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SGA Meeting 2 Saturday, August 14th, 2010 Annual Planning Meeting 1:15PM Ricky calls meeting to order at 1:31 pm Present: Ricky, Abril, Sandrine, Sarah, and Debra Abril makes a motion to approve minutes Sandrine seconds the minutes George: not an official officer helps with PR duties Leo: wants a fundraising scholarship for SGA - Will have to raise the funds ourselves, cant use budget we have - Abril should talk to senate - Amount should be around $500 (min) – annual. - Sell small items at large events. Abril has idea for senate: First week of school, applications are due. Friday of 1 st day of school. Special orders: - Constitution revision, we need to turn in a new copy to student life. - Number of senators needs to be revised. – We need fewer senators this time. - Having too many senators is bad, bringing down, First motion: Abril moves to make a change: Previous: 1 senator per 1000 students enrolled. Article 8, p.03 part B. Change to 1 senator for every 2 – 5000 senators enrolled. Ricky discusses the motion. No questions. Motion is moved and second by Sandrine Motion is passed. #2 revision Potential of campus chair section: Now: campus would select them Section 8.04 A Want to change to: have the campus chair selected by the executive committee. “I move that we modify section 8.04A and have the campus chair selected by the current Executive Board.”

Sandrine asks why? Ricky: so we can have the better person for the job. Motion: has been moved by Abril. Second by Sarah. Unanimous motion carried. #3. Officer requirements (Section 5.01) Change to. Officer has a second chance to raise their GPA back up to 2.5. (Probationary semester period) Discussion: Add: Collin College academics probation or suspension. “Add a 1 semester probationary period to raise GPA to 2.5 overall if an officer is below it. As long as they are not on Collin academic probation or suspension.” Abril makes a motion, Sarah second Motion carried. _____ PR office is open. George Santibanez should be appointed. Abril: I move to appoint George to PR office. Motion carried. Unfinished business - Student life registration packet - New student orientation: senate applications were handed out. - 8/18 @ SCC at 12. - 8/20 @scc at 12 – 12:45 (Friday) -Region 2 presidency  East Field College holding a parliamentary procedure.  Change from Matt to Ricky (other colleges know now)  Teleconference meeting with the other colleges.  1. Region wide service event team (giving back to the troops) Our event ideas: - Speaker “Mr. enthusiasm” - 3 part


SLA students and student organizations Working in groups and teamwork/ leadership Potential date: September 23rd – (12 – 5PM) Thursday Promote the event Organized event

- Point of info by Debra -Consider having the event later on (maybe oct), schedule an appointment and prepare for the event. Constitution day – Friday sept 17th (11 – 2PM) @atrium SCC Science fair trifle. (look into a topic) Arizona Immigration topic for research. POI: have something Texas related. --- Generate ideas for the parliamentary procedure meetings Hear more from next meeting (big idea) How will we conduct that meeting? Everyone is a member, even if they’re enrolled in one class. They are a part of SGA. So we have to get that information out to the students. _James Nunn. Parliamentary procedure meeting. Ricky liked the speaker at east field. Kim brown Fundraisers: multiple dates from Leo (obtain later) -Potential service events: 1. Idea of unified service event. 2. Holiday season: toy drive 3. Support of troops ESL – school (Plano east)  Talk to students about college  Pep talk for college  Region liked that idea.  Getting high school students ready for college, especially native language students. VOICE events - Christina Garcia is president for that - Very active - Political events – wants SGA to be involved. - October 13 - Something to be involved with

Photos: - Schedule the SGA pictures (higher education center) - Individual and group pictures - Follow up with dates. POI: update bulletin board. -

Take a LOT of pictures for every event Scrapbook for the state event


PR advertising strategies: Focus less on individual pictures Have 2 group picks Exec board and senates Email and website info Mission statement “We are the voice that makes a difference”

-Facebook page updates. - Sarah in charge of facebook page. Text messaging service: *** Important - Collecting phone numbers at the new student orientation. - Looking for systems right now. - On website Senate training/ inductions: Plan when meetings are schedule. Senators: informal training session and then formal event later on. - Extra credit when attending events - Leadership event for speaker. - Informal training for senators: Sept 15th - Official induction ceremony: TBA. Dates for events - Speaker events: TBA - General assembly meeting: mid October 17 – 23rd - Fundraiser events TBA - Leadership Luncheon (spring - March and invite region) - State: April *Fun social event (send ideas to Ricky by Aug. 21st) Everyone send Debra class schedule for fall

Next potential meetings: Aug 31st at 7PM. Thursday September 14th at 7PM Tuesday September 30th at 7PM Thursday October 19th at 7PM Tuesday November 2nd at 7PM Tuesday November 18th at 7PM Thursday December 2nd at 7PM Thursday *Announcements: Aug 28 – Lions club carwash Assignments: photos to finalize dates Attire for clothes for photos: black suit, white shirt, and blue scarf/ tie. Meeting Adjourned at 4:07PM