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An entrepreneurship project where a group of five had to create a product and sell it to consumers. A business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan, were incorporated as if it were a real business. Bracelets were the product that was sold. The bracelets were made of magazine paper and all handmade. This entrepreneurship venture raised the most money out of all the courses.

Group Members & Titles Anne Haley : CEO Created/distributed/sold bracelets, helped members where needed Miriam Collins: COO Created/distributed/sold bracelets, helped with weekly reports Adam Novak: CMO Created marketing plan/found selling opportunities, top bracelet seller Lena West: CFO Tracked funds/selling, created/distributed/sold bracelets, created social media Sara Hardy: CSO Compiled weekly group reports, In-class note taking, sold bracelets

Original Goals • To create fashion forward, eco-friendly jewelry • To provide a substantial amount of profits to put towards charity (BeadforLife has been the goal all along) • To grow as a team, and learn which communication skills work best for us • To get the word out there on Page Bead Bracelets, who we are, and what we do

Mission Statement “Our group produces eco-friendly, fashionable bracelets that provide unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that are accessible to a customer on any budget.” – 2.21.13 Did it change? No; Primary focus still on eco-friendly and cost-friendly product Customers were college students/peers, coworkers, family

Business Outcomes Successful with: • Finding potential customers for our product • Closing the sale (sometimes walking away with more than one bracelet bought by the customer) • Making a tangible product that was good for the environment • Communicating (somewhat) and avoiding conflict • Using products that we already owned (magazines, strings, etc), so we didn’t have to purchase many other goods • Keeping cost of our product low so we were able to sell more


Total Revenue: $415 Total Expenses: $10 Net Profit: $405 Seed Money & Donations: $10 +$10


Charity Goals Goal: To create sustainable opportunities and enrich the lives of women and their families in Uganda by lifting them out of extreme poverty Charity group: Bead For Life

Learned Outcomes • Marketing • Lack of social media = lack of reach to potential customers • Minimal presence on campus • Increase cost, Increase profit?/Cost structure • Could we have raised price of bracelets and still have had the same number of customers? • How to communicate effectively with the professor and one another (in & out of class) • How to distinguish each other’s strengths and weaknesses

Accessory Photo Shoot

A photo shoot that focused on accessories. A group of three, planned a photo shoot and decided what model to use, what location, and what accessories and apparel. The model had a few fittings and photos taken in the beginning stages, in addition the process took several weeks or so. The goal was to have a photo shoot focused on accessories, and to choose the image that best represents the vision of the photo shoot.

Photographer: Kyle Hart Stylist: Miriam Collins

“Conscious” Children’s Apparel Line

The “Conscious” line is affordable, fashionable, eco-friendly, and made with 100% organic cotton, with a vision of a more sustainable fashion future. The concept of the project was to create a line, and expand on how it would fit in the market. Includes a brief business proposal for Babies R Us, explaining why they would benefit from selling “Conscious” Apparel Line.

About the apparel line • The line is for boys and girls • Sizes: newborn (NB) to four years (4T) • The line consists of: onesies, 2-piece sets, shorts, socks, pants, shirts, and dresses • Price point: $6.50 to $35.50

Why Organic? • Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers • Organic cotton reduces stress on the environment and improves social conditions for farmers • Same high quality as conventional cotton • Restrictions against the use of genetically modified seeds

Hows the line differ versus competition

“Conscious Line”


Uses organic cotton

Grown with chemical pesticides

Soft for babies skin

Genetically modified


Cheap quality

The fabric washes well

Shrinks and doesn’t wash well

Recyclable Breathable fabric

Causes stress on environment and farmers

Target Audience • New parents • Expected Mothers • Middle-class • Demographic : Age 25 and up • Yearly Income $40,000 + • Health Conscious • User of “green” environmental friendly products


Brief Business Proposal • The importance and benefits of using organic cotton • What apparel “Conscious” line offers • How Babies “R” Us will benefit from selling the “Conscious” line

How will Babies R Us benefit? • Increase customer traffic • Additional advertisement and exposure for Babies R Us when promoting new line and new merchandise (Print ads, commercials, and signage) • Increase sales by displaying new apparel line visuals throughout store

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