneering, LLC 25800 E. Byers Pl. • Aurora, CO 80018 720-229-5832 • CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Eric Arrington The Auction Team 2478 Industrial Blvd. • Grand Junction, CO 81505 970-245-1185 • Cell 970-623-9161 • TREASURER: Rob Hart, CAI, ATS Hall & Hall Auctions 100 S. Cherry Ave., Suite D• Eaton, CO 80615 970-716-2120 • Cell: 918-510-3866 • Casey Giddings (2018-2019) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Cell: 970-222-1625 • Shawn Hagler (2018 – 2019) 25800 E Byers Pl. • Aurora, CO 80018 303-709-3725 • Rob Hart, CAI, ATS Hall & Hall Auctions 100 S. Cherry Ave., Suite D• Eaton, CO 80615 970-716-2120 • Cell: 918-510-3866 • Josh Larson (2017-2018) 310 N. Wayne • Haxton, CO 80731 970-520-2946 • Lance Nichols (2017-2018) Nichols Auctioneers 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 970-302-6185 • John Schaffner (2018-2019) Schaffner Auctions 36470 CR Z • Wray, CO 80758 970-630-3402 • Mike Whitfield (2018 - 2019) Schur Success Group 366 Second Street, Suite B • Monument, CO 80132 719-667-1000 • Cell 719-238-8300 • David P. Whitley (2017-2018) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Cell: 970-539-1269 • Cissy Tabor • Executive Secretary 846 Cactus Ct • Rifle, CO 81650 Cell 970-985-8228 • thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

NAA Spotlight

St. Jude Kid's Auction I just got back from my tenth visit to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. Each year, the President of the NAA Board of Directors goes with the Membership Manager, Brandi McGrath Kong, and our NAA IAC Champions to Memphis. We purchase thousands of dollars of toys and then we “sell” them by auction to the children who are patients at St. Jude – patients and siblings alike! And we are doing this with funds provided to us by the members of the National Auctioneers Association. These are not the donations that are sent in and targeted for the hospital – this is part of our operating budget. This year was particularly poignant for me. You see, I am a Grandmother of ten – and a Great Grandmother of one. And this year, I witnessed President Tim Mast explaining what we were doing to a family who could not speak English. Tim speaks Spanish and this family’s child was ill (obviously all of the patients at St. Jude are) and they were so excited to be able to attend an auction and receive a toy for their child. The father was clapping and hooting and taking photos. And it was because Tim had spoken to him in his own language! Watching their interaction brought tears of joy to my eyes. I can’t imagine having a child so sick that they must be taken to St. Jude, but I am so grateful that this place exists. Everything at St. Jude involves the child. They know they are sick and they are talked to about the treatment they will take and what will be happening to them. There are wagons that flood the hospital – many of which have been donated by NAA members through the IAC Contest. And what is even better is that they are a research hospital – and all of the research that is conducted at St. Jude is open to other researchers and to physicians all over the world – at no cost. Their mission is to cure childhood cancer so that

“No child should die in the dawn of life.” Each year NAA members donate tens of thousands of dollars to St. Jude through Auction For Hope. In fact, we have raised more than five million dollars over the course of our tenure with St. Jude. Even if you are not a member of NAA, you too can join this challenge. Please don’t hesitate to go to naa. After all, as Winston Churchill said many years ago, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” And if you are an NAA Member – “Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to represent you at St. Jude.” To all – I wish you happy holidays! FOURTH QUARTER • 2018



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The last auction statistic reported that industry grew by 7.1% with over $257 billion dollars in goods and services sold. No question about it, the auction industry is growing by leaps and bounds but the big question is, are you? One of the top components of becoming or continuing to be a successful auctioneer involves taking an honest assessment of your business model, yourself and surprisingly enough, what kind of association member you are. I have defined five different types of association members. Take a few moments and identify where you stand in terms of your association membership. Support Level Member: This level is exclusive to veteran auctioneers who make or have made a living (retired) in the auction industry. These are loyal auctioneers who support their state and national associations with their yearly dues, generally do not attend association events but may attend the annual convention to connect with old friends. Windfall Member: This level is exclusive to the auctioneer, or aspiring auctioneer, who joins a state or national association and is very limited in their actual participation. They have an unrealistic expectation that once they become an association member that someone other than themselves will generate a windfall of business for them. When the windfall does not happen, they begin to question the value of their membership. These members often blame the association for their lack of success in the auction business -or- hold the association accountable for not recruiting them business. Armchair Quarterback Member: This level is exclusive to experienced auctioneers who pay their association dues and feel that they are contributing by constantly voicing their displeasure in association operations. These are the members that have all the suggestions but have no interest in taking hands on approach to provide a solution. These members do not attend any association events, have never or rarely participated in continuing education opportunities, seminars or do anything outside paying their membership. They sit back. Watch & criticize and rarely offer any compliments to the elected officials of the association. Sponge Member: This level is exclusive to the auctioneer who lives and breathes the auction industry. They have a legitimate and ongoing interest in learning

