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Band 0 Lilac – wordless books that tell stories or give information through pictures Fiction


Oh Dear Me, I’m Late For Tea! O

My Party

A Alison Hawes Granny’s race against the clock as she tries G tto get to her grandchild’s birthday tea.

Maoliosa Kelly This simple recount takes the reader to a party.

978-0-00-718530-6 9


Little Red Riding Hood L

How to make a Pizza

K Katharine McEwen A hairy, toothy surprise awaits her Little Red Riding Hood! R

Zoë Clarke Cooking can be fun and easy! Follow these simple photographic instructions.

978-0-00-732912-0 9


Stop That Robot! S A Alison Sage A boy who is supposed to be tidying his rroom enlists the help of a robot.

What am I? Maoliosa Kelly This non-fiction book looks at different professions. 978-0-00-718679-2

978-0-00-718678-5 9

Get the Fruit! G P Paul Shipton A pair of monkeys have their eye on a juicy llooking fruit hanging just out of reach.

Look Out, Butterfly! Nic Bishop Follow the butterfly on its journey from flower to flower. 978-0-00-718532-0

978-0-00-718529-0 9

Stripes Goldilocks and the Three Bears G B Barbara Mitchelhill This wordless version of the classic fairytale T ffeatures a rather naughty Goldilocks. 978-0-00-718531-3 9

Cat and Dog C S Shoo Rayner Cat and Dog love to chase each other, but C when one is in trouble, the other is sure to w help. h 978-0-00-718528-3 9

The Big Turnip T M Monica Hughes An old man tugs on a giant turnip, but A ccannot move it at all.

Monica Hughes Where do you see stripes around you? Do you see them on a zebra’s fur, or as shadows on the pavement? 978-0-00-718534-4

Carry Me Monica Hughes How do different animals carry their babies? Find out in this wordless book. 978-0-00-718535-1

How to Make a Scarecrow Kim Wilde Kim Wilde explains how to make a lively, colourful scarecrow. 978-0-00-718645-7

978-0-00-718644-0 9

This is Me!

The Frog Prince T

Charlotte Guillain It’s fun to draw your own portrait! Follow one girl as she shows you how.

C Chris Fisher When the princess drops her ball in the pond W sshe doesn’t expect a frog to bring it back.


978-0-00-741272-3 9

How to Make a Maraca!

The Pied Piper of Hamelin T

Susie Hodge Ever wanted to make a maraca? This step by step guide will show you how.

J Jane Ray The town of Hamelin is over-run with rats T but then the mysterious Pied Piper appears. b




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