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Collin Bush

4th Hour Red!

Born to amaze.

Going to space!

Wanted for murder!!! Collin Bush Weight: 132 Lbs Height: 6’1 Eye Color: Blue

The Bush name came from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. The Bush surname is delivered from old English words Busk and Busche, which both ultimately originated from Busc which means Bush.

Collin Bush! !




In the following I will state what I am leaving my possessions to. 1.I leave everything in my room to my parents to do as they please. 2.I leave all of my money in my bank account to my sister so she can continue to live well until she gets on here feet. 3.I leave my quad to my brother so he can sell it or sell his to have money for a car. 4. I leave all of my clothes to good will. 5. I leave anything that I forgot about to parents to decide what to do with.


What Does My Name Mean Collin is rare name in America and originates from England.Collin is a variant spelling of Coll which is a nickname for Nicholas. The name Nicholas is from the Greek Nikolaos meaning to conquer people.

Personal Essay Something most people don't know about me and my family is that we have a long history and passion for the game of basketball. Although I have not played on high school level of basketball, which i plan on doing sophomore year, i have played and been exposed to the game my whole life. It all started with my older sister having a talent in the game and opportunities open up for her, which led to more and more opportunities. When I was old enough to seriously understand the game, my sister who is six years older than me, gave me a basketball and guided me in the game and taught me what she knew. The older we got the better we became, my sister was asked to play on some very good traveling teams which i was a big part of and built friend ship through, led to our great discovery and teacher that gave us the skills we have today, Gator Rivers. Gator had a program called “Gator Ball� right here in St. Joe. My sister and I attended his class weekly getting better and better. I could feel myself progressing and doing things i never thought id do in the game. Without Gator, St. Joe and Myself wouldn't have had as many great ball players as it does. The thing about Gator that made his class different is that he could connect with kids and that he was and is still one of the greatest Harlem Globe Trotters that ever played on the team. With this skill being taught to my sister and me, we had a chance to be apart of something that made us the people we are. Without the game we would still be shy losers that weren't good at anything. This game made me who I am, and without it id be living life from a whole different perspective.


Multi-genre research project.

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