from their peers and absorb as much information as they possibly can. They read industry publications, visit auction related websites, contribute and/or regularly read discussion board topics, attend national and state association events, sponsor or contribute to association events. Hit for the Cycle Member: This level is exclusive to the auctioneer that maximizes their membership. Similar to the 'Sponge Auctioneer' they are regular CONTRIBUTORS to the auction industry who are actively involved in the business on all levels. They network with fellow auctioneers on a regular basis, stay abreast of state and national auction happenings, host or sponsor association events and are willing to assist a fellow auctioneer. These auctioneers are very dedicated to the profession. These auctioneers find great value in their state and national associations despite the fact they realize that they don't always agree with the direction of such entities and offer constructive criticism. These auctioneers have made or will make the commitment to become more involved in the profession by volunteering to assist in auction committee work and/or run for an elected position with their state and/or national auction association. So where do you fit? If you are a practicing auctioneer who isn’t completely satisfied with your successes in the auction industry and you do not fall into the category of a “Sponge” or “Hit for the Cycle” auctioneer, then you have some work to do to get to that level. Being a dues paying member to your state and national trade association can be one of the most valuable tools available to you. However, if you are not unlocking your association toolbox and becoming more involved as an “active” association member, you are breaking the professional auctioneer’s number one golden rule. Leaving money on the table. Traditionally, the auction business slows for most auctioneers at this time of year due to the holiday season. With a brand-new year upon us, it’s time for you to reflect on what you can do better to enhance your auction business. Never underestimate the importance that your state and national association will have for you professionally. The fact is, there are many benefits to being an ACTIVE Member of your trade association. For starters, knowledge is power and when you become fully engaged as a member, you will become aware of FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

(Continued on page 6) thecoloradoauctioneer



WHAT KIND OF ASSOCIATION MEMBER YOU (continued from pg. 5) the latest industry advances and trends. However, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to promote yourself among your peers and learn more about your competition. Outside of your auctioneer association websites, start getting personally involved by attending state and national conventions, seminars and roundtable discussions. Perhaps you have some special knowledge that you would like to share in your field of expertise. If so, propose the idea to volunteer to be a guest speaker at the next association event. Pick up the phone and contact a fellow association member. Talk about the weather, talk about new advances in the auction industry, talk about whatever, but whatever you do, get yourself noticed. One thing is certain. You will never truly unlock your fullest potential in the auction industry until you start cultivating your state and national auctioneer association’s by becoming fully engaged in the auction industry. Once you have worked yourself up to the “Sponge” or “Hit for the Cycle” auctioneer status, you are now better positioned to uncover a world of opportunities and you will soon see the world of potential available to you in the auction business. It is then, and only then, when you will start seeing the ‘windfall’ of opportunities that many successful auctioneers enjoy because they maximized the power of association.

6 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018


Advocacy and NAA’s

Day On the Hill

This year marked the 4th year the National Auctioneers Association event, NAA Day on the Hill. This year brought over 53 Auction Professionals from across the country to visit with their respective Legislators to discuss topics that concerned the auction industry. Colorado has had a strong group the past few years that made the trip, of their own free will, to ensure that the Centennial State was represented well and shown to be a strong supporter for the Advocacy Committee. Leading the Colorado group of professionals was David Whitley, NAA Director and Chair for the Advocacy Committee. In attendance representing NAA professionals from Colorado were NAA Chairman of the Board, Scott Shuman, along with CAA Members, Butch Hagelstrom and Georganne Elemond along with 2nd VP of CAA, Bryce Elemond. This year, the NAA had an evening reception located in the Rayburn Office House where our Legislators are located. The evening had several Legislators that came to visit including, Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC) and Rep. Billy Long (MO). Rep. Jeff Duncan gave us a private tour of the Capitol Building and talked in detail about several locations in the Capitol and it longstanding history. One of the highlights of the evening was when Rep. Duncan opened a room that had no name on it and upon entering we found it to be a Chapel. This Chapel had significant use and he shared the story about, “one of his specific times that he came into the Chapel looking for some type of divine intervention in helping him make a important decision.” It was discussed that the stained glass in the Chapel showed President George Washington praying. I feel this Chapel has an indelible impression upon many Congressmen that need to clear their thoughts and focus on upcoming issues that required their very important vote. The National Auctioneers Association has done a very good job of giving the tools necessary to State Associations to help strengthen and bolster Auction Professionals across our country, to gather and workas-one, to make the NAA a recognized authority in

By Bryce Elemond, CAI, BAS

promoting small business and the auction method in a positive light around the world. Such an example of this is in regard to the recent Supreme Court Hearing that took place a few months ago, concerning the South Dakota vs Wayfair Ruling. The Advocacy Committee sat down with a contingent of professionals to write a briefing for the Supreme Court to read in assisting them in making an important decision on this matter effecting small businesses across the country. There were about 25 States that did band together and work to compose this briefing in which David Whitley had some of his own writing involved in this document. By working together the States and the NAA were able to give a professional view of our stand on this issue. Our next step was to have all Auction Professionals reach out to their respective states and make Legislators aware of our situation and ask for “assistance in coming up with a Bill that would help shift the current bill in place to something that will help small businesses not have to go through such extreme measure to figure out tax codes for items shipped out of state." To this date a Senate Bill has been put on the House Floor in which our Legislators are looking at to help make this problem a solution. It has been an amazing trip every year to attend this event and be able to talk with our Congressmen about our profession and what we would like to have them assist us with in making the auction method strong and continue into the future. I highly recommend you to take an opportunity next year to attend this event and look at our history and help our profession continue to forge its way onto the next generations and allow the lives of our clients to continue to see that we are problem solvers. FOURTH QUARTER • 2018



Member Spotlight

Sticking to the Plan As children, while his friends played stick horses, Harley Troyer played the Auctioneer who sold them. He still sells nearly 40 years later. By Nancy Hull RIgdon, Contributor

Harley Troyer grew up in the Amish community of Topeka, Indiana, where his family farmed horses and drove horse-and-buggies. It’s fitting, then, to know that much of his career has focused on auctioning draft horses as well as horse-drawn farm equipment, including wagons, buggies and carriages. In his nearly 40 years of auctioneering, auto auctions also played a large role in his business – Harley D. Troyer Auctioneers, Inc. A year ago, he retired from the auto auction side. “That freed me up to do the specialty type auctions that I love – the draft horses and equipment. Plus, I have more time to go fishing and camping and spend time with my wife and kids and grandkids,” Troyer says. “Life is good.” Troyer always wanted to be an Auctioneer. “As little kids, we’d play stick horses. I was always the Auctioneer selling the stick horses,” Troyer says. He had an uncle that was an Auctioneer, and today, he’s proud of the family auction business he’s built. His three sons and son-in-law are all Auctioneers.


