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Winter • 2012-2013

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Dana Schutz’s If the Face had Wheels, 10-year retrospective at the Denver Art Museum. See interview on page 4.

iPad drawing of a buffalo, 8” x 10” print on Canson paper by Linda Armantrout, Louisville, page 12.

In the Streaming, by Clifford Bailey from Hunter-Wolff Gallery, Colo. Springs, page 13.

Custom handmade ceramic mugs could make a terrific gift! From the Plinth Gallery, RiNo. See more holiday gift suggestions on page 11.

Colorado ArtSeen |

Amoebas and Jellies: Assemblages , series by Priscilla Fowler, RiNo, page 9.

Artwork by Kathy Thaden, a contribution to “50 for 50 Benefit 2012” for Gilpin County Arts Assoc., page 15.

1 | Winter 2012-2013

Searching for Art in Colorado How Do We Find Our Favorites? By Kirk Norlin Publisher, Colorado ArtSeen Art is everywhere in Colorado - from large cities to small towns - from the plains to the mountains. The next great Artist is probably living in Colorado. We have a stimulating and vibrant world-class community of creative energy - from large museums, galleries and theaters to smaller schools, studios and stages. There is government support, private collector support and support from the business community. Colorado has the perfect petri dish for producing the next Poussin, Picasso or Pollock. We are lucky to have amazing opportunities to see the grand masters of art such as Van Gogh at our worldclass museums, but we still search for the new emerging artist to satisfy the curiosity that is in our cave-drawing genes to create or find art that expresses how we feel about the world, or that which inspires us. There is art that is publicly received and promoted, and art that is only appreciated on a personal level. But it has the same ultimate impact to the viewer or listener who is looking for new art. That is why we need all ARTISTS, ART VENUES and ART LOVERS to help


us make ART in all forms more ACCESSIBLE for those looking for art in Colorado. ARTISTS:

• Display your work in places where it can be seen. In our virtual world, it’s easy to have a website, a Facebook page and a YouTube video available for public viewing. But it’s important to have your real art available, if not in a gallery or on stage, somewhere where it can be seen or heard (even in snippets) such as a coffee house, restaurant or other open public area. • Let Colorado ArtSeen’s 50,000+ audience see a small ad or listing about your work - with online links as to how you can be found. It costs less than $20 a month, or what you spend on coffee for a week to reach this large audience. Art must be seen to be appreciated!


• We are the only local publication that has a specific ART BUYING audience. • Let us know what your organization is doing with press releases or simply email story ideas. Sometimes we are asked why we didn’t cover an event. We ask politely back: please let us know about all your future events. We began 3 months ago listing over 500 artists and art venues. That number is now over 700 state-wide and it’s hard to keep track of everything going on without input from you. • Even though you probably have found good ways to inform the public about your showings - couldn’t there be more art lovers who don’t know what you are presenting currently? • Let Colorado ArtSeen help expand your reach to our


Abecedarian Gallery 910 Santa Fe, #101 720-282-4052

Academy of the Arts - Denver 136 Kalamath Street 720-583-0094

Allen L. Thornton Studio

878 Santa Fe Drive 720-234-4716

Publisher: Kirk Norlin, Managing Editor: Holly Weyand Sales & Membership Support: George Anagnost, Bruce Van Allen, Sean Boyd, Silvana Hoitt Website: Printing: Publication Printers, Inc. 4428 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212. Phone: 303-477-1847 Fax: 303-952-4893 Email: Website: © 2012. Reproduction of contents is prohibited without written permission from Colorado ArtSeen. Colorado ArtSeen is not responsible for or liable for any misspellings, incorrect dates or incorrect information in its captions, listings or other displayed information written or online. The opinions expressed within the content of Colorado ArtSeen do not necessarily represent the views or policies of Colorado ArtSeen, its owners, its employees, members, agents or distribution venues. Colorado ArtSeen accepts print and online advertisements from advertisers believed to be of good reputation, but cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of objects and/or services advertised. Colorado ArtSeen is not responsible for any claims made by its advertisers; for copyright infringement by its advertisers or listings made by contributors and is not responsible or liable for errors in an advertisement.

Carla Wright Gallery

Carol Mier Fashion

Battery 621

Center for the Visual Arts - Metro State College

878-1 Santa Fe Dr. 303-308-7420

621 Kalamath Street 303-357-5210

870 Santa Fe Dr. 303-257-1898

754 Santa Fe Drive 303-446-0117

965 Santa Fe Dr. -2 303-294-5207

Alliance Francaise de Denver

Black Book Gallery

Alpine Fine Art

Box Car Gallery

CHAC (The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council)

Brianna Martray

Co-Art Art Gallery

571 Galapago St. 303-831-0304 826 Santa Fe Dr. 303-733-4847

Anthology Fine Art 635 Santa Fe Dr. 303-534-1331

Access Gallery/VSA Colorado

909 Santa Fe Dr. 303-777-0797

Artists on Santa Fe Gallery and Studios 747 Santa Fe Dr. 303-573-5903

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• Please let us know what you are looking for AND give us suggestions for new art that you have found and enjoyed. We can let others know about what you’re interested in - which will then amplify your own interests to create more feedback in those areas! • Sign up online to have your own copy of Colorado ArtSeen mailed to you - we’ll even send multiple copies if requested so that you can pass them out to your friends.

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Colorado ArtSeen is published monthly by Colorado ArtSeen Publishing LLC

Arts Street

1079 Osage Street 303-825--1334

Last but not least... Don’t hide your art!


Colorado ArtSeen |

2 | Winter 2012-2013

555 Santa Fe Drive 303-941-2458 554 Santa Fe Dr. 303-725-7047

772 Santa Fe Dr. 303-571-0440

846 Santa Fe Dr. 303-573-5503

900 Santa Fe Dr. Studio G 303-437-7489

Conari Arts

buxiejo gallery

718 N. Santa Fe Drive 303.807.1068, 970.470.0235

C.C. Opiela Gallery

942 Kalamath St 720-238-3192

Consortium 816

840 Santa Fe Dr. 303-552-6831

816 Santa Fe Dr. 720-371-7373

Heavy Dress Gayla Lemke Tim Flynn November 16 ~ December 22, 2012

Opening & Artists Reception: Friday, November 16 from 5 - 8 pm Artists Talk & Demonstration Saturday, December 8 from 2 - 4 pm Closing Reception: Friday, Dec. 21 from 5 - 8 pm ________________________________ Hours: Wed.- Sat. from 1-5 pm Except First & Third Friday from 5 - 8 pm 915 Santa Fe Drive / Denver, Co. / 303-953-1789

Visit THE MIX in the rear of the gallery


A Feast for the Senses: 910 Arts

CORE New Art Space

757.5 Santa Fe Dr. (enter through Space Gallery) 720-252-0500

Dana Cain Events

Start with Denver’s urban environment. Add a LEED - designed building. Blend in affordable housing, education, and collaboration with the local community. Top it off with a community of professional artists, Mmmm...Coffee House and a unique EventGallery and bar. What do you get? You get a masterpiece of sustainable creativity.

By Ferris Fitzboh


Museo de las Americas

209 Kalamath Street #5 720-328-2855


Denver Artwork Imaging

861 Santa Fe Dr. 303-571-4401

Denver Photo Art Gallery

901 West 10th Avenue #2A 303-534-8342

833 Santa Fe Dr. -1 303-744-7979

Nine 10 Artists

Design and Image

910 Santa Fe Dr. 303-831-8768

930 Inca St. 303-292-3455

Niza Knoll Gallery

Don Campbell Images

Ferris Fitzboh provides a special account of life at 910 Arts. Her parents are the owners of the new mmm…coffee! located on the first floor of the 910 Arts building.

Five days a week, I sit in the corner at my laptop as my mind swirls with chemical compounds and Latin phrases. Blended with it all is that one constant that 910 Arts never fails to provide: inspiration. I step into the colorful courtyard to clear my head. Tables and chairs and a twisted filbert share the space and make it peaceful. Above me, the sky is a serene blue, and just outside, through the green gates, is the bustle of cars and students and businessmen. I sigh, and my breath clouds in front of me. I ignore the chill as long as I can, then step back inside to the delicious warmth, shivering a little. My nose detects something that I didn’t notice before. I close my eyes and smile as the aroma of freshbaked chocolate chip cookies swirls around me, mingling with the sound of the coffee grinder and the customers’ conversations. Out of my line of vision but always in my line of thought is Alicia’s gallery. Hers is one of only three galleries in the nation that focus upon artist’s books- a form of interactive sculpture. I sigh and return to the little table in the corner, continuing to plug away at my schoolwork. I’m overjoyed when Mama presents me with half a warm, chewy, chocolatechip cookie. Without further ado, I sink my teeth into the beautiful creation- who says cooking isn’t art?- and smile contentedly. And people say I’m deprived without refined sugar… The confection has slightly restored my resolve, and I return, still munching, to my

Mai Wyn Fine Art

900 Santa Fe Dr. -1 303-297-8428

915 Santa Fe Dr. 303-953-1789

802 Santa Fe Dr. 720-281-3511

Opperman Photographics, Inc.

731 West 6th Ave 303-725-5033

Reed Art & Imaging

Emerge Gallery

827 Santa Fe Drive Unit 4 970-846-0296

Fabric Bliss

852 Santa Fe Dr. 970-581-7559

910 Santa Fe Dr. 303-815-1779

Space Gallery

812 Santa Fe Dr. 303-825-1080

SPARK Gallery

Further Frames

765 Santa Fe Dr. 720-904-1088

Gabriela Tango Studio & Gallery

900 Santa Fe Dr. 720-889-2200

209 Kalamath St #16 303-893-6783

Studio 12 Gallery

Georgia Amar Fine Art (Habitat)

209 Kalamath St. #12 303-629-8744

828 Santa Fe Drive 303-534-9740

Su Teatro

Glovinsky Gallery

721 Santa Fe Drive

Sync Gallery

800 West 8th Ave., Suite 115 303-587-4237

878 - 1 Santa Fe Drive 303-246-7387

Grace Gallery Fine Art

tbell photographic Studio/ Gallery

877 Santa Fe Dr. 303-623-2070

Icelantic Boards

900 Santa Fe Drive 303-564-7376

621 Kalamath St. 303-670-6804

766 Santa Fe Dr. 303-249-4653

Kashi Kar Gallery 910 Santa Fe Dr. -3 303-825-9000

Kitchen’s Ink

757 Santa Fe Dr. 303-573-3791

L J Studio 209




960 Santa Fe Dr. 303-573-8378

Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts 1225 Santa Fe Drive 303-573-1973

Abecedarian Gallery A small, meticulously curated gallery, Abecedarian focuses on book arts, works on paper, assemblage and collage. A shop area, dubbed Prudent Picks, features items in inventory priced $150 or less, allowing just about anyone to start or continue collecting. Much of the Prudent Pick inventory can also be purchased online.

