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o one thought Princess Dew would ever walk again. The last time she entered the Icecream Roller-skate Derby she was seven years old. On the final lap, Dew was on the way to win when Princess Daylight bounced passed her. Princess Dew spun out of control and crashed into a barrier breaking her left leg. She had not skated since that day. However, she wanted to face her fear and decided to sign up for this year’s derby. She had a problem: her left leg was in a brace and she walked with a limp. Still, she decided to enter the race any way.


Princess Dew lived in the Rainbow Kingdom with her father, King Droplet, her mother, Queen Sunshine and her brother Prince Cloudy. She was ten years old. Her favourite shoes were her red ruby sneakers. Her skin was chocolate brown and her hair was black, curly and fluffy like cotton candy. When she smiled, her eyes sparkled as bright as glitter. Rainbow Kingdom had beautiful short trees everywhere. Some trees had jewelled flowers and smelled like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. There are daytime rainbows that have every possible colour and night-time rainbows that glow.


Every year the kingdom has an Ice-cream Roller-skate Derby. All the children would make their own skates for the derby. The skates were made of tongue twisters, rainbow cream, and most importantly ice. Dew asked her older cousin Princess Flower to help her make her skates.


Dew’s brother and his friends teased her. This made Princess Dew sad. “You would never win the race because of your slow coach leg!” shouted Prince Cloudy. “Don’t make a fool of yourself, limply!” teased Princess Daylight. Prince Cloudy was upset because he felt his parents gave Dew more attention than him especially after the accident. Even though her leg was hurt she still wanted to enter the derby. She just needed to practise twice as hard as everyone else. Despite the pain in her leg, she practiced and practiced until she was better at it.


The big day finally arrived! Prince Cloudy and his friends thought she would lose. The racers were ready. Princess Dew was nervous. “READY, SET, GO!” shouted the starter. Princess Dew had a poor start but soon caught up to Prince Cloudy and passed him. Princess Daylight, Prince Moonlight, Princess Flower, Prince Orange and Prince Stardust were ahead of her. She caught up to them and passed them one by one. Just then Princess Daylight, in the final lap, passed Princess Dew. With all her might, she caught up to Daylight, passed her and won the race! Everyone cheered! She did it! She didn’t stop there. She faced her fear and became the best ice-cream roller-skater in the whole kingdom. She continued racing and each cup she won was a reminder of her bravery and courage to never give up and always believe in yourself.



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CARIBBEAN Age 5-7: Princess Dew and the Ice-cream Roller-Skate Derby by Rhejoyce Williams  

CARIBBEAN Age 5-7: Princess Dew and the Ice-cream Roller-Skate Derby by Rhejoyce Williams  

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