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Student Government Association Executive Committee (EC) Meeting - Thursday, November 18, 2010 Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. at Spring Creek Campus G128. Present: Ricky, Sarah, Abril, Gaea, Cameron, George, and Debra Absent: Sandrine, Amy Approval of Minutes: • Motion to approve the minutes, Seconded by Senator Murillo. Unanimous. Officer Reports: Public relations a. Giveaway status • Slight change in giveaways George: ink of the pen is more purple than blue, so puts a slight delay because we will have samples to see how they look. • We could have silver pens with a black logo. • About a week for the sample pens. • Correction with PR • Backpacks: company wont have blue bags till Jan 15th • Stuff will arrive by mid Feb. • Gray bags with navy/black logo • Ask for discount because of delay. b. Banner update: • Submitted Tuesday • Waiting on response for actual cost • George is waiting on the quote Historian • Not present President of senate • Abril talked to Patrick, will look into the matter. • Vending machine wasn’t working and soda machine wasn’t working • Gathering signatures for the library tomorrow is the deadline. • Scc senators want to have a food/ toy drive

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Delivered Dec 11. : Need rice and beans Waiting on information Have senators raise food Potential dates: week before finals/ during finals Submit paperwork ASAP! Use facebook to promote the event Make a formal letter and ask grocery stores to ask for donations Have a box for collections in Debra’s office. Will not have time for the toy drive by the end of the semester Focus on the can drive. Prc senators want to have a movie night in December: “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, on the 17th at 6pm (Friday) MANDATORY Find a room Student life might have a popcorn machine People could bring own sleeping bags/etc. Maybe hot chocolate and cookies ($1.00) Theatre night event: spring? Ricky wants to increase the SGA budget. Abril wants to remove a senator because she is not attending events.

4. Secretary: Sarah asked if it is okay for pictures to be released on the facebook page. 5. Treasurer: • Expenses, negative amount, $14.90, budget • • • • • • •

Dec. 2nd meeting, have refreshments Gaea’s birthday. Invite senators to the general meetings Free water Finger sandwiches Brownies/ cookies 50 dollars max for food.

6. Vice-president • All veterans’ classes are held at PRC. • Classes start Jan 18th • Might be hard to have a big event in Feb. • What is the greatest need for veterans and how can we serve it with the event? • Contact Meredith (board of veterans committee) • Email Meredith: focus on veteran’s needs and families, etc. • Aim and direction for the event

• • •

Thank you benefit? Want to have this established by the end of the semester Try to set up a meeting with Ricky and Dustin with Meredith.

Officer nametags -Ordered for some more Contact list: updates • Copy Debra in the email • Brochures and photographs: forward to everyone, rija’s pictures • Get brochures done • Meet up with nick to have headshots done. New business: -Convention is Thursday April 7th – Sunday, April 10th • Feb. first have people selected • 15 or less people only • Mandatory event Award theme: “Hollywood legends” Entries for awards: • Student of the year (compiled) …figure out at next meeting • Chapter, advisor, video? • Song award – Leo • Maybe do scrapbook, • Community service award: MLK leadership luncheon (Gaea) • Poetry contest (get student body involved): Sarah is in charge • Contact: department heads for English, have done before winter break. • Simple, concrete and rhyming • Compete for the region • • • • • • • • • •

Nominations for schools Advisor of the year – Debra lamb (do visuals for most of these) Chapter of the year – TBD Scrapbook award: have senators and historian work on it. (Theme) Essay award: Ricky (veterans are living legends) (theme) Song award – Leo & George Video award: exec board (theme) Event award – Leo (last year: leadership luncheon) veterans award (Cameron) Student of the year – TBA Poetry (Sarah is in charge) (before spring semester starts) email professors – final deadline will be in Feb. (have awards to recognize the person who won)

Top 3 awards will need to be submit in regional conference (march 5th)

Next meeting: Dec 2 at 7pm Events MLK Breakfast • Brandy is in charge • Want to have student organizations involved • Date: Jan 15th • March at 11am • Breakfast at 8am • Mandatory General assembly • mandatory talk about in next meeting Community college day • 20 spots reserved • Feb. 2nd • Mandatory • Professional attire Fundraiser idea: hot chocolate and cookies 2 – 3 weeks beforehand the semester Maybe after finals

Spring planning meeting Spring SEM begins Jan 18th Jan 13th at 1 – 6pm @SCC Mandatory

Announcements Region 2-spring conference: We should be well prepared -Try to have conference center

• • •

Senate: movie night Student of the year: next meeting Ricky will establish deadlines for when things will be established

• Award entries: let senate know they will be involved Chapter of the year (everything we have done). have 2 -3 senators involved.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm

Sorry guys, I e-mailed them last week, but the e-mail did not go through! I am also sending the pictures we took with Rija Saleem.

- Sarah Dhaduk


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