910 Santa Fe Drive #101•Denver, CO 80204 (720)282-4052

Lisa Purdy Painter • Sculptor


NOVEMBER 30 – JANUARY 5 Denver art district THE EVENT GALLERY AT 910 ARTS 910 Santa Fe | DENVER, CO

209 Kalamath #17/18 720-284-6819



Water is Green, Too. ©Lisa Purdy 2012, 60”x48”, oil on canvas RHONDA MCCAY



Continued page 4 Colorado ArtSeen |

760 Santa Fe Dr. 303-573-8585

Shoot Roots

828 Santa Fe Drive 303-893-7922

Kanon Collective

The van Straaten Gallery

Sarah Barth

EventGallery 910Arts

833 Santa Fe Dr. -2 303-744-7979

931 W 5th Ave 970-260-0710

888 Federal Blvd 303-573-8084

209 Kalamath, Unit 4 303-832-6200

John Fielder’s Colorado

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

930 #B 7th Avenue (Voice Clinic) 970-949-5564

Evan Anderman Photography

computer screen. By sunset, I’ve managed to get through the day’s work. Glad to have a spare moment between school and closing, I plunge my hand into my bag and rifle through the many notebooks and novels ‘til my hand finds it: my tin whistle. I pull it out with some difficulty. With a little more searching, I find the song book. Contemplating the mystery of sixteenth-notes, I tuck the booklet under my arm and loosely hold the instrument in my free hand as I step towards the exit. Looking around me for the umpteenth time, I marvel at the difference. Gone are the dark walls of an indefinable color, replaced by red and yellow and grey. I smile, knowing that we did it, and in no more than two weeks. Was that only a month ago? The hallway is white, with studio doors and photographs dotted throughout. Jackie’s door is closed. Lewis’s Capoeira studio is filled with white-clad teenagers cartwheeling and blocking and singing. I climb up the rugged wooden stairs, liking the way

The Bolt Factory

209 Kalamath St., Studio 5 303-733-7796

3 | Winter 2012-2013

The Bolt Factory 209 Kalamath, Studio #5 Denver, CO 80223 Open by appointment: 303-733-7796

10-year retrospective by Dana Schutz at the Denver Art Museum By Holly Weyand

Inventive. Outrageous. Rational. Not rational. These are words often used to describe the paintings and drawings of Dana Schutz (pronounced like “she shuts the door.”) “A lot of what makes these so special is that Dana really lets us in on her own free process of imagination that’s absolutely fresh and original,” says Gwen Chanzit, Denver Art Museum (DAM) curator of modern and contemporary art. “Even when she goes beyond the comfort level to something outrageous, maybe even disturbing, the wit and the humor are always there.”

Civil Planning, Dana Schutz, 2004

were of people who could eat themselves. There was a moment where I thought, ‘I can’t make this my work because it’s too angsty—sort

Twin Parts, Dana Schutz, 2004

Covering the years 2001 to 2011, viewers can take in 31 paintings and 9 drawings which are fantastical, grotesque, bizarre, humorous—definitely compelling. In her painting Twin Parts (2004), we see a person, probably female, standing on leaves of varying, healthy green hues, with a few flowers scattered within. The sky is pleasantly blue and it’s a sunny day. But look closer—what is the female figure doing? She’s eating herself. She is also reaching for something with these multiple arms—reaching for various body parts neatly set out on a tables and shelves. “At the time I was very stressed out and I was drawing a lot; almost making drawings that were more private, that I didn’t consider my work. And these drawings

of bad therapy.’ But then I became interested in it, thinking how it could work. If you did eat yourself, you would digest yourself, then you could remake yourself to be any form you wanted.” Later, Schutz revealed the bunch of these paintings she made started to feel “way too autonomous and too insular”, so she focused on putting the subjects together in situations that were “ultracommunal, like making buildings together.” In Civil Planning (2004), Schutz’s Self-Eaters are constructing a building made from their shared parts. It sounds like a grisly idea, but you’ll find yourself getting strangely drawn in to the lush greenery in the forested background. “The most interesting thing to me in the end was

the conversation between the two girls,” said Schutz. “I just really thought of it as this break-down of communication. One is talking and one is maybe not listening, but also stacking these rocks. So there is this doubling: the act of stacking these rocks absentmindedly—as if they might topple and fall down, and also making the whole painting.” In 2005 Schutz painted The Autopsy of Michael Jackson. Why Michael Jackson? “At the time I thought, ‘That’s going to be really crazy. One day, Michael Jackson could pass away, maybe in my lifetime’,” mused Schutz. “Today I was thinking another celebrity from my time, like Madonna, wouldn’t have worked. It had to be Michael Jackson. He always had a hand in his image and also this way of cataloging his body. He would always have the glove that would set his hand apart from his body. The white socks—everything about him was so disembodied. So I think this feeling about making a painting of someone who was so much about image, and the idea of seeing them as somebody who could potentially have an inside— or whom you could have an intimate moment with—was the reason why he would work, as opposed to any other celebrity.” Dana Schutz was very

Colorado ArtSeen |

generous with her thoughts and the time she afforded curious media people. Here are a few answers to some questions I asked her. What do you think about Denver’s art community? Really vibrant. A good friend Patty Lee Becker had a show at Gildar Gallery that opened the last time I was here, and a friend just had a show at Plus Gallery. It seems like there’s a lot of artists and really good community here. How does comfort come into play in your paintings? I think embarrassment is actually a really great thing, where it can be on that line of potentially failing or not working out. And I think that’s an interesting place to begin. Are there memorable stories from books, TV or movies you’ve seen as a kid that lent to the way you paint today? There was one painting I made of a surgery scene. There’s a figure on a bed and the way the face looks, it seems so terrifying to me. And I thought, “Why is this horrifying? I never really think my subjects are scary or anything like that.” Then I realized it has the same expression or feeling as that game Operation –you know, when you’re a kid and you play it and it buzzes at you! What do you think of zombies and the way pop culture is exploiting them these days? Oh wow, I love zombies. But, I guess there’s ideas of zombies and capitalism. Someone wrote this story about zombies being like your in-box. You keep getting email after email, and, even though you answer them they keep coming! And I think because they are such a blank slate, people can attach any kind of social or political meaning onto zombies. How do you know when a painting is finished? Sometimes it can take a really long time—that moment. It gets really tense, almost like

The Autopsy of Michael Jackson, Dana Schutz, 2004

4 | Winter 2012-2013

having an itch. Like you want to put something in one spot, and then you put it there, and you take it out. Then you put it back. Then you take it out. And then finally it sort of feels like it sticks. You sort of feel it physically—almost like you feel someone’s hand on your shoulder or something. Then you just throw the paintbrush down—done! Dana Schutz is the 2011 recipient of the Roy R. Neuberger Exhibition Prize, awarded every two years to an artist for an early career survey and monographic catalogue. The 10-year retrospective will run until January 13, 2013. Visit denverartmuseum. com for more information. Go to for full video interview Schutz.

A Look at 910 Arts Continued from page 3 Jennifer and her class are in the VisionBox studio, seated in a half-circle. What play are they working on now? On to the bridge. I check that the door is unlocked and let it close behind me. I shiver a little, and huddle in the corner, squinting in the semi-darkness at the notes. I put the whistle to my lips and blow, pleased with the sound I can get it to make. I get up from my halfcrouch and, still playing, step onto the metal grooves of the bridge. Rik’s studio door is closed, and I wonder yet again how he manages to put such detail into the wax he forms. Ginny’s studio is next door, and I think of her beautiful landscapes as my gaze falls upon it. I turn, and there’s the street beyond. I like the way it looks from up here. Once more in our shop, the smell of coffee fills the air, and the scent is homey and comforting. I put my whistle and song book back Continued on page 5

Denver CHERRY CREEK Apolonia Ancient Art Gallery

Opera Colorado

David B. Smith Gallery

Arte Gallery

Pismo Fine Art Glass

David Cook Fine Art

Artisan Center

Rachel Kemble Photography 300 Josephine Street, Ste: 260 303-828-7257

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

3019 E. 2nd Avenue 303-333-4144

FastFrame of LoDo

210 Clayton Street 303-399-0201

Great Western Art Gallery, LLC

311 Detroit Street 303-355-7711

Knox Galleries Denver

290 Fillmore St. 303-321-7351

329 Detroit St. 303-393-8734

2757 E Third Ave. 303-333-1201

Asian Antique Gallery

695 S. Colorado Blvd. 303-778-1500

Continued from page 4 into the bag and wander into Mama’s little kitchen. She’s laboring over a crock-pot filled with wonderful soup, and the scent competes with that of the baking muffins. It’s sweltering, and the everrunning dishwasher has made the air somewhat humid. I reflect upon the little community. I love how the individuals, with their different personalities and talents, come together so nicely, while still staying separate in one’s mind. The air seems almost electric with creative energies, and my fingers itch to type out a story. We won’t be closing for a while, so I return to the little table in the corner, letting my fingers fly over the keyboard in a steady rhythm of clicking. Soon even that is lost to me as I enter my own imagination, knowing that so many others do the same in this very building as they immerse themselves in their art.

