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Student Government Association Executive Board Meeting Minutes for June 3rd, 2009 I.

Sign-In Sheet Secretary, Jacob Kartunov made sure that the quorum has been approved.


Call to order President Shirin Tavakoli called the meeting to order at 10:00 am


Reading of Agenda The agenda was read by Secretary Jacob Kartunov


Approval of Agenda. The agenda was approved by President Shirin


Welcome by president elect President-elect, Mathew Garza welcomed SGA officers and gave a speech. He emphasized on teamwork and helping each other. He stated any concerns over decisions that SGA makes should be brought to the attention of whole team, no side-talk or criticisms and no gossip. If officers want to discuss something in SGA meeting, contact Secretary Jacob to put in the item on agenda. Keep President informed of anything related to SGA.

SGA body President Shirin explained what SGA is composed of. A. Executive team Composed of 8 people (president, pres.-elect, secretary, vice pres, treasurer, Historian, P.R, and senate chair)-Primary advisor, secondary advisor B. Senate 3 for each campus (SCC, PRC, CPC) - the chairman is senate chair C. Committees 6-8 people; each has chair person that is from executive committee and is appointed by the President of SGA.


Constitution Revision President Shirin and President-elect Mathew will clean up, revise and fix constitution although no amendments will be made. Advisor Lamb stated to make any major changes go through Linda Gates.


How the SGA meeting is run Robert’s rules of order training session will be headed later by student life. You must send an agenda item at least a week before the meeting to Secretary Jacob and we will get back to you if it is approved or not. Information subjects will have no debate unless someone makes a motion. On discussion items the floor is open to all officers and members to discuss. VP Elly Vera will make sure if rules of order is followed in meetings; talk to her if any problems. Agenda will be sent two days prior to the meeting. After meeting within a week secretary Jacob will send minutes out.


Officer Training A. Pres-elect Will be involved with other schools in region II and will keep communication between other schools and will get us registered for TJCSGA; will keep us informed with region th meetings. First region II meeting will be on June 12 and as President-elect stated it will

be a conference call. He may participate as Collin College representative for other schools’ events. He will be the President next year. B. Vice-president Will preside over meeting if President Shirin is absent; will make sure if Robert’s rule of order is followed in SGA meeting and will manage SGA communication strategy (invitations, e-mail, and posters' content). Vice-president will also make all room reservations for SGA events. C. Treasurer Treasurer will keep records of all transactions and receipts. Any purchases by officers that need to be reimbursed will go to the Treasurer. He will give a budget report in every meeting. Any posters/fliers that need funds talk to Treasurer Leo Santibanez after his approval it will go to President Shirin. All the transactions should be signed by Treasurer, President and Advisor. Advisor Lamb stated to make sure that you have tax free card. The college will not reimburse tax. D. Secretary Will take minutes, creates the meeting agenda as approved by the President and will send the agenda two days prior to the meeting. Secretary will reserve rooms only for SGA executive board meetings. Minutes should be sent within a week to all the officers. E. Historian Historian will take pictures of SGA moments. Should attend all general meetings and executive meetings; take videos in case is needed. The style/decoration of events will be directed by historian. If Historian Sally Sarir can’t make it to an event she must get someone else to take her place to take/record photos. She will be in charge of SGA scrapbook. F. P.R. Main job is to communicate with students and let them know that SGA exists. Will email student body, orgs, and advisors and will check SGA account e-mail on regular basis. We will have SGA brochure and business card designed by P.R officer very soon.


Logo and Banner President Shirin suggested not making any major changes to logo. P.R officer George Santibanez agreed with the President and suggested leaving the logo as it is since it will save money and time. President Shirin suggested having another banner. The board decides to hold off on deciding to purchase another banner until the treasurer reports the budget and spending on advertisement. The board passed to keep the same logo.


Orientation A. Brochures/Bookmark P.R officer George and Vice President Ellie will work on bookmarks and brochures for the orientation B. General Info about orientation was There will be ten orientations: June 17th 11:15-11:45; July 28th PRC, 30th SCC, Aug 1st SCC, 6th PRC, 11th CPC, and Aug 19th SCC will be most important one. Ideas for June 17th: give aways, hand outs, hoola-hoop contest, games and raffle; have a “wheel of fortune”

For June 17th: Treasurer Leo, Pres-elect Mathew and President Shirin will be at table. Historian Sally will take care of decorations and will have a summer theme. President Shirin will try to get popcorn machine from Linda Gates.


Website Updates A. What will be updated President Shirin suggested putting a welcome page on home page. P.R. George wants to makes website more interactive and resourceful and add more links. He will make bios shorter for webpage and will make information/documents more public online. Any addition/ suggestions please talk to P.R officer George.


The use of images and templates SGA sponsoring a child President Shirin had a meeting with Dean Austin who wants us to be involved in community services. Dean Austin suggested SGA to sponsor a child through world vision. President Shirin will be directing this. The board agreed on doing this. Treasurer Leo suggested doing more interactive community service in SGA.


Senators and Senate Chair election A. Date of election Executive board will handle appointment of senators and senate chair. There will be an election in which we will have senators come for an interview. B. Flyer for Recruiting President Shirin suggested changing the senate application and make it more specific. The board came up with some questions in the meeting. P.R officer will send the complete form to the officers after its approved by President.


SGA voting member Some members don’t have the right to vote and this will be amended in our constitution in a proper manner.


Personal Bio All bios were given to President Shirin.


Quotes Discussion With the approval of executive board this item will be discussed in future meetings.


Advisor meeting with board Advisor met with the executive committee and talked to officers. She said all the officers will enjoy their experience. President Shirin is the primary student contact so communication will be through her, and keep her informed of what’s going on.


T-shirt size T-shirt sizes were given to President Shirin for SGA officer t-shirts.


Professional picture for bulletin board and website Historian Sally Contacted Lupita Tinnen, she introduced her to Nick Young, the college photographer. She will arrange a date with photographer.


SGA Events A. Suggested by president President Shirin passed around events suggested by her



Suggested by officers Will be discussed in next executive board meeting

SGA calendar SGA will have a calendar of all our events on website as soon as they are discussed and approved


Announcements info A. Orientation th Tasks were given out for the first one on June 17 B. President Circle Society event on June 4th President Shirin, P.R. officer George and Historian Sally will be attending this event.


Recap action items Adjourn President Shirin adjourned the meeting at 12:56pm