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Collins Big Cat

Band 10 White – more complex sentences and figurative language Fiction Buzz and Bingo in the Starry Sky Alan Durant Buzz and Bingo find themselves in Outer Space trying to help a lost alien find its parents.

Non-Fiction Is There Anyone Out There? Nic Bishop Are we alone in the universe? Find out about spacecraft sent to other planets in the search for alien life. 978-0-00-718635-8




David Wood Will this hilarious retelling of the traditional fairytale, as a rhyming play by dramatist David Wood, end happily ever after?

Dr Andrew Ross Explore the extraordinary world of fossils; find out how they’re formed, where to find them and how to identify them.



The Sneezles

Antarctica: Land of the Penguins

Jeremy Strong Mysterious green clouds arrive in a fairytale kingdom, bringing an outbreak of mayhem and sneezing.

Jonathan and Angela Scott The beauty of Antarctica and its penguin population is brought to life.



Class Six and the Very Big Rabbit

Rally Challenge

Martin Waddell It’s just a normal lesson on a normal day at school, except Mrs Bennett has turned into a very big rabbit. 978-0-00-718629-7

Andy and Angie Belcher One of New Zealand’s foremost adventure photographers takes on the New Zealand Targa Rally. 978-0-00-718632-7

Tiger’s Tale

The Camel Fair

Michaela Morgan One day Tiger accidentally gets locked in the library over a holiday!

Wendy Cooling Learn about the spectacular Pushkar Camel Fair in Northern India.



I Never Know How Poems Start

Your Senses

Michael Rosen Inspiration for poetry can come from anywhere – a memory, an insight and even broccoli!

Sally Morgan Look at each of our senses in turn and learn how they work and why they are so important.



A Christmas Carol Penny Dolan A retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic novel. 978-0-00-746205-6

Why Can’t Humans Fly? Sarah Fleming Find out how animals are designed for their habitats, and discover the role that evolution has played. 978-0-00-746207-0


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