1101 13th St. 303-893-4000

1528 15th Street 303-444-7200

Show Of Hands

2630 E. 3rd Ave. 720-328-1283

1455 Curtis St. 303-396-2787

Tam O’Neill Fine Arts

Canvas and Cocktails

249 Clayton 303-333-3288


Ten Thousand Villages - Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

The Elaine Wolf Theatre at MACC

Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2 Steele Street Suite B-100 303-355-2787

1637 Wazee St. 303-623-8181

Saks Galleries

BEACONS Creative Community Space

3039 E. 3rd Ave. 303-568-9803

1543 A Wazee 303-893-4324

2770 E. 2nd Ave. 303-333-2879

235 Fillmore Street, Suite 101 303-394-9882

A Look at 910 Arts


2626 E. Third Ave. 303-316-8773

1512 Larimer St., Suite R15 303-820-2324

MCA Denver (Museum of Contemporary Art) 1485 Delgany St. 303-298-7554

Mizel Arts and Culture Center 350 S. Dahlia St. 303-993-4474

Cherry Creek Custom Framing

Mudhead Gallery

Grand Hyatt Hotel 555 17th Street 303-293-0007

The Philadelphia Print Shop West

303 Detroit Street 303-355-7722

Robischon Gallery

2819 E. 2nd Avenue 303-322-4757

Cherry Creek Framing

1740 Wazee Street 303-298-7788

West SouthWest

2600 E. Third Avenue 720-318-7556

Sloane Gallery of Art

257 Fillmore Street 303-321-4139

Clayton Lane Fine Arts

110 Clayton Lane 720-214-5263

1612 17th Street 303-595-4230

Visions West Gallery

2910 E. Third Avenue 303-322-1901

Fascination St. Fine Art I 315 Detroit Street 303-333-1566


Fascination St. Fine Art II

2727 E. 3rd Avenue 303-333-1566


Fastframe of Cherry Creek 255 Clayton St., #100 S 303-355-9144

Gallerie Rouge

Galleries Extraordinaire 235 Fillmore Street, #160 303-333-5848

Gallery M

180 Cook St, Suite 101 303-331-8400

Luster Fine Minerals

2609 E. 3rd Ave. 866-518-5785

Mangelsen –Images of Nature Gallery 216 Clayton Street 303-469-9150

Mizel Museum

400 South Kearney St 303-394-9993

Works of many gallery artists are part of the permanent public collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y., The Guggenheim Museum, N.Y., MOMA, N.Y., The Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Pushkin Museum, Moscow, and many other major museums throughout the world. 1612 17th Street•Denver 303-595-4230

1715 Wazee St. 303-292-0909

Creator Mundi, Inc.

2600 East Third Ave 720-318-7556

Sloane Gallery of Art

Surrealist•Political•Conceptual Avant-Garde•Abstract•Sots Art coloradoARTSEEN @coloartseen


Cherry Creek Arts Festival: July 5, 6, 7, 2013

CALL FOR ENTRIES October 1 -- December 1, 2012 * Annual artist sales $10,100 per artist avg * $30,000 offered in artist purchase awards at the event * 350,000 annual visitors * New jury panel every year 303-355-2787

View ONLINE: Prints are priced from $15, $18, $20 and $30 each. Come to the gallery and pick out your Vincent van Gogh print. You can also call the gallery for the price, size and number of prints that are available. Each of the prints are matted ready to be framed. Located on Curtis St. just north of the DCPA Theater complex.

303-396-2787 | 1455 Curtis St. Denver, CO 80202

Colorado ArtSeen |

5 | Winter 2012-2013


GOLDEN TRIANGLE MUSEUM DISTRICT Andy Marquez Fine Art Photography Art Institute of Colorado

1200 Lincoln Street 303-837-0825

Art Students League of Denver Boarding House Studio Gallery

899 Logan Street, Suite 500 303.860.0588

1261 DELAWARE ST. 303-571-1261

200 East Colfax Avenue 303-866-2604

John Jellico Gallery Art Institute of Colorado

1223 Bannock Street 303-825-1857

1200 Lincoln St. 303-837-0825

Byers-Evans House Museum Gallery

McNichols Civic Center Building


Kirkland Museum

Clyfford Still Museum

Meininger Fine Art Supplies

1310 Bannock St. 303-620-4933 1220 Logan St. 303-772-7293

1250 Bannock Street 720-865-4317 1278 Lincoln Street 303-837-8888

History Colorado Center

State Capital Building

The Muse Fine Art Gallery

1309 Bannock Street 720-287-4551

Von Tornow

1255 Delaware St., Suite C 720-542-8785

Walker Fine Art

300 West 11th Avenue, A 303-355-8955

144 West Colfax 720-865-4220

William Havu Gallery

1311 Pearl Street 303-832-8576

Z | Art / Z | Modern

499 Broadway 303-698-3838

Colorado Ballet

420 West 12th Ave 303-860-0588

74 W. 11th Ave., #C 303-573-5095

1255 Delaware Street 303-573-1255

Bob Coates Studio

Molly Brown House

1340 Pennsylvania Street 303-832-4092

Native American Trading Company

1040 Cherokee Street 303-893-2360 1136 N. Speer Blvd. 303-298-8432




Denver Musicians Association

Roach Photos and Gallery Roach

Denver Philharmonic Orchestra

Rocky Mountain PBS

1200 Broadway 303-447-8679

Curious Theatre Company

213 W 13th Ave. 303-534-0771

Denver Art Museum

100 West 14th Avenue Parkway 303-534-1455

Denver Firefighters Museum

650 Sherman Street 303-595-0418

1080 Acoma Street 303-623-0524

100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy. 720-865-5000

1326 Tremont Place 303-892-1436

A Gallery of Fine Southwest & Native American Art

213 West 13th Avenue at Bannock St. 303-534-0771

Scientific & Cultural Facilities District

Goodwin Fine Art

220 E. Seventh Ave. 303-908-6647

Native American Trading Company

Door 74 McGuinness Studio/Gallery GALLERY 1261

200 Grant Street 303-777-0797

Peter Hansen

Sandra Phillips Gallery

10 West 14th Avenue 720-865-1111

1307 Bannock Street 303-797-6040

“Her Majesty”

Denver Public Library

1165 Delaware Street 303-573-1717


1340 Sherman Street 303-836-7445

860 Broadway 303-839-5202

1089 Bannock 303-892-6666


Blog by Jan McNutt

One of the Largest Assortments of Tupperware Ever Sold on a Theater Stage

Experience the work of an American Master. | 720 354-4880 12th and Bannock | Denver

It’s a Par-tay. Honestly. Girls and boys get your ticket to Dixie Longate’s riotous, “Dixie’s Tupperware Party,” at the Denver Center Attractions, Garner Galleria theatre through December 30, 2012. Not knowing what to expect, I reckon’d I’d laugh, hear profanity and off color jokes about the venerable Tupperware product. Sure enough, I did hear all that… and more. Dixie Longate is an institution. She’s kind of like Jill Connor Browne’s Sweet Potato Queen and our very own Nuclia Waste. It’s what one might consider high struttin’ and dissin’. Dixie is a bonafide starlette. I’ve Continued on page 14

Colorado ArtSeen |

6 | Winter 2012-2013


The Oriental Theater

4400 Tennyson St. 303-433-1073

Ooh! Aah! Jewelry

Tim Herbst Metal Wall Art

4343 West 44th Ave 720-234-7337

R2 Studio & Gallery

4424 Tennyson St 303-478-7411

The Nature Photography Gallery

44T Artspace at Metro Frame Works EVB Studio

gallery nrc

Kirk Norlin Studio + Gallery

4428 Tennyson St 720-244-8034

KMS Studios

4430 Tennyson St 931-446-3205

3977 Tennyson St 720-373-1963

4216 Tennyson St 720-855-7241

4335 W. 44th Ave 720-420-0030

4999 W 44th Ave 303-854-8152

Tyg-Art & Wine

4426 Tennyson St 720-280-7926

4267 Tennyson Street #A 303-952-9590

4420 Tennyson St. 720-515-5595

Tenn Street ART

4418 Tennyson St. 303-455-0279

Lapis Gallery

3971 Tennyson Street 303-480-5126


4415 West 43rd Avenue 720-883-6276

“Tenn Street Coffee” Hand-colored photograph by Lynda Tygart

EAT. DRINK. ART. Communities celebrate and individuals connect through the consumption of passions - the passions to eat, drink, and enjoy the arts. Tennyson Street has a wonderful array of eating and drinking establishments to choose from.

AXIOS Greek Restaurant 3901 Tennyson St - 720-328-2225 BERKELEY INN 3834 Tennyson St - 303-495-3508 BIG HOSS BBQ 3961 Tennyson St - 720-855-3061 COZY COTTAGE 4363 Tennyson St - 720-855-9800 DJ’S BERKELEY CAFE 3838 Tennyson St - 303-482-1841 HOPS & PIE 3920 Tennyson Street - 303-477-7000 KYLE’S KITCHEN 4018 Tennyson St - 303-477-5625 LOCAL 46 BAR 4586 Tennyson St - 720-524-3792

Drop by between 6–9pm this FIRST Friday to make yours

4343 w. 44th ave • denver, co 720-234-7337


KMS Studios is the working studio of Denver artist Kelly Schurger. Kelly’s work consists of original contemporary landscape paintings depicting images from around Colorado. The studio serves as Kelly’s personal studio but is open to the public during the week and First Friday art walks.

KMS Studios 4430 Tennyson St.

4216 Tennyson St. | Denver, CO 80212 | 720.855.7241

Fine Art, Collectibles & Antiques Christmas Art Show


Opening Friday Decvember 7th, 2012 4428 Tennyson St. 720-244-8034

Opening Friday November 30th 6–10pm Saturday December 1st 11am–6pm Sunday December 2nd 11am–5pm

The Nature Photography Gallery

A Passion for the Unusual

Christina (Tina) Ianni ia an artist, teacher and visionary - working with many types of photography, from the historic to the latest trend-setting styles. Tina’s subject matter leans toward “collectables” often stylized to depict the era they came from.

Christina Ianni

Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography of the American West

When: December 7th, 2012 Where: 4426 Tennyson St. Denver Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm Featuring Pun Based Artwork by Ryan Rice (affordable prints). Also featuring Multi Media Spiral Artwork by local artist Andrea Svaldi and “Strange Portraiture”/Mixed Media from Matty Kirk.

R2 Studio & Gallery 4426 Tennyson St•Denver

Be sure to visit us December 7th for First Friday on Tennyson Street and get your art-lover something for the holidays! Look for our Holiday Specials!

