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Student Government Association General Member Meeting - Thursday, April 14, 2011 Chair entertained the motion to approved the orders of the day. So moved by Cameron Woolley. Seconded by Lacy SoRelle. Meeting was called to order at 6:44 p.m. at Spring Creek Campus C103. Attendees Present: Ricky Alvarado, President Cameron Rodriguez, Vice President Gaea Ferrer, Treasurer Abril Murillo, President of the Senate George Santibanez, Public Relations Sandrine Tshimbulutendu, Historian Amy Throop, Advisor

Approval of Minutes: • Motion to amend the “Robyn” to “Robin.” Motion carried. • The chair entertained a motion to suspend the reading of the minutes indefinitely and approve the April 5, 2011 minutes as corrected. So moved by Yusra Habeen. Seconded by Cameron Woolley. Motion carried.

Officer Reports: • Public Relations’ report given by Public Relations Officer Santibanez. • PR will upload the resolution and minutes on the website ( • On the website, you can view the Song of the Year and Media of the Year. • Historian’s Report given by Historian Sandrine Tshimbulutendu. No report. • Vice President’s report given by Vice President Rodriguez. No report. • President of Senate’s report given by Senator Murillo. • Earth Day - April 20th at PRC at the Quad from 1pm to 3pm • Met with the director with the Library to keep the library open until midnight during exam week but was unable to do so. • Treasurer’s report given by Treasurer Ferrer. • As of April 14, 2011, the SGA Account has a balance of $2,187.15.

Unfinished Business: New Business • Candidate Presentations • Public Relations Officer - Sandrine Tshimbulutendu and Shabana Kuraishi • President of Senate - Sarah Perez • Treasurer - Myka Ferrer • Historian - Luise R. Kosso Toho (Gisele) • Vice President - Lacy SoRelle • President - Cameron Woolley

• Press Release • Press Release will be sent out to Collin PR for SGA’s accomplishments at State Convention. • 1st Place - Media of the Year • 1st Place - Video • Debra Lamb as the recipient of the Joel Franke Memorial Advisor of the Year • Presented State Resolution • Official Collin SGA Stance • Due to the poll from the students, where 83% are oppose to HB 1167, Collin SGA took the stance to oppose to any legislation that allow handguns on college campuses. • Letters to Our Legislators • We will be working on letter for our legislator to vote against any legislation that allow handguns on college campuses.

Announcements • Voting will start on Monday, April 18th. • Board of Trustees Meetings on April 26th and May 24th. Chair entairtained a motion to adjourn. So moved by Sarah Perez. Seconded by Lacy SoRelle. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm. All of the minutes are true and correct to my knowledge. Sincerely, Gaea Ferrer


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