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The Beach T

Shapes on the Seashore

A Alison Hawes This is a story of a journey to the seaside, T and what the children see on the way. a

Frances Ridley A boy and his mother go for a walk along the seashore and find all sorts of shapes.

978-0-00-718547-4 9


The Magic Egg T Vivian French When a hungry boy wishes for an egg he W gets a surprise – a magic egg that makes g everything he wishes for come true. e 978-0-00-732918-2 9

Collins Big Cat

Band 2A Red A – offer predictable text with familiar objects and actions

How to Make a Sock Puppet Jillian Powell Get an old sock, some glue, marker pens and material to make your own frog or snake hand puppet. 978-0-00-732919-9

Have You Ever? H Tasha Pym What better way to explore your imagination W tthan through sight, touch, taste and sound. 978-0-00-718654-9 9

Weather Report Alison Hawes A fascinating and informative insight into the world outside the classroom window. 978-0-00-718655-6

Tec and the Cake T Tony Mitton Tec the detective follows the crumbs to find T out who ate the cake. o 978-0-00-718545-0 9

In the Dark Claire Llewellyn What happens in the neighbourhood when it is dark? 978-0-00-718552-8

Tec and the Hole T Tony Mitton Tec the detective has found a hole in the T ground – but who dug it? g 978-0-00-718554-2 9

What’s Inside? Monica Hughes What’s inside a nut? What’s inside a pod? What’s inside you and me? 978-0-00-718542-9

A Day Out C Claire Llewellyn Bill went for a walk. He went over a river, up B a hill and into a wood – followed by a hungry bear who wanted his lunch! b

Up, Up and Away

978-0-00-718555-9 9


Cat and Dog Play Hide and Seek C S Shoo Rayner Shoo Rayner’s comic duo play hide and seek, S with hilarious consequences, in this lively story.. w 978-0-00-718660-0 9

Sue Graves Follow the red balloon on its journey through the sky in this non-fiction book.

My Bike Ride Maoliosa Kelly This simple non-fiction text recounts a girl’s journey by bicycle using symbols, maps and directions. 978-0-00-718661-7

A Night at the Gallery P Paul Shipton Something strange is happening in the S gallery, as piece by piece the clothes from g one painting move to other images. o 978-0-00-741284-6 9

Animal Coats Claire Llewellyn When it rains, we put on a raincoat. Animals have coats to protect themselves, too. 978-0-00-741286-0

Best Bird B L Laura Hambleton Owl thinks he is the best at everything, but O he keeps meeting other birds who are better h tthan him. 978-0-00-741285-3 9

World of Football Daniel Nunn Everyone can play football, anywhere in the world! Find out what you need to play the game and where in the world it is played. 978-0-00-741287-7


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