At 18 years old, Troyer left home and headed to Colorado. “I always wanted to go west, and I fell in love with Colorado,” he says. 8

He met his wife shortly after moving to the state, and a year later – in 1969 – they married. They built their life in Fort Lupton – about 40 miles north of Denver. “It wasn’t easy to break into the business. There was always an older Auctioneer with more experience ahead of me,” Troyer says. But, hard work and knowledge in his specialty areas helped him get ahead. A highlight of his career has been growing the draft horse and equipment auctions. The auctions – they occur three times a year – are such a draw that it’s not uncommon for buyers to represent more than 20 states at one event. Last year, Troyer had the honor of auctioning one of the biggest and best draft horse equipment collections: The Collection of Tom and Betty Watt. Hundreds of people descended on the Watt family ranch in Colorado for the sale of about 60 antique wagons and carriages. “It was like the Super Bowl of collections,” Troyer says. Tom Watt, who was 82 at the time of the auction, was a long-time collector who wanted to sell his items while he was living. “He went all over the country over many years to build his collection. He put up big buildings to house everything in, and he lined everything up to where it was like a museum.” Troyer says. At the auction, all the big hitters in the draft horse equipment collector circle were there – many of them consider each other friends. “I know it was hard for Tom to see his collection go, but I think he also loved every minute of it.” thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

Member Spotlight

Long Standing Member Harley Troyer (continued) Troyer says he was amazed at what the pieces earned. “If you would have pieced it out, you would not have seen those kinds of prices. But when you have everything together as a collection from one person, it’s special,” he says.


Troyer joined the NAA in 1978. He’s benefitted from the network and members’ willingness to share best practices. He recently had the rewarding experience of referring business to another NAA member, C.D. “Butch” Booker, in Washington. A widow of an antique fire truck collector who was also a friend asked Troyer to auction the collection, but Oregon was just too far for him. “I felt bad that I couldn’t do it, but then I was able to recommend someone who I know will do an outstanding job, which makes me really happy,” Troyer says. Troyer enjoys his work so much that he can’t quite imagine a life without auctions. For instance, he spent one Saturday earlier this summer auctioning a collection of restored tractors and cars. “This gentleman was in business for 60 years and had at least 60 antique cars, 40 tractors and a lot of supporting equipment,” Troyer says. “It is just so fun to see these collections and be part of passing them on to the next owner.” “This material first appeared in the August 2018 of Auctioneer, the official publication of the National Auctioneers Association, and was approved for reprint.”

Welcome New 2018 Members • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ty Allen - Briggsdale, CO Sheldon Bott - Grand Junction, CO Zane Bridger Powell - Sterling, CO Natalie Cook-Smith - Penrose, CO Ken Davis - Wray, CO Raul Garcia-Rosell - Centennial, CO Gunnar Kroegen - Holyoke, CO DeAnne McKee - Bloomfield, NM Kevin Murphy - Colorado Springs, CO Casey Panique - Colorado Springs, CO Seth Schneider - Merino, CO Erika Tobias - Breckenridge, CO Paul Work - Ft. Collins, CO Libby Pollack - Denver, CO

Welcome Back Clayton Everhart - Ft. Lupton, CO

PLEASE Register Online OR Send in your Convention Registration EARLY even IF you are unable to pay at this time….. This will assist Cissy in having your paperwork / registration complete for you at check-in and will assist the process time so you won’t miss out on anything. Thank you for your assistance and consideration. FOURTH QUARTER • 2018



10 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

Legislative FOURTH QUARTER • 2018



Explore By Cissy Tabor The auctions held during our annual convention are the source for funding educational opportunities, the Summer Picnic and supporting the Foundation. In true essence, it is our Annual Fundraiser. We have 2 nights every year in which we support one another and raise money for our association to continue to grow and be strong.

When the weekend is over and all is said and done, we wait another year until we get to do it all over again. I would bet that at least 85% of our association members have worked at a benefit auction in one capacity or another. So, understanding the importance of our auctions in raising ntion aremoney the source for 1funding for “that night of educational the year” is easily understood porting the Foundation. In true essence, it is by our members, correct?


every year in which we support one another So, I want to challenge tinue to grow and be strong. each and every one of you to help

us in our fundraising auctions this year and I’m going to make a suggestion into to my title, Explore nd done, we wait another year that untilties we get Colorado. There are so many great places to visit in this t 85% of our association members have state; experiences to be had and food to devour that can or another. So, understanding the be shared with one another and our attendees. I know I ey for “that 1 night easilybut in all honesty, I have would loveof tothe visityear” more is places, no clue what is available! Do you have a favorite “hole in the wall” or “Mom & Pop” place that has fabulous food to of you to just helpdie usfor? in our fundraising auctions

n that ties into my title, Explore Colorado. of ustohave assisted non-profit his state; Majority experiences be had and food to associations or our communities in “thinking outside r and our attendees. I know I would love to the box” for Live Auction Items Procurement. Stuff a is just stuff, many days no clue what is available! Do you have And, we’ve already been Christmas shopping and lace that isn’t has it? fabulous food to just die for? celebrating the New Year. So….

Let’s Explore Colorado!

ociations or our communities in “thinking curement. Stuff is just stuff, many days isn’t pping and celebrating the New Year. So….


