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Student Government Association Executive Committee (EC) Meeting - Thursday, January 13, 2011 Meeting was called to order at 1:18 p.m. at Spring Creek Campus BB218. Attendees Present: Ricky Alvarado, President Cameron Rodriguez, Vice President George Santibanez, Public Relations Abril Murrillo, President of the Senate Gaea Ferrer, Treasurer Amy Throop, Advisor Debra Lamb, Advisor Absent: Sarah Dhaduk, Secretary Sandrine Tshimbulutendu, Historian

Approval of Minutes: • Tabled approval for next meeting.

Officer Reports: • Public Relations’ report given by Public Relations Officer Santibanez. We received our giveaways, which includes pens, padfolio, water bottles, and backpacks. Santibanez will keep inventory of our giveaways. • Historian’s report given by President Alvarado. Please send pictures from SGA events to Sandrine for the scrapbook. • President of Senate’s report given by Senator Murrillo. Senators will be attending Community College day and MLK. Has the list of senators for convention. • Secretary’s report given by President Alvarado. No report. • Treasurer’s report given by Treasurer Ferrer. There was a correction on budget, the giveaways costed $1379.75 not $1375.75. The transaction was corrected and the budget was adjusted accordingly • Vice President report given by Vice President Rodriguez. No Report.

Unfinished Business: • TJCSGA Convention is on Thursday, April 7th to Sunday, April 10th • We discussed attendees. Selection is still pending and will be decided before the end of next week

• Motion to approve $250 for Awards ($200 for scrapbook and video, and $50 for folders and supplies) expenses by Treasurer Ferrer. Seconded by Public Relations Officer Santibanez. Recess for 15 minutes at 2:15 pm. Meeting reconvene at 2:30 pm

New Business • Running for TJCSGA Office - Tabled for discussion next meeting. • Executive Committee Meetings - Meetings will be held on Tuesdays and Thursday at 7 pm. • February 2 during Community College Day • February 15 • March 8 • March 29 • April 5 • April 19 • May 3 • May 17 • MLK Power Breakfast and Unity Walk (January 15)- Breakfast starts at 8:30 at Southfork Hotel off of Central and 15th. • Travel Training Meeting - There is a travel training meeting on January 24th at 3pm at G212 with Political Science Club. If you have not attended a travel meeting, it is imperative you make this meeting. • Community College Day (February 2) - Turn in your packets as soon as possible! • Veteran’s Service Event - Ricky and Cameron will meet up with Dr. Martin to plan the Veteran’s Service Event. We plan to have the event on March 24th, time and location TBA. • Love is Louder Co-Op - SGA will work with Active Minds with their upcoming. The events will take place at all 3 campuses on February. • New officers - EC will keep an eye out for students who would like to get involved next year. • According to Article 5 Section 1 Item E in the SGA Constitution, we are allowed to have a secondary treasurer and a secondary secretary. We will be adding 2 new officer positions as secondary Treasurer and secondary Secretary. • Elections - As part of the general assembly, we will have each candidates introduce themselves and present their platforms for their elections. • Election Deadlines • Applications available on March 7th at all 3 campuses and online • Application deadline on March 21 due at Student Life office • General assembly on April 14 • Elections Open April 15-21

• Election Results April 25 will be posted • Dual Officer Meeting 3rd and May 17th • SGA Website Updates - Public Relations Officer Santibanez will update the calendar and post deadlines and upcoming dates after approval from Student Life. • Awards Updates - The deadline for awards is April 1. • Student of the Year - Treasurer Ferrer is working on a brief outline for Student of the Year and will check with Debra regarding past submissions. • Chapter of the Year - Yusra has updated Senator Murillo and will contact the other 2 senators for their materials. • Advisor of the Year - Vice President Rodriguez will work with President Alvarado on the advisor of the year. He will check with Debra regarding past submissions. • Essay award - President Alvarado will check with Debra regarding past submissions. Essay award will need to incorporate Community Service Project and best event. • Song award - Leo will be working with students and professors in the music department. He has asked professors to conduct a song contest for the lyrics that best • Poetry award - Secretary Dhaduk will work with Professor Yarborough and Cristina Garcia for the Poetry award. • Scrapbook - The Senate brainstormed for ideas, and will have something conclusive by their next meeting. • Video - The Senate has been working on the script and is going through some revisions and will be sent to the advisors for approval.

Announcements • Next meeting will on February 2 during Community College Day on the bus.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45. All of the minutes are true and correct to my knowledge. Sincerely, Gaea Ferrer