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Worm Looks for Lunch

Spines, Stings and Teeth

Julia Donaldson Worm is fed up with earth for lunch and goes looking for something more exciting.

Andy and Angie Belcher What dangers do animals that live underwater face and how do they stay safe from harm?


Collins Big Cat

Band 5 Green – patterned language and varied characters


Too Hot To Stop! Steve Webb The desert is too hot to stand still, so Hoppit and his friends keep moving. 978-0-00-733608-1

I’ve Just Had a Bright Idea! Scoular Anderson Find out all about inventors and their amazing inventions. 978-0-00-733609-8

Ella the Superstar Ian Whybrow Ella is a superstar baby, but how did she become a star? 978-0-00-718681-5

Crunch and Munch Nora Sands This recipe book is all you need to make some great healthy meals that are fun too. 978-0-00-718665-5

Jodie the Juggler Vivian French Mum isn’t keen on Jodie’s juggling because he keeps breaking things. 978-0-00-718598-6

Nick Butterworth: Making Books Nick Butterworth Author Nick Butterworth shows us how he works, from the first spark of an idea to the published book. 978-0-00-718595-5

I Want a Pet! Kaye Umansky When you go to the Strange Pet Shop, there’s no knowing what bizarre animals you’ll find there.

Big Cat Babies Jonathan and Angela Scott Stunning photography introduces Africa’s big cats and their babies.



The Magic Pen

A Day at the Eden Project

Hiawyn Oram Mr Big is big and normal-sized things are just that little bit too small for him.

Kate Petty A young girl and her friend visit the Eden Project in Cornwall.



Scary Hair

Super Sculptures

Ian Whybrow Rex is a kind dinosaur who just wants to give animals super haircuts, but his dad has other ideas.

Tasha Pym Take a look at some of the most fascinating sculptures ever made. 978-0-00-718686-0


The King of the Forest Saviour Pirotta A fox was having a nap when a tiger leapt out at him. Could the fox use his cunning to save his own life?

Seahorses Mara Bergman Follow the life cycle of the seahorse – from its birth to finding a mate and breeding. 978-0-00-746191-2

Olympic Heroes


Wellies Steve Webb Wally the penguin makes all sorts of wellies – red ones, yellow ones, fish ones and star ones..

Jillian Powell Find out which athletes have overcome racial inequality, illness and disabilities to earn their medals. 978-0-00-746190-5



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Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

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