/ or uld fferent

you hing?

Top Auction Item Categories

• Experiences / Once in a Lifetime Opportunities • Food – Food – FOOD • Travel • Entertainment • Pampering

What unique items could you get donated / or donate yourself as an auction item that would give the buyer an opportunity to explore different parts of Colorado? Do you have a connection that would help you support our association by donating something? What unique items are offered in your area? At your auctions? Are you an excellent chef? Master Craftsman? Or have a unique talent? What about one of your business contacts or clients… Do they have “something” unique that would be a fantastic auction donation? Dean Gunter brought us Honorary CAA Member Emily Ford, who is an excellent example of such a giving spirit and donated the handcrafted CAA quilts that created a bidding frenzy for 2 years. Or…when Spanky Assiter had a pair of Barrett Jackson VIP Tickets with “behind the scene” opportunities? How about putting together a Date Night Basket filled with Gift Certificates or a Barrel of Beer? Golden Lottery Tree of Scratch Tickets? Maybe a western store shopping gift certificate to accompany Scott Shuman’s Stock Show tickets he brings… (No pressure Scott! LOL) thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 a? At your auctions?

I am proud to say that many of our members and attendees are “Supporters for the Cause” when attending the Annual CAA Convention and buying at the Fun Auction. If you don’t believe me…just watch the Kids Auction 1 time and the smiles it puts on their faces along with the fact the parents or grandparents have paid far too much for another toy! YOU!! Our association members are highly creative, unique and great at helping others to raise money for their great causes. Now, it’s our time of the year to raise money to continue to help us grow and invest back into ourselves.

I challenge each member for an auction item donation. I realize that not everyone is able to make it to the convention.

Do you have an item that you would be willing to donate? Feel free to contact me or send it to us and we will get it into the Fun Auction. (Must arrive by December 27, 2018.) Colorado Auctioneers Association PO Box 1133 | Rifle, CO 81650 | (303) 729-1195 FOURTH QUARTER • 2018




World Wide College of Auctioneering Mason City, Iowa

Since 1933

“The finest education for the auction profession.”

Cel eb r a t i n g : • 85 Years of Training • World Champions & Leading Successful Auctioneers Auctioneer Instructors • 40,000 Graduates • Experience the Difference

2018 Dates November 10-18, 2018

2019 Dates

February 9-17, 2019 June 15-23, 2019

September 7-15, 2019 (Held in Denver, Colorado) November 16-24, 2019

“World’s Largest Auction School” Come train with the Champions!

641-423-5242 1-800-423-5242

14 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

hn… aug me and V & o awn e up t be so h S m to ou ca nk y people learned ional, a h T fess ral re I Seve d, “whe , yet pro ey.” n hat aske taining for mo use w r u g ente t askin ks if yo r u o o ab RC w ! #WC earned l r you le Line y ~K

Our company could not imagine that we needed this training to bring us to the next level of excellence! The impact in developing communication skills for us as an Auctioneer and Ringman team is phenomenal! ~ Megan Hammond FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 Advantage Land Co.

Humor and amazingly skilled. Craig & Angie worked us hard and were so gracious with all of our different level of abilities. ~ Debby Roth-Bush Greater Giving

A Great Learning Experience ~ Rachelle Repine The Mountains Are Calling Benefit Auction Services



2019 CAA Conve THURSDAY, JANUARY 3, 2019 9:00 AM FREE FULL Day Class Session Internet Auction Method w/ Aaron Traffas, CAI, AMM, CES * If you've wanted to take the AMM Course, this is a FULL Day Session that You Won't Want To Miss!

FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 2019 7:00 AM

Registration Begins

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

General Differences inn the Office

First Timers Breakfast (Dining Room)

9:30 AM


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Auction Law

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Getting Started In The Auction Industry

Internet Auction Best Practices

2:30 PM


3:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Bid Calling w/ Emily Wears Kroul & John Korrey

Prospecting Your Auction Business

5:00 PM


6:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Presentation of Colors

CAF Kids Auction

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Colorado State Ringman Championship Preliminaries

CAA Fun Auction

Colorado State Ringman Championship Finals thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

ention Schedule SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2019 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM

Coffee & Fellowship VISIT VENDORS

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Registration Begins

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Auction Law

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Motivational Speaker

12:00 PM


1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Bid Calling Roundtable

1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Darron Meares

3:45 PM

VISIT VENDORS Hall Of Fame Committee Meeting

4:30 PM - 6:15 PM

Dinner & Awards Ceremony

6:30 PM

Presentation of Colors

Colorado State Auctioneer Championship Preliminaries

7:45 PM - TBD

First Timers Bid Calling Championship

Jr Bid Calling Championship

Colorado State Auctioneer Championship Finals

10:30 PM


SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2019 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Worship Service

9:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Awards & Annual Business Meeting

12:00 PM

Board of Directors Meeting FOURTH QUARTER • 2018




18 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018


How to Make the Most of Matching Gifts


Matching gifts are the best How do matching programs work? kept secret in fundraising. What’s odd is that no one is going out of their way to keep the about the matching gift donations, How tosecret Make Most of yet donors have no idea that they could be eligible Matching Gifts to their favorite nonprofits. to double their donations AUTHOR: SHELBY GROSSMAN of Greater Giving



Each company outlines its own specific guidelines for which gifts are eligible to be matched. They always specify the following aspects:

• Minimums and maximums: A donation will only

be matched if it is above the set minimum, and it will only be matched up to the set maximum. If the maximum is $500 and a donor gives $1,000, the organization will still end up with $1,500!

• Match ratio: This refers to the amount a company will donate in relation to the original donation. A 1:1 match ratio is most common, and it means that a company will donate the exact same amount as their employee. A 2:1 match means that the company will actually donate twice as much as the employee did.

