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Collins Dictionaries

Age 2-3

Early Years Dictionaries Collins First Picture Dictionary ●

A colourful dictionary that teaches very young children simple word and picture association, with simple illustrations that support every word to help children read and learn.

Each page spread contains a selection of common everyday words, grouped in familiar themes with bold, colourful illustrations.

Let’s play in the garden lawnmower





watering can

Collins ABC Dictionary ●

Help young learners build their vocabulary and recognise whole words with colourful humorous pictures. Build understanding, with examples of how every word is used in a sentence with engaging pictures to share and talk about.

N O P Q R S T U V W X Y n o p q r s t u v w x y television



Let’s all watch television.

That toast looks very tasty.

The train chugs along the track.




Poor dog has hurt his thumb. Ouch!

Sam can touch his toes. Can you?

Look who is stuc in the tree!

An alphabet on every page helps children learn how to look for and find words.


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Up to date resources for teaching and learning, helping motivate children across the ability range - from strugglers to the most able.

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