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Spelling ●

Encourage the development of good spelling across all areas of the curriculum with practical and effective teaching ideas.

Help children remember key spelling rules by investigating how they work.

Enable children to consolidate spelling knowledge and broaden their vocabulary through building a personal dictionary using write-in Word Books.

Additional Practice Books, perfect for use at home or in the classroom, reinforce each spelling rule with a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ excercise.



Adding -y

What happens when you add -y to a word? For most words just add -y. sleep sleepy For words ending in -e, take off the final -e and add -y. laze lazy After a short vowel sound, double the final consonant and add -y. fur furry

Getting started 1. Add -y to each root word in the box, and write the new words. chill ice

grump noise bend fun nut mess run grease

shine snap

2. Copy and complete these sentences. Use a word you made in Question 1 to fill each gap. a) The car skidded on the ___________ road. b) The film was very ___________. c) The ___________ man moaned about the noise. d) The boys were asked to tidy their ___________ room. 16

Sample from Spelling Pupil Book 1


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