• Employee status: Sometimes the match ratio will


Matching are are the best So what gifts exactly these kept secretgifts? in fundraising. matching What’s odd is that no one is going out of their way to keep the secret about matching gift donations, yet donorsgifts have noare idea that they could be eligible to Simply put, matching donations made by double their donations to their favorite nonprofits.

a company to the same nonprofit that an employee of said company already donated to. These programs are often offered as an employee benefit, but those employees don’t know about it, or they don’t realize that they are eligible.

That is why it is so important for organizations to shout about matching gifts from the rooftops! The first thing you can do is provide your donors with a way of finding out their match-eligibility status. Double the Donation offers plenty of tools and resources to help inform your donors (and your staff) about these programs.

change based on the employee’s level of employment. Perhaps a part-time employee qualifies for a 1:1 match, while a full-time employee qualifies for a 2:1 match. Or perhaps the match ratio goes up as you climb the ranks from associate to CEO.

• Organization’s eligibility: Some companies specify certain goals for their corporate philanthropy. For example, they might only match gifts to educational institutions.

• Deadlines: Every program sets a deadline for when the matching gift request needs to be submitted in order to qualify for a matching gift.

Though each company lays out its own guidelines for exactly which gifts will be matched, the process for requesting a matching gift is actually quite standard.

1. Donor makes initial donation:

This sets the process in motion. Without an initial gift, there can be no match.

2. Donor submits matching gift request to employer: It is the donor’s responsibility to request that their employer match the gift made in the initial donation. FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

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How to Make the Most of Matching Gifts (continued)

3. Employer confirms eligibility: The employer must confirm that the donation, the donor, and the nonprofit receiving the funds are all eligible for matching gifts under the company guidelines.

4. Nonprofit receives a check from the company: It’s that simple! The most common breakdown in the process, by far, happens at step #2. A nonprofit organization or educational institution can’t submit the matching gift request on behalf of the donor; the donor has to do it. It should become a top priority for organizations to make sure that their donors know about matching gifts, are able to check their match-eligibility, and are encouraged to take the few minutes required to submit a matching gift request. But how can you present all of this matching gift information? It’s actually pretty easy!

Marketing Matching Gifts All you have to do is get the word out to your donors about matching gifts. We have a few proven suggestions as to how to effectively get this information out and start raking in that matching gift revenue.

• Donation form: If you include a matching gift field right on

TIP: You can integrate Double the Donation within a Greater Giving website page to instantly give your Supporters a chance to have their employer match their gift.

your organization’s donation form, you can get your donors to think about matching gift possibilities while they are actively involved in supporting your organization.

• Confirmation page: The same reasoning applies here. When your donor is on the confirmation page after making a donation, we know that they are in the mood to support your organization. Use this page to offer information about matching gifts and provide a matching gifts search tool. Your donors will learn what matching gifts are and be encouraged to check their own eligibility.

• Dedicated matching gift page: This is another place where your organization can detail what matching gifts are and provide donors the opportunity to check their eligibility. However, this page can also be used as a resource that you link to in your emails, newsletters, and even in your email signature. The goal is making sure to present the information to every donor you possibly can.

• Social media: Of course, it never hurts to share on social media to reach a wider audience. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn about matching gifts. Link to your dedicated matching gift page or a hosted page housing a matching gift search tool. This is particularly easy if you subscribe to one of Double the Donation’s various plans.

It’s important to note that you do not have to choose just one of the above suggestions. You can use them all! Additionally, marketing matching gifts is not limited to the options above. You can incorporate matching gift information any time, anywhere. Now that you know what matching gifts are, how they work, and how to make the most of every matching gift opportunity, you can take this information back to your organization and start boosting that revenue! Shelby is a Marketing Specialist for Double the Donation, the leading provider of tools to nonprofits helping them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. Shelby earned a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications from the University of Florida and studied writing at New York University. thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation invites you to the…

2019 Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Bid Calling Championship …at the National Western! Saturday, January 26, 2019 Expo Hall - Beef Palace Auction Arena 3:00 p.m. Free Admission!

Marriott DIA @ Gateway Park - Aurora, CO CAA Convention Rate: $119.00 per night Includes FREE Breakfast For 2


24 Hour Pool

Reservations: (800) 228-9290 *Mention w/ Colo Auctioneers

Bring your family and friends to see and hear great auctioneers compete for this first time title at the National Western Stock Show. Bid on great merchandise! Judges will select the top five auctioneers, who will advance to the Finals. In the Finals Round the top three contestants will be selected, winning titles and prizes. The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation is a Colorado 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the Colorado Auctioneers Association in supporting their members for continuing education. Proceeds from this event benefit the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Scholarship Fund. For more information visit:

Website Design Special Offer $899

for a limited time


A Colorado Auction Company

H.L. (Butch) Hagelstrom, Jr. 140 Denver Ave., Ste. F Ft. Lupton, CO 80621

Office: 303-857-2399 Mobile: 303-827-5157

p Design Custom Ap er Special Off nth $39 per mo ds Without A me FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

d for a limite


The Auctioneer App List YOUR Auctions for FREE thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer



