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All our trips are all inclusive: we include tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads for all our guests. All transportation is incorporated, including scenic flights on our Family Vacations on the Green River and Cataract Canyon trips.

5. All-inclusive:

Would you like more information on any of our trips? Call 800-332-2439 or visit to receive our Adventure Vacation Packet s$6$ITINERARYs$ETAILED)TINERARIES s!REA)NFORMATIONs4RAVEL4IPSs6ACATION3PECIALS s,ODGING)NFORMATION

Moab, Utah located on the Colorado River, is the premier multisport destination in the United States, and the “Adventure Capital� of the world. The town is nestled in a valley with the 12,000 foot La Sal Mountains on one end and the mighty Colorado River on the other. Within minutes of town are Deadhorse Point State Park, and Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Along with thousands of acres of BLM and Forest Service land to mountain bike, hike, four wheel drive, and of course river raft.

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4. High Quality: We provide the highest quality equipment, guides, and food on all of our river expeditions. We take pride in adding a “Touch of Class� to all aspects of our trips.

Holding to our environmentally responsible beliefs, we have send out a smaller version of our catalog. To get a larger 28-page catalog, please call us at 800-332-2439. Or email us at

3. Fun: Our fun-loving professional guides are the best in the business with an average of 10 years of experience. This is not just their summer job, it’s their life. Our guides not only live in Moab, but work and play on the river.

Our guides are professional, exceptional people with outstanding talents, who are eager to share their knowledge, and enjoyment of life in the outdoors. Rafting is their way of life, and it is their passion to share the adventure. All of our guides are licensed with extensive training, including Wilderness First Aid, CPR & River Rescue training. You may rest assured that they all have amazing outdoor skills, a commitment to the environment, leadership skills and a sharp sense of responsibility.

YAMPA RIVER 4 Days / 3 Nights !DULTS9OUTH   -AY   5 Days / 4 Nights Adults $1099 / Youth (10-16) $899 *UNE THE GATES OF LODORE – Green River 4 Days / 3 Nights !DULTS9OUTH   *UNE  s*ULY  SEA KAYAKING – Green River 5 Days / 4 Nights Adults $950 !UGs3EPT s/CT $50 discount for Tandem Sea kayak or bring your own FAMILY RIVER TRIPS – Green River 5 Days / 4 Nights Adults $1099 9OUTH  

-AYs*UNE    *ULY   s!UG  * Includes flight over the Green River!

2: Easy:

†Other dates come up throughout the season. Check

1. Safer: Our number one priority has always been the safety of our guests since 1971. We call it soft adventure, because it is soft on risk yet high on adventure.

All prices do not include tax or government user fees.

The scenery is unparalleled, from the ancient 1.7 billion year-old black rock formations in Westwater Canyon to the towering sandstone spires in Cataract Canyon and Canyonlands National Park. By choosing a rafting vacation you will discover the perfect escape. Experience the excitement of rushing whitewater or the calm serenity of the canyons, and enjoy a worry-free environment that brings families, friends and solo travelers together in perfect harmony.

We Make your trip‌

We take care of all the details to make your vacation easy. We can arrange lodging and additional activities. We also can assist in recommendations for itinerary ideas and points of interest in the area.

When you choose a rafting trip for your vacation, you will discover a unique sense of adventure and joy. The River gives you something you won’t find in any other vacation; relaxation, fun and some of the most beautiful views in the world.

LUXURY RIVER TRIPS CATARACT CANYON – Colorado FISHER TOWER FAMILY – Colorado n Cataract Canyon 6 Days/5 Nights, Oar Boat 2 Days /1 Night 5 Days /4 Nights Adults $1550 */ Youth (10-16) $1299* !DULTS9OUTH   !DULTS 9OUTH  

-AY s*UNEs*UNE3TILLWATER -AY s*UNE    3INGLE3UPs-AYs*UNE 4RIP s!UG    *ULY   *ULYs!UG 5 Days/4 Nights, Oar Boat 1 Day * Includes: 2 nights Lodging in Moab & !DULTS 9OUTH   !DULTS9OUTH   Scenic return flight over Canyonlands! !PRIL    s-AY   %VERYDAYFROM-AYn*ULY†*UNE   s*ULY     MOAB PACKAGED TOURS – Colorado – Green River Family Vacation – Majestic Canyons !UG   s3EPT   – Multisport Adventure, Cataract 5 Days /4 Nights /CT  5 Days /4 Nights Adults $2099* / Youth (5-16) $1899* 4 Days/3 Nights, Motorized J-Rig !DULTS

