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Band 14 Ruby – develop skills of inference and deduction Fiction



How to be a Tudor

Julia Jarman The tale of a young Tudor boy as he stows away on the Golden Hind.

Scoular Anderson Find out all about Tudor monarchs, homes, food and much more.



Gathering in the Days

Extreme Sports

Gareth Owen A wonderful collection of poems about childhood by award-winning poet Gareth Owen.

Adrian Bradbury Find out the dangers people face in extreme sports.



Sophie’s Rules


Keith West This play sensitively tackles the issue of bullying.

Steve Alton Find out all about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


Flash Harriet and the Mystery of the Fiendish Footprints


Karen Wallace Flash Harriet, the famous girl detective, is back and on the trail of a new crime.

Scoular Anderson From the battle ground to building roads – find out the real facts to Roman living.



The Gargling Gorilla

Oceans Alive

Margaret Mahy A boy agrees to pet-sit for his neighbour.

Angie Belcher What lies under the ocean? Why are oceans important?

How to be a Roman



Flash Harriet and the Missing Ostrich Eggs

Karen Wallace

Andy Rowland

The Footballing Frog T

Where Do You Live?

A Jungman Ann A selfish prince rues the day he breaks a promise tto the frog who rescued his football.

Janice Vale Meet children from all over the globe and learn where they live.

978-0-00-723087-7 9


Black Holes B

F Flash Harriet and the Missing Ostrich Eggs

Anna Claybourne A What is a black hole? Where do they come W ffrom? What do they do?

K Karen Wallace Flash Harriet has a problem - the ostrich eggs at a nearby farm are being stolen. e


978-0-00-746543-9 9

Surgery Through Time S

Jaws and Claws and Things With Wings J s

Anne Rooney A Learn about the journey surgery has made. L

Valerie Bloom A poetry collection inspired by the strange and wonderful creatures of the natural world. w 978-0-00-746539-2 9 PLAY

978-0-00-746541-5 9


Tiddalick the Thirsty Frog T Mark Carthew M Tiddalick was the biggest frog in the entire! T

Short Pants Kath Locke What happens when too many people try to help?

978-0-00-722876-8 9

978-0-00-722865-2 PLAY PLAY


The Billy-Goats Tough T

Edel Wignell Bendemolena has a message to deliver.

T O’Brien Tim A host of characters feature in this ffairytale play.


978-0-00-722863-8 9


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