First Time Convention Attendees Breakfast, Scavenger Hunt and the

Troil Welton Bid Calling Championship

The CAA Board of Directors would like to extend an invitation to our new members to attend the 2019 CAA Annual Convention being held on January 3 – 6, 2019. This year’s convention has some extra sessions and time set-aside just for you. We’ve added an extra day full-day session, Internet Auction Methods, that will be packed full of information on Thursday, January 3rd. On the morning of Friday, January 4th there will be a Welcome Breakfast for First Time CAA Auctioneers. If you are a new auctioneer, please try to attend this breakfast in your honor. We are always very happy to introduce members, especially new members, to our Association. Please contact John Schaffner ( or Lance Nichols ( to let them know if you will be attending the First Timer’s Convention Attendees Welcome Breakfast. Check the schedule to see all of the activities that will take place. The First Timers will also be given a Scavenger Hunt, which entails meeting and visiting with many veteran auctioneers. The First Timers who choose to complete the Scavenger Hunt, have a chance to WIN A FREE Year of Membership in the CAA, by means of a drawing, which will take place Sunday morning at our Annual Meeting. The CAA Board of Directors would like to encourage the veteran auctioneers to mentor these newcomers and perhaps even give them a chance to help you at an auction. During the coarse of the CAA Convention, among other educational sessions, there will be competitions and fun auctions that everybody is encouraged to attend. These sessions are a great opportunity for first time auctioneers to attend and take advantage of improving your own bid calling skills with IAC Champion Emily Wears Kroul, World Champion John Korrey and multi-state Champions. Friday evening the new auctioneers will be able to compete in the annual First Timers Bid Calling contest. All of the contestants must have had their auction school or training within the last 12 months. The auctioneers will be competing for the coveted Troil Welton Memorial Award; that is awarded to the “best of the best of the first timer auctioneers.” We want to encourage all of the new auctioneers to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you at the 2019 Annual CAA Convention.

22 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

Instructor: This seminar begins with a discussion of the fundamental ways Internet bidding can be leveraged by the auction method of marketing in the context of goals and desired outcomes. We'll examine types of Internet bidding and features of different bidding platforms, as well as pitfalls and advantages surrounding marketing, logistics and law. The second section comprises a deep dive into


inventory management and will demonstrate the steps — and shortcuts — to creating a

2017 Marketplace Statistics

comprehensive item catalog. In the final







put everything




auctioneers make when structuring their businesses and practices around Internet bidding can impact the success of their







SELL WITH PROXIBID. › 877-505-7770 ›

events. FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

thecoloradoauctioneer thecolorado-



Hello, Brands ...

You Are Not Defined by Your Logo

Think about the brands you associate with and which get you. They somehow make you feel something. By Abbey Plonkey Published in Colorado Biz Magazine: 2018.09.16 Think back to your last incredible meal: Do you recall the savory combination of flavors, washed down with a cocktail, surrounded by great company and an ambiance that made you feel at home? Or do you remember the logo on the menu or the sign on the door? This may seem strange coming from a brand designer, but you don’t want your customers to focus on the logo when it’s the experience that matters. Every business – even those known for their products – are actually selling an experience. Think about the brands you associate with and which get you. They somehow make you feel something: Smarter, faster, stronger. They are humbling or energizing, inspiring or engaging. That secret sauce is the DNA of a winning brand. Last year, more than 117,000 new businesses started in Colorado, according to the Secretary of State’s office. These thousands of retail, hospitality, technology and manufacturing companies (among others) all hung out their shingles in the hopes of attracting and retaining customers. Most of them likely created a logo, designed a website and maybe even signed a lease on a brick-andmortar space. Although Colorado has been the birthplace of dozens of highly successful national companies from Chipotle to Topo Designs, don’t think for a minute that riding on the coattails of the successful brands will guarantee success. Does the light-speed pace of Colorado’s economy mean every business will skyrocket? Not by a long shot. While there are several reasons a business might not survive, one key contributor is the lack of character. Developing a new brand takes guts and gusto, but most importantly it takes passion. Let’s break it down. Businesses that get bogged down by needing a website and logo are putting the cart before the horse. First, they need a strategy and an understanding of their uniqueness from a consumer’s point of view. 24

A brand is more than a catchy tagline or a recognized swoosh. It’s what those symbols and sayings represent about your business, from customer interactions to product satisfaction. The brand is the expression of the company’s core values and what makes it tick. While a company’s personality should come through in social media, packaging, messaging and graphics, those items themselves aren’t the brand. Instead, the brand is what the business wants it customers to know about it, and how the company makes itself known to the world. Indeed, a brand is critical to defining and delivering the core differentiators of a business, and bringing value to customers. Without it, it’s pretty tough to stand out among the thousands of others. So, how do you know who you are as a business? It starts not with a slick advertisement or the CEO’s vision, but with good old-fashioned research and data. This process is critical and can often require a bit of soul searching. You might think you’re unique and your product is the best, but honestly evaluate: Who are you? Why are you in business? How do you actually measure up to the competition, and what are you really good at? This introspective process needs to be coupled with understanding your customers and target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would want if you were them. Finally, conduct empirical research on targeted customers, demographics, psychographics and economic forces. Only once this process is established, written, and finalized do companies have the core of their brand. Only then can they begin the execution part: Creating advertising, marketing collateral, websites and logos which all harken back to the main brand. thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

Marketing Finally, business owners need to gather the necessary support internally to execute their brand. The top brass needs to talk about it in their all-hands meetings, the front-line sales and service employees need to understand it so they can deliver the experience to customers, and every function in the company needs to rely on it as the guiding force for their work. Memorable, successful brands make their customers curious. For instance, people get excited for the next iPhone not because the technology is vastly different, but because they wonder what they are missing out on. Apple’s brand is successful because it’s not a computer or phone, it’s about a lifestyle that inspires. A common mistake in branding is when companies create what they think is a brand, but which misses the mark completely. For example, many business owners think that individual pieces make up their entire brand, such as assuming their website is their brand or their logo is their brand. However, that’s like assuming your coat is you. It’s just a layer – a small exterior signal – and it’s not the true core of you are. It’s the sum of the parts and the collective force behind the brand that truly makes a company great. In our work, branding everything from restaurants and hotels to condos and master planned sites, we find that a strong brand experience is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive, fast-paced business economy. There is simply too much noise facing today’s buyers for them to distinguish between different companies and make meaningful choices about where to spend their money. Too many interesting, deserving businesses have been drowned out by the competition because they neglected to create a meaningful brand. Don’t make the same mistake with yours. Abbey Plonkey has more than 10 years of experience in interior design, graphic design, and brand development, she has made a career of thinking out loud. Acting as an in-house agency, she and her team create captivating brand experiences that include concept and vision, interior design, brand ideation, menu, uniform, tableware, and even music selection; ultimately telling the unique story of each restaurant. Plonkey can be reached at