4420 Tennyson Street • Denver 720-515-5595

Colorado ArtSeen |

7 | Winter 2012-2013

•Pottery •Sculpture •Wall Hangings •Oil •Jewelry •Pastel •Watercolor & More

Wine and Appetizers Starting at $4.90 Featuring Linda Tygart’s Series

Thursday through Saturday 5pm to 10pm

Good Food Silent Wreath Auction Children’s Art Project Antiques


Highlands United Methodist Church 3131 Osceola Street Denver, CO 80212

Photography - Glass - Ceramics - Woodturning -Jewelry

“Tennyson Street”

Fine Art featuring:

“First Friday Art Walk”

PARISI’S Italian Pizzeria & Deli 4401 Tennyson St - 303-561-0234 PATRICK CARROLL’S 3963 Tennyson St - 303-458-6666 SWING THAI 4370 Tennyson St- 303-477-1994 THE WINEY BEAN 3937 Tennyson St - 720-328-6362 TENN STREET COFFEE & BOOKS 4418 Tennyson St- 720-455-0279 TENNYSON’S TAP 4335 West 38th Ave - 303-455-4269 TYG-ART AND WINE 4267 Tennyson St #A - 303-652-9590 WINEJESTER 4340 Tennyson St - 303-993-8600

4267 N. Tennyson Street 303-952-9590



Abend Gallery Fine Art 2260 E Colfax Ave. 303-355-0950

3240 Design Gallery

Art & Framing at Stapleton/ Paint by Wine

3309 Blake Street #106 303-292-1822

3149 Blake St. #212 720-934-7167

3563 Walnut St 720-445-5516

Arte Del Corazon Studio

7483 E. 29th Place 303-534-1979

Art Garage


6100 East 23rd Avenue 303-377-2353

3343 Larimer St. 303-292-1965

AUM Framing and Gallery

Bella Glass Studios

2227 E. Colfax Avenue 303-394-3362

3950 Wynkoop 303-462-4221

Denver Film Center 2510 East Colfax 303-423-1658

Heidi Keyes Art

Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery

Jared Steinberg’s Studio

Carol Ann Waugh

Masten Fine Framing & Gifts

Carol Goldberg-Goldberg Studio

429 E 17th Ave 303-832-6565

Newspeak 1984

2907 East Colfax Avenue 303-355-2171

Palmeta Productions LLC 8995 E. 29th Pl 303-319-3307

Plastic Chapel

3109 E. Colfax Ave. 303-722-0715

The Denver Art Gallery

2516 East Colfax Avenue 303-525-1301


Arts at Denver

ArtsMyths Studio & Gallery 1454 S. Broadway 720-989-7232

Barbara Froula Studio Gallery 186 S Pennsylvania St. 303-777-2590

Gildar Gallery 82 S. Broadway 303-993-4474

Open Press Gallery

40 W Bayaud Ave. 303-777-7539


Demiurge Llc

5485 Marion st. #A 303-292-1011

designHaus Denver

1025 S Gaylord St. 303-722-0422

3939 Williams Street 303-929-4345

1588 S Pearl St. 303-715-3828

Sand Dollar Gallery

Artyard Contemporary Sculpture

1256 S Pearl St. 303-871-8028

1251 S Pearl St. 303-777-6793

Stella’s Coffeehaus 1476 South Pearl Street

Bell Studio Gallery

1573 S Pearl St. 303-282-7343

Brushstrokes Studio - Gallery

1059 S Gaylord St. 303-871-0800

Ink Lounge Creative 1515 S. Acoma 303-321-7101

Newman Center for the Performing Arts

Emmett Culligan Design

Old South Frame & Gallery


The Wild Eye Art and Framing

1105 S Huron St. 303-670-9252

Victoria H. Myhren Gallery (DU) 2121 E Asbury Ave. 303-871-3716

Willoughby Galleries at the Loft 1023 S Gaylord St. 303-863-1559

2344 East Iliff Ave. 303-871-6200

The Bug Theatre 3654 Navajo Street 719-634-5583

D Gallery

3558 Navajo St 303-520-8065

EDGE Gallery

3658 Navajo Street 303-477-7173

NEXT Gallery

3659 Navajo St. 303-433-4933

Pirate: Contemporary Art

3655 Navajo St 303-458-6058

Zip 37

3644 Navajo St. 303-477-4525 coloradoARTSEEN @coloartseen

Holiday Gift Screen Print Workshops at Ink Lounge Creative Upcoming: 12/2• 2013 calendar ink•1-4pm 12/4•sweet T tuesday• 5:30-7:30pm 12/9•kids T-shirts•1-3pm 12/11•sweet T tuesday•5:30-7:30pm

We like to get ink on stuff and teach others how to do it too! Let us know if you want to do something completely unique with a group of friends or co-workers.

1512 South Acoma Denver, CO 80223 303-321-7101

Square Foot Show c/o Bell Gallery Our first Annual DENVER Square Foot Show Find the best, most creative works of art in all mediums •Each piece will be a square foot •Each work will sell for $200 •Half the profit goes to charity Show starts on Friday December 7th and runs till December 30th, 2012 Show will be at the

BIG PURPLE BOX on 1705 S. Pearl at Mexico

Colorado ArtSeen |

8 | Winter 2012-2013

Jean Smith, JBS Arts

Blue Silo Studios Studio #204 4701 National Western Drive

3300 Walnut Street 303-668-7508


3195 Blake St. #105 720-989-7505

3950 Wynkoop Studio 2F 303-898-5758

Deborah Jang

• 2 for 1 Margaritas •Coronita buckets •½ price appetizers Karaoke on Friday and Sturday

3636 Chestnut Street 303-297-8626

3300 Walnut Street, Clayroom 124H 303-807-9944

1316 29th St. 303-653-4091

Happy Hour Every Day- 3 to 7PM

3320 Walnut Street 303-292-1822

3300 Walnut #106 303-408-7813

Christopher Ray Perez

Expires December 31, 2012


3254 Walnut St 720-309-1764

Ironton Studios & Gallery

ism Gallery

3229 East Colfax Avenue 303-322-6460

1368 26th StreeT 303-462-4221

Brenda Stumpf

3542 Walnut Street 303-351-1251


Green Spaces Colorado

Ice Cube Gallery

4701 National Western Drive 303-396-2994

2001 Colorado Blvd. 817-944-4000

Fusion Factory

Blue Silo Studios

4701 National Western Drive 303-629-8768

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Fringe Collective

3240 Larimer St. 303-292-0076

3495 Wynkoop Street 303-433-1412

Exdo Event Center 1399 35th Street 303-468-5443

Jenny Wilson Gallery


Jill Hadley Hooper 3636 Chestnut



2900 Marion Street 303-808-1928

Joyce Coco Studio

3950 Wynkoop Street 303-778-1500


3636 Chestnut Place 303-408-7813

Kary Kilmer

3525 Walnut St. #24 720-383-1204

Denver Kathy Knaus

3320 Walnut Street


Katharine Smith-Warren 3300 Walnut Street 303-949-4126

Jean Smith



Holiday gift items in clay & jewelry

Kitty Mae Millinery & Accessories 3559 Larimer St. 303-949-7617

Knew Conscious Gallery

2700 Walnut St. 720-560-9127

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art

Laura Lee Studio

3240 Larimer St. 303-292-0076

Like Minded Productions

2700 Walnut St. 720-988-8190

Mixed media assemblages in two and three dimensions

Laura Guese

3300 Walnut #213 303-720-6850

Laurie Lynnxe Murphy 2900 Marion St., Unit 2

Laura Moretz

3507 Ringsby Court, #114

Lisa Kowalski Studio & Gallery 1320 27th St. 303-585-0699

MaryLynn Gillaspie Photography

3455 Ringsby Ct. #99 303-477-3730


2701 Larimer Street 303-717-9079

Michael Clapper Studios

Dry Ice Factory, Ceramic Room #124H 3300 Walnut Street (RiNO) Denver , CO 80205 303-807-9944 •

Dry Ice Factory Studio #112 3300 Walnut St. • Denver 719-371-5640



2734 Walnut St. 303-539-7001

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art 3300 Walnut St. #102


1335 35th Street 303-521-2044

Rappcity Art

Redline Gallery 2350 Arapahoe St. 303-455-5601

2350 Arapahoe Street 303-296-4448

3950 Wynkoop St. 303-358-4271

Studio 2b Fine Art, Furnishings, Design

2527 Larimer St 303-298-0900


Studio Q Quinn Jacobson Photography

Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio

Redshift Framing & Gallery

Suzanne Mills Kramer Fine Art


Regina V. Benson


Roxanne Rossi Gallery

Month of Photography Denver

3300 Walnut Street Studio 303-446-0117

3507 Ringsby Court, Suite 115 303-999-0383 1777 E. 39th St., #110


2266 Broadway 303-293-2991

3320 Walnut St 303-278-0413

3519 Brighton Blvd. Suite G 720-505-0032 3300 Walnut St. #212 303-748-7040


The Laundry on Lawrence 2701 Lawrence St

Patricia “Murph” Murphy Pattern Shop Studio

3340 Walnut Street 303-777-9473

Pink Fog Studios

3636 Chestnut Place 303-455-5014

The Walnut Room

Plinth Gallery

3300 Walnut Street 303-725-2691

Theresa A. Anderson

3349 Blake Street. 303-297-9831

3309 Blake Street #111 303-339-0742

3520 Brighton Blvd. 303-295-0717

Plus Gallery

RULE Gallery

Sharon Feder SL Van Dam

Sophia Dixon Dillon

3320 Walnut Street 303-810-7090


3525 Walnut Street

3636 Chestnut Pl. 720-480-5421

The Walnut Workshop

3131 Walnut St 303-292-0529

3320 Walnut St 303-990-0391

Unique Sculptural Statements in Stone, Metal and mixed media

DRY ICE FACTORY ARTISTS Open Studio Tour & Holiday Event Saturday December 1st, 2012 12:00–5:00pm Many visitors to the noteworthy Ice Cube Gallery in the front of this building do not realize that there are 20 artist studios and a complete ceramics facility with 10 workspaces behind the Gallery.

