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The Picnic T

Minibeasts M

M Monica Hughes The family have gone on a picnic, only for T ssome uninvited guests to arrive – wasps!

S Siobhan Hardy An introduction to lots of different A minibeasts. m

978-0-00-718539-9 9

978-0-00-718537-5 9

The Farmer’s Lunch T

My Family Tree M

P Paul Shipton The farmer’s hungry, but his lunchbox is T empty! e

Zoë Clarke Z Use this family tree to learn all about U one family, and discover how families are o cconnected.

978-0-00-732914-4 9

Collins Big Cat

Band 1A Pink A – offer emergent readers very simple text supported by illustrations

978-0-00-732915-1 9

IIn the Boat P Paul Shipton Who is in the boat? A hilarious counting W sstory about a mouse with a boat.

How Many Animals? H Lee Newman L This counting non-fiction book shows T photographs of animals. p

978-0-00-718646-4 9

978-0-00-718647-1 9

The Very Wet Dog T

Pushing and Pulling P

D Damian Harvey A little girl and her dad take the dog for a walk in the park. w

Monica Hughes M Different ways of pushing and pulling using D sswings, roundabouts and climbing frames.

978-0-00-718543-6 9

978-0-00-718541-2 9

IIn the Garden

Cars C

M Mitch Cronick What happens when Mum is in the garden W ttidying up, but the children just want to play? p

M Monica Hughes This book helps children identify different T ttypes of car by colour. 978-0-00-718558-0 9

978-0-00-718538-2 9

My Skateboard M

Dinosaur Rock D

Maoliosa Kelly M A boy prepares to go skateboarding with his friends at the local skateboard park. h

D Damian Harvey How many dinosaurs are there in the H dinosaur band? d

978-0-00-718536-8 9

978-0-00-718540-5 9

Shapes S P Paul Shipton It’s midnight, and the guinea pigs are not I iin their cage!

Monica Hughes M Explore the circles, squares, triangles, E sstars and hexagons which can be found in everyday objects. e

978-0-00-718648-8 9

978-0-00-718649-5 9

The Guinea Pigs T

Walking and Walking W A Anthony Robinson Follow this girl and her family as they take F a walk through changing landscapes and sseasons.

Getting Dressed G T Teresa Heapy Follow one girl as she gets dressed in F cclothes appropriate for the changing weather outside. w 978-0-00-741278-5

978-0-00-741276-1 9

Teeth T

Yum! Y Z Clarke Zoë One snail, two beetles, three worms, O ffour spiders and five flies – the frog eats tthem all.

Nick Arnold N Find out all about teeth: from baby teeth and F adult teeth to using them and cleaning them. a 978-0-00-741279-2 9

978-0-00-741277-8 9


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