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1. Luxury Retail Project Overview

The Real Real is an online presence store only. They are looking to build their ďŹ rst brick and mortor store. They have pick the East Village in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. This area is an up and coming area to have a business. It is a modern and artistic distric that brings lots of color and culture into the life of anyone who visits. The Real Real would be a perfect store for this location. It brings something new to the table with high end cothing at a price that would make anyone want to pick it up and head straight to the check out.


Company Overview

The Real Real is an online luxury retail store. The company was started in 2011 by Juile Wainwright right out of her own living room. She wanted to take the concept of recycling and imput that into clothing. The Real Real takes unwanted luxury clothing items and resells them to someone who really wants them. The Real Real has 4 main points to their philosophy. They believe in the lifecylce of luxury. They feel that the craftsmanship of luxury products needs to be preserved and given back to someone who likes them just the way they are. They believe in authenticity of their products. They hire specialist to authenticate all the products that come in. They make sure all the products that come in are 100% real. They believe in sustainability. They want to take those luxury products that are about to be thrown out and sold back to a person that would love it like a new piece of clothing. They also believe in passion. They want their customers to feel that they are being taken care of, and that someone cares about the things they are wearing just as much as them. They are fully committed to making sure their customers get just what they are looking for.


Concept and Images of Inspiration This luxury consignment store has a limited space with limited amount of products. To solve that, there will be instore access to the vast online collection of products via software in the ďŹ tting rooms and fashion knowledgeable employees.


Sketches and Process Work


Furniture Floor Plan

Display Material

Lounge Wall Cover

Floor Material

Fitting Room Wall Cover

Lounge Chair Material

Lounge Rug Material


Reflected Ceiling Plan


Inspiring Lighting

Building Section East and West

Build Section North and South


Check Out Space


Middle of Store Display


Front of Store


Residential Overview Serenbe, Georgia The work site is located in Serenbe, Georgia. There are multiple living communities within Serenbe. The work site is located in the community known as Grange. The work site is LOT 218 which is located on the west set of housing in Grange. There is lake that is located at the center of Grange. LOT 218 is on the west side of the lake, but on the east side of the road. Serenbe embraces the nature and forest. Vast areas are covered in wooded areas which is one of the purposes of Serenbe. Dense trees and vegetation are located right outside back doors of homes. Walking paths and trails extend throughout the forest areas, and connect all the homes in a public way from the wooded areas.

Site Location


Client Overview Nathan Thiese is the client for this project. He is a ďŹ rst time house buyer with a partner, but no kids. He is looking for a place that can accommodate his 2 cats, his love for watching movies, cookings and baking, dinner parties, and the ability to work from home. His dinner parties happen about once or twice a month that accommodate twelve to twenty people. He watches movies as much as anything else he does, so he needs a nice place to accommodate that hobby. His partner and him cook and bake majority of the nights during the week, so a larger kitchen will suite them well.


Concept and Inspiration The client works from home and will have the treat the space both as his home and office. This will cause frustrations from work that may carry over into his home life. The space will support both life styles of work and home. His office will be HIS space to get work done. Once he leaves the office, he can kick back and relax in his home while surrounded by neutral, cool colors. The space will also be open to keep him from feeling like he’s still in an office working. To make things even easier for him, all his most used rooms will be kept on the first floor to cut out the use of extra energy.



Process Work Bubble Diagrams

Process Work Space Planning

Process Work Room Planning

Process Work Space Planning

Level One Furniture Plan

Level Two Furniture Plan


Level One Reflected Ceiling Plan


Level Two Reflected Ceiling Plan

Bathroom Elevation Rendered

Kitchen Elevation Rendered


Kitchen Space


Dining Space


Front Entry Space


Photoshop Rendering Project Rendered Floor Plan

This project was to help us get our feet in the water with the use of photoshop. It taught us how to turn a blank white oor plant into a space with life. It was a beginning step in our rendering future. Rendered Kitchen Elevation

Rendered Kitchen Elevation


Orthographic Drawing Project

Hand Drawn Floor Plan Level 1

In both of these drawings, we used the line weight techniques to help show the difference in places or objects.


This project taught us the original form to making oor plans. We learned the importance of line weight when drawing lines and the detail and times it takes to drawn plans by hand. We learned that line weight helps determine what it is you’re looking at on a plan. Thin lines are for detail objects like door swings, medium lines shows objects, and think lines help show solid objects like the structure.

Hand Drawn Floor Plan Level 2


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