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Hercules: Superhero Diane Redmond Young Hercules is challenged by the King to carry out seven labours. 978-0-00-718638-9

Fabulous Creatures – Are They Real?

Collins Big Cat

Band 11 Lime – longer sentence structures and literary language

Scoular Anderson Giant squid, the minotaur, and the Yeti – did they really exist? 978-0-00-718639-6

The Monster under the Bed Kevin Dyer When Ben finds a monster under his bed he has an idea – the two swap identities for the day, with hilarious results!

Blood Martin Bolod What is blood? How does it help us? How does it travel around the body? 978-0-00-733621-0


Think Again!

Cloud Forest

Geraldine McCaughrean A humorous tale inspired by creation myths from a variety of cultures.

Nic Bishop A fascinating introduction to one of the world’s most beautiful and mystifying types of forest.



Tig in the Dumps Michaela Morgan School Book Character day is coming up and Tig is worried as his mum has found him a frilly Little Boy Blue outfit.

Where on Earth? Scoular Anderson Learn about many of the great explorers, and some lesser known ones.



The Amazing Adventures of Batbird

Building High

Jane Clarke Dunkan the duck is driving his family and friends mad with his superhero antics.

Maggie Freeman This book focuses on the fascinating business of using scaffolding – from its earliest origins to the present day. 978-0-00-718642-6


Charles Dickens The Porridge Pincher David Wood A fun rhyming play based on the classic fairytale.

Jim Eldridge Discover the life of Dickens, from his childhood working in a factory to starting his writing career.



Oliver Hilary McKay A wonderful retelling of the classic Charles Dickens tale. 978-0-00-746209-4

Plague and Fire Richard Platt Learn about London’s plague in 1665 and the Great Fire the following year and how the city survived. 978-0-00-746211-7


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Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

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