3INGLE3UPs*UNE Adults $1150* / Youth (10-16) $899* -AY  s*UNE    *Includes: 2 nights in Moab & !PRIL    s-AY    *ULY   *UNE   s*ULY     * Includes: 2 nights Lodging in Moab, all Scenic flight meals, Flight over Canyonlands, Sunset WOMEN ONLY ESCAPES: !UG    – Cataract Canyon, Colorado Hummer Tour, Canyoneering 3 Days/2 Nights, Motorized J-Rig 5 Days /4 Nights – Moab Adventure Vacation Adults $899* !DULTSs*ULY Westwater -AY  s*UNE    Includes Return Flight 4 Days /3 Nights *ULY   – Labyrinth Canyon by Sea Kayak Adults $899* * Includes scenic return flight over 5 Days /4 Nights Canyonlands National Park !PRIL   s-AY    !DULTSs3EPT WESTWATER CANYON – Colorado *UNE    s*ULY   $50 discount for Tandem Sea kayak 2 Days /1 Nights Aug. 11, 18, 25 !DULTS9OUTH   * Includes: 3 nights Lodging in Moab, all – Page Lambert’s River Writing -ARCHs!PRIL s-AY   meals, Westwater rafting, Sunset Hummer Journey – Cataract 6 Days /5 Nights *UNE s*ULY  s!UG  Tour, Mt. Bike tour, Canyoneering !DULTSs!UG 1 Day Adults !DULTSs%VERY4UESDAYâ€

What is “Touch of Class�? It means we provide more amenities and better service than any other outfitter. Our goal is to make you comfortable in the outdoors and to help you have the best vacation you have ever experienced. Your Vacation is the priority: whether you are a novice camper or a great outdoorsman, our goal is to help each guest enjoy the wonders of the river.


Deep within Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon is a perfect balance between serene floating, incredible hiking, and fast-moving rapids. 300 million years of rock history, abstract sculpted sandstone spires, and ancient Anasazi petroglyphs and granaries. Rapids begin half-way through the trip, and during high water (May through June) provide the biggest and most challenging whitewater in the U.S. In July the river drops and the rapids become more moderate, yet still exciting.


The Green River offers a variety of trips along its 730 mile journey from the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming to the confluence of the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. This historic River is a classic whitewater river trip: colorful cowboy, outlaw and Native American history, beautiful beaches and canyons and fun whitewater. We run three great stretches of the Green River: Gates of Lodore, Desolation Canyon and Labyrinth Canyon.

This is the last free-flowing river in the entire Colorado River drainage. In spring, the melting snow swells the narrow gorge creating unbridled rapids. Enjoy the solitude of a wilderness river; an experience truly off the beaten path. There’s time to explore side canyons and view ancient Native American rock art. More info:


The oarboat is the traditional raft on the Colorado River. This type of craft places you ‘up close and personal’ with the river and nature. It’s a pure wilderness river trip combining all the comforts needed to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy daily hikes up secret side canyons only accessible by river. This highly protected National Park provides impressive natural quiet and wildlife viewing.

Traveling by J-rig provides a stable and comfortable rafting experience. It is a larger raft, carries a few more amenities and is maneuvered by a quiet outboard motor. The exclusive design keeps passengers high and dry in the rapids. More room, more comfort, more fun. It is the best balance for time sensitive people who want to enjoy the remote canyon wilderness.

Length: 5 & 6 Days* Age: 10+* More info:

Length: 2, 3 & 4 Days* Age: 10+* More info:øn


Westwater Canyon is a classic; great whitewater, wonderful campsites, and good hikes, all in a remote wilderness canyon. The canyon is full of bird life ranging from bald eagles to great blue herons. Here the Colorado River is wild and free flowing, resulting in a variety of water levels. The rapids are created by billion-year-old black granite, which is then topped with striking redrock monuments. There’s one day of exciting rapids, with the other day or two spent playing in smaller rapids and slower waters. Length: 1, 2 & 3 Days* Age: 10+* More info:

The Green River Family trip through Desolation Canyon offers a chance for the whole family to escape. This trip offers exceptional bonding opportunities, fun whitewater, charming camp sites on sandy beaches, stunning geological features and ancient and recent western history. There is adventure time, quiet time, interaction and reflection time and lots of play time. It is the PERFECT family escape. Length: 5 Days* Age: 5+* More info:


The Gates of Lodore trip through Dinosaur National Monument is the ideal river vacation. It offers the perfect pace to for great hikes, exciting whitewater, beautiful beaches and colorful history. The river is fast paced with rapids throughout. The scenery is a combination of Rocky Mountain forest into the rugged beauty of the desert. Wildlife including deer, bighorn sheep, eagles, trout, and hawks can be seen around every bend. Length: 4 Days* Age: 8+* More info:

These trips are the only trips of their kind on the ColoradoRiver. Oversized tents, linen covered tables and gourmet meals make it easy to enjoy the outdoors, camping river style. More info:


This trip is a graceful float through a bounty of southwestern vistas & cliffs of redrock sandstone. We explore on foot some of the secret side canyons, looking for Indian ruins and traces of lost civilizations. Paddle a sleek touring kayak down the Green River where there are no rapids, just a tranquil current. Touring kayaks place you close to nature and the majesty of this canyon. Length: 5 Days* Age: 10+* More info:

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with spectacular women guides. Experience an adventurous sojourn into nature. The smells, sights, sounds and touches of the river and her canyons offer up the ultimate sense: the sense of Self. More info:

2014 Smaller Brochure  

Dates and Rates, whitewater rafting information and Moab Utah details.

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