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SERVICE EXCELLENCE The Colliers International Valuation & Advisory Services group in Canada combines extensive industry knowledge with advanced technology to provide you with highly efficient service and creative solutions. We offer a full range of services including property valuation, property tax consulting and advisory services, as well as customized valuations for specialty real estate including hotels, resorts, and multi-residential developments. With more than seventy professionals in nine locations including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Victoria, we have the coverage to represent clients in any market across Canada. From a single commercial asset to a national portfolio of properties, we provide you with accurate and timely information to help you better understand the value of your assets and make business decisions accordingly. Our professionals will assist you in understanding complex opportunities; whether they involve a rapidly changing real estate market or volatility in the equity and debt markets, we anticipate change and pro-actively respond to the continually shifting environment. Our primary objective is to provide quality and timely service, regardless of the complexity of the assignment and objectives to be achieved.


Toronto Montreal Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Ottawa Winnipeg Halifax Victoria

INDUSTRY LEADERS Colliers VAS is comprised of highly experienced valuation and property tax professionals covering all major markets across Canada. The team benefits from the massive resources of real-time market information through the Colliers brokerage network – the largest commercial real estate brokerage network in Canada.

Chris Marlyn

Demetri Andros

Chaney Morkill

Michel Colgan

Terry Cox

Laurel Edwards

Andrew MacLeod

Stephen Cook

Oliver Tighe

Mitch Wile

Darryl Pratt

Rocky Neufeld

Senior Vice President Valuation & Advisory Services, Canada

Managing Director Valuation & Property Tax Vancouver & Victoria, BC

Director Valuation Services Ottawa, ON

Managing Director Valuation Services Toronto, ON

Managing Director Valuation Services Calgary, AB

Managing Director Valuation Services Halifax, NS

Exec. Managing Director Property Tax Services Canada

Managing Director Valuation Services Edmonton, AB

Director Valuation Services Winnipeg, MB

Managing Director Valuation Services Montreal, QC

Managing Director/VP Property Tax Services Alberta

Director Property Tax Services Winnipeg, MB



Mainstreet Equity Corporation

Recent Notable Appraisals

“Our main contact person established the relationship and he’s amazing. We’ll give him a 12. Our Calgary/Saskatoon staff, we’ll rate a 12, as well as Edmonton. Just amazing. As well the team in Toronto; they just took it on.”

Skyline Apartment REIT

“The team worked efficiently and with professionalism. They were a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

CREIT Management

“We’ve established a strong working relationship with Colliers International, who have provided a wide range of valuation and consulting services to us over the years. We recognize the professionalism of the Colliers team across Canada, their logical, flexible and common sense business approach to providing real estate solutions.”

Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services completes an average of 2,500 appraisals each year for clients ranging from small business owners to multi-national corporations. Below are a few examples of recent assignments. Industrial Portfolio Valuation 59 property portfolio valuation throughout Southern Ontario Multi-Family Portfolio Valuation 10 multi-family properties in London, ON and 2 properties in Calgary, AB Retail Portfolio Valuation 18 property portfolio valuation throughout Ontario Downtown Office Tower Valuation Full appraisal of a Class AA office building in downtown Calgary, AB

Shoppers Drug Mart

“They did a very good job with the report. It was exactly what we needed. I love dealing with Colliers and I will continue to do so.”

RBC Financial Group

”Everything was great. Everything was top drawer and we would not hesitate to use them again.”

Property Tax Services Successes On average, Colliers Property Tax Services has 2,000 active files of which nearly 1,400 are resolved prior to year end. Our annual success rate over time on appeals that have been pursued is 70%, with our clients benefiting greatly from those successes. The success rate is the measure of the percentage of instances in which we won based on the initial position that we put forward. In almost every case, even those not included in our success rate, we improved or protected our clients’ position. Our average annual savings for each client is $412,000 and is growing every year.

