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Google +: Singer Tyler Collins Google + Tips Collins is a professional in the entertainment industry. A veteran of the music industry, she knows it well. She also studied psychology while in college. She became a professional music artist after college. She has written all of her own albums. She has collaborated on recordings with Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears and more. Tyler also developed a lullaby that was recorded with Disney. Among the a-list celebrities she has worked with, Jeffery Osborn is one of them. She is a vocal and performance coach for kids. She has taught various programs throughout california. She is in a constant search for new art outlets for kids. Her work with Prince is what lead her to her record deal with Warner bros. Still singing today she is a prominent artist. In 2011 she sang in New York. The Annual event of Racial Equality will feature a performance by Tyler among others. After 27 years of celebration the racial equality congress comes together again to make a special event happen. The event takes place each year in New York City. The event is one of the largest black tie events held in the country. Each year there are over 2,000 participants from all different backgrounds. In celebration of all of the achievements of Dr. King. Google + Tyler In previous years Laura Bush, the former first lady was a speaker at the event. Martin Scorsese, academy award winning film director has been among the guests listed. It is quite common for two or more individuals to share the same given name and family name. If you try to key in your complete name in Google or in Facebook for example, it will surely reveal several individuals who possess the same name as yours. This happens because parents don’t really fancy unique names because most of the time they pick a name that is presently popular. Finding out that you a person shares your name is bizarre and sometimes it confuses people especially when both of you are in proximity. Take for instance the name Tyler Collins which three separate individuals all share. Tyler Collins Entertainer—Music, TV, and Film Tyler Collins is a female songwriter and singer who rose to fame back in the year 1987. Her style consists of pop and adult contemporary music but she’s more famous for making R&B music. She was initially part of the group The Boys Next Door who was under the music label Work Records by Jermaine Jackson. After Work Records, she signed with RCA where she was able to release her debut album Girl’s Night Out. She co-wrote the lead single Whatcha Gonna Do which peaked at number 8 in the Billboard R&B charts. These days, Tyler Collins

is busy producing and composing music for television and film as well as for her fellow music artist. Tyler Collins—Member of the Major League in Baseball Tyler James Collins began his professional career when he was selected by the Detroit Tigers as an outfielder during the sixth round of 2011 MLB Collins, who stands 5’11 and weighs approximate 200 pounds initially played football in his high school during his freshman and senior years at Justin Northewest High School. However, his real interest is in baseball; as a matter of fact, he was playing both sports when he was in that school. Tyler Collins—Youth Pastor A follower of God’s teachings since he was a kid, Tyler Collins continued to serve God as a pastor and ministry professional in their church. He learned how to be a ministry professional by attending various religious schools and congregation. Currently, Tyler Collins is Hartford Federated Church where his responsibilities include building teen discipleship, planning of outreach and social activities, writing curriculum for the youth, and more. He is also very talented in the field of music and media. It would appear that the name Tyler or Collins is quite a common name. Although bearing the same name and surname, they are quite opposite as seen in their chosen careers.

Google +: Singer Tyler Collins  
Google +: Singer Tyler Collins  

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