303-437-9299 Ironton Studios and Gallery 3636 Chestnut Place (RiNO) Denver , CO, 80216

Colorado ArtSeen |

Trace Gallery

3700 Franklin Street

3300 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205 (719)376-5740 •

Tim Mooney Studio

3047 Larimer Street #103

3435 Wynkoop 303-295-1114

2501 Larimer Street 303-296-0927

While some studios are open on First Fridays, this holiday event is the first occasion where almost ALL of the artists leasing studios in the building will be open at the same time!

Ironton Studios • RiNo Art District 3636 Chestnut Place • Denver 303-477-3600

3636 Chestnut Place 303-949-7619

3300 Walnut St. #107 303-587-8133

3636 Chestnut Place 303-565-9207

Orchid ii 2012 ink and charcoal on vellum 60”x40”

9 | Winter 2012-2013

Vicki Rottman

Viviane Le Courtois 1316 29th St. 303-296-4471

Wazee Union

3501 Wazee St 303-351-5214


3611 Chestnut Place 303-308-9345

Yoshitomo Saito

3636 Chestnut Place

Z Wick Place

3601 Wazee St. 303-382-1820

Denver mEtro ARVADA

NoBo Art District


Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities 6901 Wadsworth Blvd. 720-898-7200

Arvada Center Holiday Craft Fair

6901 Wadsworth Blvd. 720-898-7276

D Note

7519 Grandview Ave. 303-763-1970

1620 Lee Hill Drive 303-941-8887

15th Street Studio

Art + Soul Gallery

Annette Coleman, Multi-Media Artist

Art Mart/Art Source International

1708 15th St 303-416-4116

1245 Norwood Ave. #42 303-941-8887

Aqua Fleur Day Sp & Gallery 4688 Broadway 303-449-1040

Into The Fire

Smith-Klein Gallery

4332 Pebble Beach Dr 303-464-5509

Sweetbird Studio

1421 Pearl Street Mall 303-443-3683

The Creative Me

6410 Ward Road 303-423-1658

Boulder County Arts Alliance

4949 North Broadway # 116 303-440-4143

1001 Canyon Blvd. 303-441-4113

Let’s Frame It

The Dairy Center for the Arts 2590 Walnut Street 303-444-7328

2440 Pearl St. 303-442-2911

Spellbound Art

Tinker Art Studio

1300 Yellow Pine Ave. #B 303-503-1902

2590 Walnut St. Ste. 9 303-447-2422

7510 Grandview Ave. 303-424-9776

Vielehr Sculpture 303-443-9657

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company

Sat: 10–8 Sun: 10–5

2017 17th Street 303-440-9891

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dec 8/9 & 15/16

1116 Pearl Street 303-246-7387

Bobbi Vischi Art Glass Studio

5756 Olde Wadsworth 303-456-8919

Holiday Sale


1505 Pearl Street 303-527-2701

1237 Pearl St 303-444-4079

Boulder Arts Commission

7745 Wadsworth Blvd B 303--424-1313

290 2nd Ave (Niwot) 303-652-2668

1615 Pearl Street 303-544-5803

7409 Grandview Ave. 303-423-9864

La Dolce Vita

osmosis art gallery

Zuni Boulder

1750 13th Street 303-443-2122

Bobbi Vischi Art Glass Studio Fine sculptural art glass, as well as architectural glass on commission. The studio, just north of Boulder, Colorado, specializes in kilnformed art glass for galleries, architectural settings, and private collections. Kiln glass instruction is available at the advanced level.

1424 Pearl Street 303-443-9575

Canyon Gallery


1000 Canyon Blvd. (Boulder Public Library) 303-441-4397

Carol Silks Studio

4593 Broadway Suite #B101 303 579 8120

1560 Teller St

A&E Fine Woodworking, LLC

1302 Pearl street 303-444-2277

Earthwood Gallery

7175 West 16th Avenue 720-252-2807


8789 West Colfax Avenue 303-232-1350

Elm and Oak

1990 Wadsworth Boulevard 303-810-5952

Fallen Owl Tattoo

1412 Pearl Street 303-444-3838

La Vie en Rose

935 Pearl St 303-443-6700

2037 13th Street, Boulder, CO 303-444-3723

Rocky Mtn College of Art & Design

FACTORY|made Boulder

1600 Pierce Street 303-753-6046

Jon Lybrook

8555 West Colfax Avenue 303-233-4444

Rockley Music

2000 21st Street 303-927-0802

The Everything Gallery


Design from the Heart 5870 Olde Wadsworth Blvd. Arvada, CO 80003 303.423.0448

AURORA Aurora Fox Arts Center

1492 Ammons Street 720-883-8132r

1335 Redwood Avenue 720-436-5361

Newton Running.

Performance Art at its finest.

Newton Running shoes are designed with a beautiful mix of science, technology and art. Not only do Newton Running shoes help you run more efficiently and naturally, they are beautiful, bright and fabulous. Visit our Retail store- art you can wear!


Leanin’ Tree Museum & Sculpture Garden of Western Art 6055 Longbow Dr. 303-530-1442

Main Street Gallery

Mary Williams Fine Arts 5311 Western Ave. Suite 12 303-938-1588

Nina Tepper Mosaic Artwork P.O. Box 11122 303-530-3130

36 S. Main Street 303-654-0535


Newton Running Lab

1300 Walnut St • Boulder

1STBANK Center

1300 Walnut Street 303-494-0321


11450 Broomfield Lane 303-410-0700

Broomfield Amphitheater

9900 E. Colfax Ave. 303-739-1970

3 Community Park Rd. 303-464-5509

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA)

Broomfield Auditorium

1405 Florence 303-367-5886

3 Community Park Rd 303-464-5835

Donna Moody Studios

Broomfield Auditorium Gallery

1556 Florence St. 720-984-5973

3 Community Park Rd 303-466-5829

East End Arts

Broomfield Council on the Arts & Humanities

576 Hanover Way, Ste. B 720.203.357

Julia Baker/ Florence Griffith Studios

1556 Florence St. 303-680-6389

La Cueva Restaurant

9742 E. Colfax Ave. 303-367-1422

Red Delicious Press 9901 E. 16th St 303-366-2922

Sunrise Artworks

1556 Florence 303-361-9282

Shadow Theatre Company

1468 Dayton St. 720-857-8000

Vintage Theater 1468 Dayton 303-856-7830

640 Main Street 303-460-6800

The Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery is an artist cooperative that opened in 1971. Since then it has become a leader in the world of American craft. 4000 square feet of retail space is dedicated to exceptional pottery, painting, photography, jewelry and more. Find the perfect gifts for yourself and for your friends. 1421 Pearl Street•Boulder 303-443-3683

Thomas Kinkade Gallery at Centennial 6851 S. Gaylord st., Ste: 242 720-941-3700

Carrie Fell Gallery Denver Showroom

7302 South Alton Way Suite 46 303-690-7524

ENGLEWOOD Englewood Arts

1000 Englewood Pkwy. 303-806-8196

Museum of Outdoor Arts 1000 Englewood Pkwy. 303-806-0444


Crystal Galleries,LTD.

4332 Pebble Beach Drive•Boulder 703-850-9783


Center for the Arts Evergreen 32003-B Ellingwood Trail 303-674-0056

Evergreen Fine Art

3042 Evergreen Parkway 303-679-3610

Evergreen Winterfest

Evergreen High School 29300 Buffalo Park Road 303-674-0056

Main Street Fine Art Gallery 28186 Hwy 74 303-670-7222

Silver Arrow 28159 Hwy. 74 303-670-0552

Shadow Mountain Gallery 28186 Hwy 74, Suite 2 303-670-3488

The Evergreen Gallery 28195 Highway 74 303-674-4871


9923 E. Berry Drive 720-524-6919

Curtis Arts & Humanities Center 2349 East Orchard Road 303-797-1779

Madden Museum of Art

6363 South Fiddler’s Green Circle 303-763-1970


Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum

American Mountaineering Museum

Chamber Ensemble con Grazia

Foothills Art Center

Dance Arts Studio

Golden Chamber of Commerce

Located in vintage downtown Niwot, osmosis gallery strives to showcase over 40 uniquely talented local artists.

Danse Etoile Ballet Studio & Dance Company

Golden Fine Arts Festival

290 Second Avenue, Niwot, CO 80503 303-652-2668 •

Historic Brunner House

12 Garden Center 303-460-6824 640 Main Street 303-460-6800

5025 West 120th Avenue 303-466-3212

Colorado ArtSeen |

10 | Winter 2012-2013

3400 Industrial Lane 720-938-3030 640 Main Street 720-890-7660

710 10th Street 303-996-2755 809 15th St. 303-279-3922

1010 Washington Ave. 303-279-3113 1010 Washington Ave 303-279-3113

Spirits in the Wind Gallery

1211 Washington Ave. 303-279-1192

GREAT gift ideas

Denver mEtro

Suggestions from ArtSeen’s community that rise above typical retail Plinth Gallery:

Custom handmade ceramic cups and mugs for your coffee drinking pleasure.

Teller Street Gallery & Studios: We have

several different gift boxes packaged in wooden wine boxes containing various art supplies (oils, watercolors, drawing kits and books) they also contain bottles of wine, stemless glasses, and chocolates. Some even come with portable French easels! We also have pottery gift baskets with either bowls and chili or soup mixes from the Women’s Bean Project, or mugs with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We also have Krampus Christmas cards for sale created by local artist, Lyla Warren.

Anam Cara Living Arts Studio & Gallery: Choose unique

fine art caricatures by Mike Kloepfer to give to your friends who are rock-n-roll fans. Price Range $25-$200. www.anamcarastudiogallery. com

Abecedarian Gallery: Bryan Kring’s The Fall, a miniature diorama book.

MODesTEA: Perfect Secret

Santa gift or Stocking Stuffer for under $10.00. These handcrafted packets contain three individual servings of premium loose leaf tea called “Peace”, “Love” and “Happiness”. Stop by MODesTEA at 4415 W. 43rd for the wide variety of festive choices.

Jackie Friesth Studio:

Original Watercolors, giclee’ prints, hand soldered watercolor jewelry, Watercolor Wine Charms— something for everyone!