KNOWLEDGE LEADERSHIP Knowledge is a critical part of the service we offer, and research is a key component of this knowledge. Our research teams work in partnership with our service professionals to give you the information you need to make practical business decisions. We are able to provide multi-level support across all property types, ranging from data collection to comprehensive market analysis. Our expansive database houses detailed information on properties nationwide and globally, including historical supply, demand, absorption data, as well as transaction comparables. From this data, our research analysts generate quarterly reports on products and market conditions in virtually every major market in Canada and around the world. We combine this information with forward-thinking expertise to deliver more than what is readily available in terms of market data, including custom reports based on your specific needs. This approach helps you respond to current conditions and plan for the future. Our researchers are continuously sourcing and analyzing data in every major global market, helping you adapt to drivers outside your industry and region that could impact your business. With regular research reports covering major property types and the capacity to create custom reports tailored to your industry and specific needs, you’ll be equipped to successfully buy, sell, lease or develop property with the best knowledge available.

Market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer.




Determine and clarify client expectations


Review and complete

> Conduct site inspection and relevant market overview

> Discuss/review submitted draft with client

> Review all comparable sales and rental evidence: • Colliers report builder transaction database • Colliers comprehensive sale/lease transaction database (DTS) • Recent anecdotal evidence from brokerage group

> Finalize and deliver printed and PDF reports; archive for future reference

> Determine and clarify: • Timing • Detail • Scope of assignment > Provide pricing and scope of work > Confidential client sign-off > Request required information: • Rent rolls • Budgets Allocate best resources and commence assignment


> Analyze all relevant data and market information; prepare draft report > Independent Colliers appraiser’s review report for accuracy and quality control

Third party completes NPS client satisfaction survey

Timing is open for discussion. While our typical assignment timeline is 2 to 3 weeks, we appreciate how important timing is to our clients. Wherever possible, we will accommodate to meet your specific timing requirements. The size of our group and our geographical diversity enables us to meet almost any request.

Submit draft report

Although we value the benefit of being Canada’s largest commercial brokerage firm, our operations are fully independent of the brokerage business and your confidentiality is assured at all times; All of our databases, reporting, and analytical applications are physically and electronically separated from any other part of the company.

PROPERTY TAX ADVISORY Why consult a Colliers property tax agent? If you are unsure about engaging a property tax agent, the following list details a number of trigger points that may cause a change in your exposure to taxes:

> Real estate purchases > Annual budget preparation > Rezoning > Change in tenancies

> Expansion > New construction > Vacant or under-utilized properties > Relocation to new markets




Pre/Post Roll Negotiation

Roll Release and Appeal Application

> Negotiation of property values while the assessment is still in “draft� form

> Assessed property values released to public

Ongoing Negotiation and Property Assessment Review

Benefits of Pre Roll Negotiation > Navigate through the appeal process without unreasonable delay

> Assessment notices sent to Colliers to complete property assessment review

> Establish a working relationship with Colliers ahead of appeals

Colliers provides recommendations to the client on the merits of appealing the assessment

> Assessment Authority begins to set hearing dates for appealed properties

> Assessment appeal hearings commence Colliers negotiates on your behalf to lower the property tax burden of your property

Though the process for property assessment appeals varies in each region, above is the general guideline to which all appeal boards follow. We keep you informed of the status of your property tax appeal through every step. At every level, you are aware of where your property is relative to the market, and the best course of action for your appeal.

COMMITTED SERVICE National Appraisal Review Program Colliers has a formal and mandatory national appraisal review program in place to ensure that all valuation methodology and reports meet the standards by the Appraisal Institute of Canada, IAS 40 and the guidelines set forth by the IVS. As part of our commitment to deliver the best client experience available, we ask you to respond to our client loyalty survey by phone after every transaction.

