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– challenging themes to facilitate sustained comprehension


Non-Fiction Three Weird Days and a Meteorite

A Time-Traveller’s Guide to the Future

Judy Allen Odd things are happening. First a meteorite strikes, then the garden starts sinking ...

Isabel Thomas Take a closer look at the amazing changes the future may hold. 978-0-00-742835-9



What If We Run Out of Oil?

Ally Kennen Tomorrow is Linnie’s birthday, and all she wants is to see the bore.

Nick Hunter What impact is our use of oil having on the environment?



The Football Shirt

Virginia Hall

Cathy MacPhail When Ross sees a football shirt pinned to a tree, he can’t resist taking it.

Adrian Bradbury Follow the true story of a young American spy as she bravely aids the French Resistance.



Beneath the Waves Harriet Goodwin and Leon Rosselson Joe, struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death, finds himself drawn into a spooky legend.

Becoming an Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle What’s it like to be one of Britain’s greatest gymnasts?



The House Across the Quaggy

Swimming the Dream

Chris Powling There’s something mysterious about the big, old house across the river.

Ellie Simmonds Find out Paralympian Ellie’s story of professional swimming and living with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. 978-0-00-742838-0


Wild Cat

The Tour de France

Berlie Doherty Catrin hears a distant, eerie howl from the nearby mountain – a wild cat.

Sean Callery Find out how the Tour began, what stages are involved and what prizes can be won.




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