Commonwheel Artists Co-op: Hand-painted

gourd ornaments with handwoven accents. Part of the Commonwheel Artists Annual Holiday Market, November 16, 2012 through January 6, 2013. We’ve invited over 35 fabulous Colorado artists to supply The Market with affordable, quality hand-crafted items unique enough for those “impossible to shop for” friends and family members. While you are here, also enjoy the artwork of the Co-op’s 40 local members.

T Gallery: Transfer

your old or new images into beautiful hand aged tintypes. Works great with baby, family or pet photos or choose from our selection which includes the Old Elitch Gardens, Berkeley Trolley and more. T Gallery 4415 W. 43rd Avenue.

LAKEWOOD Anam Cara Living Arts

pARTiculars Art Gallery and Teaching Studio

445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio 720-933-381

Early Clay Company: Use your

gift buying dollars at many of the web sites listed on ArtSeen! All the $ stays here in Colorado and supports the artist directly. Just browse away and find some wonderful unique finds for the holidays this year. Spending you can feel good about! Here is my latest creation! I personally will make your gift by Christmas!


Colorado Photographic Arts Center 445 S. Saulsbury 303-837-1341

that break after 5 years is expensive. Consider buying a piece of art instead. It will last for a lifetime, you can enjoy it for many years to come and you are supporting your local artists at the same time. (Attached painting: Fleeting Moments, 10” x 12”, Original “Mini” Painting by Stefan Geissbühler)

Ooh! Aah! Jewelry: Give the gift of amazing handmade jewelry. www.

Loveland Museum/ Gallery: Give the gift

of history; give the gift of art. Support the local arts community with a gift membership to the Loveland Museum/Gallery. Memberships start at $20 and include free admission to special exhibits, invitations to VIP events, and special discounts. Call the Loveland Museum/ Gallery at (970) 962-2410 for more information.

The Pottery Studio Gallery

5739 S. Curtice St. 303-738-2275

Willow-An Artisan’s Market

409 S. Public Road 303-666-6192


Stefan Geissbühler Studio / Art That Sings

Parker Arts, Culture & Event Center 20000 Pikes Peak Avenue 303-805-6800

The Denver Brass: Who wants

Stefan Geissbuhler Studio: Buying electronics

5784 S. Rapp St. 303-703-4080

Gallery Of Enlightenment/ Transitional Art for Empowerment

470 S. Allison Pkwy. 303-987-7845

CDs or iTunes gift cards when you can enjoy quality, real, live music? Tickets to The Denver Brass, a style-melding band, are the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. Visit or call 303.832.4676.

Garage Gallery & Fine Art Studio

401 South Public Road Unit 1 720-890-7888

Lakewood Cultural Center

10854 - 48 W. Evans Avenue 303-986-5094


2400 W. Main St. 303-730-8521




Street View - featuring 39 artists from around the world! Closing Reception December 15th 4-5:30pm,

Batchelder Art Gallery/Studio 3909 Buena Vista Dr. 303-456-8919

Colorado Photographic Arts Center 445 S. Saulsbury Lakewood, CO 80226 303-837-1341

Braun Gallery

Chapungu Sculpture Park & Gallery

Sculpture in the Park Presented by the Loveland High Plains Arts Council

Columbine Galleries

Victor’s Living Bronze Gallery

106 South Monroe Avenue 970-667-8098 1052 N. Boise Ave. Unit B 970-461-8020

CPAC: Offering photography classes, workshops and exhibitions for all skill levels, from digital to film. Please visit

2683 North Taft Avenue 970-667-2015

Convertible Art Studio/ Colorful Attitudes Art Forms 618 E. 7th St 970-278-1755


Copper Plate Press 405 8th Street SE #8 970-744-4673

Independence Gallery

Majestic Animal Creations 15991 Deer Ridger Drive, Unit B 303-779-8821

Mirada Fine Art Gallery

5490 Parmalee Gulch Rd. 303-697-9006

233 E 4th Street 970-669-0889

Lincoln Gallery/Thompson Valley Art League

Pathways Through Art

5899 S. Turkey Creek Rd. 303-697-4546

gallery nrc: Holiday

Cards featuring images from the Denver area makes a great way to help send the message of joy during the season. The 5”x7” cards come with 12 cards in the box with 13 white envelopes included for $16.99 and are available at gallery nrc (4424 Tennyson Street Denver, Colorado) or online at

pARTiculars Art Gallery & Teaching Studio: Original Art by

Local Artists, Art Classes for All Ages. Unique & Meaningful gifts for all! Gift Certificates Available.

Bobbi Vischi Glass Studio: Featuring one-of-

a-kind handmade glass bowls, plates, and other functional artwork as well as jewelry. Visit this kiln glass studio just 2 miles north of Boulder (703.850.99783) and find beautiful and affordable glass art for holiday gift giving.

Colorado ArtSeen |

Sculpture Depot

418 8th St. S.E. Unit B5 970-663-5190

11 | Winter 2012-2013

429 N. Lincoln Ave. 970-663-2407

Lundeen Sculpture 338 East 4th Street 970-669-7176

Business Office: 125 E. 7th St. 970-663-2940

Victor Issa Studios

3950 N. County Road 27 800-720-ISSA

LYONS Barbara Marcus-McKenna 303-823-9025

Nicholas Angelo Fine Art

4089 Ute Highway (Highway 66) 303-823-0607

Red Canyon Art Co.

400 Main Street 303-823-5900

Shark’s Ink (Lyons)

550 Blue Mountain Road 303-823-9190


Anthony Grant Studio Gallery


The Center Stage Theatre Company

917 Front Street, Suite B140 303-408-5533

901 Front Street 303-673-0744

Armantrout Studio

443 Raintree Ct 303-664-0086

The Design Garage

Kevin Robb Studios

901 Main Street, suite 101 720-301-1645

The Fuzzy Antler

Teller Street Gallery & Studios

Bella Frida

820 Main Street, #109 720-287-2956

Bittersweet Cafe

901 Front Street 303-666-7864

7001 W. 35th Ave. 303-431-4758

7190 West 38th Avenue 303-424-9273

The Art Loft

The Louisville Arts District

836 Main Street 720-250-9707

By Chance

916 Main Street (303) 664-0043

Cafe de Paris

909 Main Street 303-604-6722

7000 West 38th Ave., Upstairs 303-669-3077

The Penthouse Gallery

Villa de Luxe

920 Main Street 303-604-6509 908 Main Street 303-665-9761

6990 West 38th Ave., 3rd floor Executive Suite 303-917-1204

ClayArt Pottery Co-op 917 Front Street, B110 303-317-4558

Coal Creek Community Theatre P.O. Box 791 303-665-0955

Creations Art & Gifts 940 Main 303.862.6866

Creative Framing Art Gallery

916 Main Street 303-664-0043

Dana V. Music

901 Main Street, #B150 303-974-5586

Dona Laurita Photography and Fine Art 820 Main Street 303-818-1616

Gifted Hands Gallery 844 Main Street #103 303 -725-3327

InkSmith Tattoos

916 Main Street, Suite B110 720-985-4259

Jackie Friesth Studio

916 Main Street 720-232-1093

Ju Ju Beads

901 Front Street, suite 130 303-666-9500

Kym Finkle Studio

916 Main Street 303-664-0043

LA Coppersmith

915 Walnut Street 720-340-0084

Louisville Art Association

Leaving a Mark

Armantrout Studio Power images and paintings that explore the universal symbols of rock art and the spiritual ancestry of human beings. 443 East Raintree Ct•Louisville 303-664-0086

•”Painting & Vino” classes •In-depth oil & watercolor classes Unlock your creativity TODAY 7190 West 38th Avenue, Wheatridge, CO 303-424-9273


Louisville Historical Museum

Bead Lounge

Longmont Symphony

Colorado Actors Theatre

Longmont Theatre Company

Firehouse Art Center

Peacock Art Studio

King Sculpture Studios

Rabid Rabbits Galleria

Longmont Council for the Arts

The Great Frame Up

1001 Main street 303-665-9048

320 Main Street 303-678-9666

Main Street Trading

820 Main Street, Lower Level 303-284-8662

1250 South Hover Rd. 303-775-4343

Monika Edgar Studio

916 Main Street 303-664-0043

667 4th Ave. 303-651-2787

Switch Boutique

901 Front Street, #110 720-379-5572

916 Main Street 303-664-0043

•art gallery •life drawing •artist studios •ceramics


801 Grant Ave PO Box 852 303-546-8668

Tammy Sliz Studio


The Art Underground 901 Front Street, #B1 303-229-1127

13 Cornell Dr. 303-772-1893

356 Main St. 303-678-7869

519 Main St., PO Box 74 303-772-5796

513 Main Street 303-772-5200

667 4th Ave. Studio C 720-938-9661 530 Kimbark Street 303-774-8336

Longmont Museum & Cultural Center

430 Main Street 303-772-7793

400 Quail Rd. 303-651-8374

Natures‘ Symphony

featuring John Fielder at the Muse Gallery WESTEND ORIGINAL EXHIBITION

Nature’s Symphony: Celebration of Colorado’s open space by awardwinning photographer John Fielder


Art & gifts from 25 resident artists. MUSE GALLERY Affordable holiday gifts starting at $20. 356 MAIN STREET


Second Friday Reception Live music and children’s activities

LONGMONT 303.678.7869 Gallery hours: Tue-Th 11am-5pm Fri 11am-8pm Sat 10am-4pm


Colorado ArtSeen |

12 | Winter 2012-2013


Art Gallery of the Rockies

5051 N. Academy Blvd. (Union Square at Union Boulevard) 719-260-1873

Artazia Gallery & Frames

1801 W. Colorado Ave. 719-477-0632

Boulder Street Gallery

206 N. Tejon 719-636-9358

Colorado College Arts Sale 902 N. Cascade Ave 719-389-6769

Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau 515 S. Cascade Ave. 719-635-7506

