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…Part of The Rest of The Story …I was on my way home already, in a real hurry I can tell. I really wanted to go home. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else but going home. However, since life is not all the time what you expect iti t to be, she called me. I stopped walk ing and said hi to her. After saying hi and asking me how I was doing after my illness and checking I was alright, she made up her mind and shot. “Marlon, I am looking for someone who can substitute for me on Friday. I cannot go to work that day so I need to get someone to take my class. Are you available?” As fast as I could I tried come up with some excuse to say no, but nothing came up, so I said yes. She got happy and I immediately tried not to think about that anymore.

She works at Instituto Musical Diego Echavarría, and when she tried to explain to me how to get there it was so difficult that I decided to postpon e learning the way to the school from her word. Googling the address would be a better idea and that’s what I did. The night before, (Thursday) I looked for the school’s address to get there next day morning. Within the information I found I even saw the phone number. I considered to phone , and I intended doing it but something happened and I just didn’t do it. Honestly, I just can’t stand thinking about absolutely anything that makes me feel bound to work during my free time. “My Free time is my free time, and working time is my free time, too! That’s my motto! And that’s why I didn’t call.

Friday. 7:00 am. I was driving to that school and when I got there by following the address I had found, everything started to go wrong. The school was no longer there. Holy cow! One person standing there sugges ted me to phone the school to see what had happened but when I did so, nobody answered. That was even worse. Neither school nor re al phone number! I was lost, late, cold, hungry and mad, and to add insults to the injury, I didn’t have Allison’s phone number and I was trying to avoid making the situation too public. Publicity wouldn't be good for any of us.

…blab, blab, blab… “OK, being very late to the school, having to explain the situation, and going in the classroom with holes in my socks, make the embarrassing rest of the story. So I won’t tell you that part. You already have enough material to practice”.

 Doing / do

 walking / to walk

 being / to be

 coming up / to come up

 thinking / to think

 thinking / to think

 postponing / to postpone

 phoning / to phone

 to phone / phoning

 do / doing

Embarrasing situation  
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