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Table of Contents  Design 2 Breaching Threshold Pages 4-11  Design 3 Spatial Rendition of Run Lola Run Pages 12-18

Boundary edge condition of the MACBA

Threshold and transition condition of the Barcelona pavilion

Marrying of two conditions to become one

Cradle and Armature The challenge was to pick two words and utilize them in creating one’s own rendition of the Barcelona Pavilion and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). After creating these two pieces we were charged with the task of marrying the two and thus this model did so through breaching a boundary threshold.

• Interactivity of light on a textile landscape.

Design 3 Spatial rendition of Run Lola Run


Play of light through an aperture in time.

Water color of the way that light would interact with the model and its moments

The model in its entirety shows the hierarchical void moment at the bottom and within that moment the object has freedom of movement throughout and as they travel through the aperture the would come upon the perpendicular layering which would cause a 180 degree shift via the sequence portrayed in the previous pictures which then leads to the main horizontal linear perspective that resides at the top.


Collin Jones  
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