Hayden•Hays Gallery

Great Southwest Art

76 S. Sierra Madre St. Ste. C 719-471-7772

H.R. Meininger Company

201 S. Weber St. 719-578-8070

1 Lake Circle (Broadmoor Hotel) 719-577-5744

Kemper Galleries, Inc. 5420 N. Academy Blvd 719-548-1111

Pikes Peak Library District 5550 N. Union Blvd. 719-531-6333

OLD COLORADO CITY (Colo. Springs) 2nd Floor Studios

The Squash Blossom

Arati Artist’s Gallery

Thunder Mountain Trading

2418 W. Colorado Avenue 719-896-6368

2531 W. Colorado Ave. 719-632-1899

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

2425 W. Colorado Avenue 719-636-1901

Cottonwood Artists’ School

2423 W. Colorado Ave. 719-634-1145

2403 W. Colorado Ave. 719-634-5232

2332 W. Colorado Ave. 719-520-9900

2506 W.Colorado Ave. 719-630-3710

215 S. Tejon St. 719-385-5990

427 E. Colorado Ave. 719-520-1899

Cultural Office of the Pike’s Peak Region (COPPeR) 121 S. Tejon St., Suite 111 719-634-2204

FAC Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center 30 W. Dale St. 719-634-55833

Flute Player Gallery

2511 W. Colorado Ave. 719-632-7702

Gallery at Rich Designs 1731 Mt. Washington Ave. 719-475-1200

Gallery of Contemporary Art (UCCS Campus) 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. 719-262-3567

Colorado Copper

Art on Mountain Fine Art Gallery

102 West Mountain Avenue 970-223-6450

Canyon Spirit Gallery

233 Linden Street 970-221-5290

Coco Artist Studio

Hunter-Wolff Gallery

2510 W. Colorado Avenue 719-520-9494

Lane Mitchell Jewelers

2528A West Colorado Ave

Laura Reilley Fine Art

2522A W. Colorado Avenue 719-650-1427

Range Gallery

2428 W. Colorado Avenue 719-685-1201

The Michael Garman Museum 2418 W. Colorado Avenue 719-471-9391

FT. MORGAN MCC CACE Gallery of Fine Art


1306 Blue Spruce Drive, Suite E 970-484-9650

Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park

201 S. College Ave. 970-482-2787

Earthwood Artisans & Collection

No. 1 Old Town Square Ste. 103 970-493-4673

Wild Spirits Ltd.

Illustrated Light - Fine Art Photography

Indigo Gallery

119 West Oak Street 970-490-1001

Lincoln Center

417 West Magnolia 970-221-6733

Opera Fort Collins Season 33 417 W. Magnolia 970-221-6730

Poudre Studio Artists & Galleries 406 N. College Ave.

Rendition Gallery

251 Jefferson St 970-484-2601

Ten Thousand Villages - Ft Collins 113 Linden Street Old Town Square 970-224-9501

The Center for Fine Art Photography

400 N. College Ave. 970-224-1010

Trimble Court Artisans 118 Trimble Court 970-221-0051

Open daily. Featuring brothers Michael (master jeweler & woodworker) & Andrew Velez (precolumbian & landscape drawings) plus representing over 80 indigenous nations, (tribes) from the Amazon to the Arctic. Celebrating 25 years in 2013. Jewelry, paintings, furniture, basketry, sculptures, pottery, beadwork, weavings.

300 Main Street 970-542-3203

Art Center of Estes Park

Fort Collins Museum of Art

Yobel Marketplace

2528 B West Colorado Ave. 719-433-1318

2611 W. Colorado Ave. 719-434-8016

11 Old Town Square Suite 121- A 970-430-5113

Fine Print Collection

Velez Galleries

Earthen Artisan House

246 Pine St 970-221-1778

Centennial Galleries

Urban Cowgirl

Cucuru Gallery Cafe


2508 W. Colorado Avenue 719-632-7331 Established 1988 719-630-3710 | 888-NON-FAKE 2506 W. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs

517 Big Thompson Ave. 970-586-5882 423 W. Elkhorn Ave. 970-586-9203

141 E. Elkhorn Ave. 970-577-8100

148 W. Elkhorn Ave. 970-586-4392

GREELEY Greeley Public Art Programs

701 10th Ave. 970-350-9450

Max’ims of Greeley

2030 35th Avenue - Unit B Westlake Village Shopping Center 970-352-9341

Thunderbird Art Gallery

1309 East 16th Street 970-352-4397

Tointon Gallery for the Visual Arts 701 10th Ave. 970-350-9450

Colorado ArtSeen |

13 | Winter 2012-2013


702 S. Cascade Ave. 719-328-1412

Smokebrush Gallery

218 W. Colorado Ave, Ste. 111 719 444-1012

Dixie’s Tupperware Party Onstage at DCPA

Mountains SOUTH

Continued from page 6

rarely seen an actor ad lib and improvise as she does. After ten years of selling tupperware, a la Brownie Wise style, it’s safe to say Miss Dixie’s heard it all and answered every question in the book. By the way, Dixie applauds Brownie Wise as the victor ofTupperware products. It was she who took those stacks of plastics into her friend’s living rooms, calling them home parties a la Sara Coventry. Who’da ever thought those plastic bowls would rival costume jewelry, and skyrocket Wise onto the history pages of home

parties. She and her friends sold bazilions of forever plastics crowning Tupperware and Brownie the queen of a woman’s can’t-do-with-outkitchen-items. Stuttering, laughing, gum chewing, drinking wine, poking fun, engaging innocent audience participants is the uncut version of a top rated fun evening. The dialogue is clever and naughty and Dixie is without a doubt one of the funniest character actors on the stage today. In fact, I bought the party punch in a Berry Bliss tumbler and by golly, not a drop of


Canon Framing

414 Main Street 719-275-2251

Fremont Center for the Arts 505 Macon Street 719-275-2790

The Artist’s Gallery


27900 CR 319 at CMC 719-395-8372

Rock Run Gallery

902 South Main Street 719-221-9398

CRESTED BUTTE Alpenglow Gallery

Mountaineer Square Lodge 970-214-2917

Bella Art & Frame

366 2nd St. Ste. B 719-487-7691

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts 304 Colorado HWY 105 719-481-0475

617 East Main St. 719-784-3005

Business of Art Center

La Veta Fine Art Gallery

Art & Soul of Pueblo

Cherokees of Manitou

Pinon Hill Pottery, Clay Studio and Art Gallery

John Deaux Art Gallery

Shalawalla Gallery

401 Main Street 719-252-4512

513 Manitou Ave. 719-685-1861 351 Manitou AVE 719 685 3508

Commonwheel Artists Co-op

102 Cañon Ave. 719-685-1008

Duryea FineArt

1003 Manitou Avenue 303-763-1970

Eco Fine Art Chainsaw Carving & Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

210 S. Main St. 719-742-3115

A Street Gallery 719-586-1104

221 S. Union Ave. 719-545-8407

221 North Main St. 719-742-0213

107 W. Ryus Ave.

Spanish Peaks Art Council

132 W. Ryus Ave. 719-742-3074

Tims Art Quilt Retreat Center

1500 N. Santa Fe Ave.

Rayann Orr Studio/Gallery

5005 Thatcher Ave. 719-561-8556

Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center


16 Ruxton Ave. 720-226-4315

Fred Darpino Studio Gallery

934 Manitou Avenue 719-339-9788

Art by William Boddy

Garden of the Gods Trading Post

115 G St. 719-539-4801

Felt in Hand

324 Beckers Lane (800) 874-4515

126 ½ F Street 719-539-6382

Green Horse Gallery

Four Winds Gallery

729 Manitou Ave. 719-685-0636

118 F Street 719-539-6075

Mountain Living Studio

Gallery 150

741 Manitou Ave 719 685 0225

Navajo Gallery and Gifts

11 Arcade 800 727-2656

Rockey’s Storybook Art Studio

10-12 Canon Ave 719 685 9076

Ruxton’s Trading Post

22 Ruxton Avenue 719 685 9024

The Glass Blowers of Manitou

4 Canon Ave 719-685-1555

Tracy Miller Fine Art and Studio

16 Ruxton Avenue 719-536-9514

We strive to create Art that will be enjoyed for generations, with the lowest impact on the environment. Biodegradable, Earth-Friendly, Non-Toxic materials are applied in the creations of the chainsaw carvings.

Eco Fine Art Chainsaw Carving & Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Apple Shed Arts Complex & Gallery

250 South Grand Mesa Drive 970-856-7007 970-527-3249

Hinz Fine Art Studio

8966 2100 Road 970-835-3580

Hendricka Cegielski

41990 Cottonwood Creek 970-921-4300

Lamborn Art & Music Center 15521 Black Bridge Rd 970-361-7260

Lands End Sculpture Center 833 Hwy 133 970-527-4045

Living Farm Cafe & Market

120 Grand Avenue 970-527-3779 341 E. Main Street 970-424-3090

260 W Main 970-921-4527

446 Stahl Rd. 970 527 4308

30048 North Road 970-872-4505

The Green Cat

TRINIDAD A. R. Mitchell Museum 150 East Main St. 719-846-4224

14 | Winter 2012-2013

530 Grand Avenue 970-471-2849

Studio Bija

236 Grand Avenue 970-527-5400

Tara Miller Claywork

41342 O Road 970-527-6570

The Trout Store & More 285 East Bridge Street 970-872-1942

Munson’s Main St Gallery 260 W Main St 970-856-6070

GUNNISON Gunnison Arts Center

DURANGO Center of Southwest Studies-Fort Lewis College 1000 Rim Dr. 970-247-7456

102 South Main Street 970-641-4029

Durango Arts Center

124 N. Main 970-641-6111

Fort Lewis College Art Gallery

Gunnison Gallery

Turquoise Junction

Sackett and G Street 719-530-0933

Colorado ArtSeen |

Terra Firma Gallery 217 Grand Ave 970-527-3249

Rivendell Retreat & Art Studio

8046 W. U.S. 50 719-539-7848

Salida SteamPlant Event Center

Elisabethan Clothiers

310 2nd Street 970-349-5289

150 W. First St. 719-539-2971

Mountain Spirit Winery & Gallery

419 Manitou Ave. Manitou Springs

39126 Hwy 133 970-527-1110

Raku by Shekinah Clay

Rocky Mountain Frames & Trophies

124 G St. 719-530-0466

(719) 440-3405

Delicious Orchards

132 Elk Avenue 970-349-6484‎


210 N. Santa Fe Ave. 719-295-7200

Fare Bella Studio and Gallery

11491 3800 Rd. 970-527-3227

Safari Adventure Wildlife Art

Pueblo Art Guild & Gallery

419 Manitou Avenue 719-440-3405

Creekside Pottery

Paonia Peddler Gallery

Rijks Family Gallery Inc

Maria Lopez

105 W. Ryus Ave. 719-742-3795

165 W Bridge Street 970-872-4848

OH-Be-Joyful Gallery

232 Elk Avenue 970-349-5936



Creamery Arts Center

Misty Mountain Woodworking

Paragon Gallery


16764 Farmers Mine Road 970-390-4251

Center for the Arts Crested Butte 906 Sixth Street 970-349-7487

416 Main Street 719-345-4070


Celia Roberts Photography

Arkansas Valley Art Center

sweat on the outside and, the ice was perfect at the end of the evening. Dixie’s Tupperware Party is the real thing.

