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Collins Primary Focus

Age 6-11

Grammar and Punctuation ●

Develop children’s knowledge and understanding of essential grammar and punctuation skills with extensive practice and consolidation activities.

Save time with comprehensive teaching notes for every unit, including learning objectives, background information and definitions, and an ‘in-context’ activity to introduce each concept. Unit


Now try these

Adjectives (1)

1. Copy these sentences. 1 Leave out the adjectives. The first one has been done to help you. a) The brave knight fought the fiery dragon.

An adjective is a describing word. Adjectives give us more information about nouns. Adjectives make sentences more interesting.

The dragon came out of the cave.

We can improve this sentence by adding some adjectives.

b) The mighty wind ripped up the old tree. c) Some green racing cars sped along the wide track. d) Where have the gigantic dinosaurs gone? e) The small, wooden boat was tossed about by the rough sea. f) A strange little man with a pointed hat sang a sad song.

The fearsome, fiery dragon came out of the huge, dark cave.

2. Copy these sentences. 2 Put in some adjectives to make the sentences more interesting. The first one has been done to help you.

Getting started Choose the best adjective to fill each gap.

a) The dog ate the bone.

1. The __________ beggar wore __________ clothes. (poor, bright, dirty, new)

b) The boy climbed the tree. d) The girl went out on her bike.

2. The __________ giant lives in an __________ castle. (ugly, cold, old, blue)

c) A burglar forced the door open. e) The house was in the woods.

3. The __________ girl ate a __________ apple. (purple, little, juicy, hairy) 4. The __________ lady smiled as she sat on the __________ bench. (wooden, cheerful, red, rubber) 5. The __________ cat chased the __________ mouse. (fat, dry, noisy, tiny) 6. The __________ monster had a __________ nose. (wobbly, long, strange, metal) 7. The __________ clown tripped over his __________ boots. (funny, thin, heavy, big) 8. A __________ hedgehog walked up the __________ path. (narrow, high, prickly, quiet)

Practise your punctuation P Punctuate the sentences in this story correctly. Each time you come to the adjective nice, replace it E with a more interesting word. w ssaturday was a nice day youssef dressed in some nice clothes he called for alice she lived in a nice house n they went for a nice walk in the park youssef bought th a nice drink alice bought a nice ball they played on the swings and had a nice time th 13


Sample S Sam ple l ffrom rom G Grammar rammar a and nd dP Punctuation nct ation i P Pupil pil il B Book ookk 2

Simple introductions provided for each grammar concept.

A punctuation activity provides further practice of the grammar concept while establishing clear links between grammar and punctuation.


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