At Colliers, “service” is more than just a word. We recognize that quality service is both a corporate and personal goal that must be provided in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. What gets measured gets done and we are now the only major commercial real estate firm in Canada committed to systematically measuring client satisfaction. The Net Promoter Score, or NPS®, is a straightforward metric that holds companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers. It has gained popularity thanks to its simplicity and its link to profitable growth. Employees at all levels of the organization understand it, opening the door to customer-centric change and improved performance. Colliers has certified NPS® professionals who ensure the right business processes and systems are in place to deliver real-time information to employees, so they can act on customer feedback and achieve results. Contact one of our professionals for our most up-to-date score, and to learn more about the NPS program.


As Canada’s largest commercial real estate service provider, Colliers is in a unique position to make a dramatic, positive impact on our environment. Our Canadian operation currently emits 2,952.7 tonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Our goal is to reduce our total emissions by 33% by 2020. We have green office committees in each of our Canadian operations implementing a range of initiatives including energy savings, recycling and general business efficiency programs.


At Colliers, we conduct all financial reporting in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of all corporate disclosures. All employees sign either the Code of Ethics and Conduct or the Financial Management Code of Conduct and must receive and review information regarding “FirstLine”, FirstService Commercial Real Estate’s ethics hotline. As a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, a publicly listed company, we meet or exceed all public company operational reporting practices as required by law. We operate according to the highest professional standards and abide by all industry codes of conduct.

Our Communities

Colliers Canada supports more than 100 community charities. We are also actively involved in the business community with representatives on more than 50 separate industry bodies and associations across the country.

Our People

Colliers is dedicated to helping our people grow with us. The Colliers University program provides our employees thousands of hours of professional development each year through hundreds of available classes, courses, programs and webinars.



Colliers International is a global leader in real estate services with more than 13,500 professionals operating out of 482 offices. We proudly trace our roots back to 1898 and have been pioneers in the international expansion of real estate services since. Today, we hold onto those local roots by steadily growing our business through local expertise, successfully completing more than 30 mergers. Our Philosophy Our philosophy is based on the concept that you get the best possible results when you have local experts working for you who know your business and your market. With a strong global brand, Colliers is able to provide consistent, superior service throughout the world.

2011 - 2013 International Property Awards

COLLIERS IN CANADA First established in 1898 in Vancouver as Macaulay & Nicholls, Colliers has grown to become Canada’s largest commercial real estate services company, providing a full range of services to real estate occupiers, developers and investors. Services include brokerage, real estate management, valuation, consulting, project management, project marketing and research. Through a culture of service excellence and a shared sense of initiative, Colliers Canada and our more than 1,300 professionals have integrated the resources of real estate specialists across Canada to accelerate the success of our clients.

Colliers International is the only Canadian owned global real estate services firm.

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CONTACT US CHRIS MARLYN Senior Vice President, Canada +1 403 298 0439



DEMETRI ANDROS Managing Director, Toronto +1 416 643 3779

MICHEL COLGAN Managing Director, Montreal +1 514 764 8192

CHANEY MORKILL Executive Managing Director, Canada +1 416 643 3748

TERRY COX Managing Director, Vancouver & Victoria +1 604 692 1449

LAUREL EDWARDS Managing Director, Calgary +1 403 298 0446

STEPHEN COOK Managing Director/VP, Alberta +1 780 969 2981

OLIVER TIGHE Director, Ottawa +1 613 683 2225

ANDREW MACLEOD Managing Director, Edmonton +1 780 969 2977

TERRY COX Managing Director, Vancouver & Victoria +1 604 692 1449

DARRYL PRATT Director, Winnipeg +1 204 926 3822

MITCH WILE Managing Director, Halifax +1 902 442 8701

ROCKY NEUFELD Director, Winnipeg +1 204 926 3841

Colliers has a highly experienced valuation and realty tax group covering all major markets across Canada. The team benefits from the massive resources of real-time market information through the Colliers brokerage network – the largest commercial real estate brokerage network in Canada.

Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services  
Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services