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Belair Early Years


Age 3-5


Belair Early Years Nurture early learning with a wealth of creative and practical ideas for learning through play ideal to support the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012. Twelve exciting books offer ideas across all areas of learning. ●

Tried-and-tested activities provide a flexible and non-prescriptive approach to working with children, with clear learning intentions provided for each topic.

Imaginative themes encourage children to play, explore and learn actively in the classroom and outdoors.

Language and Literacy


Choose a numeral and make a book about that number. • Draw a large numeral on the front cover. Inside, draw or

a set of • Provide construction equipment or linking cubes on a table or mat. Ask the children to make a model from a specific number of pieces, for example ten. Any pieces can be chosen, but the model must contain the correct number of pieces. Make a label for each model, showing who made it and what it is. Display the models with a sign saying ‘Look what we can make with 10 cubes!’

stick examples of that number of items. Add the children’s writing (or scribe for them). up a story orally with the children, using objects and • Make numeral cards as props, for example: ‘Mr Bear went to the shops to buy three apples. He chose three big, red apples and counted them into the bag, one, two, three.’

a range of musical instruments. Set up a class orchestra with groups • ofExplore children playing a particular instrument. Point to each group and show them a numeral card to tell them how many times to shake, blow or strike their instrument. Choose a confident child to take over as conductor.

Outside Our World

out a line of cones • Set with a spot card attached

a large batch of • Make pizza dough and give

to each one. Balance a light plastic toy on the top of each cone. Rinse and fill some squeezy bottles with water. Use the water to knock the toys off the cones, as in fairground shooting games. Give instructions such as ‘Knock the object off number five.’ How many toys can each child knock off with one bottle of water?

each child a chunk to flatten into a pizza shape. Help each child to spread the top with crushed tomato or tomato purée.

Home Links

out some cardboard apples or use • Cut plastic ones. Attach loops to the apples and hang to the lower branches of trees around the setting. Prepare some numeral cards. Ask a child to pick a card, then run and collect that number of apples from the tree. Use both red and green apples, and once a few children have had a turn ask questions such as: ‘How many red apples are on our tree today?’; ‘How many green ones?’ Extend the questioning to include such questions as: ‘How many would be left if one fell off?’

Photographs of real children’s work to illustrate potential learning outcomes.

Provide some separate bowls of toppings prepared with pictorial number cards that specify the amount of each topping that can be used, such as two slices of mushroom, three slices of cheese, four olives. The toppings need to be items that can be counted rather than a mass such as grated cheese.

the children to read the numeral • Encourage card and count out the required amount of

Ask parents or carers to:

• look out for numerals around the home

their child ‘How many?’ • ask questions frequently.

topping. Arrange the toppings on the pizza and bake. The children could take the pizza home to share.



Sample page from Number and Calculating

Extension activities to promote home-school links and involve parents.

“The Belair Early Years series covers a comprehensive range of innovative and creative activities across the curriculum. The ideas promote exciting learning opportunities through exploration whilst developing children’s skills through play.” Sarah Deas, Early Years Practitioner


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