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Collins Big Cat

Collins Big Cat Phonic Readers

Pink A / Band 1A

Nip! Nip! Shoo Rayner It’s a game of hide and seek and Dad the crab is looking for Tim. 978-0-00-733096-6

In a Pit Jane Clarke Sid is sad because his dad is in a pit, but he comes up with a cunning plan to get him out. 978-0-00-733488-9

Pam Naps Helen Cunningham While Pam naps in her rocking chair, her cats cause havoc around her. 978-0-00-742190-9

Pink B / Band 1B

Rat Naps Paul Shipton Sid is a rat at the tip, and Rick the cat is on the look-out for some dinner. 978-0-00-733287-8

Sam and the Nut Sheryl Webster Sam the squirrel has seen a juicy looking nut at the top of a tree. 978-0-00-733499-5

No, Sid, No! Kate Scott When a cat climbs in through the window, Sid tries to chase the intruder away. 978-0-00-742192-3

Red A / Band 2A

Muck It Up! Jane Clarke When two frogs, Plip and Plop, muck up the pond, they decide to clean it up. 978-0-00-723583-4

Ant and Snail Paul Shipton Ant and Snail decide to have a race. 978-0-00-723584-1

Cat and Dog in a Mess Shoo Rayner When Cat and Dog play in the park, Dog gets into a mess. 978-0-00-723582-7

Puff the Pup Tony Mitton Puff the pup is digging a hole and finding lots of interesting things. 978-0-00-742194-7

Panda’s Band Laura Hambleton Panda wants to put together a band and share his music with others. 978-0-00-742195-4

Red B / Band 2B

The Mouse and the Monster Martin Waddell When a mouse meets a monster on the road, he needs to think fast. 978-0-00-723589-6

Bot on the Moon Shoo Rayner Bot, the golf-loving robot, is going for a trip in his rocket ship. 978-0-00-723588-9

We Are Not Fond of Rat! Emma Chichester Clark Poor Rat! No one wants to be his friend. 978-0-00-723590-2

Max Can Do It! Charlotte Raby Bee Rex the dinosaur loves to swing from the trees, but her brother can’t do it. 978-0-00-742198-5

Goat’s Coat Laura Hambleton Goat loves her red coat and Fox loves his spotty socks. 978-0-00-742199-2

Yellow / Band 3

Diggety Dog Michaela Morgan Diggety Dog is looking for a bone but he only seems to uncover trouble! 978-0-00-723595-7

Horse Up a Tree Martin Waddell When Horse went up a tree, he didn’t think about how to get down again. 978-0-00-723596-4

Bart the Shark Paul Shipton Bart the Shark is big and bad. Bart the Shark is feeling mad! 978-0-00-723594-0

The Singing Beetle Linda Strachan Poppy the beetle sings all day, but her singing isn’t very popular. 978-0-00-742202-9

I Spy Fly Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham The fly was hungry, and went to see what he could find. 978-0-00-742203-6

Blue / Band 4

Decodable Fiction

The Small Bun Martin Waddell A hungry man and his wife baked a small bun. 978-0-00-723601-5

Mole and the New Hole Jane Clarke Winter is coming and Mole is looking for a new hole to stay in. 978-0-00-723600-8

Hansel and Gretel Malachy Doyle Hansel and Gretel are left all alone in the Brown Wood. 978-0-00-723602-2

Catching the Moon Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham The King and Queen send their servants out to catch the moon. 978-0-00-742206-7

The Hat Maker and the Chimps Adam Guillain When The Hat Maker stops for a nap a group of chimps steal his hats. 978-0-00-742207-4


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