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Collins Big Cat

How Collins Big Cat teaches reading Ensure precise, measurable progression to support the reading needs of every child – every book is levelled by reading expert Cliff Moon. With high quality illustrations and writing, a huge variety of genres, different book formats and text types, there is a wide choice to keep young minds excited about reading and wanting more.

Seahorses live in warm seas, along muddy shores or in reefs.

They change colour to hide from larger fish that may try to eat them. Seahorses need to hide from people too. 8


Sample pages from Seahorses

A 50/50 split of fiction and non-fiction to guarantee an engaging read for all the tastes in your classroom.

Sample pages from Brown Bear and Wilbur Wolf


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Collins Primary Catalogue 2013  

Up to date resources for teaching and learning, helping motivate children across the ability range - from strugglers to the most able.

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