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Student Government Association Executive Committee (EC) Meeting - Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Meeting was called to order at 6:52 p.m. at Spring Creek Campus G212. Attendees Present: Ricky Alvarado, President Cameron Rodriguez, Vice President Gaea Ferrer, Treasurer Abril Murillo, President of the Senate George Santibanez, Public Relations Sandrine Tshimbulutendu, Historian Heidi Nguyen, Senator Robin Tumax, Senator Cameron Woolley, Member Sarah Perez, Senator Yusra Jabeen, Senator Debra Lamb, Advisor Amy Throop, Advisors Kerry Byrnes, Advisor Pamela Sawyer, Advisor

Approval of Minutes: • The chair entertained a motion to suspend the reading of the minutes indefinitely and approve the April 5, 2011 minutes as written. So moved by Abril Murillo. Seconded by George Santibanez. Motion carried.

Officer Reports: • Public Relations’ report given by Public Relations Officer Santibanez. • Survey Update - had 569 results and helped get the resolution on the floor • Banner Update - Received a proof from our banner order. Italicize the mission statement, increase the size of “website” and “email,” and remove the word “mission,” remove quotations and add period in the mission • President of Senate’s report given by Senator Murillo. • Earth Day - April 20th at PRC at the Quad from 1pm to 3pm • Treasurer’s report given by Treasurer Ferrer. No Report. • Vice President’s report given by Vice President Rodriguez. No Report. • Historian’s Report given by Historian Sandrine Tshimbulutendu. No Report.

Unfinished Business: • Student Life Awards Photos • Abril sent photos to Jovonna. • HB 1167 • Chair entertain motion to amend our stance and add “senate bill 354 and/or any further legislation permitting concealed handguns on college campuses.” So moved by Abril Murillo. Seconded by George Santibanez. Motion Carried. • Save the date - April 26th and May 24th Board Meeting

New Business • Press Release • Will send out a press release about our accomplishment with a link to the state resolutions • Tabled during the General Assembly • General Assembly at 6:30pm at C103 • Officers and Senators need to be there by 5:30 • Chair entertained the motion to open up nominations for Secretary, Historian, Public Relations, and President of the Senate, other positions will remain close, furthermore any other applications will remain unchanged. So moved by Gaea Ferrer. Seconded by George Santibanez. Motion carried. • Need to make copies of minutes and agenda, sign in, and table tents for the general assembly • George will send out flyers for the General Assembly. • Order of events

Announcements • Be at the General Assembly at 5:30 pm and dressed professionally. Motion to adjourn by Gaea Ferrer. Seconded by Sandrine Tshimbulutendu. Motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm. All of the minutes are true and correct to my knowledge. Sincerely, Gaea Ferrer