Blue Spruce Art & Antiques Sagebrush Gallery & Studio

Rocky Mountain Scrimshaw & Art



205 W. Main St. 719-784-1339

Azura Cellars Art Gallery

5474 County Road 112.8 719-589-2108


Firedworks Gallery

608 Main Street 800-241-3245

Dixie Longate in “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” Photo Credit: Bradford Rogne


228 N. Main Street 970-641-5033 125 B N. Main 970-641-3588

TELLURIDE Lucas Gallery 970-729-0561

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

130 East Colorado Avenue 970.728.3300

802 E. 2nd Ave. 970-259-2606

1000 Rim Dr./ (Art Building ) 970-247-7167

Image Counts Gallery

2053 N. Main Ave. 970-382-0055

Karyn Gabaldon Fine Arts 680 Main Ave. - Ste. C 970-247-9018

Open Shutter Gallery

735 Main Ave. 970-382-8355

Rain Dance Gallery

945 Main Ave. 970-375-2708

Sorrel Sky Gallery

870 Main Ave. 970-247-3555

Toh-Atin Gallery 145 W. 9th St. 970-247-8277

Mountains North ASPEN Aspen Art Gallery


228 S.Mill Street 970-544-6655

Knox Galleries at Beaver Creek

Aspen Art Museum 590 N Mill St 970-925-8050

Aspen Grove Fine Art

525 E Cooper Ave #105 970-925-5151

Baldwin Gallery 209 S. Galena St. 970-920-9797

Berko Photo

616 W. Main St. 970-925-3398

Betty Weiss

110 E. Hallam #109 970-925-2906

E.S. Lawrence Gallery

217 S. Galena Street 970-920-2922

Elliott Yeary Gallery

419 East Hyman Avenue 970-429-1111

Forre & Co

426 East Hyman Avenue 970-544-1607

Galerie Maximillian

602 E Cooper Ave. 970-925-6100

Gallery 212

525 E. Cooper Ave. Upstairs 970-925-7117

George Stranahan Photography

Felicia Studio Gallery

The Vickers Collection Market Square 61 Avondale Lane 970 845 7478

141 East Meadow Drive # 208 970 476 5619

Vickers Collection

430 East Cooper Ave 970 429 4297

Red Brick Center For The Arts

122 E. Meadow Dr 970.476.2400

Flying Dog Arts

100 East Meadow Drive, #17 970 476 2525 970-926-2529

Glenwood Center For the Arts 601 East 6th Street (970) 945-2414

Main Street Gallery / The Framer Glenwood Spgs.

817 Grand Avenue 970-945-4817

1676 County Road 100 970 922 1913


320 Main Street 970-963-9333‎

4618 County Road 113 970-945-7929


Altitude Fine Art Photography Gallery

Ann Korologos Gallery

211 Midland Avenue

107 N. Main 970-453-2192

40 Sunset Dr # 10A 970-927-0320

500 S Main St, 970-453-0450

Art Alive

174 Midland Avenue 970-927-4418

Mosher Pottery (By Appointment) 3410 C1/2 Rd. 970 434 9710

Wedel Pottery

3815 North River Rd (970) 464-7795

1030 Grand Avenue PO Box 1870 970 627 8111


STEAMBOAT SPRGS Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat 1009 Lincoln Ave 970-879-4744

Portfolio Collection

1016 Oak St. 888-879-3718

Red Contemporary Gallery / Sheraton

Sher­aton Steamboat Resort 2200 Village Inn Court 970-819-8994

Steamboat Art Company

903 Lincoln Ave. 970-879-5818

Steamboat Springs Arts Council Gallery 1001 13th Street 970-879-9008

Thomas D. Mangelsen 730 Lincoln Avenue 970-871-1822

Wild Horse Gallery of Steamboat

802 Lincoln Ave. 970-879-5515

WINTER PARK Nest. Artistic Home

63 Cooper Creek Square 970-726-1036

Winter Park Frameworks Gilpin County Arts Association 117 Eureka Street (Central City) 303-582-5952

78927 US Hwy 40 970-726-5656

100 Main Street 970-547-8399

231 Midland Avenue, # 201 970-927-1437

124 South Main St 970-453-2592

99 Midland Ave. 970-927-4123

Join us for an Art Opening

421 South Main 970-453-9500

When Art, Nature and Speed Collide Magic Happens… November 26th from 4–7pm

Fox Ridge Fine Art Glass Gallery


411 S Main St 970-547-8192


Jack Straw Mountain Gallery


Breckenridge Fine Art Gallery

Gary Soles

300 South Main 970-453-6826

Breckenridge Resort Chamber 203 S. Main Street PO Box 1909 888-251-2417

Around The Corner Art Gallery

Fred Harman Art Museum

Cori Ann’s Lithophanes

Pagosa Photography

Simpson Gallery

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts

211 Main Street 970-453-4020

The Museum of Collage

216 S. Mian St #3 970-631-6822

300 E Main St 970 249 4711

809 Grand Ave # 3 970-945-0809

Vail International Gallery

28 Juniper Ct. 970 963 3615

Wyly Community Art Center

The Canyon Gallery

Gallery 809

141 East Meadow Drive, #204 970-476-2900

Breckenridge Gallery

324 E Main St 970 249 1098

720 Cooper Avenue (970) 947-0947

Vail Fine Art

Toklat Gallery

221 N. San Juan Ave 970 4170539

Artist’s Mercantile

193 Gore Creek Drive 970-476-3570

Art on a Whim

447 East Main Street 970-249-4243


The Englishman

3069 Woody Creek Road 970 923 8535

Norm Clasen Photography


520 Main Street 970-256-9952

50 East Meadow Drive 970-476-4505

205 South Mill St., #211 970-920-3371

Valley Fine Art

Working Artists Gallery

Sabbia Talenti

520 South Third Street #9 970-963-1680

Lynn Goldsmith Gallery

213 South Mill Street 970-920-9193

1803 North 7th Street 970-243-7337


110 E. Hallam St. 970-429-2777

Royal Street Fine Art

Western Colorado Center for the Arts

953 S. Frontage Rd. West Suite 110 866-476-4172

CCAH Center for the Arts

422 East Cooper Avenue 970-925-5567

RavenHeart Gallery

507 Main Street 970-985-9649

100 East Meadow Drive 970-477-0600

Pismo Gallery at Vail

3623 F Rd. 970-464-1188

The Raw Canvas

Masters Gallery at Vail

633 North Bridge Drive 970-927-5091

Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

Planet Earth

119 W. 3rd St. 970.464.4819

524 Colorado Avenue 970-256-9630‎

158 Gore Creek Dr. #132 970-477- 4621

Aspen Colors Gallery & Studio

Wewer Keohane

(By Appointment) 970-242-9562

Gore Creek Gallery

A. Beadles Fine Art

Omnibus Posters and Fine Art

Jim Hutton Studio & Gallery


Galerie Zugar Vail

225 Main Street Building 970-963-3329

399 Main St 970-963-3775

Interiors Etc

223 Gore Creek Drive 970-476-1769


Roadside Gallery

433 E. Cooper Ave. 970-920-1313

Kentz Sculpting

158 Beaver Creek Plaza Avon, CO 81620 970 949 6036

Nugget Gallery

Pismo Gallery at Aspen

Kurtzman/Lintott Gallery & Hang Ups Custom Framing

602 Main Street 970-241-0818‎

Peak Fine Art Services

406 East Hopkins Avenue 970-925-1820

Blue Pig Gallery

Cogswell Gallery

Nelson Sculpture Studio

415 East Hyman Street 970-376-1340

100 E Meadow Dr #10 970-476-9350


Frame Depot

529 Bogart Lane 970-245-6999

Claggett/Rey Gallery

Paderewski Fine Art and Sportsman’s Gallery Ltd.

LivAspenArt Gallery

414 East Cooper Avenue Mall 970-544-0411

151 East Meadow Drive #209 970-476-4117

412 Main Street 970-245-7949

Keating Fine Art

315 South Galena Street 970-925-7042


Carrie Fell Gallery at Solaris

46 Avondale Lane 970-949-5564

Main Street Gallery/ The Framer Carbondale



85 Harman Park Drive 970-731-5785

Portiera Designs

480 San Juan St 970-264-3686

Teal Art Gallery

333 Bastille Dr 970-731-2766

262 Pagosa Street 817-944-4000

Colorado ArtSeen |

326 Main Street 970-453-1025

Gilpin County Arts Association is located across the street from the Central City Opera at 117 Eureka Street. This year our 67th season opens starting June 8th. We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Then July through mid-August Tuesday through Sunday. Our hours are noon till 6pm. Please visit our web site for more information about our historic location, customer and artist opportunities and other details.

Tony Newlin

15 | Winter 2012-2013

Featuring Auto Erotica by Craig Patterson Fine Jewelry by Laura Stearns Collection Fused Glass by Grand Glass, Jeannie Gillis Hand-blown Glass by April Hilton 63 Cooper Creek Square Winter Park, CO 80482 970-726-1036 •

Colorado ArtSeen |

16 | Winter 2012-2013

Colorado ArtSeen Winter 2012-2013  
Colorado ArtSeen Winter 2012-2013  

Bringing all art in Colorado into the public eye...