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Juan amilo sanchez

Dangerous sports Today, Dangerous sports have been practiced by a lot of people in the world, but do you know these sports? Do you want to practice these sports? In this article you can find almost all answers dangerous sports are all representing some risk, people who practice these sports have had to be very brave because you can climb with all security norms but if you don’t climb with all security norms you could die, what sports is dangerous?. If you want to practice these sports, you should know about problems: Consider this practice as a physical hazard. A lot of adrenaline is involved. Normally, it is individual performance.

There are different kinds of dangerous sports. INERTIA SPORT: Street luge, Longboard, Grabity bike, Balineras’s car Inertia sports, the people can reach high speeds with only the force of gravity; you can develop a speed 110 and 120 km/h. Colombians have practiced the balinera’s race especially people from Medellin. FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS Today it is a big show, Robbie madison could jump 35 meters, any mistake at this point will be death, Colombia have two of the best of the world “tatan mejia” and pollo restrepo. Will you be able to ride motorcycle and to jump 35 meters?. PARKOUR It is the art of route, French people called Les parcours du combattant, and it is simple it is like a steeplechase, but the images talk itself. CONCLUSIONS The dangerous sports have been representing our adrenalin and greatest fears. But the men can surprise and do impossible things. The question is, can you overcome your fears?.


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