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Dictionaries for ages 6-7 Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary ● Assist children in choosing the right word with clear

barn barn barns NOUN A barn is a large building where a farmer stores hay and other crops.

definitions of each headword and synonyms shown in context. ● Build vocabulary with full sentence definitions, child-

friendly example sentences, colourful illustrations and photographs, colour headwords and an A–Z on every page.

NOUN 2 A bat is also a a mouse with leather night, and sleep hang VERB 3 If you are batt having a turn at hitti bat in cricket, baseba

bath baths NOUN A bath is a con is big enough to sit or can wash yourself all

barrel barrels A barrel is a large wooden, metal or plastic container for holding liquids. NOUN

barrier barriers NOUN A barrier is something like a fence or wall, that stops people getting past.

base bases 1 The base is the bottom of something. 2 Number bases are a whole pattern of counting. A base ten counting system uses units, tens and hundreds. NOUN NOUN

basement basements

bathroom bathroom NOUN The bathroom the bath or shower is.

battery batteries NOUN A battery is an electric power. There a for things like watche batteries for torches.

battle battles NOUN A battle is a fig forces, on land, at sea

bawl bawls, bawling, VERB If a child is baw very loudly and angr

Collins Junior Illustrated Thesaurus ● Build confidence and writing skills with example

sentences for every synonym. ● Improve vocabulary with antonyms, picture pages

and word lists. ● Increase understanding of each word with full


Collins Rhyming Dictionary ● A lively reference tool packed with rhymes for

over 190 key sounds and spelling patterns, as well as lots of ideas for writing your own amazing rhymes. ● Entries are arranged alphabetically, with each

entry providing a wide variety of rhyming words.


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