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jelly jelly jellies

noun 1 a clear, sweet food eaten as a dessert. 2 a type of clear, set jam. I like mint jelly with roast lamb.

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jellyfish jellyfishes noun a sea animal with a clear, soft body

and tentacles that may sting.

jerk jerks jerking jerked verb 1 If you jerk something, you give it a sudden, sharp pull. 2 If something jerks, it moves suddenly and sharply.

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jersey jerseys noun a knitted garment for the upper half of the body.

jet jets noun 1 an aeroplane that can fly very fast. 2 a rush of air, steam or liquid that is forced out under pressure.


jetty jetties noun a wide stone wall or wooden platform at the edge of the sea or a river, where boats can be moored.

Jew Jews noun a person who practises the religion

jingle jingles noun 1 a short, catchy phrase or rhy with music, used to advertise somet 2 a gentle ringing sound.

job jobs noun 1 the work that someone does earn money. 2 anything that has to be done.

jockey jockeys noun someone who rides a horse in

joey joeys noun a young kangaroo.

jog jogs jogging jogged verb 1 If you jog, you run slowly, ofte for exercise. 2 If you jog something, you knock it slightly so that it shakes or moves. jogger noun

jogging noun

join joins joining joined verb 1 If you join a club, you become

a member of it. 2 When two things join, or when on joins another, they come together. join in verb 3 If you join in an activi take part in it. Synonyms: (sense 2) connect, link

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