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The Great Community Deal You will need some one in your corner and a real estate agent working in the capacity of a buyer's agent must do everything they can do to gain their client an advantage, so hire one. If you are determined to buy a home, take the time to find a good real estate agent and meet with a lender. Unless you have a bunch of money laying around, you'll need the lender for financing. The real estate agent is your person for everything else. Your first counseling session with them sets the stage for your relationship. Many loans that you could have gotten years ago are no longer around. They have been canceled and new loans with stricter guidelines have taken their place. Your mortgage lender is there to guide you from beginning to end on what it will take for you to get a loan and how much of a loan their company will be able to give you. To approve you for a loan, banks want to see credit scores, bank statements, credit history and more, so it helps to have a clean path for a lender to navigate. Mortgage lenders are there to help guide you through the loan process as well as teach you a bit about the process. If your credit rating is weak, they will advice you on things that you can do to correct various issues that may be dragging your scores down. Speak with your mortgage lender and find yourself a good real estate agent and together you can work on finding a house for you to buy. Including you, this trio makes up the larger part of the home buying team. Housing prices and interest rates are at a level that has not been seen for decades and most likely will not be seen once the economy recovers. Inventory has decreased so values are coming back up slowly and if one has the downpayment and the good credit it is a perfect time to take advantage of the current market. When you begin looking for a house, you will start on the Internet. It's a great place to start and can offer you a real good idea of what your home shopping dollar can get you in any given market. Look beyond the staging to the flow of the house. For those of you digging into the Internet for your next home, make sure to use the process of elimination as a way to narrow your search results. Find homes and neighborhoods that feel right to you and move in that direction. Too much of a good thing, probably is. Make sure to look at the overall area crime rates, schools, and retail centers as well as the house and neighborhood. Take good notes, get copies and set up a system to keep you organized. Pertaining to future selling objectives, try to buy a home that provides a good amount of area shopping, with retailers such as Target and Super Wal-Mart, fantastic dining establishments, taverns, fitness centers, banks, supermarkets, movies etc. Settings with these businesses do

well in the residential home market over and over again.If you haven't had this before, you may like it now. Many successful neighborhoods are on the ready with a dynamic community HOA with an abundance of get-togethers and events based around special occasions. Houses, Brokers And Your Neighborhood

The Great Community Deal  

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