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Collins Primary Focus

Age 4-11

Handwriting ●

Introduce, practise, reinforce and progress handwriting skills with this practical, photocopiable step-by-step programme.

Progress handwriting skills from the introduction of fine motor movements, through precursive and cursive styles at KS1, to different handwriting styles, calligraphy and links to computer fonts at KS2.

Detailed teaching notes in the introduction support development of key handwriting skills and provide ideas for whole-class, guided or group sessions.


Letter joins Name

Extensive opportunities to practise letter joins to develop a cursive style. Date

¡[h ªc[h Practise these letter joins by writing the words in the box.

Think about this!

Remember to Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check! When you have finished, write each word three more times on another sheet of paper.

ªc[l]a¡[h ¶h[u¡[h ¡[h]a[l[l ¡[«¨e[t ¡[«e[l[l ¡[h]ow ¡[l]oã[h ¶wi¡[h ªc[h]a[t ªc[«e¡[t ªc[h[i]c[„ ªc[h[i[n ¶i[n]c[h ¶i[t]c[h ¶m[u]c[h ¶p[i[n]c[h Write all of the words that have the ¡[h letter join.

Write all of the words that have the ªc[h letter join.

How did Brilliant! you do?


I need another try.

Sample from Handwriting Book 2

Build confidence with self-assessment opportunities.

Also available as non-photocopiable workbooks


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