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Pirate Party

How to be a Pirate

Scoular Anderson It was Pirate Captain Codspawn’s birthday. But what was his birthday surprise?

Scoular Anderson So you want to be a pirate? This book shows you how in 10 easy stages.



Escape from the Island

Buried Treasure

Michael Butt As five friends paddle around the bay in their dinghy, none of them see a storm coming until it’s too late.

Juliet Kerrigan Have you ever gone looking for buried treasure? Find out all about being an archaeologist.



Peter and the Wolf

How to be a Knight

Diane Redmond An exciting playscript retelling of Prokofieff’s classic tale.

Scoular Anderson So you want to be a knight? Here is everything you need to know, from being a page to being knighted.


Collins Big Cat

Band 9 Gold – stories with distinctive characters


Buzz and Bingo in the Fairytale Forest

How Does it Work?

Alan Durant When Buzz and Bingo went down to the woods one day, they got a big surprise!

Gill Matthews and Sylvia Karavis Have you ever wondered how a friction car, a yo-yo or a kaleidoscope works?



The Woman who Fooled the Fairies

Swimming with Dolphins

Rose Impey The fairies loved a woman’s cakes so much, they decided to steal her!

Andy and Angie Belcher Join a young girl on the adventure of a lifetime as she swims with dolphins off the coast of New Zealand.



Pet Detectives: The Ball Burglary

Ice Cream!

Jana Hunter The Pet Detective has his work cut out when his favourite football goes missing.

Sue Graves Find out lots of fascinating facts about ice cream and its history in this mouthwatering book.



Mountain Mona

Animal Ancestors

Vivian French Mona the goat is good at growing sunflowers. But when she meets a big, fierce lion, Mona finds out she’s good at something else too!

Jon Hughes Can you imagine a world with giant earth moles and whales that could walk?


Brilliant Bridges

I’m Growing a Truck in the Garden

Kay Barnham Bridges come in all different shapes and sizes. How were bridges made in the past? How do they work?

Kenn Nesbitt A collection of weird and wonderful poems. 978-0-00-746200-1



China's Terracotta Army

Catching Flies June Crebbin A beautiful poetry book exploring the themes of wildlife, the seasons and life’s simple pleasures.

Juliet Kerrigan Learn about the army of over 6,000 terracotta warriors in the tomb of the First Emperor of China. 978-0-00-746203-2



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