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Our P5 Christmas Play Our P5 show is called There’s something AMAZING going on. We started preforming on the 11th of December 2015 and we are performing it for our Mums and Dads today the 15th of December it is our last show . We even done it for the P6’s and 7’s on the 14th of December. It is a Nativity of the first Christmas with a bit of funny bits in it. Adele O’Dornan is a narrator. I am shepherd 1. We got to design the front cover of the program. If you saw it we hoped you enjoyed it! By Adele O’Dornan and Eireann McAleese THERE’S SOMETHING AMAZING GOING ON!! I am excited and nervous for my P5 performance. The audience is filling up. My parents are in the second row. I am a narrator and back stage props are being prepared and mics are being put on. Everyone is ready for the show! Later I have said my part and it went well. The show has ended and the parents are drinking tea and coffee, they are also eating mince pies and having a chat while we get changed into our uniforms. After that our parents are picking us up early. At two o ‘clock and in the car my parents said I was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY Ella Fleming P5 MG


I am very nervous today. All P5 children are doing a Christmas show, it is called THERE’S SOMETHING AMAZING GOING ON. I am narrator number 6. We have been working very hard and it will soon be the big day. We have already done it for our school. All the props have been prepared and mikes are ready. My mum, dad, granny and granda are coming to watch. Our performance is ready. I cannot wait to see what happens next. AMAZING!!!!!! BY Kerry Ferguson THERE’S SOMETHING AMAZING GOING ON IN P.5 TODAY…….. IN OUR CHRISTMAS SHOW,THERE’S SOMETHING AMAZING GOING ON. THERE ARE ANGELS,NARRATORS,HERODS COURT,ANIMALS,WISE MEN,SERVANTS,SHEPERDS AND MUCH MORE.THE STORY OF THE NATIVITY ALL STARTS WHEN MARY FINDS OUT THAT SHE WILL BEAR THE SON OF GOD.ANGELS COME TO MARY TO TELL HER ABOUT THE NEW BORN SON OF GOD.

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News@st joseph's christmas 2015  

News@st joseph's christmas 2015