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torch torches a small electric light carried in the hand and powered by batteries. [from Old French torche meaning “handful of twisted straw”, which was set on fire and held up to provide light]


the past tense of tear.

torment torments tormenting tormented NOUN 1 great pain or unhappiness. VERB 2 If something torments you, it causes you great unhappiness. 3 If someone torments you, they keep deliberately annoying you.

torn VERB

NOUN 1 the n several num VERB 2 If you together to f ADJECTIVE 3 c

toucan touc

tore VERB

total totals t

a large tropical bird with a large, colourful be


touch touch the past participle of tear.

tornado tornadoes or tornados a violent storm with strong circular winds around a funnel-shaped cloud.


torpedo torpedoes torpedoing torpedoed NOUN 1

a tube-shaped bomb that travels

If you fingers or ha


2 When two

contact. 3 If somethin

emotions. Th Your b


f l thi

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