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Collins Primary Literacy

Age 4-11




Collins Primary Literacy Series Editor: Kay Hiatt

Collins Primary Literacy is a whole school literacy programme with full planning support, clear differentiation and fully integrated assessment and software.

Support every child with three clear levels of differentiation in all components to help you cater for the range of abilities and classroom management.

Grab pupils’ attention with multimedia warm-ups, fantastic interactive texts, and planning and writing frames with prepared examples where children can apply and develop their writing skills.

A Anyone could pick up the teacher’s guide id d and present an excellent lesson that follows the framework. Normally this would mean that the scheme would be prescriptive, but with careful thought and a good measure of differentiation included, Collins Primary Literacy can be extended or dipped into very effectively. Primary Choice Magazin Magazine ne (now Teach Prima mary ry y) Primary)

Identify learning needs, and track progress across the lesson, term and year with built-in assessment opportunities. Save planning and preparation time with at-a-glance lesson plans that also come as fully editable Word documents.


Free online: collinsprimaryliteracy APP Matching Charts Mixed age planning resources Northern Ireland Matching Chart Scottish Matching Chart Welsh Matching Chart

For more information visit: om

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Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

Up to date resources for teaching and learning, helping motivate children across the ability range - from strugglers to the most able.

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