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Year 4 Maths Trip to Carnfunnock I came into school feeling so happy because we were going on a trip to Carnfunnock Farm .We all got into groups and all got a leader to lead our groups. Then we got on a bus and when we got there we had a snack. I started of at the Amphitheatre we had to count how many bricks there were on the ground it was great fun. Next we went to the North Gate we had to fill in the missing squares it was hard .After that we went to the Flower Garden it was very tricky .We went to the Pergola and here we had to count the beams . Lastly we went to the Maze you could only go in and out the same way and most of us got lost. We had lunch on the picnic benches we could see the sea and fields. After lunch we all got to play in the park and it was great fun. Then we got onto the bus and went back to

By Ella Matthews.


Maths Week As part of Maths week Year 4 went to Carfunnock Farm on a bus. When we got there we had a snack. Then we got into our groups I was part of Mrs. Mc Alonan’s group with Conor, Dominic, Anais and Anna. We started at the North Gate. We had to count the squares and the triangles .After we got lost and wasted about twenty minutes. Finally we got to the Amphitheatre we looked at it and then moved on to the box hedge path and measured it. Next we went to Pergola counting the beams was hard but we did it. Next we went to the flower garden and counted the hedges. Then we went to the time garden there was a lot of maths and it was confusing but you had to shine a light on it. Next we went to the maze we had to stick with your leader but no one stuck with them. Everyone got lost and then we went to the playground it was the best.

By Josh Christie.

I left the school to go to Carnfunnock and I was in Mr McKenna’s group. In my group there was Ryiona, Grace, Jack and Dillon. I felt excited and happy. We got there in a bus and I sat beside Ryiona on the way there. When we got there we went into the maze then we did Maths in groups and we had our lunch. After that we went to the park. I had a really good time.

Adele Hope

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