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Band 8 Purple – literary language with some challenging vocabulary Fiction


Star Boy’s Surprise

Let’s Go To Mars!

Jana Hunter Star Boy lived all alone on a star, with only his robot, Ace, for company.

Janice Marriott Written in the style of a travel brochure for Mars.



Twinkle, Twinkle, Firefly John Agard and Grace Nichols A wonderful anthology of poetry by awardwinning poets John Agard and Grace Nichols. 978-0-00-733614-2

Chicken Licken Jeremy Strong The sky is falling down, fears Chicken Licken – or is it just an acorn?

Inside the Puppet Theatre Claire Llewellyn Take a trip inside the Little Angel Theatre and meet Ronnie the puppeteer. 978-0-00-733615-9

Living Dinosaurs


Jonathan and Angela Scott Ever wondered why the dinosaurs didn’t survive? 978-0-00-718673-0

Hector and the Cello

Were They Real?

Ros Asquith Hector the Hippo longs to play the cello. Follow his search for a teacher who won’t growl or hiss at him!

Scoular Anderson You’ve heard of Robin Hood, Boudicca and Count Dracula, but did these people really exist?



Buzz and Bingo in the Monster Maze Alan Durant One moonlit night, Buzz and his dog Bingo find a sign pointing to a Monster Party. 978-0-00-718617-4

Unusual Traditions John McIlwain All around the world, people take part in traditions that might seem unusual, but are actually great fun. 978-0-00-718614-3

Pet Detectives: Tortoise Trouble Jana Hunter The Pet Detective faces a special challenge when Kara’s pet tortoise, Rocket, goes missing. 978-0-00-718622-8

The Pot of Gold Julia Donaldson Bonny and Sandy are always arguing. Then a little man comes to stay and it looks as though their luck might be changing. 978-0-00-718696-9

Pacific Island Scrapbook Andy and Angie Belcher This book provides a scrapbook of mementoes from a visit to the Pacific island of Vanuatu. 978-0-00-718619-8

How to Draw Cartoons Ros Asquith Ros Asquith helps you to illustrate your own cartoons – with help from Trixie Tempest and others. 978-0-00-718697-6

Harry the Clever Spider on Holiday Julia Jarman When Clare and her family go on holiday, she is not allowed to take her pet spider Harry with her… … 978-0-00-746180-6

The Digestive System Harriet Blackford We know we all need to eat, but why do we need to and where does it go? 978-0-00-746198-1

If Mij Kelly Using the influence of Rudyard Kipling’s “If”, this book explores living in a world filled with monstrous people. 978-0-00-746185-1

Captain Scott: Journey to the South Pole Adrian Bradbury One hundred years ago, the explorer Captain Scott wanted to be the first person to reach the South Pole. 978-0-00-746199-8


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