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Collins Big Cat

Ages 3-7 – a love of reading right from the start Collins Big Cat is all about learning to love reading. For ages 3-7, the books are fun and engaging with stories and content that will have your pupils wanting to read more and more.

The books have a mix of familiar words and new vocabulary to ensure early readers utilise a range of reading strategies including phonics to build confidence, accuracy and fluency

So he did, and it took some courage. Oliver walked up to the fat man who gave out the gruel and he said, “Please sir, I want some more.”

They thought of selling him to the chimney sweeper who had accidentally killed three boys already by making them climb up chimneys with If Oliver had said, “Please sir, I want Mr Bumble stuffed and roasted with plenty of gravy,” there could not have been more fuss. Mr Bumble and all his helpers went wild with rage. They pushed

fires underneath. They thought of sending him to sea and hoping he would drown.

poor Oliver into the cellar while they thought

And then they thought of selling him to

about what to do with him.

Mr Sowerberry, and that’s what they did.



Sample pages from Oliver

The content was brilliant not only for guided reading sessions but also as early non-fiction finding out sessions. BRILLIANT! Leominster Infants School, Herefordshire


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