Real Estate  Business Liquidation Personal Property

Auction staff members are welcome to attend ALL Friday education sessions for FREE with a Registered, Convention CAA Member.


1610 Hwy 50 Grand Junction, Colorado 81503

*Meals are not included.

Eric Arrington Phone: (970) 245-1185 Cell: (970) 623-9161 FOURTH QUARTER • 2018



22 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018

2019 PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY FORM CAA Convention | January 3 – 6, 2019 | Marriott DIA | Aurora, CO NAME COMPANY NAME ADDRESS CITY






I __________________________________________________(print name) hereby submit the photograph acknowledging that I have the right to and give my permission to the Colorado Auctioneers Association to use / publish this photograph entered in my name in CAA’s Photo Contest. I understand that all photographs submitted to the Colorado Auctioneers Association may be published, used or distributed in print, electronic or other media.


Do not worry about professional images. The winner of each category, as well as a Best Over-All Winner, will be selected by convention attendees. DO NOT be concerned with the professional quality of the photo itself. The content of the photo is what will be judged. Photos will NOT be returned and your entering the photo contest allows us to use your photos and name in articles, ads or newsletters. Photos should be no more than two years old. *Photos must be submitted in print size 4 X 5 or larger format to be eligible. (A digital format may be requested at a later date.)*

o Deadline for Entries is January 4, 2019 @ 2:00 pm ~ Must be hand delivered at convention. o Photos will be displayed throughout the convention o Photos will be judged by convention attendees o Winners will receive an award. There MUST be more than (1) entry per category for a Winner To Be Awarded. o Winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony @ Dinner on Saturday, January 5, 2019

CATEGORIES (select the category you are entering) ☐ Category 1: Auctioneer in Action - Pictures of the auctioneer doing what they do best, working that crowd. ☐ Category 2: Ringman – Show us your Ringmen getting that extra bid or exciting the crowd as they work. ☐ Category 3: Auction Crowd - We want to see the faces of your auction customers; funny faces, smiling faces concentrated faces or whatever you think is interesting when it comes to the auction attendee. ☐ Category 4: Merchandise for Sale - Show off the merchandise you sell. Have an intriguing item, great set-up display or just plain “unusual.” Show it off and share it with us! ☐ Category 5: Behind the Scenes - This includes all of those hard-working cashiers, registration people, clerks, load out crew and basically anyone that works at your auction and helps to make you the success you are. We definitely want to see them at their finest. None of us could do what we do without them! ☐ Category 6: Most Unusual - This category can include photos of anything and everyone associated with the auction industry. The only requirement is that it is not typical. Make us laugh, make us smile, make us cry or baffle us. If the car caught fire while you were selling it, and you happened to catch it on film, then this is your category! 17 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 FOURTH QUARTER • 2018


2019 COLORADO STATE AUCTIONEER CHAMPIONSHIP CONTEST ENTRY FORM Contest is Saturday, January 5, 2019 NAME _______________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME ______________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY / STATE / ZIP ______________________________________________________________________________________ Would you like CAA to write a news release promoting your participation in this year’s Champion Auctioneer Contest? Yes ____ No _____ Please use the space below to provide a 50-75 word biography for use in the news release promotion. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules for participation in the Colorado Auctioneers Association State Auctioneer Championship Contest:  Each contestant should dress appropriately for a professional presentation.  Contestants shall be current, active (paid) members of Colorado Auctioneers Association at the time of the entry deadline.  Contestants must pay the $100.00 entry fee by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday of the convention.  Contestants must provide three (3) items that should sell for $50 or more each by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the sale.  Each of the three items provided by the contestant MUST have the contestant’s business card or name firmly attached to the item, and if he/she wishes to specify the order of selling those items, each should be clearly indicated as #1, #2 or #3.

 Past CAA Champions are not eligible to compete in future CAA Competitions.  Competing order will be determined prior to the event by drawing conducted by the Contest Chairperson during the Mandatory Contestant Roll Call and Orientation Meeting.

 All contestants MUST attend the Contestant Roll Call and Orientation Meeting at 6:15 p.m. Saturday. Roll Call will be taken at the start of the meeting

promptly at 6:15 p.m. In the event a contestant is not present during the initial roll call, his / her name will be called 2 additional times at 10-minute intervals. In the event a contestant is not present when his/her name is called the third and final time, he / she will be disqualified from the contest, without return of entry fee.

 The Colorado State Auctioneer Championship Contest will be held in the designated ballroom at the convention site. The sound systems will be preset and will not be adjusted during the contest. All contestants will have the opportunity to test the sound system prior to the start of the competition.

 There will be at least three judges. The judges may be either auctioneers or members of the community. The judges are not current members of the CAA.  Contestants shall be introduced in both the Preliminaries and Finals. If the contestant is not present when called to the podium, he or she will be disqualified.  Each contestant sells three items consecutively in both the Preliminaries and in the Finals. In the Preliminaries, each contestant will sell items he/she provides for the contest. In the Finals, each contestant will sell items provided by the CAA with a value equal to other contestants’ items.

