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History and Geography

Primary History

Virtual Geography

Explore a wide range of historical periods and topics with resources that will help children discover what life was really like with eye-catching illustrations of everyday life.

Easily demonstrate geographical concepts on three main themes: weather and landscapes, people and places, and environmental issues.

Invaders 978-0-00-746401-2


Victorians 978-0-00-746403-6


Britain Since 1948 978-0-00-746400-5


Aztecs 978-0-00-746399-2


Tudors 978-0-00-746402-9


Ancient Greece 978-0-00-746398-5


Collins Primary History Engaging full-colour resources covering four key periods of World History that help develop information retrieval skills through a variety of activities. Ancient Greece 978-0-00-315451-1 Ancient Egypt 978-0-00-315452-8 Explorers 1450-1550 978-0-00-313812-2

£14.50 £14.50 £14.50

Invaders: The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings 978-0-00-313819-1 £14.50

Virtual Geography CD-ROM 978-0-00-719873-3

£165.00 + VAT

Virtual World Help children to understand and create maps and atlases with amazing world facts, figures, games and activities. Virtual World CD-ROM 978-0-00-778189-8

£143.75 + VAT

World Watch A carefully structured geography course, divided into units covering physical, human and environmental geography with a good balance between skills, places and themes. World Watch Pupil Book 1 978-0-00-315470-2


World Watch Pupil Book 2 978-0-00-315471-9


World Watch Pupil Book 3 978-0-00-315472-6


World Watch Pupil Book 4 978-0-00-315473-3


Virtual History Encourage children to think like historians, developing investigative and analytical skills as well as historical knowledge with a range of simulations and activities such as what was life like in Victorian times. The Complete Series 978-0-00-722161-5

£225.00 + VAT

The Tudors CD-ROM 978-0-00-722159-2

£65.00 + VAT

The Victorians and 20th Century Britain CD-ROM 978-0-00-722157-8 £65.00 + VAT The Egyptians and Ancient Greeks CD-ROM 978-0-00-722155-4 £65.00 + VAT

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