 On the scorecard used for the bid-calling segments, the total possible points in each category will be as follows: Presentation—20 points; Chant/Voice— 45 points; Effective Auctioneering—35 points

 On the scorecard used for the Interview segment, the total possible points in each for the categories will be: Presentation—25 points; Response—50 points; Ambassador—25 points

 If there are 4 or fewer judges, all scores will be tallied. If there are 5 or more judges, the lowest score for each contestant shall be eliminated. If there are 6 or more judges the highest score will also be eliminated, after which all remaining scores shall be averaged to determine each contestant’s final score.

 Final scores are determined by combining the interview score with the bid-calling final score. The interview score will count for 40 percent and the bid-calling score will count for 60 percent of the total.

 If a tie score occurs in the Preliminaries, the contestant with the highest score in the Chant/Voice category will be selected.  The scores from the Preliminaries determine who enters the finals. Contestants with the top five scores will enter the Finals.  Finalists will be announced after the conclusion and the scoring of the Preliminary Competition. Each Finalist will be asked to report to an isolated room for instruction on the interview portion of the competition.

 During the Interview Portion of the contest, Finalists shall be isolated in a room until it is his/her turn to be interviewed. Cell phones / cell phone usage is NOT allowed by Finalist while in isolation. The Interview Portion is the only part of the contest with the isolation restriction.

   

The interview portion of the contest is conducted only for the Finalists. Contestants will not be asked to chant during the interviews. The scores from the Preliminaries will be used as the tie-breaker in the finals. The following prizes will be awarded: First Runner Up— First Runner Up Trophy / Plaque Champion—Belt buckle and the Chuck Cumberlin Traveling Trophy. In addition, the Champion will be reimbursed up to $1000 if he / she represents Colorado at the NAA International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) contest in July 2019.

 Contestants will not be given the exact order of finish. Scorecards will be available following the competition and can be picked up from the Contest Chairperson. thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 Rev 10/08/2018

CONVENTION REGISTRATION FORM Please complete a separate form for each person attending. NAME __________________________________________________Designations_______________________________ COMPANY ________________________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _________________________ STATE_____ ZIP___________EMAIL ______________________________________ PHONE (home/work) __________________________ (cell) ________________________________________________ SPOUSE’S NAME (if attending) ________________________________________________________________________ RE GIST RA TIO N F E E S - JANUARY 3 - 6, 2019 REG ISTRA RAT ION


after 12/08/2018 $250.00 / each ____________ Discounted Registration received by 12/08/2018 $225.00 / each ____________

Convention Attendee: (Includes ALL Provided Meals*)

Daily Rate: (Includes ALL Provided Meals*) Friday or Saturday

$150.00 / each ____________

Auction Staff—Friday Registration (Does NOT include meals)

Auction Company Registered with: __________________________________________

Additional Meal Tickets: Friday Dinner

Saturday Lunch


Complimentary _____-0-_____ $45.00 / each ____________

Champion Auctioneer Contest — Sat (include Champion Auctioneer Contest Registration Form)

$100.00 / each ___________

Ringman Champion Contest — Friday (include Ringman Champion Contest Registration Form)

$75.00 / each ____________

2019 Active Member Dues which include posting auctions on CAA website

$100.00 / each ____________

- (if not previously paid)

$35.00 / each ____________

2019 Associate Member Dues (if not previously paid) * Provided meals include Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner

TOTAL $_________________

PA YM EN T M ET HO D PAYM YME ME HOD Amount $________________

Check # ________________

Credit Card: ____ MC _____ VISA _____ Discover _____ AMEX

Credit Card # _____________________________________________ Exp Date (mm/yyyy) _________________ CSV _________ Cardholder Name (please print) _______________________________________________________________________________ Card Billing Address: (include zip code) _________________________________________________________________________ Billing address is same as registration address _____ YES _____ NO Please make your hotel reservations before 12/20/2018 to get the CAA standard room rate of $119.00 (includes FREE Breakfast) Reservation Link sent via Email Blast ~ Contact the Marriott DIA Hotel @ Gateway Park at (303) or () Additional information

The convention begins Friday, January 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM for Registration, First Seminar Starts @ 8:00 AM Early registration is encouraged for quick pickup of conference materials and your own convenience. Please type or carefully print the information requested exactly as it should appear on all conference materials and directory. Send completed registration form and fees payable to - OR - Pay Online @ Colorado Auctioneers Association PO Box 1133 * Rifle, CO 81650 ~ or email to: Fees cover convention functions and Do NOT include hotel accommodations. Hotel Reservations: Marriott DIA @ Gateway Park ~ 16455 E 40th Circle, Aurora, CO 80011 ~ (303) 371-9494 or toll free (866) 378-1583 ~ Reference Code: COA FOURTH QUARTER • 2018 For additional information, Contact Cissy at or by phonethecoloradoauctioneer (303) 729-1195 Rev 10/08/2018

Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. PO Box 1133 Rifle, CO 81650 • 303-729-1195

CALENDAR EVENTS December 1, 2018

Hall Of Fame Nomination Deadline

December 2 – 8, 2018

Designation Academy – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

December 5, 2018

Marketing Workshop – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

December 6, 2018

COP Real Estate Workshop – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

Jan 3 - 6, 2019

2019 CAA Convention – Marriott DIA @ Gateway Park Aurora, CO

March 4 – 5, 2019

2019 State Leadership Conference – Kansas City, MO

Mar 17 – 21, 2019

CAI 2019 – Certified Auctioneers Institute – Bloomington, IN thecoloradoauctioneer FOURTH QUARTER • 2018